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(Last Updated On: October 5, 2020)

This is the 4th Post in the blogging series, where I first covered How to Start a WordPress Blog in 15 Minutes then I wrote a post on 11 Reasons You Should Start Blogging!  and then it was 14 Essential Settings for your WordPress Blog!

Top WordPress Plugins For Your Blog

So today, I’m going to cover the top WordPress plugins which are a must for any blog. Please keep in mind that all the plugin’s listed below are personally used by me and I’m recommending it.

1 : Regular Backups Plugin’s

First thing first, the number one thing you need to do is to have regular backup’s for your website, Imagine your site is being hacked or if you lost all your data in one go? what’s your alternative strategy?so you are left with nothing but just a miracle to happen. Before its too late, start having regular backups for your WordPress site.

I will recommend two plugins for this task, you can use any of them as per your convenience

a) Backup WordPress

b) BackupBuddy
The thing I like about this plugin is that it allows you to have daily, weekly or even monthly automatic scheduled backup and it has 1gb of cloud storage too to store your backups!

2 : Two Factor verification

Never every compromise on your website security so I suggest you to add Two Factor Verification too for your wordpress site which adds a double layer of the security to the website.

a) Google Authenticator Plugin

b) Authy Two Factor Authentication

3 : Social Sharing Plugin

There cannot be another best form of advertisement for your blog, then real people sharing your content, recommending you and suggesting other’s to read your posts! I will recommend Floating Social Plugin for this, have a look on this blog sidebar too, I’m also using it!

4 : Contact Form Plugin

Well, I will recommend two plugin’s for the Contact Form, both are free to use and good on there own and it’s always a professional thing to have your contact form either on Contact Us page of your website or anywhere you feel comfortable so that people having questions, concerns or some may even be interested in your services and can catch you easily.

The two good plugins are

a) Contact Form 7

b) Gravity Forms

5 : Mobile Website Plugin

I cannot emphasize how much user experience is important for the progress of any thing. Since the technology is evolving and more and more people are using Mobile to access your website, so you need to be very careful in delivering a good user experience to them specially when Google ranking factors also consider mobile friendly websites to be an important factor in determining rankings of a website.

I will recommend two plugins for this :

a) WP Touch Mobile Plugin

b) WP Mobile Edition Plugin

6 : SEO Plugins

seo plugins wordpress

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a very important thing in your website marketing plan and it’s importance cannot be denied, so we agree on this! But Search engines ranking criteria is increasing incredibly that everything cannot be done individually and manually so I will be recommending WordPress SEO by Yoast . The reason I’m recommending you this plugin is because it has soo many features such as, from website optimization to automatic settings of Meta and Description, publishing xml sitemap or more, it does all the job for you.

7 : Back Link Checker

Well well, I have been linking to so many sites from my posts that it is literally impossible to check each and every link to be fine, though personally I try my best to have zero back link issues however even then, I have seen broken back links, wrong links and other linking issues so instead of getting in trouble and manually checking each and every link, I’m now dependent on some plugins for this.

a) Broken Link Checker

b) Plugin & Back Link Checker (Paid)


8 : Analytics Tracking


Analytics is so important and I mean it! There are so many reasons for it, however Simpleanalytics have defined it very well :

  • To measure and track your results across time
  • To understand your visitors, leads, prospect
  • To understand, track and improve the mechanisms used to convert your first visitor into a valuable customers.
  • I also believe that analytics can explain much more about your audience too, such as what are they liking on your website, how much are returning etc, so you need to keep an eye and judge on your own too.

and the list goes on!

However the best plugin which can do this job very well is Google Analytics + Plugin, so consider using it, however Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress is a good substitute to it.

Note : Please keep in mind that you need to have an account on Google Analytics before using the above plugin(s).


9 : Optimizing your WordPress Blog Speed

W3 cache

So let’s back to user experience, how important is to have good loading speed for your wordpress blog? and then this job can’t be done better then by W3 Total Cache. This plugin is so good and recommended and its an easy to install.

WP Smush is also a great image optimization tool, just in case if you are looking to optimize your website speed, this plugin will be a great addition.

10. Email Subscription :


Retaining visitors and converting them into subscribers , is actually a difficult thing and I emphasize on building relationships with your audience and one of the best way to keep in touch with your audience is to have them on email. Though there are many email services such as Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp and the list goes on but you definitely need a plugin to link it.

I will be recommending two plugins for this (Obviously there are so many to chose from but I’m recommending those which I’m using comfortably) :

a) Optinmonster (from $49)
This plugin is so good in building popup’s and it is recommended at every level however due to high costs, many people go for other alternatives but if you have money in your pocket, then it’s the best deal to go with, it has a dedicated visual builder too.

b) Sumome (Free to start)
I will personally recommend this tool since I’m even using it one my site, it has a dedicated intelligence too which detects when it’s the best time to ask for a user to subscribe to the email newsletter. It has a welcome popup, a general popup, smart box, scroll box and lot’s of options to chose.

 11. WordPress Comments

For wordpress comments section on your blog, I will suggest the following plugin’s to consider, please use the one which suits you the best.

a) Disqus
They have incredible management tools and shortcuts besides that, it’s easy to use and it has a great design.

b) Facebook Comments
If you want real people to comment and interact on your blog with there face book profiles and without writing there name, email and other things to comment, then you can use this plugin.

c) WordPress Default Comments
Personally I will recommend the WordPress Default Comments, for me it’s the best to select.


Your Turn?

What plugins did you like the most? What plugins did i miss? What one you have a good experience with and what one you hated using or had a worst experience? Share your views via comments section 🙂

Thank you guys for reading this post, the next post in the series is How to Get Traffic to Your WordPress Blog and let’s not forget that I’m writing a big post on How to Make Money from Your Blog! So there’s a lot to come in this Blogging Series, stay tuned!

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  1. What about Jetpack plugin? Is it necessary to use Google Analytics plugin or we can just use the code?

  2. Great Collection.
    I would like to share one more blog related plugin is Blog Designer WordPress Plugin. This plugin helps you to modify your blog page easily with different amazing layouts.

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