Misleading Content | Unreliable Claims | Google Ad Approvals 


An ad disapproved for “Misleading content” likely includes claims on the ad or landing page that are not supported, or misrepresent by the advertiser.

Sometimes either the advertiser is not aware of Google Ads Policies which is why you see the error. Other times it can be a systematic error on your ads.

Frequent Misleading Content or Unreliable Claim Errors on Google Ads can lead to suspension.

Google Ads have strict policies in place regarding misleading and unreliable claims made in advertisements. Advertisers are prohibited from making claims that are false, misleading, or unsubstantiated.

In case if Google falsely labelled your ads in unreliable claims or have considered your Google ads as misleading content, then i can help.

And In case if you want help by Google, Learn how to fix a disapproved ad or asset.

However one thing you may need to be assured is that any kind of issue with Google ads can be solved with patience and consistency. If you lose patient or consistency you may feel hard time in getting your ads reinstated on Google Ads.

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