WordPress Vs Blogger – What to do in 2023?

WordPress Vs Blogger

This post is real hard thing for me to do.. [WordPress vs Blogger Comparison]

As it is to be done for the comparison of two most powerful blogging platforms working in the world.

And they are WordPress and the BlogsPot.

As I already said it is the hard thing to do for me to get over the best comparison in the market…

But lemme try at least!

WordPress vs BlogSpot [Blogger] 2023


Why do you want me to jump right over the versus part of the WordPress and the BlogSpot BUT I will rather do the history checked for the two blogging platforms, and first…

History of BlogSpot

Blogger is also the name of BlogSpot where this service was first developed by Pyra Labs back in 1999.

Then it was acquired by the Google, Inc. just in the four years time span (in 2003) from Pyra Labs.

And the primary subdomain is generally used as to access the Blogger/BlogSpot service and has been the same since its inception.

The computer language that was used to develop this service was Python.

A little history about WordPress

WordPress hit the market in August 2005 and by the world-famous company, Automattic, which most people already know about.

And was coded into the two programming languages namely PHP and MySQL.

What’s in the history??


History is the past word, to see what went past already.

And the online world is not all about the past but is the name of future.

That is the reason the history about the Blogger/BlogSpot and WordPress will not really bring the new trends, and that I put up just a little bit of the history as you can notice just for that same reason — history is the past.



There are some very big, noticeable, and immense differences between all of these blogging platform.

BlogSpot is just one, so do not really worry about it.

But WordPress is different… I must tell it is so different.

From the feature to offerings to everything.

In short, BlogSpot and WordPress are definitely different from each other.

And the WordPress is different too.

What’s the difference here then between Blogger and WordPress?

BlogSpot is the Blogger/BlogSpot.

WordPress is not just only the WordPress.

But it is and, the two players in one game but do have their own differences.

But even having their own differences, they do only mind their own business. 🙂

So again…

BlogSpot is Blogger/BlogSpot., one player., another player in the family of the WordPress.

It is the free platform with many limitations. (mind that .COM thing) is the free blogging platform. And just like BlogSpot, it is up with many limitations as well.

The software itself is free to use but you cannot run the blog using the software that you downloaded off the for FREE but yet it is more powerful and almost-limitless in many cases, for many features.

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The versus part

Let me just take you to the versus part of WordPress and the BlogSpot and without spending a lotta time over the history…

As you folks already know BlogSpot is the, and the WordPress is actually and

Now we hop over the versus part to understand all the differences, all the problems, and all the features out of these three blogging platforms.

Features BlogSpot
Platform? Free Free as well as paid Free software
Complexity? Easy Easy to medium Expert
Sign up? Yes Yes No
Ownership No No Yes
Domain name? Will include subdomain always Will have subdomain strangled all the time Will have NO subdomain
Premium domain? Yes, you can setup Cannot do Works only with premium domain name
Web hosting? Free included Free included No free web hosting
Setup? Have just a free account Have just a free account Will have to install it yourself and over your own web hosting
Customization? Limited customization Limited customization Will have complete control over anything you want to do with the software
Monetization? Yes No Yes
Mobile usage? Yes Yes Yes
Updates? Automatically updated Automatically updated You will have to do the many upgrades yourself
HTTPS? Yes, free Yeah, paid Yup, paid
Theme? Selective themes Selective set of themes So many themes, free or paid
Plugins? No plugins No plugins Many, and so many plugins which you can think of. Find free or the paid ones, or even you can develop some for your use
Statistics? Yes, and full Yes, but limited Yes, and full
Security? Handled by BlogSpot Handled by Automattic To be handled by yourself
Fear of suspension? Always Always No, but you may get penalized by the search engines instead
Password-protect posts? No Yes Yes
Static page? No Yes Yes

Now we see what is with the BlogSpot,, and the

And that what is more feature-rich in terms of everything.

Yeah, there is always the money factor to gain more and many features unlocked for you but at least they are there.

So in this case, we find MORE feature-rich than BlogSpot/Blogger, and

Easy customizable, more control, and with no limits; I announce a winner out of the two blogging platform. wins this comparison!, the best winner!

Let me put up some quick get-started resources to go on with the instantly!

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Conclusion on WordPress vs Blogspot

What we need is the limitless blogging platform to actually excel into the blogosphere.

So, I made my winner to

What is your winner? And why you picked it to be placed as the first?

Let me know!

Let me really know with your valuable comment!

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