february 2017 monthly income blog report

February 2017 Monthly Income Report

(Last Updated On: September 22, 2019)

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Welcome to the February 2017 Monthly Income Report for AliRaza.co. This is the 17th Monthly Progress Report of this Blog. The purpose of Monthly report is to review the amount of work I do every month, along with website, social media and subscribers statistics. In other words, I critique the performance of myself and my blog every month to see where i’m standing.

In case if you have missed the old reports, you can check them via :

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Major Changes on the Website /Improving UI:

As with every month, i try to improve the User Experience on my website through different techniques. Since it means improving user experience which also technically means with increasing engagement with your audience.

Keeping in mind with the latest changes at Google, this month I have installed the Table of Content plugin. I’m expecting this to improve the user experience and Google love. However do post your feedback on this since i’m still experimenting it.


Posts Created In The Month of February, 2017.

In the Month of February, 2017. The site has addition of 3 new posts and updated 2 old posts.

December Monthly Report was the regular monthly report last month, where i discussed the usual strategies, website tweaking, along with traffic, stats and revenue details. I also discussed plans for 2017 and various monetization strategies which I will be using this year. I hope everyone is aware of what i do cover, so do check it, if you haven’t still.

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Traffic Statistics For the Month of February 2017 :

Analysing the Traffic Statistics is a great way to measure how does your blog perform as compared to last month. I do this every month to see where I’m standing. If you are not doing this activity yet, I suggest you to start critiquing your web statistics, as it’s a great way to find out, how you are performing. If you have just started your blogging venture, then rather focusing on earnings, your core focus should be on traffic stats, having more subscribers over Email and Social media.

Here are the traffic stats for the Month of February, I received a total of 3087   number of unique visitors,  3811 Sessions and 6073 Page Views. For a quick revision, the number was standing at 3426 Unique Visitors with 4448 Sessions Last Month.

If you are struggling to get traffic and looking for ways to increase your website traffic, do checkout different ways to get more traffic to your website or blog.

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Let’s have a comparison with Last Month (January vs February):

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Let’s have a comparison with February 2016 vs February 2017

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Traffic Sources

Let’s have a look on the traffic sources to get an idea on what are the top traffic acquisition sources for this blog in the month of February,2017.

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Comparison with the Month of January 2017.

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Comparison with February 2016 :

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Major Observations in Traffic :

There is so much data to discuss this month, I have made bullet point for discussion.

  • First of all, February has been a great month even it was 3 days short.
  • All was working well and then in the last 3 days, my SSL certificate was expired which resulted in a massive decrease in traffic and which i wasn’t completely aware, until some people told me about this. So the last days has been a great loss.
  • The bad thing is that MatthewWoodWard has stopped posting new roundups of bloggers who are writing their income report so this also resulted in a drop in traffic.
  • Despite the SSL issue, Matthew’s Blog change and February being 3 days short, traffic was pretty good with more than 3000 unique visitors.
  • Social Media has been always a great performer.
  • I will attribute the decrease in organic traffic to posting lesser number of posts. Although i expected that the traffic will continue with same momentum since im also updating old posts, but seems Google loves new content more than updating the old one.
  • I have also done a comparison of traffic with last year february and i saw an overall 58% increase as compared to last year with organic traffic number increasing to 188% (MASSIVE)
  • If you are searching for ways on how you can increase traffic, then checkout my post on ‘How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog‘.


Most Visited Pages in February 2017 :

traffic comparison aliraza.co

Critique :


Subscribers :

Let’s have a look on the subscribers to find and analyze where I’m standing as compared to last month. If you are going to start blogging, then forget earnings and this is the place you need to target in. Forget Income, Focus Subscribers, this should be your ultimate goal with blogging.

Below are the updated stats till 31st February 2017.

  • Mail Chimp – 475 Subscribers (Last Month I had 450 Subscribers). +25  This Month. [Thanks to Bloom Plugin.]
  • Facebook –  5249  (Last Month, I was at 5165.) +84 This Month.(I did spend money on Facebook too)
  • Google Plus –  352 Followers (Last Month I had 342 Followers) – +10  This Month.
  • Twitter – 514  Followers. (Last Month i had 511 Followers) –  +3  This Month.
  • Thankfully, all social channels subscribers increased and the numbers were in positive, I’m so glad for the love.


Social Media Traffic

Let’s have a look on the traffic I received from Social Media Traffic, last month in February.

traffic comparison aliraza.co


Major Observations Regarding Social Media Traffic

  • Facebook has been a great support
  • Overall, a total of 326 people were added to my networking list, thank you so much for your support and love, I appreciate.
  • Facebook has always been a constant performer and generating top traffic from me, accounting up to 97% of total social media traffic.
  • Quora and Twitter are going good too.


Mentions & Interviews:

In February, I was being mentioned at two different places.

First of all, I was mentioned at Freelancefront.com, where they added me into the list of Top 25 bloggers of Pakistan. Thanks Huma! I appreciate your gesture.

Secondly, I was metioned on the Jens blog, In : How To Make Money Blogging: 250+ Blog Income Reports. Thanks Jens, for the mention.


If you want to feature my opinion on your roundup or if you want to take an interview, do contact me.



Income :

Finally we are on to the income segment.Please keep in mind that I do have an online advertising agency as well but i keep earnings of that agency, separate.  The results for different affiliate programs are as follow’s .


Consultation  Earnings :


This month, consultation revenue went down to $200 and it’s because like January, for some reason, people didn’t went on buying my service via this blog. Please keep in mind that I do have an online advertising agency as well but i keep their earnings separate even if that is of just consultancy.

  • However, just to let everyone know, I can help you with following services :
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaign Setup/Management
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaigns Auditing
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Account Suspension (Many people contact me regarding this so make sure to check my How to Fix an Google Adwords Suspended Account? article.)
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding Services which Includes Brand Positioning, Segmentation & Awareness.
  • Blogging
  • Re-marketing Services
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization Services
  • Web Analytics and Tracking
  • White Label Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Training Event at Your Location.
  • Please contact me though for further details.


Amazon Site :

I have started two amazon websites based on the experiments i have started doing recently. The site went live on 22nd January and so far they have been a great performer. Will share more details on them, depending upon the audience interest.


This month, I spent some money on Facebook Advertising ($15), I also spent $120 on maintenance and other tweaking of the website, $5 was additional expense on PicMonkey too.


Total Income :

The total income will be $100 + $200 + $55.96 – $140 = $216.96

P.S. Just for a re-cap, it was $295.96. last month, there is a decrease in the number but it’s okay with me, since I was busy in building more assets (two new amazon sites)

Last month goals checkup :

last month goals checkup

Goal Checkups are some sort of motivation for me. I keep a check every month to see what I’m doing with my blog. Last month, I had few goals for January, Let’s see how much successful I was on them.

  • I planned to add 3 new posts only and update 2 old posts and see how Google reacts on this. Glad, I was able to pass but the bad thing is Google is looking for more new content. [PASSED]
  • I was planning to introduce SEO Services but things didn’t work well and i had to postpone this to March due to un-avoidable reasons. [FAILED]
  • I wanted to add table of content plugin, glad i did it. [PASSED]

Plans for March 2017.

  • I plan to write 4 new posts, update 2 old posts and see how does Google reacts to this.
  • I wanted to cross 1000 organic visitors again this month.
  • I wanted to increase overall traffic by at least 15% as compared to February.
  • Hopefully I will also launch the long due SEO Services this month.
  • I need to write a post on best budget vlogging cameras

Wish me a best of luck in all these things, thank you.



Paid Post Invitation :

As always, I welcome companies or individuals to share quality content with my readers through my blog. If you have something worthy to share with my audience, then you are welcome to reach me to discuss on it. Make sure, Your content needs to have a top notch quality. If you also want me to write on a specific topic, do let me know, i will do that on minimal charges. =)


Your Turn

‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish’ – Steve Jobs. The success lie’s in continuous improvement, learning out new things, testing and never getting satisfied with what you have. Goals are made to be broken, I know i will break some goals tomorrow but then I will create new goals too and thats how you remain motivated.

Anyway, Thanks for reading my February 2017 report, hope it was a good read for you.  As always, I’m open to criticism, what are your thoughts on my blogging strategy? Did i miss something? What do you want me to add in my monthly reports article? Every appraisal and criticism is welcome here, please do comment on what you think.


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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

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  1. Asalam-o-alaikuM, Ali bhai!

    Great going, MashALLAH!

    Your passion can easily be counted towards your blog and blogging that you’re at par despite the numbers are not that much high.

    And you know that not everyone stands firm when the numbers are massively down.

    But those who have passion and the will to do something in the long run.

    Yes, blogging is not for short term. And not entirely for the money’s sake.

    It is to become an impacting soul, to help our and give out to the community and become an authority.

    Keep going! And keep bloggin’! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    1. W.salam.

      Rightly said, I second you on everything.

      As far as I’m building my audience and helping them via my content, I’m going successful and that’s what matters for me.

      Likewise feelings for you too, stay blessed and Jazakallah for leaving the comment. 🙂

  2. Good to know this bro atleast you don’t lie about your website earning
    that’s why i follow you.. would you mention which 2 amazon sites you have created ?

  3. I like the way you describe your income report in very detail. But i want to know that why your bounce rate is 70.98? Is this bounce rate you consider or not? And what techniques we can use to reduce it?

  4. a great starting. Your monthly income report is a inspirational piece for every novice blogger. keep up the great work.

  5. Hey Ali,

    Congratulations on a great traffic month even with the multiple hiccups.

    It seems to me as if you’re producing a ton of content, but maybe it’s because I only publish one puny post per month as my blog isn’t my highest focus.

    How much time do you usually spend on your blog?


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