How To Make Money from Blogging (2022) – [Full Guide]


How to Make Money from Blogging is the 6th article of Blogging Series, if you want to learn more, kindly start from How to Start Blogging

Today, I’m going to discuss top ways how to make money with Blogging in 2022. Please keep in mind, the revenue method discussed here in no way should hurt the user experience on your website, remember building relationship with your audience is the key to survival for your blog, you are not building a blog for today, but you are going to build an asset which should become more and more valuable over the time, respect your audience, listen to them, provide solutions to their problems and you will be earning in no time.

Why Earn Money Online from Blogging

‘How you can help your audience to improve their lives and at the same time, you make money too?’ Wouldn’t it be great? This should be the main aim of your revenue/earning model from your blog.

Whatever you are selling or promoting on your blog, be it a product, service, blog post, deals, advertisement or anything should have only one FOCUS! and that is to improve and help people. You are promoting a product? discuss how it can be beneficial for people and you will start earning in NO TIME! Yes that’s the key.

How to Make Money from Blogging in 2022 :

Checkout different ways on how to make money online via blogging in 2022.

Product Reviews For Making Money with Blogging :

I’m going to quote an example of  Matthew WoodWard here, who makes around $35,000 a month just from blogging and product reviewing (mostly), great isn’t it? What I like about his blogging strategy is that how greatly he has converted those product reviews into Tutorials and this way people understand better on how the product is going to be beneficial for them.

However basically there are 3 Ways through which you can make money :
a) Paid Reviews
b) Product Comparison
b) Affiliate Sales

a) Paid Reviews

Let’s have a look on How Matthew Wood Ward makes money from Paid Reviews, there is a section on his blog where he gives the option for people to ask him if they want to get there product reviewed.

Lindsay from Pinchofyum, earned more then $6000 in the month of October 2015 by Selling Sponsored Posts and Product Reviews.

b) Product Comparison

This can be another great method for generating revenue for your blog, you can review two different products, mention both the benefits and disadvantages of the product and in the end you can put affiliate links, I believe if your product is good, you will have an audience for it too, and no product is perfect, everything has it’s pro’s and cons, it’s just a matter of priorities for someone.

c) Affilate Sales 

Affiliate Sales are a great way to refer products and services to your audience and make money through that, there are ample of bloggers who do this to make money. Like Matthew Woodward, there are many other examples, Making Sense of Cents Blog, earned more then $21,000 in the month of November 2015 from Affiliate Sales. Pat Flynn earned more then $75,000 last month doing affiliate sales from his blog(Keep in mind that Pat has other sources of Income too).

Google Adsense on Your Blog For Making Money from Blogging :

Earning from Google Adsense is a great way to earn revenue from your blog and people are making thousands a month just by simply putting Google Adsense . This is one of the popular and well known method for bloggers to earn money online.

For some inspiration, you can take a look at Viper Chill, they generated more then $100,000 a week from Google Adsense, cool isn’t it?

I also would like to quote the example of Chris from Rankxl, who earns more then $20,000 a month through Google Adsense via niche sites.

and if you are still not yet convinced, read the article of Jon, who was able to generate more then $371,835 Adsense Earnings through his Fatstacksblog.

And how come I forget quoting the Shoemoney check for Adsense, he earned $132,994.97 way back in 2005 from Google Adsense. This is a well known picture of him, He is holding the check in his hands.

I suggest you to check How to Earn with Google Adsense article for more in-depth tutorial on how to take the most out of it and look for Awesome Google Adsense Alternatives in case you don’t like Adsense.

Rent space for advertising to generate money from blogging :

If you have a steady flow of traffic coming to your website, you can make money by selling advertising space on your website.

Matthew WoodWard  Earned more than $1000 by selling his personal advertising space on his blog in the month of November 2015. He uses BuySellAds to manage the advertising space on his website and if you check his Buysellads, looks like he is overbooked and if someone wants to advertise on his blog he has to go through the waiting list.

Amazon Associates for earning via blog:

This one is little relevant to Affiliate Marketing, So if you have a blog with good number of traffic, you can recommend various products to your readers from Amazon and make money with your referral link or even you can review Amazon products too or you can compare.

So all you need to do is, find some products which you have used or you have a great knowledge about them, then start doing a product review, recommended product post or a product comparison with two or three different products.

Accept Donations :

I believe this one doesn’t work with every niche or blog and work best for the authority blogs or if you are going a little far the word research which makes you exclusive or you are providing out of the box solutions or help then you should consider accepting donations too to cover the costs for the blog and make some money.

However, Jason Kottke is a perfect example to see because he left his job and started working on his site as a Full time job by accepting donations to cover his expenditures.

For those working on Fiverr, they must be familiar with the word ‘tip’, so basically you can apply the same psychology here to earn money by providing useful content and asking tips or donations in returns from the blog.

Promote a Web Hosting Company :

You can make money too via promoting your web hosting company or refer customers to another hosting company, there are various examples to see who are making a lot of bucks just by promoting there web host.

For some inspiration, Pat Flynn, earned more then $40,000 last month in November 2015, just by promoting Bluehost alone. I’m myself promoting different webhosting companies, like i’m doing on my Best WordPress hosting article.

Write an Ebook and Sell it :

Writing an ebook and selling it to your audience can also pay you well if you have decent following. Harsh Agrawal from, Earned more then $750 in the month of September, 2015 just by selling his ebook on Affiliate Marketing.

So if your audience is impressed by what you write on your blog, they will highly be interested in buying your ebook too.

Selling Udemy Courses to make money from blogging :

When you have a readership to follow and if you are an authority in your niche, then it’s a great idea to write a good course in your niche to help other fellows and sell it via Udemy, not only it will get you sales from your readership but if your readers leave a good review after buying it, there are chances that visitors of Udemy may be interested in buying your course too.

Let me tell you that if you look at the Johnny’s Monthly Blogging Report for the last month he is earning more then $700 a month from Udemy courses alone and let me tell you that he is not dependent on Udemy alone and it’s income is rising at an awesome rate.

And if that is not convincing for you, you can consider looking at Nick Walker’s Income, who is generating more then $100,000 alone from creating courses at Udemy.

Get Customers for Your Services [Freelancing] :

If you are providing a service, even if you are a doctor, engineer, plumber, trainer, seo expert, accountant, graphic designer or provide any sort of services, you can promote your services on your blog and you can make money through it too.

There are ample of examples to follow who are successfully doing Customer Generation, let’s have a look at Sydney’s Income report for the month of October, 2015. She earned more then $5400 from Freelancing alone.

Write for Others :
This one is little relevant to the service industry, however I wanted to highlight this method a little more, so I’m adding another headline for it.

Let’s take Haassan Khan for example, he is a content marketer and writer and solely promotes his
services via his blog.

He said to me a while ago,

“Blogging is the only source for customer acquisition for him.”

Michelle Schroeder from the blog, MakingSenseOfCents, earned more then $1500 alone from staff writing in the month of november, 2015. Keep in mind that her total income for the month of November, crossed $30,000.

Charge for Premium Content :

Another way to make money from blogging is to charge for premium content, if you can impress people from your free content, chances are that they are much likely interested in your premium content, provided it should worth every penny.

Brian Clark over at Copyblogger did exactly the same and started the authority program.

Hold Premium Workshops :

If you have good amount of traffic and readers, you can (time by time) held some premium workshops, webinars or seminars on the topic you are an expert of and you will in no time, have people who are willing to pay to attend it.

Let’s have a look on one of the Ad of Jonloomer

He Makes Money through monthly memberships, personal consultation and through his paid workshops.

Personal Consultations :

Another way to make money from blogging is provide personal consultations. Like last month I got a lead from Digital Marketing, as I specialize in PPC, SEO,SMO & SEM industry, this blog has started to prove me a real asset for generating personal consultations lead for me so if you can too provide personal consultations and start charging for it.

Ron Stefansk from Earned more then $1100 just by doing consultation in the month of November, 2015.

Conclusion on how to make money with blogging in 2022

Making Money from blog is easy and challenging equally, because it’s all depend upon

how SERIOUS you are!

Overall, i have discussed various blogging techniques which are prove to be beneficial to me in terms of making money through the blog.

But for all, this you need to take an ‘ACTION’ and Commitment.. are you ready for that?

I also tried to quoted some successful blogger’s examples to prove my statements, these are simple and easy to follow methods which you can apply yourself too to earn money from your Blog!

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If you are short on budget and looking for cheap ways to make money online, checkout how to make money online without paying anything article. I have tried to discuss 25+ ways which requires little or no investment to earn money online.

Your Turn?

What methods did you find useful to earn money from your blog to make quick money online? What methods you think you will apply after reading this post? Which methods do you think won’t work well with your blog? Do you think if i have missed any methods or revenue generation module? You are welcome to add it via comments section.

Stay tuned for the next post of Blogging Series, the next post is going to be the overview of the blogging series.

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