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Thanks to Almighty that i have been regarded as one of the Top & Best Digital Marketers from Pakistan due to my work in IT, Blogging, Freelancing and Branding Industry in Pakistan. I have been an active digital marketing trainer, blogger, vlogger and consultant as well.

Ali Raza – Best Digital Marketer from Lahore, digital marketing consultant trainer ali raza pakistan

Hello Everyone. This is Ali Raza. I like to call myself an Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging, but in reality I’m a learner, because my success lies in keep on learning and testing new things. However i have been known as Famous Digital Marketer from Pakistan.


Hello, Im Ali Raza. Im listed in the Top 10 Bloggers of Pakistan. Being a Google Certified, Im also an owner of Google Partner Firm. Im also actively involved in my family business, where i serve as a Director. Name of Company is Aghas International Pvt Ltd where we own different brands such as Adore, Aarch, BC+ and other ventures.
Im also a vLogger and have actively been giving lectures as Guest Speaker in different universities in Pakistan.
Last but not least, Im also Head Incharge of Aal e Imran Trust Hospital which is located at Faisal Town, Lahore.

Why I’m considered Best Digital Marketer from Pakistan?

A little about me is that I have done BBA (Hons.) From LSE (Lahore School of Economics) and officially certified from Google and Microsoft. My Agency is the Official Google Partner as well.

You can checkout my agency website here : – Google Partner Company

Currently, I’m working with various companies over the globe, providing different type of Web Marketing Services, which includes

Additionally I’m also providing Digital Marketing Consultation to various companies across globe.

Along with Internet Marketing Consultancy & Services, I’m a R&D & Digital Marketing Director at Adore, Agha’s International Pvt. Ltd. ( & Antique Cafe. I usually, look after the new product developments, Working on the market feedback, and improve our product, formulation and other factors accordingly.

Currently, I have been rated as Best Blogger and Excellent Digital Marketer from Lahore, Pakistan. at various places.

As far as hobbies are concerned, I like, Gadgets, Making Money, Internet, Socialising and connecting to other people.

My Certifications related to digital marketing industry

WebCEO SEO Certificate :

Google Adwords Advertising Professional :


Microsoft Bing Ads Accredited Advertising Professional

Digital Marketing Certified By The Digital Garage and Google – [Google Certified Famous Pakistani Digital Marketer]

Digital Marketing Trainer Ali Raza

Official Google Partner Status

My Seminars, Trainings and Events on Digital Marketing Industry in Pakistan :

I have been invited at various platforms for sessions related to Digital Marketing, Freelancing and Blogging. Following are the highlights for some of those.

Venue : UMT – University of Management Sciences, Lahore.


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Venue : Nest College, Lahore.


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Venue : Private Event.


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Venue : Lums – Lahore University of Management Sciences, Lahore.



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Venue : Akhuwat University, Lahore.


Venue : Tech Valley Abbotabad

Venue : UMT – University of Management Sciences, Lahore.


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Venue : Punjab University, Lahore.


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Digital Marketing for Startup’s and SME’s at UET, Lahore

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R & D Youth Connect Punjab Digital Marketing Growth Session

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Master the art of PPC & Google Adwords

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SEO Master Workshop


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Session at Lums, Lahore on Blogging & Vlogging – [I missed it to take pics, my bad]

My bad, I have realised pictures are everything.

Another Session on Blogging @ Lums, University, Lahore.

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Digital Marketing for Newbies at Craddlers Taba

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Session on Blogging & Vlogging at Gujranwala by Ali Raza


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Session on Branding with Blogging at UET, University, Lahore.

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Digital Marketing Session at Bahria University

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Blogging in 2019 – Session at LUMS, University.

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If you want to have sessions or training events in your area or university, please contact me.

Digital Marketing in 2019 – LCCI

A detailed session was held at Chamber of Commerce Lahore where participants were given insight analysis on Digital Marketing, its channels along with how they can start their own online business.

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I have also been  a Sponsor In Promoting Education, Having a Look at one of the sponsorship.


More events covered :



“More then 3 years with Ali and His team, satisfied and top notch services” – Charismatico Team.

“Ali is very professional, available on Skype and sends reports that are white label so you can pass them to clients if you are reselling his service. He CLEARLY knows what he is doing and will probably save you more or increase your ROI more than you will ever pay him. Essentially his service pays for its self.’ –

“Having worked with Ali Raza for close to a year, I would have to say that you get EVERY bang for your buck!

PPC is something that many of us often overlook but it is a crucial part of my business and has surely resulted in at least $5,000-$10,000 in sales every month.

If you are looking for someone who knows PPC inside and out and is always upfront and transparent about everything, look no further!” – Dan Barker –

“Been using these guys for about 4 days now, great service. Was a bit skeptical until we got our first conversion today and he has only been testing for 3 days now, really look forward to using on a long term basis.” – Ahmad 

“Been with Ali for almost a month now…things are great…he is in contact with me more than i expected…he definitely goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy, I know i have asked a lot of him and has always delivered. I’m about the step up to the enterprise package for my second month…excited to see what the future holds…i will share more later…thanks ali!!” – Rob –

“Ali has been been working on a campaign for one of my clients for the last month. The budget is $10,000 a month.
My client is delighted as am I. Very thorough and good communication.

First class service, highly recommended.” – Bob –

Conclusion and Reach Me :

This was little summary on how i became the famous and best digital marketing expert in Pakistan.I have been in this field for years and now a days i try the most to help newbies and youngsters to jump into the field of digital marketing.

You can reach me via following links :


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