How to Start Your Own Blog in 15 Minutes – [2023]

Every day, more and more people are joining the blogging world.  Setting up a blog is a very easy to do process and most people not take more then 15 minutes in setting up a good professional looking blog.

Today, I’m going to reveal a step by step strategy on How You can Start your own Blog in just 15 minutes.

How to Start Your Own Blog

P.S. Grab a cup of tea (or) coffee (whichever you prefer) and start with step 1 as I have divided the procedure into steps so that it becomes easy to follow, if you get a problem some where while installation with the blog please contact me.

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Ready to create your own blog today? Let’s get started…

How to Start Your Own Blog in 15 minutes

1. Choosing Your Domain

This is going to be the first and a very important decision, because selecting a good domain can be tough, as it’s going to be your brand identity and you need to chose it wisely.

One thought I would like to add here is that, your decision should also vary according to what type of blog you are going to start, If you are going to start with a Company Blog, then the domain should reflect the name of your brand and if it’s a niche blog, then the domain should give an idea on what’s a user going to see in your blog.

Please get your FREE Domain with Bluehost,  if you are going to signup for there 12 months hosting plan, the 12 month plan has reduced prices too and What if I tell you that if you are not satisfied with there service, you can even cancel it after 11 months and it’s not a joke!

Your Preference should be the ‘start up’ package, as it’s cheap, effective and get you a FREE Domain too (with 12 months hosting option), however if you want to host more then 5 domains or you are looking for more coupons to start your marketing campaigns online, then you may consider ‘plus’ or ‘business pro’ plan too, not only it have more resources but additionally they provides up to $200 worth of marketing coupons.

2.Choosing a Web Host :

There are many reasons to understand why it is necessary to pay extra attention in finding a good web host for your site. As I have been saying that Bluehost should be the best choice, it’s because it has so far satisfied with me all of there services.

However, as a general information, before choosing any web host, you need to have few things in mind

If you are looking to host your blog, company site or a website online and looking for a company which meets all the criteria I mentioned above, then look no further and signup at Bluehost!

Now let’s summarize,

  1. Goto Bluehost and click the ‘Get Started Button’
  2. Select the package you would like to opt for.
  3. Enter your domain, in case if you haven’t get one, signup for your new domain here.
  4. Enter your personal profile and update Billing Information
  5. Lastly, You will be asked to enter a password, as always make sure it should be very secure.
  6. Check your email with all the instructions and details regarding your hosting and domain.

3. Install WordPress

Okay, Installing WordPress is going to be fun, because Bluehost, makes it very easy to install WordPress and it’s FREE, Let’s follow these steps to install a wordpress blog.

In fact, if you are still having any trouble at all on setting-up your blog with this tutorial, just contact me and I will do it for you. BlueHost compensates me when you purchase through my link, so my services are free of charge to you! –

WOHO! You now have a WordPress blog, Congratulations for that! Now You will have to work on working a good design and producing High quality content for your blog.

Some Points to Remember :

Conclusion and Looking Further on How to Start Your Blog:

Once you have setup a good looking blog, please work on finding your audience, listening to them and there expectations with your blog. So please keep on improving, there’s nothing as perfect. Don’t forget to read my article on How to Convert Visitors Into Subscribers and do have a look on 10 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rate & A Complete Guide on Website Optimization too.

In the end, would you like to share your blog or discuss the blogging mistakes? please do comment, thanks.

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