What are the hurdles for freelancers in Pakistan?

(Last Updated On: October 28, 2015)

freelancingFreelancing is one of the fastest growing online industries and going through massive expansion at the moment around the globe and so does in Pakistan.

Before diving into freelancing you need to determine what to expect from yourself as a freelancer professionally and how you can remedy that situation to thrive upon it in times of affluence. Life as a freelancer is filled with ups and downs, pros and cons and a lot of uncertainty in freelancing career.

If anybody else is looking in,the life of freelancer looks so appealing because you decide when to work and for how long. You have the freedom to decide. In fact, you are in control of your own destiny. Except this as a freelancer you have to go through many challenges to reach their aims of life.

Pakistan is such an example where freelancing is booming due to many reasons, one credit can be given to the Government who is not bothered to find jobs for un-employed educated/talented people out there in the market, other could be poverty, passion and the list goes on.





  • One thing people misunderstood when they are going to start the freelancing is that there general perception is that freelancing needs only a PC and an internet Connection. Mostly people fail to complete their tasks because of no permanent affiliation and focus on projects. Their only purpose is to earn; it doesn’t matter how. Pakistani freelancers believe that since there is a financial crunch in the western world so their big companies are outsourcing the services to cheaper countries like Pakistan.
  • Billing is the first hurdle that comes in mind when we talk about freelancers. There’s nothing worse than freelancing when it comes to money. Majority of the clients nor the freelancers don’t understand different modes of payment. Most of the clients don’t like to pay upfront money which puts the freelancer under risk of delivering the work and not getting fully paid because of the changes in project requirements, thanks to Escrow and freelancing Platforms as such Elance.com, Freelancer.com which has made the life, a lot easier
  • Working as a freelancer with clients around the globe with different time zones and currencies can be challenging because it requires plenty of opportunities to connect with employers of all corners of the globe. So you need to set your time with the client’s time to discuss projects.
  • At times, it seems hard to cope up with clients to redo the whole project, because what we write and what’s being made practical, at times is different then what both have expected, one good way to resolve this is to that settlements should be done prior to start working on the project with the client.
  • Somehow, freelancers in Pakistan don’t know how to write for online audiences and they have no clue about industry knowledge to develop actionable content. There is an ever growing need for high value content that can create brand loyalty and attract new customers by establishing credibility, but the online freelancing doesn’t end on freelancing, there is so much more to look on.
  • pic 2One of the main hindrance is developing good time management skills and schedule for being your own boss because its all about working alone so staying focused and completing projects on time is tough task to grow the business while staying at home with many distractions. Sometimes, family doesn’t understand that freelancers only need their personal space to concentrate, to deliver topnotch work and to keep a balance in their lives due to numerous tasks to perform.


Lack of Presentation & Communication Skills! (Another big issue with Pakistani Freelancers)

communication skill

Another common problem i feel in Pakistani audience is lack of Communication and Presentation Skills, while I was surfing one day over Facebook and i read a quote that, 85% jobs are given due to communication skills and only 15% of jobs are being awarded due to technical skills.

Freelancers in Pakistan lack the presentation as well communication skills they should assemble examples of previous work in a nice blinder.

I wonder, if they can’t present themselves good, how come they will impress there client? a presentation and communication skill is just like dressing or appearance, likewise if you go for an interview while wearing dirty clothes is as same as having poor communication or presentation skills while working online.


Another thing i see is,  Freelancers don’t write proper business plan that how projects should be carried. Writing a business plan is most important tool among all, mostly   freelancers are not even capable enough to write proper plan about what kind of services they provide and financial goals for the business to keep their career on the track.

Overall as a conclusion, I will say ‘freelancing’ is the future, both for companies as well for individuals, for Companies I see this is a back up/alternative solutions specially when they don’t need a person full time, however there use may varies, and as for individuals, they can do it in there free time, or can totally make it there profession.


I know the article may miss few things so you can add them through comments, will be appreciated.

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Badshah - April 8, 2015

A very nice topic.

Hassaan - April 8, 2015

Ali Bhai,

Great Effort to showcase some facts about Freelancing. I liked the way you portrayed. I’m a Freelance Writer, and I believe that learning doesn’t stop anywhere, whereas Content Marketing is an ever evolving field.

I’m happy that I’m sticking around some professionals on Facebook.

Good luck for your personal website. Thanks for posting this piece.

    Ali Raza - April 8, 2015

    Thanks for your comments & I’m good to see some professionals who appreciates other work, May Allah bless you. :)

Muhammad Arsalan - November 18, 2017

Very Nice Article and Keep it up posting! :)


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