How to Start a Facebook Group – The Right Way

how to start a facebook group

Have you ever thought about starting a Facebook group?

I think you never paid much attention to it because you didn’t feel that you need to start a Facebook Group. Let me tell you something crazy, there are people on social media who have developed businesses through Facebook Groups. And, most of us don’t bother understanding the power of Facebook groups.

If you’ve opened this blog post, it means you follow me on social media or subscribed to my blog. Most of my blog readers and social media followers are associated with social media, information technology, startups, and businesses. You might have your personal or company’s Facebook page too, but it still doesn’t mean you have nailed it with Facebook groups.

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Don’t worry because I’m going to discuss this and tell you how to start a Facebook group so that you could start it someday. It doesn’t mean you should start a Facebook group. Instead, I’m educating you on this topic so that you would know that there is so much opportunity there.

Here are 6 steps to start a Facebook group the right way :

Define Your Purpose

A Facebook group can’t be successful if you don’t have clarity in your mission. Spend some time before starting a Facebook group and think what you want to achieve with this group. Creating a Facebook group is no difficult job. The real thing is that how you take up the challenge of starting it the right way. The only way to make it right is that start your Facebook group with a proper plan that what you want to do in that group. You should start your Facebook group based on your interest, niche, or industry so that you could develop a community of like-minded people that come together and talk about relevant things.

Choose the Group Type

Once you click on Starting the Facebook Group, You will be told that there are three types of Facebook group. First is the open group, which is open to everyone to join and post content. Second is the closed group, which requires the permission to join it. Once approved by the admin, you can join in and be a part of the conversations.

Third is the secret group, which can only be seen through a link and can’t be searched and found in Facebook. The selection of group type is necessary to understand because most of the successful Facebook groups are either closed or secret. If you start an open group, everyone would try to join and spam the group with promotional content. Thus it ruins the concept of a community building. So be careful about the group type selection.

Name and Branding

Once you have defined the purpose and chosen the group type, the next part is that selection of the group’s name and branding. You must choose a name either based on your brand’s name or a keyword-oriented that explains the purpose of the group. Most Facebook groups associated with companies are named after the companies. So choose your group’s name wisely.

Secondly, branding also plays a role in this regard. Your group’s logo and cover would immensely contribute to making your group known and successful. So don’t ignore the importance of naming and branding your Facebook group.

Set the Group Rules

Once you have established the group, don’t start the content posting or the invitation part. Instead, try setting some ground rules for the member so that they get to know what they can do or what they can’t. Every successful Facebook group has some rules for members to follow. So try setting up some basic rules and make sure that every member could find and understand the points.

Invitation and Moderation

After setting up the rules, then it’s time to spread the word about your Facebook group. One of the options you might see in the Facebook groups is that the recommendation bar which shows your Facebook friends to add in the group. Don’t add people through that option because you’re adding them to the group without their permission or approval. The best way to invite them is either share your group in the status and explain why they should join it. Alternatively, message your friends privately and share the link with them with an explanation that why they should join this group. Once you have invited a few people and you can see people coming in. Ask your loyal fans or friends to moderate the group with you. It’s always good to have a moderator with you so that you could manage the group better.

Design the Posting Strategy

Lastly, design your posting strategy which means develop a plan for posting content in your Facebook group. It’s necessary to post the content at least once a day to keep the group active and running. Allow others to post relevant content so that they could feel important and contribute to the community. Additionally, you should always select a couple of days for certain activities such as one day for sharing your blog posts or video links, live interview with a member, or any other engagement activity that makes the members all excited and attentive. Posting strategy shouldn’t just revolve around posting status or your content, rather it must be very diversified. Prefer creating native posts in the group instead of sharing content. Always take help from your moderator to choose the topic of the discussions.


Starting a Facebook group seems so easy, but in reality, it’s a little difficult than it looks. I shared the lessons that I learned in the past few years managing a few Facebook groups myself. You can join my Facebook group on Digital Marketers, Bloggers and Freelancers VIP Community.

I’d highly recommend trying out Facebook groups because it’s a great feature to develop a community, nurture leads, and convert the fans into paying customers. Remember that all this happens in the long run. Don’t look at the Facebook group as in cash machine for you. It’s the best community tool for social media experts, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and businesses.

Would you start a Facebook group in 2024?

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