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(Last Updated On: October 5, 2020)

Most of you have might have ever came across the term ‘Group Buying’, some do know it exactly and some don’t have an idea on what it is.

However it is known as

Group buying, is usually a procedure when a group of people buy a particular product or a service and divide the expenses between themselves”

The concept makes the buying cheaper and affordable for majority of the people who cannot afford to buy the products otherwise.

SEOGroupBuy Review

Stop Paying Thousands of Dollars in SEO & IM Tools!

SEOGroupBuy is founded by Internet Entrepreneurs who believe that you don’t actually need to get a single tool and which would surely be highly priced. For your convenience they offer you amazing tools which are essentials for a person who’s working online.

But the issue occurs for new startups or the one who wants to experiment various tools to check if it works for them or not and for experimental purpose people rather look for crack versions.

Group Buy Tools is designed in a way to keep you away from all such spams and malwares which makes you assure that there will be no virus or leakage of data while using their services!

Unique Competitive Edge :

Unlike there competitors, I have observed few things for which SEOGroupbuy deserves the credit.

The ONLY down thing I felt was, they have few contracts with some companies like Whats Run Where, Adplexity and Ad beats where they do not claim that they will always be available however during my journey with them, i never had any issues so far.

My Personal Opinion so far is that :

Your every penny is worth a spend there! They have every tool which you need for your SEO, Internet Marketing or Online Start Up Business, I cannot find a deal better then this anywhere with such softwares at the price of just $27!


Famous Softwares which comes as part of the DEAL :

and the list goes on! Just Imagine that! 😉


Pricing :

Depending upon your budget, SEO Group Buy team offers you two different plans one is a Silver Plan which costs $27 per month and the other is Gold Plan which costs $39 per month. However if you are just starting out and you are a beginner, then you can go with Silver Plan but for advanced users I will recommend the Gold Plan.  On the website, they have a brief comparison of two plans and you can check them in details for your own convenience.


Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

I have summarised the important frequently asked questions for your reference regarding SEOGroupBuy.

Question : Can you Share Account?

Ans.  For sure, if you want to be suspended.

Question : Is My Data Shares with other members who are using the tool?

Ans.  Everyone minds his own business and do not have time to see what you are doing, says all. 

Question : Is Group Buying Legal?

Ans.  Even all accounts are purchased legally however most providers do not want their services to be shared between multiple users, however they usually limits accounts by different kind of limits and we are bound to use the accounts under their provided limits so there isn’t anything wrong or you can say its a gray hat method. 

Question : Refund Policy?

Ans.  As per our past experience we have discontinued any kind of refunds. No we do not offer any refund. Do not purchase service if you are not aware about group buy or how group buy works.

Question : Can I Join back after claiming refund?

Ans.  No we have zero tolerance policy on that. If you claimed refund or filed dispute it means you have closed all doors and you wont be able to join our website ever again

Question : Does the Service work with Mac Too?

Ans.  Most of the softwares are windows supported and it’s a bitter truth, but i myself is a Mac addict now, but the good thing is that the website supports Mac too.


Wrapping Up and Conclusion :

Obviously, to be honest everything has two sides. One is positive and the other is bad, like being sad, excess of everything is bad and never put all your eggs in one basket, but on the other side if you are short on budget and want to enjoy $5000 worth of accounts in the price of just $27 per month then this is going to be the best deal in the market. I have been using them for a month now and I had no issues with any of their account and I can safely recommend them due to their pricing and extremely supportive support.

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