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Link Building Techniques That Work (2021 Updated)

(Last Updated On: September 27, 2020)

There are many websites on the internet you can say more than 10 billion websites are live on the internet till today and still counting.

But the thing is they all need to do SEO (both off-page and on-page) at some point.

Link Building SEO Technique

It’s True that you cannot forget the importance of SEO in your online marketing strategies.

Here I had written SEO Guide where I mentioned each and every step to do SEO for your blogs and websites.

Out of all those strategies, link building seems to be one of the important strategy.

and you cannot deny the fact that in many cases, you need to do link building.

So here, I’m going to discuss some important steps to build backlinks for free.

Steps To Build Backlinks For Free

Link Building is one of the most popular method of Off-Page SEO nowadays.

It’s really easy method to rank your website without getting your butt off. But not that easy as we think.

If you want to rank a website faster than anything then you have to do proper link building.

If you want to rank your website on first page of Google then I swear backlinks can do this alone, you don’t need anything if you do it in proper manner.

I know you heard the word “Event Blogging“, the secret of event bloggers is they concentrate on link building.

They create at least 5K-10K minimum back links and earn 2K$-5K$ in a day.

I think I have revealed the secret.

So do concentrate on making backlinks.

You know what in the late stages people use to build millions of backlinks using “Black hat SEO” techniques but that days gone.

Nowadays if you do the same you’ll surely get a very tight slap from Google.

So my mean to say this is you have to avoid Black hat SEO techniques to do your work in long terms and to get some juicy fruits from your work

Let me give you a very prominent example, if you have 20K low quality backlinks and have 20 high quality backlinks then you know what the 20 backlinks are more powerful then 20K backlinks and let me tell you this that getting high quality backlink is not easy as you’re thinking.

So the question is how you can really build backlinks that really works and make your site able to stand out from crowd.

That’s why here I’m going to write each and every step to build backlinks.

Guest Post:

Do guest post on other high authority blogs but same in your niche.

The recommended DA should be 20 and Alexa Rankings should below 100k.

If you have this type of website then go ahead and do guest post as much as you can (if you get accepted) 😛

Getting accepted is not that easy you have to write atleast 2.5K-5K words articles and article that stand out from crowd, something that is really unique if you want to get accepted.

If you don’t want to find yourself some high quality blogs that accepts guest post then I prefer you to Shoutmeloud’s list of 50+ High Quality Blogs That Accept Guest Posting.

I think now you don’t need anything else to go and do guest posting on these very high quality blogs.

Don’t forget that you have to dirty your hands to get accepted on these blogs but once you accepted then you don’t need to do anything to rank your keywords and make your blog an authority.

Broken Link Building (Wikipedia)

There is nothing better than WikiPedia on the internet, Let me give you an example that if you have 10 good authority backlinks and have 1 backlink from WikiPedia then the WikiPedia’s one is more powerful than 10 backlinks from good authority sites.

It’s a good hack nowadays people are using to make backlinks, the guide I love for this is from Matthewwoodward on WikiPedia Link Building Hack – Get As Many Backlinks As You Want.

But be in your limits, if you cross your limits then Google will surely consider your site as Spam site. This really works, you should try now.

Making Out Standing Content To Get Auto Backlinks

It’s not that easy but nothing is impossible, as you seen I have shared many websites here to solve your problem easily, Why I shared them in my own posts?

There contents are worth share and they deserve more than this.

This is what I want to tell you that make contents that’s worth sharing and get automatically mentioned on your other bloggers blog. I hope you’ll achieve this step as this is not easy.

Publishing some news before anyone knows about that

This is really secret method I’m sharing with you all that publishing news is a great way to get some free backlinks from High authority websites but be sure that no one else already published that news.

I recommended you to publish news that you think it’ll going to trend otherwise you are just wasting your time and if you do everything correct, then you are automatically going to have a Competitive EDGE over your competitors!

But be be careful before doing anything, think smarter!

Commenting On “Dofollow Commentluv Enabled Blogs”

It’s so so so much easy method I think, you’ll get a dofollow backlink just by commenting on others blog.

Ali shared an awesome Step by Step Guide on Blog Commenting which is worth visiting if you are planning to step into blog commenting.

But always remember that if you comment like “Thanks for sharing”, “Your blog is great, share more articles” , “this article is awesome” then you’ll not going to approve by them, you have to read the article > then understanding it properly and then commenting on blogs.

What you have to do is ask the question from article you have read and it gives you more and more chances to get approved.

You have to be smart before commenting on anyone’s blog. Be smart and get approved!

Final Words

There are hell lots of guides on the internet about backlinking, but here I shared the techniques which are working for me!

Do try them once and I am quite sure that you’ll get some crispy results just after following my these methods.

If you have any thing further to add, do write it via comments section.

Don’t forget to share it with your mates, if you liked my efforts a lot.

Stay blessed, Happy blogging and Happy Ranking!

About the Author: Abdul Samad

People know me as Professional Blogger or you can say dummy of many online businesses. Besides this I'm SEO Consultant, WordPress Theme Designer and Tech Savvy Guy who is an inspiration of many. I'm the only Founder and CEO at Born Blogger.

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  1. Hello, Samad brother!

    So good to see you on Ali bhai’s place! 🙂

    And I so loved the Wikipedia thing. I hadn’t thought of it before but it is really worth trying at least.

    Oh and for self-caution, I will avoid doing it in excessive amount (if I get the idea right.)

    For the blog comment, you know I understand a bit of it as to how to do it and in the right form. 🙂

    The content should show your love towards the topic and yet it allows to win the backlinks itself.

    The more you’re personalized with your writing and giving valid and genuine examples, I believe that’s the win part.

    Go as story-teller!

    So as usual, very great content you put up here! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

  2. You shared the list of guest post are these website free to post our article ? or these will charge ? It will be ore expensive 🙁

  3. Hey, Samad & Ali Raza. 🙂
    This is my first visit to your Blog brother Ali.

    Making backlinks in Wikipedia is not so easy for newbies like me, but I always follow other methods. 🙂

    I appreciate your knowledge sharing work.

    Thank You.
    ~ Paramjot Singh 🙂

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