Best 4K Monitors Review – Jan. 2023 – Buyer’s Guide For [Wide, Gaming, & Curved Monitors]

best 4k curved monitors

4K Monitors are state-of-the-art display monitors that are creating buzz around the tech and electronics communities worldwide. You can have variety of options in them, such as the best 4k curved monitor has a slightly inward curved screen, ultra quality, wide screen size, and mesmerizing aspect ratio which is some of the credentials of this new display monitor technology. This thing has been around for quite some time now, while other variants designed are exclusively for gaming and for wide angle purposes.

Top 4K Monitors 2023

Some of the biggest electronic brands are competing in this genre. Samsung, HP, Acer, Dell, Philips, and LG are among the top brands that consumers normally look at for their purchase. However, there many more brands that could be doing well. We’ll discuss some of the best curved monitors on the market, but do your survey and research before making a purchase decision. If you’re considering buying the best 4K curved monitor ranging from $270 to $2,800 in 2021, then this article could help. Make sure to read the basics of the curved monitor beforehand. As far as the resolution is concerned, some of the best curved monitors on the market are 4K. The 4K resolution is 3840 x 2160p. This guide explains the difference between Ultra HD and 4K in a nutshell.

Best 4K Monitors Review in 2023

Checkout the list of my top collection on Best 4K Curved, Wide and Gaming Monitors To Buy in 2023

Samsung C27F591 27-Inch Curved Monitor – [Best 4K Monitor for Gaming]

Samsung C27F591 is a 27-inch curved monitor with built-in speakers. It has 1800R curvature screen that provides a true immersive view. The stylish design and sleek curved shape beautify the overall product. It has powerful, built-in stereo speakers for high-quality sound for watching movies or playing games. The price of this curved monitor is low $xxx.


  • Top Ratings – 4.7/5
  • Great size for the desk, as per majority people reported.
  • Brightness is too wonderful.
  • Speakers have good loud voice.


  • Only one HDMI port.
  • Can broke, needs to be handled with great care.

LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor – [Best 4K Curved Monitor for Gaming]

This LG ultra wide curved monitor is a 34-inch device with 21:9 aspect ratio. The main features include sRGB over 99%/colour calibrated, USB Quick Charge, adjustable stand, and screen Split. The curved black body along with the grayish borderline over the screen makes the design a whole lot better. The powerful adjustable stand contributes to the product design. It costs mid $xxx.


  • 4.4/5 – Great Ratings.
  • Amazing Picture Quality.
  • Dual input split screen.
  • 75 Hz refresh rate. (with Freesync on)
  • Built-in USB hub and audio routing.
  • Price for What you Pay.


  • Some people don’t like too much brightness on their screens, unfortunately this device isn’t for them.
  • Some users have complained that the video can’t be spread to whole TV Screen due to 21:9 ratio.
  • Average Audio.

Samsung CF791 Series 34-Inch Curved Widescreen Monitor – [4K Monitor with Ideal Design for Gaming]

It’s a 34-Inch CF791 series curved widescreen monitor from Samsung. It has 1500R curvature screen with quantum dot technology supporting sRGB 125%. The aspect ratio is 21:9 which does powerful multi-tasking. One of the best features of this high-tech monitor device is the 100h Hz screen refresh rate & 4ms response time. The price of this curved monitor is between $650 to $750.


  • Beautiful Colour Display.
  • Ultra-wide format.
  • Eye Saver Mode.
  • Design is the ideal layout for any gamer out there.


  • Slightly expensive.
  • Some people have reported dead pixel, so we suggest you to take one with warranty.
  • Average speakers.

Philips BDM4037UW 40-Inch Curved 4K LED Wide Monitor

This 40-inch 4K LED monitor has 3000R curvature. Other features include 20M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, stand tilt:-5/10 degree, two HDMI & four USB ports, audio (in/out), 16:9 aspect ratio, and much more. It does have one of the best curved monitor designs on the market. This curved monitor costs between $700 to $800.


  • Built-in USB 3.0.
  • Image Quality is Awesome. A+++.
  • Great size.


  • Some people have complained that monitor has horrible ghosting, however some people said, it was okay.
  • Needs to be handled with great care.
  • Average viewing angles.

LG 38UC99-W 38-Inch Curved UltraWide QHD+ IPS Monitor

LG 38UC99-W is a 38-Inch curved Ultra wide QHD+ IPS monitor with Bluetooth speakers. The 38-inch screen with 21:9 aspect ratio provides 14ms/5ms response time. Other notable features include USB 3.0 quick charge and AMD freeSync technology. It costs more than $1000 though.

There are two same models of LG, one with W and one without W, W stands for Widescreen


  • Excellent Monitor.
  • Image Quality is Awesome. A+++
  • Smart Energy Saver mode.
  • 4.2/5 Ratings.


  • Expensive.
  • LG Customer Support is not 10/10.

Editor’s Pick - My Personal Preference on a Curved Monitor -

Samsung 27-Inch Curved LED-Lit Monitor S27D590C – Best Cheap 4k Curved Monitor on Budget

One of the most selling units on Amazon and one of the best deal by Samsung. The 27 inch curved led tv by Samsung is available around $400. It has 3000:1 Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio with 60Hz Frequency. The Monitor has 178 degree extra wide viewing angle for watching purposes. The Curved Monitor has HDMI, D-Sub, and DisplayPort connections at the monitor’s base for your connectivity purposes.


  • Special Gaming Mode.
  • Built in Dual Speakers.
  • Economical Pricing.
  • 4.3/5 Ratings – [Very good]


  • Some applications run little pixelated on it.
  • 60Hz refresh rate.

Acer CB281HK BMJDPR 28 inch 4K Ultra HD

This gaming monitor from Acer has many good qualities, but it is not a curved panel that you are looking at.

No curved panel, but 4K picture quality, better refresh rate than many other gaming monitors by Acer and other companies, and a response time that you cannot get with LCD displays.


The display panel is not TN and yet the response time is least possible one. Why? It is because this is not an LCD panel, but LED one.

And apart from response time, another edge of LED panels is a more efficient backlighting. So the picture quality that you get is not only 4K, but it is very well-lighted as well.


Don’t expect it to be a “con-proof” panel; it has its own drawbacks and we will talk about them as well.


  • 4K Resolution 3840 x 2160
  • 1ms Response Time & 80Hz Refresh Rate
  • 28” Antiglare Screen with best backlighting
  • AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology


  • No Curve
  • Terrible Built-in speakers

As you can see, the cons are rather subjective.

I mean yes, curve is awesome, especially for a better movie watching or gaming experience, but it’s not that we can declare every monitor useless in case it does not have a curved screen.

It is a matter of personal liking and preference.

Likewise, what if the built-in speakers are good, but they are not loud enough. Most of the people use external speakers, and they always offer better, clear and louder voice.


Let us take a look at each and every of the pros to have a better understanding of the product.

4K Resolution

This gaming and professional monitor has 4K resolution. This means that the picture quality is 3480 x 2160p and 4K is a big turn on for any computer monitor, TV or camera.

People simply love the detail and quality of 4K resolution.

Response Time & Refresh Rate

Since this display is an LED display the response time is really good and it competes with TN LCD displays. With only 1ms response time you can enjoy stutter-free gaming.

The refresh rate is only icing on the cake. With 80HZ refresh rate, you can easily play high definition video game because your screen will always refresh frequently.

28” Antiglare Screen

If you ever played a game for many consecutive hours or watched 4K videos, you must know how they treat your eyes and they word is “ruthlessly”.

You always end up rubbing your eyes badly because of all the irritation and fatigue.

This is exactly what an antiglare LED panel prevents from happening. The light emissions never leave the screen or very little amount of them reach your eyes.

Result? Reduced fatigue and irritation for the eyes.

AMD Radeon FreeSync Technology

The sole purpose of AMD Radeon FreeSync technology is to make sure that your monitor and graphic card synchronize to same frame rate and thus you may enjoy stutter-free and uninterrupted gaming.


These were the pros and cons of this product. Apply due diligence and then press that add to cart button if your opinion is the same as mine.

ViewSonic VP3268 32” 4K Monitor

ViewSonic is one of the most famous gaming monitors company on Amazon and you can see this from the number of people who buy its products, especially monitors.

This monitor, specifically, is one of the best considering that it is not as expensive as many other monitors available online.

I mean, this monitor is 4K and 100% sRGB and on top of this there are many other qualities that make this one of the best 4K monitors.

However, there is always something that you find missing and in case of this monitor, it is the curve. This monitor is everything, but it is not a curved monitor; if you want the curved one, you would have to go for 38” model.


  • 32” 4K UHD 3840×2160 IPS Panel
  • 100% sRGB Color with Delta E<2 Accuracy and 4.39trillion colors
  • Ultimate Connectivity with Many Devices
  • Very Thin Bezel


  • Vertical Lines appear on Screen
  • Dead Pixels appear on Screen

Okay, a moment of honesty! If you asked me, I’d say that the only problem with this display is that it does not have a curve which should be there with a 4K display, but these issues that some customers faced, appear to be more important.


It is likely, that your unit may have vertical lines or dead pixels after a few weeks or months use.

Here are the pros.

32” 4K UHD 3840×2160 IPS Panel


This is a 32 inches’ big display with UHD 4K resolution. The resolution is 3480×2160 and the panel is an IPS panel.

I have explained before, in order posts, as to why an IPS panel is much better. Well, in short, it provides wide-viewing angle and thus the viewers have a better experience as compared to TN.

100% sRGB Color with Delta E<2 Accuracy and 4.39trillion colors

The color accuracy has been a big issue since ever. Brands have been declaring 100% sRGB or other colors, but only rarely a few have 100% colors.

This HD computer monitor has 100%sRGB colors with a palette of 4.39 trillion colors. The Delta E<2 Accuracy is actually all about color accuracy and in simple words, while using this monitor, you will get the most accurate colors.

Ultimate Connectivity with Many Devices

A very good point is to mention that this monitor is 100% compatible and connectable with many devices and extensions. 4K laptops, PCs, Macs with HDMI, Display Ports and many other devices can be easily connected to it.

Very Thin Bezel

The bezel of this monitor is little to no, thus the picture quality is greater and better than bigger bezel monitors. In simple words, you get to see more of a picture and less of the high quality plastic frame.

The reason why they call this a perfect monitor for photography and graphic design is because it is so color rich and accurate and on top of that you can do the color calibration as per your personal requirements.

BenQ 32” 4K Monitor

One of the most frequently bought monitors on Amazon is this “designer
monitor” that comes from BenQ.

So many people bought it that Amazon considered it fit to tag it as Amazon’s Choice. It is one of the most specification rich monitor that I have ever reviewed.

Apart from its most obvious 4K pull, there are many qualities that make it one of the best computer monitors available on Amazon.

For example, it has a KVM switch which means that using one set of keyboard and mouse, this one can show you contents from two different PCs.

Here are more specs and the cons too.


  • 32” 4K 3840×2160 Display
  • Brighter and more colorful IPS Technology
  • Work with both modes at same time: sRGB (Colors) or Darkroom Mode without having two screens
  • KVM: Use Two PCS with One Monitor


  • Not Curved Screen
  • Dead Pixel or Flicker Problem

Let us start with the problems. The only problem that I faced is not actually a problem. It is just that with a monitor this good and with so many amazing specs and definitely high price too, you expect something like a good curved screen.

The other problems, the more serious ones, have been reported by a few customers. Their units came with dead pixels or flicker problem which could only be fixed by BenQ technicians.


Let us have a look at the pros as well.

32” 4K 3840×2160 Display

The display is big.

And it is not only big, but the resolution is also 4K. Practically speaking, this is the biggest resolution that you can enjoy in commercially available television and computer displays.

In terms of exact resolution numbers, 3840×2160 is definitely among the best.

Brighter and more colorful IPS Technology

With 100% Rec. 709 and sRGB color on its back, this IPS would treat your eyes much better than TN or other types of display.

IPS, as compared to TN, offers much better wide-viewing angle. However, this is not the only advantage; better color reproduction is another reason why you should prefer IPS.

Work with both modes at same time: sRGB (Colors) or Darkroom Mode without having two screens

The biggest breakthrough introduced through this monitor is the ability to work with two modes. Since this display is more suitable to designers, they added the Darkroom Mode where everything is shaded and colored are so dark. And you can use at the same time the sRGB colors and enjoy your normal computing. It is worthy to mention that you do not need two screens for this.

KVM: Use Two PCS with One Monitor

This has been previously explained, but let me explain it in detail. The KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) Switch make it possible for you to use the same keyboard and mouse to use two PC systems at the same time and on your Benq display.

I believe that these breakthroughs and Eye-Care Technology make it a perfect fit for everyday computing as well as design jobs.

Other 4k Curved Monitors to Consider

Although I have tried to discuss and explain majority of the curved monitors in the market, but there are some which don’t needs to be forgot.

What is a 4K Monitor?

4K Monitor is the unique branch of monitors with high resolution and pixels. They are also known as Ultra HD version with 3840 x 2160 pixels (referring to the approximately 4000 pixel wide display). They are known to have amazing display quality and colour combination with 16:9 aspect ratio.

A 4K monitor can give you a better looking picture for games, along with ability to do heavy sort of video or picture editing with high resolutions so you can even see the slightest of issue in any pixel.

Illustration: Elizabeth Brown

What is a Curved Monitor?

It’s a monitor that has inward-curved edges that provides an immersive view to the human eye. The curve doesn’t seem to be clearly visible, and it gives an ultra-wide aspect ratio to the viewers, especially gamers. However, the curved monitors are widely used in the fields such as filming, photography, aeronautics, etc. The use of curved monitors isn’t limited to gaming or a few fields. Instead, you’ll find this cutting-edge monitor technology being used in IT companies and design agencies.

Why a Curved Monitor?

The curved monitors will be a better choice if you understand the technology beforehand. It comes down to the nature of the job you want to perform. For example, it does help in gaming, especially in first-person shooter games such as Battlefield. The reason for this is that it provides a wide angle in front of the gamer to see, asses, and decide. On the contrary, the regular flat screen monitors might not give the same kind of immersive and large-display experience in gaming.

However, there are different opinions on the use of curved monitors in different fields other than gaming. These monitors are also being used in architecture, engineering, and surveillance. When it comes to the purchase decision, not only does the technical side of the equipment matters in the selection of this kind of monitors, but the style does have its impact on the purchase behaviour.

Questions to ask before buying a good 4k monitor?

Are you going to buy a good monitor for your home or office use? Be sure to get your home work done by working on these aspects.

Price Range :

Does it come in the price range you are looking to buy? You can wait for black friday or christmas deal if you are tight on budget.

Brand :

I do recommend to go with big brands or well known brands or at least 4k monitors with well known reviews in the market so it can be assured that your investment is safe.

Read out customer reviews :

One thing looking good to your eye’s doesn’t mean its really good, I recommend and suggest you to checkout user opinion on your desired monitor before making a final move.

Warranty and After Sales Support :

Mostly brands have a good customer support so you mostly need to look on the warranty and guarantee details your monitor.

Things to consider before buying a 4K Monitor

There are certain things to keep in mind before making a final move to buy a 4K monitor.

Screen Size :

You need to keep in mind, what screen size you may be comfortable with. I wouldn’t recommend using 4k monitor with anything less than 22 inches, however exceptions are everywhere but make sure you have your home work done before buying.

Connectivity :

You need to know what kind of connectivity ports your monitor has and what kind you actually need, this may be an important decision in long run. For instance, some may need a USB, HDMI and an option to connect multiple devices simultaneously, so keep in mind this aspect as well before making a move.

Brightness [Luminance]

Usually All 4K Curve Monitors have good brightness and you don’t need to consider this as a main factor unless you have bought it for special needs such as gaming, app designing or specific business work. Keep in mind that using full brightness or monitors having extra brightness will put strain on your eye’s, leading you to wear optical glasses.

Black Level

You are spending huge money on buying a curve monitor, what’s the point of buying unless it provides with an exceptional view. Black level is usually considered to find out the quality of your pixels and it is usually measured in nits, the lower the number, the better viewing experience you can have. Anything equal to or less than 0.5 nts in black level is considered to be exceptionally great.


For some people, Portability plays a role as well, although these type of monitors are not recommended to change every other day, but some people like porting the desktop around themselves, so check to see it’s size, weight and portability before buying.

After Sales Support :

Since 4k monitors are relatively a new technology, so I recommend going with only well known brands or those who have exceptional after sales support because you never know and there might be a problem with your tv, as far as im aware of, there are only very few mechanics or companies apart from main brands who can assist you in repairing, in case if you get an issue.

Price :

You can’t ignore the fact, Yes price have a role in your buying decision for the 4k curved monitor. Yes, a $300 4k monitor and a $1200 4k monitor may have the same resolution but it all comes down to connectivity options you need, design you like, brand you would go with and features you would like to use.

5 Main Purposes of Using a 4K Curved Monitor

There are many reasons why people prefer using a 4k curved monitor, some points are already mentioned above, however below are some of the points which worths a mention as well.

To Try The New Curve Screen :

One of the reason is that people are already using flat screen for decades and want to try something new so that is why they prefer trying this new curved screen.

User experience :

Mostly people buy it to try the “immersive” experience, which is widely known for curve screens.

Reduced Reflection :

Due to the curve screen, it has reduced the reflection.

Wider Viewing Angle :

Curve screen has wider viewing angle so you can see more from the same size due to it’s curvy nature.


Due to the great nature of the screen, 4k monitors specially in their Curve form produce immensely great 3d like pictures.

3 Negative Things About 4k Monitors :

Cost :

New Technology comes at a price which you may need to bear since it’s a new technology and it costs a little more for production.

Difficulty in Wall Hanging :

Due to their curved nature, they are slightly difficult for wall hanging. Other issues that may arrive include

They need more care :

Since they have a curvy edge, they need more care because they can be easily breakable.

Best 4K Monitors Professional Gammers and Advanced People Use

There are many 4k monitors being used by professional gammers and advance people (those who use computer very well), however we are preparing the list, so expect it to come soon, if you have any suggestions pass it.

Additional Resources & Frequently asked Questions on Best 4K Monitors

Resolution – What’s the difference between Full HD, Quad HD and 4K?

There is no industry standard for the pricing. There are camera’s ranging from $150 and goes up to as much as $3000. It all depends upon individual’s need and use.

Do I Really Need a 4K Curved Monitor?

4K curved monitors are great for anyone that wants or needs extra desktop space or to see extra detail in their applications, video editing/filming work, images, or even games. High Resolution Monitor can help you in finding issues or objects even in tiny of the space due to it’s high pixel facility.

However they come at a drawback too, and that is high prices with great maintenance.

What to do when your tv screen gets dirty?

If your tv screen get’s dirty or smudgy, experts suggests that not to use amonia or a paper towl either, instead a micro fiber cloth preferrably with little mineral or pure water on it will work fine. I mean, don’t spray the screen, spray the cloth and then wipe it on the screen.

Note : I do not recommend using tap water.

Are 4k curved monitor HDR Compatible?

Most 4K TVs are HDR-compatible.

Whats the average price of best 4k curved monitor?

Due to several factors such as brand, functions and designs the price varies alot. One can buy it in price range from $200 to $1000.

Your Turn and final verdict on Best 4k Curved/Wide/Gaming Monitors Review

I have shared few of the best curved monitors for 2023. I have also tried to discuss in detail on what factors you need to consider to consider before buying it. If you’re planning on buying a 4K curved monitor in 2023, then let us know what price range and brands you’re looking into, and more importantly what the purpose of your purchase is, for example, gaming or Home TV — a lot of consumers that go for curved monitors are much more into gaming.

Obviously, with so many best 4k monitors in the market, it becomes a really difficult decision for one to buy something with ease.

Hopefully you might like this list, don’t forget that I put an extensive hours of research in finding the best possible monitors for you, but remember, 4K monitors are such a love that No matter which monitor you choose, you’re going to love it.

Did you made your opinion on buying a 4k curve monitor after reading this article, if yes then let me know via comments below with which one you are going to go with?

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