may 2016 monthly income report

May 2016 Monthly Income Report

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2019)

Welcome to the May 2016 Monthly Income Report for This is the 8th Monthly Progress Report of this Blog. The purpose of Monthly report is to review the amount of work I do every month, along with website, social media and subscribers statistics. In other words, I critique the performance of myself and my blog every month to see where i’m standing.

In case if you have missed the old reports, you can check them via :

Or Click here to see all the monthly reports.


Travelling :

This has been a very very busy month for me. I was in UAE and Malaysia for a business trip from 5th May till 20th May. So i spent most of the time travelling, meeting new people and finding new opportunities to work together for my company.

dubai aliraza malaysia2 aliraza malaysia1 aliraza


Thanks to blogging, I know how to earn money online while travelling! In fact you can also learn how to start making money online without any resources. A number of people utilises these resources to make huge money online everyday.

Major Changes on the Website /Improving UI:

Okay let’s get back to the work, As with every month, i try to improve the User Experience on my website through different techniques. This month, I installed a WordPress Plugin, WP Smush. For those who don’t know, WP Smush is an Image Optimization tool which resizes and optimizes all of your website images. If you are looking for plugins to improve your wordpress experience, do checkout my top wordpress plugins resources.

Before Installing and running the WP Smush, I took a speed test of my website to see how does it perform after tweaking my website through it.

Before Running WP Smush website speed test


After Running WP Smush website speed test

Waoow! Thats more then 47% Decrease in Website loading time! If you are running a WordPress Blog or a website, consider installing an image optimisation plugin and see how does it make a difference for you!


Posts Created In The Month of April, 2016.

In the Month of May, 2016. I was able to write 4 blog posts which are 3 less then the last month.

April Monthly Report was the regular monthly report last month, where i discussed the usual strategies, website tweaking, along with traffic, stats and revenue details.

We all know, the website visitors conversion is a vital process of taking a newly landed visitor on the website page to pushing him to enter the engagement funnel preset by the brand or an entrepreneur. The website conversion topic has a massive scope to be discussed, analyzed, and understood by the businesses, bloggers, and the internet marketers. Do checkout this article for more information on how to doing the conversions effectively?.

This article is first part of my new SEO series which i will be covering in June. This article is dedicated to all the SEO Professionals or Website Owners seeking for more authority in Search Engines.

Starting out with SEO? Trying to rank a website but something is going wrong? Learn the 8 Biggest SEO mistakes which should be avoided at all costs if you want to rank well.


SEO Series :

I have started a new SEO Series in which i will cover various articles related to Search Engine Optimisation, two articles are already posted and i have posted about them above. If you want me to cover a particular article or topic in SEO series, do let me know.

Traffic Statistics :

Analysing the Traffic Statistics is a great way to measure how does your blog perform as compared to last month. I do this every month to see where I’m standing. If you are not doing this activity yet, I suggest you to start critiquing your web statistics, as it’s a great way to find out, how you are performing. If you have just started your blogging venture, then rather focusing on earnings, your core focus should be on traffic stats, having more subscribers over Email and Social media.

Here are the traffic stats for the Month of May, I received a total of  2460 number of unique visitors and  3316 Sessions in the last month. For a quick revision, the number was standing at 2303 Unique Visitors with 3408 Sessions Last Month.

may 2016 traffic stats


Let’s have a comparison with March Last Month (May vs April):


may 2016 traffic stats comparison

Traffic Sources

Let’s have a look on the traffic sources to get an idea on what are the top traffic acquisition sources for this blog.

traffic sources



Comparison with the Month of April 2016.

traffic sources


Major Observations in Traffic :

  • Traffic went little down, but since I was travelling most of the time and was able to post 3 less articles as compared to last month, so it seems fine to me.
  • The traffic from organic search is increasing and it’s the first time, we have reached to ‘400’ number, I expect this trend to continue.
  • Even with around 10% reduction in Social Media traffic, it still remained the top traffic acquisition channel.
  • Just like last month, there was a significant increase in referral traffic again, I will credit this to forum commenting and blog commenting i’m doing to increase the visitors, I hope they are turning into returning visitors.

If you are searching for ways on how you can increase traffic, then checkout my post on ‘How To Increase Traffic to Your Blog‘.

Most Visited Pages in May 2016 : top visited pages


Critique :


Subscribers :

Let’s have a look on the subscribers to find and analyze where I’m standing as compared to last month. If you are going to start blogging, then forget earnings and this is the place you need to target in. Forget Income, Focus Subscribers, this should be your ultimate goal with blogging.

Mail Chimp – 300 Subscribers (Last Month I had 270 Subscribers). +30  This Month. [Thanks to Bloom Plugin.]

Facebook –  3515 (Last Month, I was at 3474.) +41 This Month.

Google Plus – 256 Followers (Last Month I had 233 Followers) – +23  This Month.

Twitter – 409 Followers. (Last Month i had 406 Followers) –  +3  This Month.

Pinterest – 369  Followers (Last Month I had 352 Followers) – +17  This Month.

Twitter numbers are finally turning into positive, so this is a good news to hear. Overall, everything is positive here and i look forward ahead.


Social Media Traffic

Let’s have a look on the traffic I received from Social Media Traffic, last month in May.

Social Media Traffic


Major Observations Regarding Social Media Traffic

  • Facebook won the show again with 93% of Social Media traffic coming through it.
  • Linkedin Traffic was decreased if you compare it with the last month.
  • Google Plus Traffic remained constant.


Mentions :

In May, I had two interviews and one mention.

First of all, I was mentioned at Matthew WoodWard Income Round up. Thanks for mentioning my blog report.

Abdul Haseeb from Blogginghouse took my interview, it was a great session with him, I wish him all the best in his blogging venture. Click here to read it.

Own Abbas also posted an interview about me on his site. Thanks Own!

If you want to feature my opinion on your roundup or if you want to take an interview, do contact me.


Featured Question :

From Last Month, I have started featuring one or two top questions asked from me. If you have a question to ask from me, You can contact me and I will be happy to feature it too.

Please note that, I prefer featuring such questions which are not a particular niche oriented and can help wider audience.

Question Of The Month : Can I choose Freelancing as my carrier?

Answer : That depends on many factors but let me tell you one interesting fact,  around 53 million Americans who are associated with freelancing which makes around 34% of their overall workforce?

There are many reasons to prefer freelancing and one such is, You are your own boss, just like entrepreneurship, you are not liable to anyone, you make your own rules and own preferences but but that shouldn’t give you any exception in satisfying your customers, customers should be your priority, but you have no time limits, you can work from home and you decide your own rate.

A part from freelancing sites such as Upwork, Peopleperhour, there are many other ways through which you can generate customers.

If you are starting out with freelancing, do checkout my complete guide on freelancing success!



Udemy Journey :

I have ordered the Samson Mic from Amazon and waiting for the delivery so i can get started with my Udemy Course. My First course will be on Google Adwords and the outline is ready!

Income :

Finally we are on to the income segment. The results for different programs are as follow’s .

If you are looking for ways for earning money via your blog, then checkout my How To Earn Money From Blogging Post!

Consultation  Earnings :

This month, I have earned a total of $125 from Digital Marketing Customers which i got through this blog, since it’s a task related to Google Adwords Account Suspension, So im expecting $125 more once the case is resolved!

Please keep in mind that I do have an online advertising agency as well but i keep their earnings separate.

However, just to let everyone know, I can help you with following services :

  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaign Setup/Management
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Campaigns Auditing
  • Google Adwords/Bing/Facebook Ads Account Suspension (Many people contact me regarding this so make sure to check my How to Fix an Google Adwords Suspended Account? article.)
  • SEO Services
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Branding Services which Includes Brand Positioning, Segmentation & Awareness.
  • Blogging
  • Re-marketing Services
  • CRO – Conversion Rate Optimization Services
  • Web Analytics and Tracking
  • White Label Solutions
  • Digital Marketing Training Event at Your Location.

Please contact me though for further details.



I have not been doing freelancing much since i started my digital agency, but i’m now doing it again! if you want to hire me, I’m available on Peopleperhour at the moment.

This month, I earned around $500 from freelancing via Peopleperhour. You can check my profile by clicking here.


I spent $30 on Facebook Ads. So the total expense were only $30.

Total Income :

The total income will be $55.96 + $125 + $500 -$30  = $650.96.

P.S. Just for a re-cap, it was $127.98 last month, so it’s a great positive trend.


Last month goals checkup :

Goal Checkups are some sort of motivation for me. I keep a check every month to see what I’m doing with my blog. Last month, I had few goals for May, Let’s see how much successful I was on them.


  • I have an upcoming Business tour to U.A.E and Malaysia this month, As expected, it went very successful. [PASSED]
  • I will make sure to write at least 5 posts this month. I tried, I tried but was only able to write 4 posts.  [FAILED]
  • I discussed last month about a possible contest on this blog. Finally some sponsors have agreed so i’m expecting a contest very soon. [PASSED]
  • I also discussed about some guest blogging and I’m in contact with bloggers so it’s still in progress.[PASSED]
  • I also planned to keep on doing the blog commenting to gain more readers and finally I was able to post around 50 comments. [PASSED]
  • I also discussed about writing an Ebook and half of it is written, so I’m just few days away before publicly launching it. [PASSED]

Plans for June 2016.

  • Write at least 6-7 Posts on this blog.
  • Should earn at least $700 from Freelancing and Consultation!
  • Get the Ebook Completed
  • Guest Blogging on Different Blogs
  • Write More comments, interact with more people and gain new readers!

Wish me a best of luck in all these things, thank you.


Guest Post Invitation :

As always, I welcome guest writers to post quality posts on my blog. If you have something to share with my audience, then you are welcome to reach me to discuss on it. Make sure, Your content needs to have a top notch quality. If you also want me to write on a specific topic, do let me know. =)


Your Turn

‘Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish’ – Steve Jobs. The success lie’s in continuous improvement, learning out new things, testing and never getting satisfied with what you have. Goals are made to be broken, I know i will break some goals tomorrow but then I will create new goals too and thats how you remain motivated.

Anyway, How was the blog report? As always, I’m open to criticism, what are your thoughts on my blogging strategy? Did i miss something? What do you want me to add in my monthly reports article? Every appraisal and criticism is welcome here, please do comment on what you think.


If you are interested in starting a blog for your own or you want to have an online presence, or you as a company want’s to engage your audience with a blog, why don’t you have a look on my tutorial for a complete blogging series which will help you to start your blog in just 15 minutes for a fairly cheap price (the low price is only through my link), For your information, if you will buy 12 months of blog hosting via my Bluehost link you are going to get 1 free domain as well, and the cost is going to be dirt cheap at annual package and it’s fairly easy to earn money from blogging too if you have a self hosted blog and you know how to monetize it well, also if you have bought it from my link and still having troubles, then reach me for a FREE setup, Good luck!

About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

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  1. First time visited your blog. This report is impressive & got me motivated!
    But Ali I’m curious why you stopped working on freelancing infact it’s adding great impact to your income.

  2. Thanks Ali Raza bro for mentioning me . Its a great thing for me that you still remembered me. Wishing you best of luck for your future life 🙂

  3. Hey Ali ,

    Congrates, You’ve achieved almost every goal of you site for may and made good amount in earning. Best wishes for next month . Hope You achieve target of 7 post this month.

  4. Well this is cool #Ali, I love to visit your blog, especially to see your progress :D. Keep doing this great work.

  5. Just Subscribed to your blog recently,and have started to read different articles from your blog and accidentally find this one !

    Nevertheless,Thanks for sharing such reports ,that really motivates !

  6. Thank you for sharing these figures. It’s a great help to someone like myself who’s just started out.
    I’ll definitely look at image optomisation on my site as that seems to have really sped things up.
    Keep sharing the tips, thanks.

  7. You’re doing good if looks at stats of your blog. And also income is pretty well for this traffic. Best wishes for next income:)

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