8 Ways How You can get a Job anywhere through Your Fiverr Profile

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2020)

fiverr11Got a Fiverr Profile? Worried about $5 only jobs? Thats not the end, but a start!

I know a lot of people prefer don’t to waste there time on Fiverr because the jobs we get there are of $5 only and then, Fiverr takes a cut of 20% and then further withdrawal fee’s which eventually led you to around $3.5 in cash.

How to Get a Job in Fiverr

But look at the other side of the coin, Let’s suppose I’m a buyer and you are a Seller, you can make a full website for me for $300. The amount is good for you, but obviously, I will have a lot of pre-sales questions, first could be that will you be actually able to deliver what you are claiming on, the other could be will you run away after getting this amount and the list goes on. It’s true that if you are trying to learn, how to make money on fiverr, people really make money out of it.


Whenever there is a deal, there is a certain risk always associated, I will think around 10 times before giving you a $300, or if you say, Half payment at start and half on completion, even then there is a risk associated and I will think at least 5 times, if not 10, but for a second, if you offer me a logo design or a banner design at $5, will i buy it? Yes, the chances are much likely and it has a lot less risk associated to check your skills and it’s a WIN WIN situation for both!


For $5, I will be able to :

  • Check your Skills
  • Build a relationship with you.

and You will get :

  • A New Client
  • A trust build relationship with client which can land you to hundreds or even thousands of dollar work.

So the conclusion is that these small 5$ jobs are the route to your big jackpots.

8 Ways To Get a Job with Fiverr

It can help you to get a permanent Full time offline / Part time job :

job opps

One of the most under estimated things is that,  a Good Fiverr Profile can actually help you in landing  a good offline job, since most businesses now a days look for experience and it’s a great way to show how good you are at understanding your client expectations and then delivering it. So the next time you go for the interview make sure to show your fiverr profile and explain them on how you have benefited your customers.


Show as a portfolio to your Existing Clients


I know a lot of people who solely do not rely on Fiverr for there income streams and they follow the ‘Do Not Put All your Eggs in One Basket’ rule or maybe they are not getting enough business anyway whatever the reason is, the good news is that you can convince your existing clients for big deals using your Fiverr Portfolio, not only it will help in building a trust over you, but you might be able to get a contract for bulk or large deals (depend a lot on how well you have worked with client in past and how well your convincing pitch is).

So with all those clients, who are looking for more reviews or knowledge on how you have provide a value to your current customers, show them your fiverr profile.


Discuss with potential clients

potential clients


I know, many people have a hard time in getting jobs at Peopleperhour, Elance or Freelancer.com, the reason is, majority of the projects are full projects, unlike Fiverr, where you can be payed for a task and obviously client is not going to hire you straight away for 100, 200 , 500$ or even bigger amount without having a trust on you.

Obviously, Your Proposal, Tests and Qualification do matter, but there is no match for the experience and since the beauty of fiverr is that clients can hire you for$5

So if there are some people who are likely to buy your service, but have some hesitations with your service, give them a small trial by asking them to test you for just $5 via Fiverr.


Email Lists :

list building

If you have worked with some clients and not building a list, then you are missing alot of your business, why don’t you entertain them with freebies, latest happenings in your industry and a good bunch of latest offers from you? Surely, not everyone will be interested in it, but you can convince some of your buyers.  So build a list and from time to time, convince them to buy your products/services by showing real case studies linking to your fiverr profile.


Target Local Tech/Internet Events :


How many people still don’t realize the fact that local tech/internet events or whatever your field is, your related events are much important to you then you think, I cannot emphasize on the power of networking, because i’m able to convert those people who were in my networking list for the last 2 years, but what they were doing in the last 2 years? answer is, You never know, but for me, those were not less then a big jackpot.

So Socialize, Interact, Talk & Discuss with people on related events to your industry and where possible use your Fiverr or even other portfolio to connect with new leads. 🙂


Make Case Studies and put them on your own website :

case studies

Case Studies works like a charm when it comes to converting customers, if you can make case studies on how you was able to help your Fiverr buyers with there businesses or how your services have multiplied there revenue’s then it can bring new leads for you in no time.


Bundle other services /Offer other sevices and outsource them



And The benefits doesn’t end here and guess what, you can offer other services along with the main service you provide, for example, I mainly work with Adwords, but with clients, we also bundle, Sales Page Writing, Landing Pages Development, E-commerce developments and a lot more, just on the basis of reviews of our main service, the main thing here is to build a trust based relationship with your client, and fiverr profile is a great addition in that.

Let’s suppose if you sell Web Hosting Service on a Fiverr and you got some good reviews, now you can ask your new/existing customers for additional services as an Add on like :

  • WordPress Installation
  • E-commerce Site Setup’s
  • Social Media Marketing
  • or anything you can easily do.

I know not everyone will convert, but 2/10 people will at least convert, thus additional revenue for you, just on the basis of a good fiverr portfolio.


Build yourself an authority :



Find different relevant forums, communities, groups or any relevant discussions on social media, attract people towards yourself by showing your great command over the topic, definitely it will help in bringing the client interest in you, but most of the clients say that you can do what you claim on, and this is where your fiverr profile helps you land more customers



This article was a part of series on how to start freelancing. Thank You everyone for reading it, but please make sure to pass your feedback on the article via Comments Section! Good Luck.

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  1. You’re right. I’ve been using fiverr since a year, got level two, and made some permanent buyers. As of right now i have two orders in my queue, outside of fiverr, each worth $150 and $300. from same buyers. Fiverr helped me alot over time.

  2. Well fiverr is huge its not a $5 thing
    in under two year i hit $100,000 with fiverr the potential is huge all you do is know it how it works
    with no pre sale question or stuff like that i have over 100 in queue all the time so dont give up on fiverr improve your profile

    1. Thats what I’m saying, Fiverr is huge and it’s not a 5$ thing, however I’m highlighting other possible ways through which you can earn money, outside Fiverr. 🙂

  3. Hi Ali bhai. It was a good read. I have a question although.
    How do we build a list? I have just started on fiverr, completing 2 orders. If you could define the process of list building or refer any other article, it would be great. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for the great article. I have been struggling from last one year but wasn’t able to get even one order. Soon I realized, if everybody is making a living, why can’t I. From past two weeks I have been able to get orders and successfully grabbed 7 sales. I am looking for great stuff from your side soon.

    Farhan Saeed

  5. Thank you Ali for sharing tips with us.
    Fiverr is really a Gold mine. It helped me a lot. I have started my first order with $10 on Fiverr & now I am dealing in between $50 to $500.
    Remember guys, $5 is just to start, a small task that you can do within an hour or within some minutes. It helps you to get contacts, reviews & future clients.

  6. Absolutely right 🙂 you know when I started Fiverr in my first 4 months I have earned 96$ but the another side of story is I got 2 good constant clients from there and those clients stucked with me for almost 1.5 years and their monthly billing was $2000 each

  7. Really Great Article 🙂
    Fiverr is just AWESOME and you explained the topic pretty well 🙂
    Muhammad Ahmad

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