How to Choose the Best Blog Post Titles (2024)

How to Choose the Best Blog Post Titles

A best blog post title is an essential part of the blog writing as it shows the topic, problem, and solution altogether. Many bloggers keep focusing on finding the right keywords, joining affiliate marketing, and increasing the PPC earning – once they figure out these things, they believe that now everything is fine and they can sit back and start making money online.

Choose The Best Post Title

Importance of Best Blog Title

The point I want to make in this blog post is that it’s extremely important to choose the best blog post titles in order to rank your blog posts or attract readers to click on your blog post on social media. It’s quite interesting that not every best blog post title gets ranked or attracts visitors through social media. It’s possible that one blog post attracts readers on social media, but doesn’t generate organic traffic from search engines, and the other one gets ranked on the first page of search engines, but doesn’t attract eyeballs on social media.

On the average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent 80 cents out of your dollar. – David OgilvyAli Raza

Let’s take a look at the factors that every blogger should take care of while choosing the blog post titles:

5 Factors of Choosing the Best Blog Post Title in 2024

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The blog title must consist of simple words

Being creative doesn’t mean that you start using fancy words in the blog post titles. The titles are supposed to attract the audience through social media and search engines. Fancy vocabulary is a plus point, but it doesn’t mean that you should start losing potential readers.

For example, captivating is far better word to use than its synonym beguiling.

The idea behind this point is that people use simple words in search engines – most of them won’t even know the meaning of many fancy words. So using such difficult or unfamiliar words in the blog post titles is a huge mistake despite the fact that the meaning is correct. This tip would come handy if you’re passionate about blog SEO and want to grow your search engine traffic.

It must clarify the purpose

Sometimes the blog post title doesn’t make sense or becomes less attractive just because it lacks clarity. It might happen to new bloggers who just start blogging and focus on writing and publishing more than anything else. Writing and publishing are important jobs, but all of your work would go in vain if your content doesn’t attract readers, just because they can’t understand the idea behind the blog post.

The more you work on this skill, the better you become. Don’t worry if you have this problem. It would be fixed over time. The best way to work on improving the skill of writing best blog post titles is that observe the blog post titles of top bloggers and influencers, but don’t start copying their pattern. They might use difficult words or long-form titles – it works for them because they have built a huge email list and social media following, so they don’t have to worry about the SEO dynamics. So you must focus on writing clear and concise blog post titles.

The length of the blog post title

One of the key factors of publishing a successful blog post is the length of the blog post title. If your blog is new which means it relies on search engine traffic then you must take care of the titles’ length. It may or may not be true, but perhaps 70-character long blog post title could work on Google and 60-character long titles are okay for Bing and Yahoo. Again, it may have changed when you’re reading this blog post. Don’t try to make long blog post titles. Instead, go with shorter than 70 characters. It’s super important to have a clear, short, and to-the-point blog post title because it’s likely to be your page title which would play out in the SEO, meaning, page title appears in search results. So don’t go with long and hefty blog post titles that get cut off while appearing in the search results.

For example, if your post is

“Learn 8 Ways How You can get top ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in just 30 days at a minimum cost and little bit effort”

It’s not going to work, rather something like :

“8 Effective SEO Techniques

Avoid similar blog post titles

Chances are you’re not alone writing on a specific topic – this means that there might be other blogs which will be publishing the similar blog posts. What you need to do is that find a way to create the blog post on that topic in a different way. And, it won’t be tough but if done right, and it could really work well for you.

For example, if a competitor blog posted, “How to Start a Blog in 8 Steps”

You don’t have to use the words. Instead, go differently, “A Step-by-Step Process of Starting a Blog”

Of course, you would have to check out the blog post title in Google before start writing the blog post. If the similar blog post titles pop up, then it means that you change your title to something different. Try to make better than the already available blog posts in search results.

Don’t make generic blog posts

So far we have discussed common words, titles length, similar blog post posts, and clarity of purpose. Now, one of the most important things in blogging is writing unique and creative blog posts. If your blog is publishing generic content that other blogs have posted a long time ago, then it would be difficult for you to rank against those old blog posts. In fact, chances are big blogs won’t let you rank against those keywords because their blog posts are ranked in first few pages. It doesn’t mean the end of the story; you can run paid adverts on Facebook and Google to get traffic, but it would cost money.

So alternatively, what you can do is simply make your titles attractive and better.

For example, if a big blog has posted a blog post, “How to Write a Blog Post”

You should publish, “How to Write a Blog Post If You Are a Newbie Blogger”

This way, not only could you make your blog post title slightly interesting, but you could add another relevant keyword in your title.

4 Strategies To Create Awesome Headlines and Titles For Your blog

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Numbers Game

Numbers matter a lot. Psychology gives a lot attention to numbers when it comes to building curiosity for a human mind.

Good examples can be :

How To Articles :

Articles which explains the method and start with [How To] also grabs a lot of attention. Even search engine likes to rank how to articles.

You can write on many things with such titles such as:

Facts and Figures

Articles with titles having facts and figures are not only loved by Google but humans  as well. As per newscientist, Google likes to rank articles with facts. When asked what kind of knowledge is considered as facts,

“Facts that the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for the truth”

So it’s a great idea to write posts on these kind of headlines/titles.

Some examples to show are :

Complete Guide

People also like to see A to Z guides of different things, not only it generates attention but it also increases trust and average time spend on the website which ultimately helps in ranking websites.

Examples Include :

Case Studies

People also do like reading case studies. A good title with case study can also increase your CTR and public interest.

Your Turn on choosing the best blog post title in 2024

So these are some factors that will impact your blog posts writing. [Note: If you haven’t started doing blogging, this is the best time]. You must understand that a blog post title comes before the actual blog post – it sounds strange than it is maybe more important than your blog post content because it brings visitors. But it doesn’t mean that your blog post content is less important because the blog post content keeps the readers engaged on the page. Let’s say a bad blog post title could ruin a well-written blog post.

What do you think about writing a  blog post title? Tell me in the comments below.

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