step by step guide to landing pages

A Step-by-Step Guide on Landing Pages

A landing page is normally known as a single page site which could have different features that are being used to engage, educate, and aware the audience. Since it’s a webpage which shows that it’s being developed using the same or similar technology which is…

Tips For Influencer Success In Your Industry

7 Tips For Influencer Success In Your Industry

Influencers are still a hot commodity in the digital era. More and more people are turning to the recommendations of influencers, family, and friends instead of brands. This is in some ways good news — if you want to be an influencer in your industry….

How to Choose Your Blog Name and Domain

How to Choose Your Blog Name and Domain

Choosing your blog name and domain doesn’t look like a difficult job; maybe because you haven’t had a hard time choosing your blog name and domain. But it’s not the case with everyone else. Many bloggers find it difficult to come up with a suitable…

guide to buying web hosting

Buying Web Hosting? Here’s What You Need to Know

A web hosting account is one of those things that you require at some point, especially if you run a business or you want to be a blogger. It means that everyone who wants to launch a business website or start a blog needs to…

How to Start a Brand with a Facebook Page?

How to Start a Brand & Business with a Facebook Page

This article is a part of my branding series which started from How to Build Your Personal Brand on Internet and today, I’m going to discuss on How to Build and Start a Brand with Facebook Page. People are establishing businesses off of Facebook pages,…

Why You Should Build an Email List_

Why You Should Build an Email List in 2019

If you are not building an email list, it means you don’t realize the importance of having a list of subscribers who are interested in your content. If you listen to top bloggers, they always say that “money is in the list” and don’t say…