Google Adwords Ads Case Study in 2024 : 156%+ ROI

google adwords case study

Today I’m going to discuss Google Ads Case Study about one of our clients at The story is about “Charismatico Dancewear, Dresses, and Costumes” company, for which we run the Google Adwords Campaign, if you don’t know about Adwords, its an online advertising platform. The case study will reveal what kind of strategies I did, what kind of changes we acted, how we understood the market and made a positive ROI improvement. If you dont know yet, our Client was able to earn more then $300,000 in Last Year Alone!

Google Adwords Ads Case Study 2024

This is a detailed case study with my experience working specially in E-commerce and clothing niche. Although over the years i have worked with variety of fields and niches but this website was a very good case to show and discuss with the people.

Case Study 2024 Google Adwords : Charismatico Dancewear

When Charismatico team gave us the Google Adwords Ads Management, they had the following issues with them :

What They Are Selling? [On Google Ads Adwords]

Thats the most important thing which everyone knows but sometimes they don’t put much importance in it, but it is indeed a very important step for a successful marketing strategy, the first thing first, you need to do is identify what you are selling..

In addition to that, they now regularly sale clothes based on events such as

and other events.

Who are their customers? [Very Important for Our Google Adwords Ads Case Study]

The Second Thing we need to do was to understand the client’s target market. The Charismatico team did not have any idea and they were targeting all countries, which I feel was simply a wrong idea.

So what I did is that I analyzed the top 10 countries  where the most orders were coming from. (In the last 6 months)

After a careful analysis and discussion with their team, what so far we learn about our audience was as follows :

Moving ahead, Then I did  the organic research using SEMRush to find, from which keywords the organic visitors are being landed on the website :

SEMRush gave me around 1900 keywords, through which i got the basic idea about what kind of keywords are currently bringing the traffic and how we can target them through Adwords for better results. You can try looking at my semrush review for more learning on it.

What are their Competitors on Google Ads Adwords?

The third thing I asked the Charismatico team was, ‘Who Are Your Competitors, who do you think are working well with Adwords?’

Thanks to them, they were generous enough to explain me on it. They provided me with the list of 3 competitors.

In addition to that, SEMRush also provided me with ample of competitors to look and analyze their marketing strategy, type of ads they have, what kind of keywords they do target, their approximate cpc and other details.

If you are wondering on how to do the competitive analysis, I briefly mentioned that in my SEMRush Review, so do check it out.

Determining and Understanding the UPS(Unique Selling Proposition) For Adwords Case Study?

After having a long discussion with Charismatico Owner, we finally decided the following things as our Unique Selling Proposition. Having a good UPS is very important, since it highlights and focuses on ‘Why You’ over others (or) Your Competitors.


Web Analytics and Tracking

Analytics and Tracking is very important for any marketing strategy, without it there is no other criteria to determine what factors and matrices are performing well over others. For analytics we used the following softwares :

Now I had the most idea..

On My Client Website, their target customers, keywords, competitors, ups and almost everything before I setup the campaign. Next we move on to the setting up the campaign.

Setting Up the Adwords Campaign

Setting up an Adwords Campaign is easy, especially when you know things very well. Do checkout these 10 steps to Quickly Setup an Awesome Adwords Campaign.

For a revision, here you go :

Setting Up Goals and Project Budget :

Our goal were simple and easy. We wanted the following objectives for the campaign.

Campaign Setup

I divided the campaign into various segments :

a) Brand Bidding

In this ad group, I was targeting various brand related keywords such as Charismatico Dancewear and it’s variation.

b) Buying and Shopping Keywords.

We created several ad groups based on Buying and Shopping Keywords Strategy for the products we were selling.

c) Customized Campaign Setups For Different Locations.

Generating attention isn’t easy nowadays, specially when a person see’s 5000 amount of ads in a day and he hardly remembers anyone. So to cater that, we added highly customized campaigns for different cities and countries.

d) Re-marketing Campaign.

Do you know that most visitors don’t convert into customers on first visit? Typically a user need a lot of convincing to become a customer, some people need more reason to buy something, some need more trust, some need a bargain to buy your product. Whatever the game is, having a re-marketing campaign to turn those people into customers is always a great idea and I did it using a display campaign for re-marketing.

A good campaign structure should have small set of keywords, with customized ads in each ad group. It isn’t a good idea to have 100’s of keywords in the same ad group.

Keyword Research :

Keyword Research Is very important for Online Advertising Campaign. I have briefly explained the right way to do the keyword research which highlights on how to find buying/shopping keywords, keyword variations, local keywords and other strategies.

Our Keyword Strategy was divided as follows :

Remember with Adwords Keyword Research, there are other factors to consider as well such as Keyword type with each has it’s own roles and functions.

If you don’t know, Adwords Keyword Match Types are as follows :

You can read more about it on Adwords Website. Personally I play mostly with Phrase Match and Exact Match, however there are some situations where I use Broad Match Modifier too.

So keeping in mind all this, For Charismatico, I used the following strategy :

Update : People ask me about my best software for the Keyword Research, So I asked the 20+ Professionals on that, do check it out on what’s their best Keyword Research Software.

Negative Keywords :

We regularly add the Negative Keywords in the Adwords Campaign. If you are trying to search from  what exact queries people are coming at your site. You can goto > Keywords > Search Terms Tab to See that.

Our negative keywords list is continuously increasing, as we are always trying and testing new things. Most New Queries come through the Phrase and Broad Match Modifier. However if you are starting out, you can consider those keywords for Negative and slowly increase the list, based on the reports and statistics.

Writing Up A Good Ad :

Your advert is the first thing your prospects and consumer see’s from your company. Not only it talks about the company’s impression but it also highlights on what you are selling, what’s your competitive edge and why you?. If you are still not sure on how to write a good ad, then do checkout the tutorial on how to write ads which converts. I have clearly mentioned some good guidelines to follow along with some sample ads.

However make sure your ad :

Ad Scheduling :

For Charismatico, Different timings for Different Markets were being setup through A/B testing. For some campaigns, weekend wasn’t an option and for some campaigns and ad groups, we were spending huge money on weekends. So this is something you personally need to test and see on what works for you because nothing works all the time, you just need to find the top hours and spend all your money in them to get the maximum ROI.

One rule for success is ‘Keep on testing, until it works’.

Ad Extensions :

With Charismatico, we started using two Google Ad extensions at start.

However, I feel we are missing the Review Extension, which for sure could bring a lot more interest and leads for our business, so i feel, still there is a room for improvement. If you have an Ecommerce store, you should not miss using this feature.

Bid Adjustment & Average Position:

Different things work for different audience, mostly i prefer to use Manual CPC bidding for all keywords, where I feel the average position needs to be at 3-4 no. I have been experimenting the average positions and I feel that these positions suit this type of brand for most sales.

If your aim is only to target the position.1, then you may need to think again!

However for some campaigns, I’m focusing on the target CPA strategy, here we aren’t bidding for keywords, rather for CPA (Cost Per Action).

A/B Testing :

Marketing is all about testing, testing and testing. If you aren’t doing it, you are doing wrong marketing.

For Charismatico, We have a specific budget set which we spend on targeting new area’s, trying new ads, setting up new landing pages and experimenting different things.

Every week, there is some new excitement going on, over their Adwords Account and that’s the reason, why it’s more fun to manage the account, because there is always something new, in terms of observation, statistics, profits, leads or anything. Yes there are losses too, but thats what Marketing is all about.


Now let’s have a look on the spending they did last year.

So let’s have a look on the client total investment : $22,339.25 

These are the spending for statistics of the whole last year.

Please keep in mind that, a part from Adwords, we did not spend any money for customer or traffic acquisition.


Now Move on to the Revenue side. Let’s have a look on what did they earn in the last year.

So the client has earned a total of $345,267.72 with just $22,339.25 investment, cool isn’t it?

Bonus Information

Tools I used :

I took the help of following tools :

Room For Improvement :

As with all thing, there is no satisfaction point and i feel if we can do the following things, things could have been changed.

Your Thoughts and Conclusion on Google Adwords Ads Case Study

I know nothing is perfect and there is always a room for improvement. I have written the Google Adwords Case study to help people when they are setting up on Google Adwords or those who want to do Google Ads Adwords certification to become the master of PPC. So What Are Your Thoughts on the Case Study? Did you like it? What things you would like to add more in to?

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Consultation on Google Ads Case Study

If you are looking to hire me for Adwords Management, PPC Management or SEO Services, You are more than welcome to give me a shoot. Do contact me today! 🙂

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