Best Debit Cards in Pakistan (2021)

(Last Updated On: December 16, 2020)

Having the wallet filled with money all the time is… what?

A dangerous act.

That is an extremely dangerous act to keep the money with you.

Oh… Well, you do not know the risks in the countless ways that can haunt you anytime.

Not that the risks of losing money on the road ONLY happens in Pakistan but it may happen anywhere, and in any country.

Best Debit Cards in Pakistan 2021

The best is to proactively deal with the situation to become and remain safe — most of the time and with every precautionary steps that you may take and apply to yourself.

And for that, the debit cards has been the one kind of the invention that have greatly minimizes the risk of losing the money during the mugging, looting, or simply by just losing your wallet and belongings where you have your money stashed (with the legal way, of course! :)…)

Our core idea to put you on the safer side with accessing your money anytime and for the same, we are compiling a list of best debit cards in Pakistan to get you updated with the best information available about the debit cards’ options to select from.

Indeed you need to be safe and would not lose your money due to the unfortunate events…

Be with us and get to know what best debit cards in Pakistan that you have to have to give you the ready-access to your hard-earned money any time.

Risk situations where debit cards work as the shield

Before knowing what best debit cards that you have available in Pakistan, why not just put a quick glance through the risk situations that you (MAY) encounter?

Let’s know them real quick then.

And there would be many and relating to the situation you get yourself stuck into.

But all in all, debit cards help in many situations to not just lose your money in quick instance.

Best Debit Cards in Pakistan 2021

Now is the time to hop over the core of the subject… to find the best debit cards in Pakistan that are serving the millions of Pakistan getting to access their money with ease.

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But wait… Opt for the debit card that is owned by the leading banks working in Pakistan since years.

Do not fall in the scam of any unknown and 3rd party person or a business to help you getting registered for the debit card and/or pay anything.

The process to get the bank account and apply for debit cards in Pakistan’s leading banks are just straight forward and simplified and equipped with the great staff that is always ready to help and reply to your many questions to fall you under… the trusting side, of course! 🙂

Let us allow to name the best debit cards available in Pakistan and through the leading banks operating in the country.

UBL Virtual Wiz Prepaid Card

UBL Virtual Wiz Prepaid card works best to conduct online shopping even from local websites or the international ones.


Just make sure the shopping websites either allow charging from the cards backed by MasterCard and see UBL Virtual Wiz card working!


So, purchase anything off the internet and from anywhere in the world with your invisible virtual card, thanks to UBL!

Features & benefits of UBL Virtual Wiz Prepaid card

Limits of UBL Virtual Wiz Prepaid Card

Fee structure of UBL Virtual Wiz Prepaid card

Allied Visa Premium Debit Card

Another interesting debit card we have is from the Allied Bank where they have named it ‘Allied Visa Premium Debit Card’ which comes with countless amenities.

Use it for many reasons and count the facilities which would make you to literally thank Allied Bank for inventing this premium debit card powered by Visa.

Benefits of having Allied Visa Premium Debit card

Transaction limits and fees to use Allied Visa Premium Debit card

Schedule of Charges (SoC)

Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card Sapphire 200


The best companion in the form of debit card when you hit travel or the shopping spree, and that is Allied Cash+Shop Visa Debit Card Sapphire 200.


Choose that debit card and go hassle-free wherever you go.


Transaction limits of Allied Sapphire 200 Debit Card


HBL World Debit Card

A debit card that caters to the need of high net customers, the most-premium HBL World Debit Card that does the same.

Whether you need to deal with your travel needs, maintain the lifestyle to suit, and the insurance that protects you from different kinds of risks, you need this World Debit Card from HBL.

Benefits of HBL World Debit Card

Schedule of Charges (SoC) for HBL World Debit Card

HBL PayPak Debit Card


Okay, every card debit card that you will get from any bank; they do provide the 24/7 access to your money but what is different with HBL PayPak Debit Card?

That is, the lowered annual fee (and we will talk about in a bit!)

Features of having HBL PayPak Debit Card

Usage limits

Charges to use/obtain HBL PayPak Debit Card

Standard Chartered Visa Debit Card

You ask me to name the best of the premium banks that are operating in Pakistan and I miss naming ‘Standard Chartered’, that is totally unfair and I literally do not know much about which banks are good enough in Pakistan!

So… Rest assured that I am totally good with that and you can even rely over me that I will hand the good information to you about the banking industry in Pakistan. 🙂

And for the debit card, Standard chartered brings us an exclusive choice which it has named ‘Standard Chartered Visa Debit Card’ that is just … feature(s)-rich!

Core features of Standard Chartered Visa Debit Card

Fees & charges

Transaction limits

You can withdraw up to PKR 30,000 per instance using the ATMs.

Meezan Bank Visa Platinum Debit Card

This, Meezan Bank Visa Platinum Debit card, is designed and crafted by keeping one and ONLY one point in mind; to best assist the travellers going out of Pakistan.

Best features of Meezan Visa Platinum Debit Card

Usage limits

Transaction limits

Faysal Islamic PayPak Debit Card

One exclusive type of the debit card that should only work in Pakistan, and that is Faysal Islamic PayPak Debit Card.

And the debit card works best to do the general-typed of transactions with the guarantee of enhanced security.

Go anywhere and pay with your Faysal Islamic PayPak Debit card nationwide.

Brilliant features of Faysal Islamic PayPak Debit Card

Daily transaction limits

Fees & charges

Faysal Bank Islamic UnionPay Debit Card

Another we have that we feel honored to include in our list of best debit cards in Pakistan, that comes again from Faysal bank.

This exclusive all-in-work card with the name of Faysal bank Islamic UnionPay Debit Card works real good wherever you go, and whatever you are meant to do.

Just pay with the card and enjoy every moment!

Best features of Faysal Bank Islamic UnionPay Debit Card

Alfalah Visa Signature Debit Card

You are into the upper-league and keep up with lots of travelling, this Alfalah Visa Signature Debit Card is a perfect match for you.

Features available with Alfalah Visa Signature Debit Card

Card limits


Eligibility criteria to avail Alfalah Visa Signature Debit Card

The new accounts holders in Alfalah Bank that deposit at least PKR 1 million can apply for this card.

For the existing account holders, the average 12-months account balance should equal to PKR 1 million.

Charges and fees


UBL Mega Wallet

Another combination of debit card brings to the table from UBL to assist the heavy-spends.

Backed by Visa, the UBL Mega Wallet  is loaded with the brilliant set of features for the avid shoppers to not worry for a bit to have the cash to cover the spending.

Brilliant features of UBL Mega Wallet

Transaction limits

Fee & charges

UBL Premium Debit MasterCard


And our last but not the least selection of best debit cards in Pakistan is again from UBL, and named UBL Premium Debit MasterCard.

But that not only works with MasterCard alone, or where MasterCard-accepted debit cards work; it also supports Cirrus payment solution so that and by any chance Cirrus is the only option available to make the card to work, you know you have the right card in your pocket.

Again… That is not the real feature to be proud of. Because UBL Premium Debit MasterCard comes with the marvelous benefit to help the extra-big clients to openly spend their money doing and buying the heavy and worthy stuff from around the world.

Features list!

Limits of usage

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Debit Cards in Pakistan

Which bank has best debit card in Pakistan?

My personal favourite bank for debit card is Standard Chartered.

Which bank is best in Pakistan?

My personal favourite bank is Standard Chartered. However it is slightly expensive as compared to other banks.

Which bank debit card is best for online shopping in Pakistan?

Although Standard chartered is my personal favourite, yet i found Meezan debit cards extremely good for online shopping purpose.

Can I use my debit card in Pakistan?

Yes, in Pakistan you can easily use cards with Master Card and Debit Card Logo.

Which debit card is best for offers?

Personally in my experience, Bank Alfalah Gold card is widely popular with most effective discount offers. The second number is with HBL. However you never know about when you see an offer from any card.

Is my debit card pre activated for online shopping?

Not every card is always on for online shopping. For instance, Standard Chartered & Meezan Bank Cards are always activated for online use and banks like Bank Alfalah requires you to call them every time to activate the session. So it varies from Bank to Bank.

How can I pay AliExpress in Pakistan?

AliExpress Pays with all major cards in Pakistan.

Which Debit Card Can I Use to Pay for Facebook Ads and Google Ads in Pakistan?

First of all, please note that there is a difference between debit card and credit cards. As far as debit card is concerned, personally Meezan Bank debit cards with a Visa or Master logo are good to work for online use, however you can use any credit card of any bank for Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Which card is best for online payment?

Standard Chartered Card is my personal favourite.

How can I pay Facebook from Pakistan?

Via Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Can we buy from AliExpress in Pakistan using Debit Card?

Yes you can buy from Aliexpress from debit card in Pakistan.

Which is Best bank for online shopping in pakistan?

Standard Chartered.

What is best debit card for online shopping?

Meezan Bank Titanium card is one of the best debit card to be used for online shopping in Pakistan.

Concluding section of Best debit cards in Pakistan

Now we are almost nearing to conclude our research where we were able to find the 12 exclusively best debit cards in Pakistan.

With the booming banking industry within the country, the necessity to have a bank account with the best of the debit cards; you cannot really do well to keep up with many financial needs for your personal and business use.

Always visiting your bank to withdraw the money in cash format is only and ONLY a full-fledged risk-generating task, and you need to always get in the long queue to withdraw the little to big amount of sum.

So, why would you do that when you can get the debit card right in your pocket that would give you the fast and easy access to your money, every time?

And, of course, for the international transaction; you do not need to be in touch with the unknown and 3rd-party facilitators to facilitate you to make international payments.

So… Pick from the 12 best debit cards that I covered for you and turn your life to become easier! 🙂

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