Google Ads Account Suspensions 2024 | How to Fix and Recover a Google Ads Suspended Account

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It’s been more than 15 Years I have been dealing with Google Ads and during the journey, I have received several complaints from people on their Google Ads Account Suspension. Some people admit their mistake and some were unaware of Adwords strict policies and some literally had no idea on what caused this suspension. On the other hand, Adwords team is a little rude. (Thanks to scammers, policy violators and other reasons.)

So this is going to be a complete guide to get your Google Ads Account Fixed & Restored. Ideally recommended for those who have tried their best to get a fair resolve of their Google ads account, yet not able to restore nor to find a reason which is why Google account is causing suspension.

How to Recover Google Ads Suspended Account 2024 – Fix & Unsuspend

We all know and understand that being, Google the top company in Online Advertising & Digital Marketing is determined to give users a great experience either by organic results or by Paid.

The company uses various algorithm based ranking factors along with Quality Score and a Top Compliance team which uses advanced crawling technology to detect policy violations. Accounts then are sent to staff for a manual review. Most of your issues can be solved if you remain patient, complies with the Google team and do the changes as requested on your account.

This article will highlight the following things, In case if you plan to get your G Ads Account Un-suspended on your own.

So let’s start

Why Google Ads Adwords Suspend Accounts?

It is very important to know that why Google Ads suspend your accounts. You need to understand how does Google works and why they suspend accounts.

Let’s discuss the common reasons, on Why is my Google AdWords Ads account are suspended?

Not Compliance with Policies

Your website is not following Google Ads Policies.(It can be copyrighted content, gambling content, pornography, under-construction content, misleading content or anything which is not being allowed on Google.)

Malicious Ads

Your account has malicious ads, sites, or apps

Poor Content

Your advertising strategy is based on traffic generation and you are not committed to provide a good user experience. (Poor content.)

Ads are Misleading

Your ads are misleading and you are advertising wrong about your business/service or website. (For example, you are saying that you provide Free Web Hosting but you are secretly charging $100 for it (or) For more information, please have a look at False Advertising.

Using Multiple Google Ads Account

You are using multiple Google Adwords Account for Same Business or You are using same billing details for multiple Adwords Accounts. Another option can be that Your account is closely related to an ‘already suspended account’

Trademark Issues

Having trademark issues.

Unwanted Software

Misrepresentation Content

Google allegedly thinks that your Ads and your website content do not reflect each other.


You are doing cloaking. (Where a different website is shown to Google Editorial team and a user see’s a different website.) (Previously it was one of the main reason now it comes under Misrepresentation Category)

Prohibited content

Restricted content and features

Editorial and technical:

Competitors Reporting You

Other Common Google Suspension Issues

A part from the above mentioned reasons, there are times when your Adwords Account is mistakenly being suspended by the Google Adwords team, the above mentioned issues are some of the main reasons why most of the time your Account is suspended, however in reality, the case may vary.

For more information on what Adwords say, Please have a look on Adwords Policies regarding suspended Accounts.

What happens when Google suspends your Ads account?

Its a very unfortunate event when you are running Your online advertising operations and you suddenly see an email from Google that your Google Ads account is suspended. You cannot even run ads, not even you are able to pay your pending dues. However you are left with either to close your account permanently and get additional balance back or appeal your account to get it recovered (which is very hard now a days with Google automatic rejections) Which is why i have created this detailed Tutorial on recovery of Google Ads Account. The suspension of policy violation may also effect your Google Merchant Center operations as well however other Google properties such as Gmail, Youtube etc remains unaffected.

Common Google Ads Suspension Reasons

Find the reason/Investigation on why your Google Adwords Ads Account is Suspended

Now the first thing you need to do to reactivate your AdWords account is to find out the reason, why Adwords have suspended your account, because that is the first thing you need to do to get your Account back.

Google Ads Suspended for Suspicious Payment

Your Google AdWords account has been suspended for violation of Google’s Advertising Policies in this or a related account.

Your Google Ads Account has been suspended for suspicious payments.

If you have got this suspension message, it means your Account has been suspended for one of the following reasons;

Google Adwords Suspended for Repeated Violation :

Google Ads account has been permanently suspended for repeated violation of Google Ads or Landing Page and Site policies in this or a related account.

There are many reasons if this message was displayed along with your Google Adwords Account suspension, however I’m summarizing few of them.

Google Ads Billing Could Not be Verified

Google Ads Suspended For Circumventing Systems

The Circumventing Systems policy has been updated to clarify that using click trackers to redirect users to malicious sites is an example of cloaking and is not allowed

This is a very hard suspension and takes multiple tries and changes to get it back and running. Malicious sites is one example, other examples may include Engaging in practices that circumvent or interfere with Google’s advertising systems and Google is very cautious and concerned to such issues.

Google Ads Suspended My Account For No Reason

If you believe that your Google Ad account has been suspended for no reason and looking for a way to get it restored, up and running then I can help. Please fill the form below to get started.

Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified. Learn more

I often see, when people looking for their query on : Adwords account suspended billing information.

Then let me tell, Such type of Account suspensions occurs when you enter fake billing information, typically done using virtual credit card and entering random names and profiles, Google is smart enough to detect that.

Unauthorised Attempt

Your Google AdWords account has been temporarily suspended due to suspected unauthorised access attempts.

This usually happens when you try to log into your account using public proxies, random VPN, RDP or from a remote location from where Adwords didn’t expect you to login. I do travel a lot and it’s never been an issue for me while logging in from another country but remote locations, VPN, RDP and Public proxies are different things.

Unfair Advantage Policy

Your Google Ads account has violated the Unfair advantage policy.

This is a new kind of error when Google updated their policy and they states this when people have similar or diversify content and they are promoting it through single or multiple accounts over adwords. ‘We don’t allow advertisers to promote the same or similar content from multiple accounts on the same or similar queries’.

The above solutions fairly answer the main question ‘Why would an Google account be suspended? & What does it mean when your account has been suspended?’

Google Ads Account Suspended for Payment and Billing Issues

Abuse of Promo Codes

If you have made an habit of using promo codes to run online ads, then let me tell you that using multiple promo codes is not allowed. Your Google Ads account will eventually be suspended.


Another case where one of a client came was due to Google suspended his account due to a chargeback done by the credit card company of the client. Google has termed that we will not reactive or reinstate the account until and unless the dues are cleared.

Profile cannot be verified

If your account is suspended for profile cannot be verified again then you cannot run ads on Google.

Advertiser verification

Now a days another new reason which is why you cannot run Google ads is that your account needs advertiser verification. If you do not have advertiser verification done yet on your account your Google ads account will eventually be suspended. However Google will give you a certain time and multiple warnings to fill it before holding/pausing your Google Ads account.

How do I UnSuspend/Recover my Google Ads account?

Once you have find the reason, such as why your Google Ads account was being suspended, let’s move on to the next step, where we will be finding different solutions to get the account re-instated.

Fix your Suspended Site :

If your website is being suspended from Google Ads, then Adwords have written a strategy on how to fix your suspended site and how to re-submit for a review. Click here for more details on that.

Fix the Disapproved Ads :

If your ads are being disapproved, please checkout the Adwords Policies on ‘How to Fix Disapproved Ads’ to get it corrected.

Asking Google For Policy Questions :

If you are still confused and have doubts and want Adwords to answer your questions on ‘Ads’ or ‘Policy’, Please ask them here.

Any other reason :

Checkout the above reasons to see why your Adwords Account was in suspension mode, once you get a clear idea on what is the main reason behind your account suspension, you can then move on to the next step.

As a rule, Please do not submit your ads for review until you’re sure that the violations are fixed. If you are still having a trouble in finding the exact reason, it’s always better to hire a Professional.

Note down Points :

Once you figure out, what was wrong with your Google Ads Account, please write down everything, what was wrong and what steps you have taken to correct. For instance, if you have a website which violates Ad policies and then what steps you have taken to correct it. Further on, If your account was being used from a remote place (un-authorized access) what was the reason? and a clear strategy on you will not do it again.

Contacting Google Adwords Ads Team :

Your next strategy should be to reach Google Adwords Team, there are multiple ways for this. One way is to file an appeal regarding Adwords Account Suspension and the other best way is to call them. Personally, I always prefer to call them, since I’m a part of a Google Partner Company and we have a personal rep, If you are confused here on how to go ahead or have some reservations or hesitations, You can always ask your Adwords Account Manager to do these things, in case if you want me to do it for you, you can hire me for this.

Professional Approach

The strategy here is to be that you need to be a professional and want to give an impression that you are very serious regarding your Business and it’s relation with Google Adwords so that Google team can understand your situation.

Explaining Google

The next thing to keep in mind is that, you need to inform them on what kind of policies you violated and how you rectified them. (Please be descriptive as much as possible, You want Google to know that you are keen to maintain a healthy relation with them.)

Ask them too for any other changes which are need to be done and how you can stay safe from these suspension notices. (Even if you know all these, it’s still better to ask them.)


Patience is the key here, as you need to be patient so you can be taken care properly. Please keep in mind that the review and the whole process can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, and you may need to call multiple times to get your issue resolved. (Depending upon the situation). A part from Adwords Management, I also provide services to get your account restored, so you can reach me for that too.

Some recent CASE Studies where I was able to Un-Suspend few Google Ads accounts successfully :

Here is the look for recent case studies where I was able to successfully unsuspend adwords account :

Hire US To Get The Job Done for Google Adwords Restoration:

At the moment, I charge $250 per Google Ads Case Suspension. In case you are interested in re instating your Google Ads account, please fill the form below and let’s get in touch. Keep in mind that I also offer Adwords Management and Maintenance too.

We have so far developed 170 points checklist to determine on your website/google ads account which has caused the issue.

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    Buy A New Google Ads Account from Google Partner Agency

    In case if you are looking to buy a new Google Ads Account from our Google Partner Agency MCC, it will cost you $249 and if it doesn’t violate any adwords policies and follow the instructions provided, it will also have 10 days replacement warranty. Please make sure that our accounts are always better than normal accounts since we are a Google Partner Company and we have a premium support.

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      Please note that you have to follow our instructions to stay safe.

      Google Adwords and SEO Management :

      If you are looking me to assist with your existing or new adwords campaigns or u need to improve your organic rankings, I can assist  you as well in it.

      Reach me at Skype : Click Here

      Frequently Asked Question on Google Ads Restoration | Suspension and Fixing the Google Ads Violation

      What does it mean when your account has been suspended?

      It means you can no longer participate in Google Ads program to display your ads on Google Search engine and their partner websites.

      How Soon Your Google Ads account can be restored?

      We do various tests and checks to ensure compliance first, once it’s done, we can get it restored within 2-3 weeks.

      Can I create a new Google Ads account after suspension?

      Google strictly prohibits anyone to create a new account when one of their Google Ads account is already suspended. Creating a new account can also permanently block your website or your payment profile to even work with Google Ads again.

      What is your Success Rate on Fixing Google Ads?

      We have a 95% success rate and in other cases we also provide an Account from Google Partner MCC which makes success rate to 100%

      What Payment Methods you accept?

      We accept Crypto, Payoneer, Wise, Paypal, Credit Cards and Upwork as well.

      What happens if you don’t pay Google ads?

      If you don’t pay your remaining balance in your Google adwords account, your account will be suspended and ads wont run any more unfortunately and you will be terminated from Google for further participation in their ad network program.

      Do you provide new Google Ads account after suspension?

      Yes we do provide Google Ads Account after suspension as a replacement.

      I cannot create Google Ads Account because they get suspended immediately?

      Whenever your main account get’s suspended, any of the new account you will create will be suspended automatically as well.

      Missing Website Information can also be a reason?

      Yes, if your website doesnt have complete information such as about us, contact us, terms of service and privacy police page. Chances are that sooner or looter Your account will have a notification for untrustworthy.

      How do I reactivate my suspended Google ad account?

      If you want to reactive your Google Ads suspended contact, please reach out to me and my team will help you to get it restored, back and running at Economical price.

      Resources on Google Adwords Suspension:

      Do checkout the below resources, for sure it will be a great help for you to read.

      Also Read Related to Google Ads Suspensions and Termination:

      Although I know you came here via Google ads account suspended suspicious payments. But Please make sure to have a look on these articles too, they are going to be a great resource for you.

      Caution :

      Please note that, the above methods ‘Does not’ always work, however it is seemed to be effective for majority of times, and the steps laid above are all what you need for Google Ads account restoration however if you are looking for a professional help from a Google Partner Company representative, then don’t hesitate to contact me.

      What happens if you don’t pay Google ads?

      If you don’t pay your bills then you get cut off, this is the same for Google or any other service provider in life.

      Why is Google suspending accounts?

      Over the years, Google has developed an advanced Algorithm based system which is based on several rules and regulations, which if violated results into a Suspension on Google Ads account. You don’t have to worry as long as you are following guidelines. However if you feel that Google has mistakenly suspended your account, we are here to help you.

      How long does Google account suspension last?

      There are several set of rules, policies and guidelines which you have to follow for compliance to work with Google Ads. We have defined a 170 step checklist after solving 100’s of Cases which will check your website and Google ads account for possible issues, which after solving we can get the Google Ads account unsuspended or restored.

      Conclusion on Google Ads Suspension :

      What’s your take on the article? Did you like this article on how to reactivate your google ads suspended account?

      You know there are various occasions when i had to do around 20 tries or even for a successful recovery of an account but the moment of happiness was due to me and my team, I was able to restore his big business on Google..

      What points regarding Google Adwords Ads Suspension I missed? Anything you want me to add in it? What strategies working for you to get your Google Ads Account? Will you follow this guide? Make sure to comment.

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