Long Tail Pro (2024) – [Review + Tutorial]

Long Tail Pro is one of the finest softwares which has been built for online marketers, bloggers and businessman. This article is going to be a full fledge Long Tail Pro Review for the masses.

Long Tail Pro Review

In online marketing, more or less everything is linked to the strings, if you want this, you have to do that, if you have to get there, you have to go that way. Your success depends on many aspects. If you want to sell your product, you have to make it right, it should be suitable for the audience, then put that in front of the people (who need it the most), and finally, price it well.

It’ s like a super-store.

We go to the super-store to buy the house-hold items…

We pick what we want and we don’t stare on every single product on the shelves because we are looking for the specific things.

The same rule applies on the keywords and search engine marketing business.

Have you ever heard about targeting keywords and search engine ranking?

Did you ever meet a guy on a friend’s party who is known for his money making site?

You’ll always listen about money making, keywords, search engine ranking…

In fact, you have been listening for years…

Why didn’t you figure that out yet?

I tell you… WHY!

Because no one guided you exactly what to do with the keywords, and more importantly, how to find those keywords.

Here is the deal. You’ll learn how to find the best keywords to start a blog, a niche website, or an online business.

Step by Step Long Tail Pro Review in 2023

Introduction to Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is a popular keyword research and analysis tool. It is known as one of the most effective and easiest softwares for finding the long tail keywords. Bloggers, Online Marketers, and Digital Marketing Consultants use this software to find out the untapped keywords in every type of niches.

Before getting started with the Long Tail Pro, it’s necessary to know the concept of long tail keywords. It’s extremely important to understand that bloggers and brands work their butt off to reach the target audience. They use content marketing, online advertising, and search engine marketing — but, what if they are targeting the wrong keywords all along?

When someone doing keywords targeting the wrong way, it could bring devastating results, not only does it waste the money and resources, but it also ruins your time. In order to save your money, resources, and time, you should understand that what are long tail keywords and how to target the keywords the right way…

What’s a Long Tail Keyword?

A long tail keyword is a search term which is based on the multiple words. Normally, a long tail keyword contains at least 3 or more words. It could be any phrase or keyword with at least 3 words in it. Although, there isn’t any specific formula of a long tail keyword, however, a single word or two words based keywords can’t be considered as a long tail keyword.

The trend of focusing the long tail keywords has been emerging — as competition is growing — more and more brands using websites, blogs, and overall content marketing strategies, so it has become difficult for companies to reach the audience through search engine ranking.

The long tail keywords can be a part of the overall search engine marketing campaign — Most of the digital marketing experts emphasize on using the long tail keywords because there are 3 benefits of using those keywords:

Low competition –

The short your keywords would be, the more you face competition in the search engine results. And it becomes ultimately impossible to dominate in the search. One of the biggest benefits of long tail keywords is the low competition in the search engine ranking.

Targeted audience –

The long tail keywords give you a big edge on reaching your target audience easily. When the competition if low, so targeting becomes easier than ever.

Low cost –

Obviously the low competition would lead to the low cost of targeting the keywords through search engine marketing and online advertising.

Why to Use this Long Tail Pro Software?

It is legitimately useful for hunting the profitable keywords for your business. From an average blogger to a large multi-national company, every business entity wants to grow and enhance the website visitors to ultimately grow the audience.

Although, there is a list of reasons why a blogger, brand, or an online marketer should use Long Tail Keyword, but following are the top reasons which should be mentioned here:


If you compare the price of long tail pro software with other services like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Majestic, they are charging between $800 to $900 for a year, whereas long tail pro costs you only $97 for lifetime.


The user-interface is extremely easy to manage. Anyone who watches the intro of long tail pro can easily start using it within 10 minutes. You will find out how- to guide in this article.


There is no doubt about this. It gives you results in terms of great keyword resources. All you need is to learn how to search the keywords effectively. Select the right market and input the proper words to find the great niche based keywords.

How to Start Using Long Tail Pro

This guide will walk you through to completely understand the steps and functions of long tail pro software in order to maximize the output from this software. Not only will it guide you to start using it, but it will also help you to figure out what to do with the keywords you will discover.

In order to get started with the long tail pro, it is recommended to create your free account on to get MOZ API for using your long tail pro software. In addition to that, you need to have a google adwords account which is also free to create. After the creation of both accounts, start the process to actually hunting down some of the money making keywords:

Step 1: Starting Your Project

After the successful installation and configuration of MOZ API and Google Adwords account, you will be good to go. You need to be connected to the internet, of course, to start using it.

Click on the PLUS button to create your project. The project is a campaign to find the keywords using this software. Enter the project details which will play a vital role in your campaign. It requires you to put the project name, language, country, and search network.

Once you have entered the details, just click on the ‘Create Project ‘ button to proceed.

After that, Long Tail Pro software will make a project for you, later on you will be able to find the keywords in that project.

Step 2: Enter Basic Words and Filters

At this stage, you have to click on the ‘Find Keywords’ button to proceed towards searching your keywords. After clicking on that yellow ‘Find Keywords’ button, you will see a window which will require your input on the keywords data to actually filter and hunt the most suitable keywords for you.

Enter the ‘seed keywords’ which means you have to enter the basic keywords related to your niche.

For instance, if you have to find the keywords related to ‘Cars Selling in Lahore‘, then your seed keywords would be ‘Cars Selling, Cars in Lahore, Cars for Sale, Lahore Cars’ etc.

Later on, you have to check the other filters on the same window. It’s important to analyze all these options before clicking on the button to start finding the keywords.

‘Suggested Bid’ shows the minimum and maximum bids for your keywords.

‘Local Search Volume’ helps you to determine minimum to a maximum number of searches in your specified local country.

‘Num Words’ option shows the minimum to a maximum number of words in the required keywords.

Furthermore, you can also choose some additional options to check ‘Global Search Volume’ and ‘Domain Availability’ against every keyword which will appear after the research.

Step 3: Analyze the Retrieved Keywords data

Once the initial two steps are done, you’re quite near to selecting the best ones for your blog or business. Once the search completes, you will come across the selective keywords with other details such as suggested bid (for adwords advertising), local searches, and advertiser competition.

You can filter the keywords by changing the filter criteria from all the options that are appearing on this screen. Every option has a min and max spaces to fill in order to refine the search.

Step 4: Adjust filters to narrow down the data

There is another additional option to change the display criteria of the search. This option works as a filter setting for long tail pro.

It allows you to select the options to display the data at your disposal. This option can be used once the initial search has been completed and long tail pro software has showed some keywords.

Best Practices to Use Long Tail Pro

There are always some key areas to understand and utilize in order to achieve the best results in any business. Similarly, the long tail pro requires a certain set of attributes to get the desired results.

Take a look at those best practices:

The Right Territorial Selection

It’s extremely important to use the right country while setting up your project because it would directly influence the suggested bid — as it works with the Google Adwords. Although, no matter which country you select to analyze and research the keywords, you can get the keyword bidding prices for that country in your local currency…

Long Tail Pro will read the local currency from your Adwords account.

You will be getting the keywords suggested bid for almost every country in your local currency.

Local and Global Audience Differentiation

It’s essential to clearly think and decide between the local and global audience. Your strategy of using the keywords for targeting the audience will matter in this area. If you’re a local businessperson and want to target the local prospects, you don’t have to select the ‘Global Audience’ option because if you do, you will be seeing the stats of a global search audience for the related keywords.

Using the Seed Keywords as a ladder

The long tail pro software is best known for finding the profitable keywords for your blog, niche sites, and search engine marketing. Don’t let your mind get trapped in this option. Seed Keywords are just required to identify that which market you are in.

When you put the seed keywords, it finds the relevant (actual) keywords and gather a list of original and related keywords for you.

Changing the Input data for variation

Once you find out the keywords, you may want to try different seed keywords related to your market to get more variation in your keywords. You might be able to find few more applicable keywords for your online marketing and blogging campaign. The variation could be in the number of keywords, local to global search, advertiser competition, and suggested bid (price).

Your Part and Conclusion on Long Tail Pro Review 2023

Long Tail Pro is a tested and proven software for hundreds of thousands of online marketers, SEOs, and bloggers. The more you use it, the more you get involved with this software.

It is quite necessary for online marketers to focus on the long tail keywords in order to sustain in the search engine marketing business.

Many digital marketing experts emphasize on long tail keywords.

The Long Tail Pro software might be one of the best investments for your blog or website business — because, ultimately, we need to build an audience…

In order to do that, you have to find them first…

So, start finding..

What else would you like to know about this amazing keywords research software?

If you are looking to buy the Long Tail Pro, Please click here to buy now.

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