9 steps to creating a Freelancing profile

9 steps to stand out your freelancing profile

I’m trying to write as much as I can to help newbies & professionals but the time barriers I have aren’t allowing me to do much, anyway today I’m going to discuss about freelancing.

We all know the importance of freelancing and how it is changing our lives. In US alone, there are 53 million Americans who do freelancing alone! and this number is expected to cross 40% of the total work force by 2020?

If you are totally new to freelancing and have no idea about it, then i recommend you to checkout my complete guide on how to start freelancing! Because today I’m going to discuss about 9 awesome steps to creating a freelance profile that wins business & clients for you. 🙂

What You Will Learn In This Article?

If you follow these 9 simple steps, I’m sure the clients attention in your profile will be almost double.

9 Steps to Create a Stand Out Freelancing Profile which wins clients

Step 1) : Choose an Appropriate URL for your Freelancing Profile

So you have decided the niche you are going to work in, now the first step is to have an appropriate URL which defines you. I will suggest two approaches here

While both have their own benefits, I will leave this thing to you, it’s your choice to select the best name for you, if you are going to select your company name as your profile name, spend some time for selecting a good brand name and if it’s your personal name, please never consider nicknames or any other thing except your own real name.

Note : Names such as Cool Boy, I’m Living Forever aren’t going to make you cool or making you live forever, as mentioned above, be professional here and choose your name wisely.

Step 2) : Upload Your picture

Now you need to build a positive trust for yourself. I have seen ample of profiles with fake pictures, crappy pictures or in fact useless cover photos! To be honest, they don’t help you at all. What actually helps you is to be professional and real and I believe that your real picture is the first thing to do, not only it helps in better ranking of your profile but also it helps in building a trust on the community by showing them that you are not a fake profile but a real person, so get ready, wear a good pant coat and say cheez in front of the camera, I’m sure this is gonna leave the positive impression of your’s towards your client. =)


Step 3) : Have an attractive headline

Do you know that everything which is normal is being ignored by our mind? Because our Mind is made in such a way to remember only un-expected, tragic, amazing or extra ordinary events.

A simple and normal headline with your profile isn’t going to help you in winning new clients especially if you have a totally new profile.

and Do you know what an important headline means to your profile? it’s a simplest way to summarize what you are.

Usually these kind of headline(s) are good but not as much attractive or professional to catch a client, PLEASE, PLEASE & PLEASE, think for a moment as a buyer and ask yourself on how do you feel with the headline? does it catch you? if not, then time to think for an attractive title.

For example, let’s me discuss few examples with you.

I provide WordPress, SEO and Digital Marketing Services How is this helpline? It’s sound good but hey hey, our mind is going to forget it sooner or later until and unless something else takes interest in the profile.

So What’s a Good head line?

“Let me help you with WordPress, SEO and Digital Marketing Services”, Okay this one is better. For a second, think who will open your profile? a person who is looking for wordpress services, right? and your headline is actually the answer to his question, AMAZING, isn’t it?

But we can make it even better.

“My WordPress/SEO/Digital Marketing Services Can Multiply Your Sales and Income” I feel this one is even better and if you can want more attention, you can also come up with something like :

“Don’t lose your money by hiring the wrong candidate! Learn How I Saved My Clients with my astonishing WordPress/SEO/Digital Marketing Services?” Cool isn’t it?


Step 4 ) : A Killer Description to describe yourself

Did you notice that i used the word ‘killer’ here? because i wanted it to be different, creative, to the point and exceptional. I often speak to marketing people that if you can’t sell yourself then how you can sell their product or services? Having a killer description is very necessary to

Gain Consumer’s Trust and Authority in you.

If you are still confused on how to write a good description, the best way i suggest is to observe your competitors, look at their profile and find what attracts you in to their profile and then work on your profile to make it unique.

The rules to remember here is NEVER EVER copy other people description, instead spend some time or hire someone to do it for you.


Step 5) : Upload Portfolio, Screenshots of completed projects.

Remember that your client needs a reason to buy your service and the best reason you can give to them is by uploading your portfolio, screen shots of work done and explaining to them on how your service have helped other companies to achieve their goals.

These success stories, I feel help your potential customers to imagine their-selves and think how you can help them, I have seen as much as up to 300% difference in project winnings with the help of a good portfolio and success stories.

 Step 6 ) : Prove yourself, Pass TESTS!

So are you really what you are claiming on your freelancing profile? Prove yourself, pass different skills and test to make sure everyone that you have a good command on the skills you are claiming on your profile.


Step 7 ) : Set Reasonable Costs to Hire You!

Remember, too much lowest and too much higher costs are not going to work for you. You know your worth, never put more then that, people are not too fool, neither put too low! if you don’t put the right costs, chances are majority of the people who are looking for your services are going to select another freelancer so it’s better to spend some time working on it.

Step 8 ) : Backup your Qualifications

Backup your qualifications with your academic background, references & certificates because showing your formal training  to the clients in your niche is going to give a great impact to your potential clients.

Also If you have any employment history, do consider adding that as well with all the work details you have done during your job,  because there is no match for practical experience & exposure.


Step 9 ) : Link your Social Media Profiles with your Freelancing Profile 

Shoot out on Social Media about your profile, let people know what do you have in your mind to offer them, a great way to generate more clients as well to give them a positive impression about yourself.


Turning poor profiles into winning profiles?

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Hope you have a nice time reading this, do add your comments. 🙂

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