Buying Web Hosting? Here’s What You Need to Know

guide to buying web hosting

A web hosting account is one of those things that you require at some point, especially if you run a business or you want to be a blogger. It means that everyone who wants to launch a business website or start a blog needs to buy web hosting. Therefore, you must know certain things that will help you make the purchase worthwhile.

Before getting to the cream of this article, let me remind you that I have posted an article on best WordPress hosting companies in the past. If you want to know some of the best web hosting companies, you can check that article for further details.

Let’s get to the main stuff now. Here are some of the essentials of buying and using a web hosting service that you must know as an end-user:

Essentials of Buying and Using a Web Hosting Service

Purchasing Expensive Web Hosting (in the Beginning) is a Mistake

One of the problems starters face is that they get caught up in the web hosting recommendations because always hear from the experts in blogging and digital marketing space that one must use high-quality web hosting. So when they look at the high-quality web hosting services which charge $25 to $50 per month, they get panicked and think that this is not easy to get started. What they don’t know is that you don’t need to start with a VPS, or a dedicated server, or a WordPress hosting, instead, just buy a reliable web hosting that costs around $100 per year. Now, I don’t say stick to that service for years, but always work on the user experience and keep noticing the page-loading speed and website accessibility. Of course, you would have to see the financial side of the blog/website before making any decision. The moment your blog/site starts to make money, you should try to improve your web hosting service.

Always Consult and Do Survey

Don’t ever buy a web hosting service without consulting your friends who use the same web hosting service. If you don’t find someone who uses that service, then find someone on the internet. Google the reviews of the web hosting service you’re looking at to buy. I’m sure you’ll find the reviews written by many experts and bloggers. Read those reviews and blog posts, and find out what they have to say about the company.

Upgradation is Mandatory

If you have bought a web hosting account at the beginning of your website journey or blogging career, don’t think that you don’t have to spend money on the web hosting again. In fact, when you work hard to grow your blog or website through publishing content, SEO, and social media, if something clicks and your website starts to get attention through any medium, you might see a spike in traffic, and your web hosting might create a problem for you because normally shared web hosting accounts don’t bear much traffic. So be prepared for spending money on website Upgradation while growing your blog or website; it happens at some point.

Look Out for the Affiliate Program

If you’re a blogger, then you might be aware of affiliate marketing. If you’re buying a web hosting service and spending money on that, it means you’re getting onboard with the hosting company. Do you know that you can make money off by promoting the same web hosting service that you’re using? The only concern is that they should have an affiliate program for that. If they don’t have any affiliate program, then you can’t eventually make money by promoting that web hosting service. The purpose of telling you is that always buy a web hosting service that has an affiliate program up and running so that you could make money from it.

Must Check the Customer Service

Don’t ever buy a web hosting service quickly. Always take your time before the purchase. You can always go through the reviews and recommendations, but one more thing is customer service. You must check out their customer service before buying. If you don’t have a live chat feature on their website, then feel free to email them or call on their helpline to ask any details about their service. Most of the popular web hosting services pay attention to the customer service; they reply to the email inquiries within a few hours. In case, they don’t reply within 24 hours (other than the weekend), then it means that they are not worth it. Moreover, it’s not just the efficiency of replying to the inquiries; make sure that they get your question and provide you a solution whether it’s about transferring website files from old server to new one or installing the WordPress on new web hosting, they must provide quick and best solution to the clients.

Last Words

So I shared some tips about buying your web hosting service. If you’re a new blogger or going to launch your first business website, then these tips will help you get started.

Sometimes, buying a web hosting account or moving your website to a new web hosting company looks scary, but with the passage of time, things get easier.

I believe my article will help you in some way in finding the best cheap wordpress hosting service. Let me know in the comments below if you any questions on the website hosting or you have gone through any terrible experience of web hosting.

I’ll be happy to answer those questions in the comments.

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