7 Tips to Always Write Quality Content

7 Tips to Always Write Quality Content

Your article actually sucks! Did someone ever tell you this?

Pardon me if I sounded rude. But admit it! You don’t want to hear those three words, do you?

For the same reason (and due to lack of time), high-profile bloggers hire quality content writers to weave awesome articles.

But you may not be in a position to hire someone. That means, you have to write your content on your own.

Is content writing intimidating to you?

Don’t worry! I have got seven tips to help you always write quality content. Because I’m going to tell you the seven most amazing tips which i have learned over the number of years while writing in online industry.

Tips to Write Quality Content Always

The following are the seven tips I follow to write articles appealing to the audience, hopefully you will enjoy reading them.

Research Well to be the Boss

People come to your blog to get in-depth details about something. Hence, it is necessary for you to sound authentic. No comes to see you blabber.

The best way to create authority content is to research well. You must ensure the availability of ample information before you even write the introduction.

When it comes to the research, Google is my go-to-place. You can gather any information from it with the effective use of a spot-on search query. Moreover, you can use Google Scholar to get university papers and research reports.

In presence of enough resources, you can research offline too. And, never mention anything you are unsure about.

Make No Mistake

We all know the meaning of high-quality content, right? It should have zero errors. I already told you to research well to avoid factual errors.

Provided you have no writing skills, chances are, you create many punctuation and grammar errors. You write content not to lock it safely inside the shelf. You write because you want to publish it. And when it happens, many English speaking people will read the article.

The sad part is they will recognize your errors. Do you want it to happen?

Just use an online grammar checker as the same will spot most of the grammar and punctuation errors so that, you will not be embarrassed. You can also check Grammarly, its a great tool. [Check my Grammarly Tool Review]

Realise Your Chronobiology

No, I am not a geek. And, this term here isn’t anything geeky at all.

Do you know that we have a biological clock in our body that sense the best and worst productive time?

Let’s go back to the old times. When you studied in school, which time of the day did you choose to study?

Morning? Or night?

Some of you studied in the early morning while others in the night. See? All of us have a specific time in the day on which we are found to have the best productivity (called chronobiology).

You need to recognize your chronobiology and stick to the same for the writing.

Work on Your Intros

Your introduction should grab the attention of the audience.

Take the first sentence of this post. I started with ‘Your articles suck’. Didn’t it bring some emotion to your mind? Maybe it’s frustration, anger or irritation. Obviously, you were ready to read the rest.

I am not asking you to create offensive introductions every time. But each time, there should be something that can evoke the curiosity in the minds of your readers.

There are numerous ways to starting an article. You can ask questions, quote a great personality, provide a shocking revelation or evoke the curiosity in the beginning. The purpose here is to make the audience stick to your article.

Obviously, an article with a striking intro is a high-quality one.

Find Your Unique Voice

I know you have heard this tip a million times in different forms.

Write in your own voice, or develop your own tone or something similar. But not all of the advices were followed by the method to develop a unique voice, right?

Here I am going to give you some steps, which will help you create content in your own unique tone.

First, you have to pick three works from three of your favourite authors. You are free to choose three bloggers too. (My all time favourite is Jon Morrow).

Then, analyze their titles, introduction, sentences, styles, structure and conclusion.

Finally, I want you to write three different articles in tones similar to those you analyze. And, stick to the one you find interesting and sound like YOU.

Take Time to Title Your Works

The very first element anyone notices about your write-up is the title itself. That’s why many writers spend a lot of time to craft one. From marketing point of view, this is the main call to action which is going to bring visitors to your site, an attractive title also builds a solid interest and also bring some sort of hype to read the article.

So You have to be very conscious about your titles. There is nothing nonsensical in spending much time to crafting a perfect title. If you don’t do so, you will regret later.

Having the best title is the number one way to increase your Click Through Rate. In my experience, I found out that odd-numbered list posts (like this article) perform way better than others. You can also try How to posts as well.

Edit like Someone Else Write for You

Editing has a significant part in developing a high-quality article but remember, patience is the key here.

You have to spend quite some time to edit your article. If you proceed to editing right after you complete the draft, you will not be able to do it efficiently.

So That’s why I suggest people to take some break, do some task and distract the mind from the process of writing. Then (probably, on the next day), you can edit it like a brutal editor.

Don’t have even a single sentence out of the context.  Those guys on Web.ThePensters always provide their clients with quality content writing services. You may try them now.

Do you want to learn on how to become a copywriter and master the art of writing and editing?

Wrapping Up and Conclusion

You have got seven useful tips to write quality content. These are enough to seduce your audience as a blogger. Moreover, you will end up saving the cost of freelance writers too.

I know there are tons of tips available on other sources. But I really think the seven I mentioned here are enough for anyone in the blogging arena because they worked for me very well!

If you have any doubt regarding the article, feel free to ask the same in the comment section down below.

Also, share this post with your friends.

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