How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Blogging in 2024?

How to Keep Yourself Motivated for Blogging

So you’re struggling with your blogging.

That’s why you clicked on the title that says ‘how to keep yourself motivated for blogging’…

There is no issue if you’re struggling with your blogging.

We all do at some point. I know and i can understand the amount of expense and time you have spent on your Blog.

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Keep Yourself Motivated For Blogging

I know it isn’t easy to spend so much time and resources into a particular thing and then still not getting much..

I also know that various blogger stories have inspired you to become the next pro blogger, I also believe that if God has given you the power to imagine then he has also given you the power to achieve it.

So What’s the problem then?

For a moment, think opposite of what is happening with you

I just want you to imagine the time when you won’t be struggling…

Imagine the time when you’ll be successful…

You’d have a steady income and a growing blog…


You know it’s far away — that might upset you — but here is the key…

If you want to cross the bridge, you actually have to cross it, meaning, you can’t skip past and go to the other side…

That bridge is the PROCESS that is required to get the job done.

The process says you have to put your effort, energy, knowledge, and skill set into it and then wait for things to happen. It doesn’t happen, do it again, and keep doing it until it happens.

This video tells the story of how we get something in life… It revealed a life lesson that you always get what you ask for… If you keep trying and never quit, you ultimately get it. And if you expect bad things to happen, they could happen because you’re expecting them and not striving for the better.

There are specific things I want you to do and understand in order to keep yourself motivated for blogging because at the end of the day, no matter who you listen to but you will make your mind up based on what you believe in. Take a look at these things to keep yourself motivated:

How to Keep Yourself Motivated For Blogging (2024)

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Analyze your Learning during the Blogging Journey:

You can’t experience something without actually doing it. Similarly, you can’t learn things without actually trying it. If you want to enjoy the rollercoaster ride, you better get on to it rather than watching others shouting on it. Furthermore, you have to see what you’ve learned along the way. All that you learned might not be possible without starting it. It’s okay that you failed, it’s okay that you aren’t earning enough money, and it’s totally cool that you’re getting closer to quitting. But see you’re reading this article, this means you still believe in yourself and that’s why you’re fighting your negative instinct. You’re good to make a strong and motivated comeback.

Evaluate and Improve :

One of the important thing on How to Make Money Online is to always improve, so After doing Critique and deeply analysing all of your activities, see what’s working well for you and what’s not, our next step will be to evaluating the performance and improving where necessary.

Don’t be panic, you need to be strong enough to accept your mistakes and learn from them. Acceptance is the first key and then learn from them so you don’t do them again. Remember taking action is very important because this is how you take risks and learn from them. Your competitor’s are your best friends, learn from them too and evaluate what made them successful in your field.

Start Sharing Your Bad Experiences and Failures with Others:

This is really true, you don’t learn much from your success but from your failures, I have quoted it various occasions, the most you learn is from your failures, so why don’t we share it with others? Even It would actually make you feel better. It’s human nature that it feels satisfaction when somehow he helps someone else without doing much. So you may blow your steam off by sharing your story and how you started and what steps you took that led you to failure.

People would appreciate you when you start to do something that helps them. It’s the rule here. One way or the other, you will understand this thing that you can’t win without being loyal and honest to your audience because they aren’t dumb. In fact, they’re sane human beings just like you. So, share to help them. They will start following you more actively, then it might be very healthy for your blog.

Enjoy your small achievements:

You have to value your small victories. They boost your confidence up and make you ready to take on the world. You can’t guarantee the happiness only when you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a month. What makes you happy is when you start to realize what you have. Just start with what you learned, what experiment went well, and how you make it that far. Celebrate whatever you have and whatever you’ve achieved so far. Because when you start to enjoy your small achievements, it would give you a psychological satisfaction, which would ultimately make things better.

Bring Consistency in your blogging:

It’s really really hard to keep yourself consistent when you’re starting out or you have done it in the recent past and haven’t started seeing any result. People often feel motivated when they see some results off of their blogging. Before that, it’s quite tough to do that and it’s a long journey before you start seeing some results. If you are doing multiple stuff’s, things go even worse and you lose hope very soon so what you need to do is to program your mind to be consistent.

Developing a writing habit might help. Many bloggers develop their writing schedule, some of them write in the morning and some of the bloggers have a specific schedule of writing in the evening. Whatever your timing is, do it on the consistent basis. These are different hacks to keep yourself consistent.

Highlight your content during conversations:

It’s good to remember your blog every time. One of the ways of keeping yourself motivated is that thinking out-of-the-box. Once you have started writing helpful content on your blog, you shouldn’t just wait for the search engines visitors to arrive. Maybe, someone from social media ends up finding your content helpful. Try to be friendly and talkative on the social media. Join discussions and listen to what people are saying in your community. Don’t just use social media to share your content, but once you think your content is relevant to the topic. Do share it and explain why you think that this article is helpful to this topic.

Comment on others’ blogs:

When you comment on others’ blogs, the chances are, they will visit your blog, read your content, and  leave their comments back on your blog. It might give you a chance to display some informative and educational comments underneath your content. Once people start noticing those comments, it would show that your blog engaged and more people start to come over and leave their comments to get exposure. And your blog would start to grow. Everything begins with content creation, so create content that really does the job. A part from that, blog commenting also helps you with building more backlinks and traffic. You can read my guide if you are starting out in blog commenting.

Write down positive happenings:

Noting things down seems to be no big deal but when it comes to motivation, it can help you get through difficult times. If you stay in the negative mindset, you will be stressed out and nothing would look better from that point. What you need is to keep reminding yourself about the positivity around you. Writing your positive things would help you feel better and your mind would be recharged to work better. Make a diary or something and write good things happening in your life on the daily basis or weekly basis.

Avoid Negative Forces :

By negative forces, I mean each and every thing that distracts and take you away from your goals. Each person who demotivates or even say you can’t do such things, just quit talking to them or avoid them as much possible as you can, since they don’t want you to be successful in achieving your dreams. Nothing matters to them, they won’t be satisfied with whatever you do, they will always criticise you and find negative things in each of your activity.

Why You Started? :

Just when you are de-motivated with everything and lose hope everywhere, remember for a second why you started it? what kind of commitments you did with yourself? what kind of dreams you saw when you started it? Remembering it will help you not to stop it. Just keep reminding yourself!

Conclusion on How to keep yourself motivated for blogging

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Before concluding, I want to mention a quote of my friend Hassaan Khan, he says that

“The success lies where people get tired watching you trying over and over again but you don’t look tired. In fact, you show up every day with a smile.”

I actually loved it, read it again and again because this is what really success is, keep on trying until you win!

By this time, you have an idea that It takes a few seconds to get demoralized. The challenge is how you can keep yourself motivated to achieve success in your life because blogging is a great method to make money online without paying anything.

I’ve tried to share some simple yet helpful ways to stay there and keep rolling the ball.

Once you actually quit, you’ll miss the chance that otherwise may appear within some time.

And Years After Now, When you see some one else getting success by EXACTLY doing what you were supposed to do, you would have thought, Had i done it for one more time.. and I would have succeeded..

You might restart your journey after quitting it but the time you waste during that quitting period would haunt you like a serial killer and you might not be able to completely recover from that horrifying time period… but, of course, you would, once you decide to.

It more or less depends on the mindset.

Reprogram your mind for success.

You’ll get the success.

How do you keep yourself motivated in life?

Let me know in the comments below.

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