7 Social Media Marketing Tips (2020)

(Last Updated On: April 10, 2020)

If you’ve planned to come up with a strong and practical social media marketing strategy in 2020 then you are the right person to read this blog post. We set different goals at the end of the year and try to accomplish next year.

If social media marketing is one of those goals of yours, then let me help you out with that. Because, no matter how brutally we fail or how rapidly we grow in the business, we always learn lots of lessons. So there is no harm in finding out those lessons from others.

Whether you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or online marketer, the social media marketing tips would likely to be similar for all. The reason is that it is more about the audience, interaction, giving, and valuing.

Let’s dig deeper into this and find out the best seven social media marketing tips for 2020:

Social Media marketing tips for 2020

Below are some of the tips you need to consider

Define clearly what’s in the bag

specialize dont generalize

This means you should know what your offering is. You can’t go around and pretend to be an expert on 120 different things. Choose a specific thing that you’ve mastered over the past years and you are really good at it.

There are always some cases in which people have more than one thing they like to do or things are inter-connected that they like to offer. The best way to make that happen is to offer the additional products/services as addons.

If you know Fiverr platform, this strategy works on Fiverr. There is a base price of the gig and you have the additional services as addons to add to your order (if the seller has offered).

The point is that go and define what specifically your passion is. Once you’ve figured out, keep mastering it, and come up with a specific offer. If you don’t know what to sell online then how you would sell it.

This doesn’t mean you have to terminate your additional skills. In fact, you should leverage your main talent to bring the prospects in and then offer the additional skills as an optional offering.

Picture your audience

know your audience

After clarifying the offering that what you have got to sell. The next important thing is idealizing the audience you want to reach out. You can’t just go and start offering them. It doesn’t work like that. The best way to do that is ATTRACT them first, then ENGAGE them with your content.

Before even attracting and engaging them, the important part is picturing them in your mind. You have to be crystal clear with your audience, for instance:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • What they should do
  • Where they belong to
  • What they lack
  • What they know

When you’ve some idea of these things, you’d come up a picture of your audience. This will eventually help you design the better strategies for your prospective audience.

It’s not just for the sake of content marketing but it is also necessary for the social media marketing in 2020.

Let’s admit. Social media is for everyone. You’ll find every kind of person from every part of the world. What you need to do is focus on the right kind of people that might be interested in your brand. Picturing the prospective audience with certain criteria in mind would help you find, meet, and attract the right audience. This is one of the essentials of social media marketing.

Create content that helps them


Social media marketing has different dimensions. You could like, interact, comment, share, and re-share the content on social media. Creating content is one of the pillars of developing a social media marketing plan. Because once you’ve something useful to share, you could come forward and share it others. And from there you might start a discussion and you may end up making new friends (who are connected to your friends).

There are so many possibilities in this way. You can create content and run a Facebook ad to start the engagement with the new audience. People get attracted to something that could help them or they need to know. This could be a key to success in social media marketing.

The content creation doesn’t mean that it’s limited to just blog posts/articles. In fact, you could leverage the Facebook Page Status, Facebook Notes, Tweets, Quora Posts and Answers, LinkedIn Status, LinkedIn Pulse, and a bunch of other options to choose from. You must know what you’re good at and where you can perform better.

The benefit of creating the blog posts is that you can reshare it over and over again. In fact, others can share it as well. It does help in your social media marketing. Use tools like Buffer or Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts.

Share whatever the best you can

social media success

Until this point, you found out the importance of creating useful content and sharing them your friends and followers on social media. Now there is something else that you could do and the social media marketing goes on further even when you don’t create your own content.

It happens at some point when you can’t create much content or you feel burned out.

Social media marketing isn’t just about sharing your content but rather about engaging and helping people with something they benefit them. In order to keep the process of attracting, engaging, and helping to go, you can share others’ content as well.

You’ll always see blogging and social media influencers sharing others’ top notch content. They do this for a list of reasons:

  • They value other influencers
  • Want to deliver something useful to the followers
  • They want diversity in their message
  • Engagement : They want continuity of the engagement
  • They want to give a different flavor to the audience

So, one of the best strategies that you could adopt in 2020 in sharing the best you can whether it’s your content or someone else’s content.

Build a community of like-minded people

community building

Surround yourself with the people who might be interested in what you know, like to talk about, or share. The best way to do is that never blindly connect with people and take a clear stance about your passion as described in the first point of this blog post.

Get to know what kind of people you want or your brand requires. Because once the traction begins, you get exposed to the open world when people share your posts, contents, and tweets because they like what you’re saying and they value your opinion. One of the coolest things about social media is that when people like something,  they share it with others.

So, when you’re connected with the right kind of audience, it means you’re likely to expand your social network with more similar people. Whereas, if you’re connected with people that have no idea about you or your niche, you won’t get any traction and you’re likely to get tired at some point when they won’t respond to you and no one would actually there to listen to you.

One of the important things of developing a successful social media strategy is identifying the right audience and build a community of like-minded people so that they know what you are saying and what exactly you do.

Be specific with your social media platforms

social media platforms

You can’t be on 12 social media platforms at the same time. You won’t develop any following and audience in that way. If you want to succeed on social media, then one of the best tips you can take and apply it in your social media marketing strategy for 2020 is that minimize your social media platforms.

Choose two platforms that suit the best.

It could be Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter and Instagram.

LinkedIn and Facebook.

The point is that you must know where your audience is and what kind they belong to.

If you choose Pinterest and Instagram, you would seem a little confused with your social media marketing strategy because both the platforms are picture-sharing social networks. You should either choose Instagram or Pinterest along with Twitter or Facebook.

The more you specify your social media network choice according to your audience and product type, the easier it would become to marketing yourself on social media.

It’s true that social media is evolving, so should our strategies.

If we’re using social media for at least 3,4 years now, then you must analyze the performance and be ready to apply the best practices of social media in 2020.

Occasionally ask for an action


At the end of this guide, there is something important that needs to be told.

At some point in your social media journey, you can’t just go the same way, meaning, at some point, you should ask your audience to do something for you. When you would give them 99 times in a row and you ask them to do something the 100th time you interact, the audience won’t mind it at all. At least, the majority of the audience won’t mind it and likely to take action on your request.

Remember, when you over do it, it goes the opposite but when you do occasionally it works like a charm.

trainings ali raza

Above is the picture of CTA for my training course from my audience. I did this via my social media profile, fan page, email list and through website and it worked like a charm, however had I have been doing this daily.. people get irritated, So if u want to get a result like this, let me tell you that this normally happens when you deliver to your audience and build a strong connection with them along the way and then you sale your offer.

Asking for something is necessary because this help them understand that you also need something and they also have to do something for you because you’ve done a lot for them.

It actually comes down to the point whether you’ve delivered good enough to them or not.

If you have and you have the audience the right way, you’ll likely to see a positive response from the audience.

In fact, if you don’t get that positive response, then try finding out the reason.

Whether you haven’t delivered enough or the quality of the content needs to be improved.

Whatever happens at this time, will ultimately teach you a lot of lessons.

But don’t ask them often. Ask them occasionally, like after 6 months of a continuous help and delivery.


These 7 social media marketing tips will help you move forward in 2020.

Because social media has been around for quite some time now.

We as a brand need to take the control of things in 2020.

These social media marketing tips came out of the mistakes, lessons, and best practices. So that is why these tips are incredibly important, which is why I have shared with you all.

Which one of these tips is your favorite?

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  1. Great tips shared, I really loved these social media marketing tips. Have been planning to launch marketing campaign and would certainly try these tips.

  2. Hey Ali,

    Its a fabulous article! I enjoyed very much with this article here.

    This is a great set of tips, I especially like:
    – Picture your audience
    – Create content that helps them


  3. Videos have surpassed the perceived value of words when it comes to marketing. The power of video is that, it can get the message across even without words or a script or a dialogue. Also, make it short, 2-3 minutes are generally acceptable.

  4. Well-crafted Blog and tips, yeah! Social Media marketing is rapid method to upsurge online occurrence. It surely increased product recognition’s and expand brand loyalty. Thanks for sharing lots of useful tips and tricks

  5. I say this every year, and 2017 will be no exception.

    You need to be social on social media. It’s not a soap box, it was built so that individuals around the world could connect with one another.

    If you want to increase your reach, commit to being personal – talk about what your know and your experiences, and have some fun with it. There’s a reason we drink beers at the beginning of every episode of In The Cave – we enjoy it. If we’re having fun, there’s a better chance our viewers will be having fun too.

    Hopefully this gave you some ideas about how to use Facebook to market your brand online in 2017.

  6. Great article. I think social media marketer needs to know about their customer behavior. What their customer needs and engage with them. Specific post also helps a lot. I’ve also already tried a few of these techniques and got great results.Well thanks again for sharing your insight.

  7. Excellent article. You’ve shared a lot of awesome tips lately. This post is not an exception. I’d love to become a part of your inner circle, however, I’m too late for it.
    This stuff is incredible. First blog post in a long time that I’ve actually taken time to sit through and read the whole thing.
    Amazing job – and thanks SO much for detailing us in on it.
    Regards (and thanks!)

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