april 2016 monthly income report aliraza.co

April 2016 Monthly Income Report

(Last Updated On: September 8, 2019)

Welcome to the April 2016 Monthly Income Report for AliRaza.co. This is the 7th Monthly Progress Report of this Blog. The purpose of Monthly report is to review the amount of work I do every month, along with website, social media and subscribers statistics. In other words, I critique the performance of myself and my blog every month to see where i’m standing.

In case if you have missed the old reports, you can check them via :

Or Click here to see all the monthly reports.


Major Changes on the Website /Improving UI:

As with everyone, I do some changes on the website to improve the user experience. I feel improving user experience is an on-going process because there is always a room for improvement.

This month, i have installed an External Link Plugin. This will enable all the external links to be appeared in new window. I’m experimenting this feature currently and will let you know how does it affects my website.

I have also updated my about me page. I have uploaded few of my certifications and events highlights their too.


Posts Created In The Month of April, 2016.

In the Month of April, 2016. I was able to write 7 blog posts which are as follows :

March Monthly Report was the regular monthly report last month, where i discussed the usual strategies, website tweaking, along with traffic, stats and revenue details.

Then I had a complete detailed guide on Social Media. From brands to celebs, startups to entrepreneurs, everyone seems to be under the magic radar of social media. This guide may help you if you are starting out with Social Media.

I know Fiverr is a big market, most people are winner there. But do u know that it takes 20% of your income? I mean 20% is a big money and then there are people who never rely on a single source of income. This post is written for all those people who are looking for options other then Fiverr.

Youtube is the 3rd most visited website on Internet. Everyone is on Youtube, but wait, let me tell you that there are hundred more other video websites as well?. According to a survey, more and more brands and startups are now focusing on producing video content. If you haven’t yet started the game, it’s never too late. Follow this complete guide for Video Marketing.

This is the follow up article regarding Video Marketing. If you are a brand, business owner or a freelancer, this is going to be an awesome read for you then.

Online Advertising Industry is slowly becoming one of the Huge Industry in World, specially in I.T. and Marketing Sector.

With more and more brands being shifted on it, its important then ever to strategies your digital marketing campaigns to make the most out of it. This article will explain  7 Solid Advertising Strategies which can help you to Improve Your Online Advertising ROI (Return On Investment)

Starting out with ClickBank? or already earning money through it? Looking to learn how does Click bank works and what are the methods through which you can earn money from Clickbank. Do check it out.


Traffic Statistics :

Analyzing the Traffic Statistics is a great way to measure how does your blog perform as compared to last month. I do this every month to see where I’m standing. If you are not doing this activity yet, I suggest you to start critiquing your web statistics, as it’s a great way to find out, how you are performing. If you have just started your blogging venture, then rather focusing on earnings, your core focus should be on traffic stats, having more subscribers over Email and Social media.

Here are the traffic stats for the Month of April, I received a total of  2303 number of unique visitors and  3408 Sessions in the last month. For a revision, the number was standing at 2493 Unique Visitors with 3303 Sessions Last Month.

google analytics aliraza.co


Let’s have a comparison with March Last Month (April vs March):

google analytics aliraza.co


Traffic Sources

Let’s have a look on the traffic sources to get an idea on what are the top traffic acquisition sources for this blog.

traffic sources



Comparison with the Month of March 2016.

traffic comparison



Major Observations in Traffic :

  • Happy to see Most numbers in green, but the number of users have been dropped slightly. Im sure i can overcome this, in next month.
  • Average Session duration and bounce rate both produced a positive trend. With the average time increasing to more then 2 minutes, i can surely feel the power of a plugin which lets external links on your site to be opened in new windows.
  • The Social Media is a top channel for traffic acquisition as always.
  • The Search engine traffic went down slightly.
  • There was a significant increase in referral traffic, I will credit this to forum commenting and blog commenting i’m doing to increase the visitors, I hope they are turning into returning visitors.
  • If we look closely to traffic acquisition channels, all showed a positive sign except the search engine and i hope the decrease is temporary and search engine traffic will rise again.

If you are searching for ways on how you can increase traffic, then checkout my post on ‘How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog‘.

Most Visited Pages in April 2016 :

Most visited pages aliraza.co


Critique :


Subscribers :

Let’s have a look on the subscribers to find and analyze where I’m standing as compared to last month. If you are going to start blogging, then forget earnings and this is the place you need to target in. Forget Income, Focus Subscribers, this should be your ultimate goal with blogging.

Mail Chimp – 270 Subscribers (Last Month I had 230 Subscribers). +40  This Month. [Thanks to Bloom Plugin.]

Facebook –  3474 (Last Month, I was at 3431.) +43 This Month.

Google Plus – 233 Followers (Last Month I had 216 Followers) – +17  This Month.

Twitter – 406 Followers. (Last Month i had 454 Followers) –  -48  This Month.

Pinterest – 352 Followers (Last Month I had 331 Followers) – +21  This Month.

Same like last month, the twitter showed a decrease, which is quite strange thing, hopefully the trend will improve this month.


Social Media Traffic

Let’s have a look on the traffic I received from Social Media Traffic, last month in April.

social media traffic ali raza


Major Observations Regarding Social Media Traffic

  • Facebook won the show again but this time,  89% of traffic accounted from Facebook.
  • Linkedin Traffic was decreased if you compare it with the last month.
  • Google Plus & Twitter traffic also went down.


Mentions :

In April, I was mentioned at : MatthewWoodWard – Income Round Up. Thank You Matthew For Your Support. I really appreciate. :)

I was also featured at Marjan’s Blog. In Top freelancers – Session One. Thank you Marjan.


Featured Question :

From Last Month, I have started featuring one or two top questions asked from me. If you have a question to ask from me, You can contact me and I will be happy to feature it too.

Question Of The Month : I have recently started freelancing, I have got few orders from Fiverr. I’m looking forward to diversify and build additional streams of income, what you will suggest to me?

Answer : First of all, congratulations for choosing Freelancing as your career, I have best wishes you for ahead. There are two angels for your question.

If you are thinking to expand your income streams via additional skills, then I won’t recommend it until you become the master of a particular skill. However if you are good at outsourcing to others you can consider this too.

The other angel is to look for other freelancing websites and oppurtunities. For sure, you can consider looking at other freelancing websites such as PPH, Upwork and others. You can also consider providing white label solutions to different companies to re-sell your services with their branding. Additionally You can also consider networking and socializing to generate more work. Do checkout the complete guide to social media success and complete guide on freelancing.


Bought a New Macbook

I have also bought the New Macbook Last Month. It has a Core M Processor with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD Hard Drive. This is my second Macbook. For those who don’t know, I’m in obsession with Macbook since 2013.

Macbook Ali Raza1

Macbook AliRaza2

Macbook Aliraza3

Macbook Aliraza



Udemy Journey :

From this month, I will keep on writing every month about my Udemy Journey. For those who don’t know, I’m planning to make one course a month at Udemy related to Digital Marketing. Hopefully my first course will be published somewhere in June. It will be about Google Adwords.

Income :

Finally we are on to the income segment. The results for different programs are as follow’s .

SEMRush was recurring from the same person who signed up two months ago, I also had few more trial signups so let’s see how do they turn out.

If you are looking for ways for earning money via your blog, then checkout my How To Earn Money From Blogging Post!

Consultation Earnings :

This month, I have earned a total of $150 from Digital Marketing Customers which i got through this blog.

Please keep in mind that I do have an online advertising agency as well but i keep their earnings separate.

However, just to let everyone know, I can help you with following services :

  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaign Setup/Management
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaigns Auditing
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Account Suspension (Many people contact me regarding this so make sure to check my How to Fix an Google Adwords Suspended Account? article.)
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding Services which Includes Brand Positioning, Segmentation & Awareness.
  • Blogging
  • Re-marketing Services
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization Services
  • Web Analytics and Tracking
  • White Label Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Training Event at Your Location.

Please contact me though for further details.



I spent $50 on Facebook Ads. So the total expense were only $50.

Total Income :

The total income will be $27.98 + $150 -$50  = $127.98.

P.S. Just for a re-cap, it was $427.98 last month, so it’s a negative trend. I hope things will improve in May.


Last month goals checkup :

Goal Checkups are some sort of motivation for me. I keep a check every month to see what I’m doing with my blog. Last month, I had few goals for April, Let’s see how much successful I was on them.

  • Last Month, I had planned that I will write at least 6 posts in April. I also know that no compromise should be made in the quality of posts, obviously my readers are spending time to read them and time is money. I was able to write 7 posts. =) [PASSED]
  • Planned to Work On Udemy Course. I have started working on it, details are posted above already. [PASSED]
  • Personal Consultation and Service Page Needs an OverHaul. Sadly, I still need to update it. [FAILED]
  • I’m planning to write 25 posts on different forums along with 30-50 blog comments on various blogs to increase visitors. [PASSED]
  • Planning to spend $50 on Facebook Advertising. [PASSED]


Plans for May 2016.

  • I have an upcoming Business tour to U.A.E and Malaysia this month, So i’m expecting to have a very very busy schedule.
  • I will make sure to write at least 5 posts this month.
  • I’m also in contact with few sponsors, hopefully at the end of May or possibly in June, I’m looking forward to a big contest on this blog.
  • I need to do guest posting for outreach purposes.
  • I also plan to keep on doing the blog commenting to gain more readers.
  • I’m also planning to write an ebook to increase email subscriptions.

Wish me a best of luck in all these things, thank you.


Guest Post Invitation :

As always, I welcome guest writers to post quality posts on my blog. If you have something to share with my audience, then you are welcome to reach me to discuss on it. Make sure, Your content needs to have a top notch quality. If you also want me to write on a specific topic, do let me know. =)


Your Turn

As always, I’m open to criticism, what are your thoughts on my blogging strategy? How did you find this report? Did i miss something? What do you want me to add in my monthly reports article? Every appraisal and criticism is welcome here, please do comment on what you think.


If you are interested in starting a blog for your own or you want to have an online presence, or you as a company want’s to engage your audience with a blog, why don’t you have a look on my tutorial for a complete blogging series which will help you to start your blog in just 15 minutes for a fairly cheap price (the low price is only through my link), For your information, if you will buy 12 months of blog hosting via my Bluehost link you are going to get 1 free domain as well, and the cost is going to be dirt cheap at annual package and it’s fairly easy to earn money from blogging too if you have a self hosted blog and you know how to monetize it well, also if you have bought it from my link and still having troubles, then reach me for a FREE setup, Good luck!

About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

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