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DO you LOVE WordPress?

Of course, you should.

As long as you know the internet, and reading this content; I know you know and love the WordPress.

But what I know one thing from the deep down of its root…

And that is, not everyone can afford to host the WordPress to get their blogs up and running.

Free WordPress Hosting 2021

What not?

Some might need to run the WordPress for testing purposes and do not want to buy the expensive web hosting packages.

Yes and for whatever is the reason, the FREE WordPress hosting could be an answer to many’s queries circling out in the air.

Who NEEDS the Free WordPress hosting?

Anyone who are;


  • Newbie and want to learn the WordPress before jumping into it with the professional approach.
  • Web developers to create the WordPress sites for the clients to showcase their development work (mock up website.).
  • Someone just need it for their own testing purposes.
  • And for any known and unknown reasons (its okay if you do not want to tell!)… 🙂

How to get the FREE WordPress hosting then?

By the way, I am not asking this question direct from you to tell me how to get the free WordPress hosting but…


I am actually going to let you know the resources from where you can obtain the FREE WordPress hosting for you to use.

Not through any illegal means, of course, as I hate it even and more than how much you hate.

All legal and everything legal.

List of the 16 resources to get the free WordPress hosting

And we got the name of the resources which are;


  2. 000WebHost
  3. Accu Web Hosting
  4. x10Hosting
  5. FreeHostia
  6. AwardSpace
  7. WPNode
  8. ByteHost
  9. 100WebSpace
  10. Free Hosting No Ads
  11. FreeHosting
  13. CloudAccess
  14. Hostinger (not ALL FREE though!)



When it comes to hear about free WordPress web hosting, the first though that just hits the name of

Yes, is the ultimate provider of the free solution to get the free hosting as well as get to use the free WordPress software (which is of course, FREE as well.)


The creator of WordPress, Automattic, is behind the walls of providing the free web hosting through


Not just the free web hosting you can avail from them, but the extended and helping community is ready to help you out with the technical issues you ever come across with.


And that is indeed the one brilliant feature of the where most of other free web hosting providers so lack of it.


2- 000WebHost


The US$ 0.00 web host from where you are provided with the free and no cost of the web hosting space that includes PHP, MySQL and the free cPanel (control panel) with no ads.


Some brilliant features of 000WebHost are as follow and which you can enjoy just for FREE:


  • Bandwidth of 10GB per month (which is more than enough!)
  • 1GB disk space
  • Free website builder
  • Auto installer (to install the most-common and the famous platforms like WordPress, Joomla, etc.)
  • No advertisement
  • Database that supports MySQL and PHP


You know what?


000WebHost is the pioneer name in the world of elite-class FREE web hosting provider that without any limits and the boundaries, supports to host WordPress blog for you.


It gives you the free File Manager system to upload the custom files you have and want them up on your WordPress blog using the 000WebHost that is indeed the great of FREE feature!

3- AccuWeb Hosting


Now it comes the turn of AccuWeb’s FREE WordPress hosting to be included up into the list!


With AccuWeb, you can host up to just 1/one website per account with 2GB powerful SSD storage.


And the monthly bandwidth is touching the mark of 30GB which is more than enough to handle the load of 5,000 to 10,000 visitors.


By the way, the RAM size is drastically lower (up to 768 MBs) where you cannot do the extensive load-generating tasks but that is not just enough to have with the free web hosting? 🙂


Fear not as you are given with much more controls like FTP, email accounts, and the MySQL databases, and the MySQL users to operate the good-looking WordPress blog all with AccuWeb’s free web hosting.

4- x10Hosting

And here we are with another free web hosting provider which you can use to host the WordPress site of your own.


Then it comes with the name of x10Hosting that not just FREE but contains lots of the features


Well, x10Hosting makes the website management easier with the great free tools such as;


  • Cloud storage
  • FTP access
  • cPanel (control panel)
  • 1-click software installation with 300+ scripts including the WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • Access to PHPMyAdmin to play with the databases
  • Email inboxes


And a lot more of them!


x10Hosting is in the business since 10 years, so…


Do not so worry about they would be gone anytime sooner but they are definitely gonna stay to keep up with your free WordPress blog to be hosted with them! 🙂

5- FreeHostia

FreeHostia, an interesting name of a web hosting provider, isn’t it? 🙂


Get your awesome-looking WordPress blog/website built and hosted with FreeHostia!


With their free account, it gives you to host 5/five domain names, the disk space of 250 MB and 10 MB of MySQL storage which are quite lower and give the freedom to only host a small-sized of the website along with 1 MySQL database.


Includes the 6 GB of the bandwidth that can fiddle with the good load of the visitors per month.


But here is the thing…


You can only upload the file in the size of up to 500 KB or 0.5 MB which means you can easily install quiet a few WordPress plugins but cannot really go with the heavy-size of the files made for the customization.

6- AwardSpace

AwardSpace makes its name included in the list of free WordPress hosting provider to actually put your website up just like you are using the premium web host.


AwardSpace sets to give you the liberty to host up to 4/four domains (one free domain extension of along with three other free subdomains you can link with your free AwardSpace account.)


And is ready to provide you the web hosting with 100 percent FREE from the ads., 99.9 percent uptime network, file manager to load up anything you want, even edit the existing files to make up with your customization.


And what more?


The 24/7 customer support, too! And with the free account.


What more to expect from the AwardSpace?


Of course, the following features;


  • 1000 MB or 1GB disk space
  • 5 GB of monthly bandwidth
  • Access to PHPMyAdmin
  • MySQL-supported database


Just use it (the AwardSpace) to host your next WordPress blog/site just for FREE!

7- WPnode

This specifically-designed free web hosting to support WordPress, is called WPnode.


See by its name… it cares about WordPress and the WordPress only.


And maybe these much of the free features can convince you to make it your own loved and favorite WordPress web hosting provider;


  • Host unlimited WordPress sites/blogs
  • SSD storage of 5GB
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 free email from RoundCube able to hold 1GB data in it
  • CDN by CloudFlare and that is free as well
  • W3 Total Cache plugin with the optimum settings preconfigured
  • phpMyAdmin access
  • sFTP access to upload and download the files


And what more? NO ADS., of course!


Surely the best of the features you can get from the WPnode, isn’t it? 🙂

8- ByetHost

Let’s make ByetHost the part of this list now!


And you are going to avail the countless features off this free web hosting provider.


  • Unlimited disk space
  • Bandwidth of unlimited space
  • Addon domains and all of them are in unlimited number
  • Unlimited parked domains
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with unmetered space
  • 24/7 free support
  • FTP account along with file manager
  • Maximum file size to upload is 10MB
  • Supports latest PHP versions
  • 5 email addresses
  • 256 softaculous installer
  • Free site builder
  • Free SSL/HTTPS support
  • And much more!


And all of them are easily managed using the control panel (cPanel) that is given to you at no cost.


Indeed the best-ranked free web hosting providing list the ByetHost can make to which you can use for your next WordPress site/blog.

9- 100WebSpace

Do we know what is going to be the next free web hosting provider in the line to get the WordPress easy-and-peasley hosted?


Of course, you know.


And you know it by the subheadings! 🙂


Well, yeah! That is 100WebSpace coming up with yet another free web hosting account to be used to get your blog and the website using WordPress software!


So, what you are going to get out of the 100WebSpace?


Hello lotta of the features that are totally free of cost (which do mean FREE to receive) and they are;


  • Disk space of 100MB (too low to have)
  • 3GB of the bandwidth
  • And 1 hosted domain only


So, you can definitely use 100WebSpace for your testing WordPress installations, nope?

10- Free Hosting No Ads

Now we got Free Hosting No Ads in the line!


To get the WordPress hosted, it makes it the one hot selection to obtain the free hosting.


Just with its name, it tells you and directs you that this is the Free Hosting that comes with NO Ads.!


So, what just it proves?


NO ads., and that claim is without a single inch of a doubt!


Then we now have to dig deep down under the features that hit our doors with the free hosting from Free Hosting No Ads.;


  • 1000 MB or about 1GB web space
  • Bandwidth of 5000 MB or just about 5GB
  • Supports most PHP versions but not the latest ones that are in the range of version 7
  • Free website builder to build the awesome-looking website
  • Email account with the POP3 protocol
  • Free subdomains
  • MySQL databases with FTP and file manager
  • And the support too!

And it works best to host the mid-sized of the WordPress blog/site to continue using for your own purposes.


But mind that, do not try to use the free WordPress installations with this or any of the free or the premium web hosting accounts for the illegal reasons, such as to store the copyright materials, copy-pasted content, and etc.

11- Free Hosting

Okay, so!


We got the Free Hosting in our hand, nope?


And it is not ONLY free web hosting provider but its name is the true representative as it shows as well, the FREE HOSTING.


This Free Hosting is enriched with the lots of free features too… And which you can avail through the premium web hosting too.


And they are:


  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 10GB web storage
  • Free site builder
  • 1 MySQL database
  • cPanel (control panel)
  • Apps installer
  • Supports latest PHP versions


By the way, Free Hosting does not provide any free domain name and you will have to use up the actual and real domain name if you have already bought it.


If not, you can directly purchase through Free Hosting and then use the free web hosting to install the WordPress and create your stunning website/blog!


Another one!


We got another free web hosting providing service to install the WordPress.


And thanks to the for giving us this opportunity to use their platform! is happy to provide these much of the free features;


  • 1000 MB web space
  • 5000 MB of bandwidth
  • MySQL database storage of 30 MB
  • No ads.
  • Free domain name to use
  • Free WordPress to use and Joomla too!
  • Latest technologies used to support the database
  • Free 1-click installer
  • Free site builder
  • cPanel without any cost
  • 1 FTP account
  • 24/7 free customer support
  • 9 percent uptime guarantee


Just be happy to use for life! 🙂

13- CloudAccess

Here comes another in the market of free web hosting provider to kick in the WordPress!


Which is CloudAccess.


With the one interesting control panel based on the cloud that gives you the robust control over managing your WordPress site/blog hosted on CloudAccess.


Try it! And try it hard to find out the best free WordPress hosting environment offered by the CloudAccess.

14- Hostinger (not ALL FREE though!)

Hostinger is the name of a popular web hosting providing company that does provide the free web hosting to go and host the WordPress.


But remember one thing if you have NOT noticed it as of yet…


This Hostinger is ALMOST FREE but is not COMPLETELY FREE.


You might be looking at the big wide 0/zero digit.


Are you looking at the smaller ‘80’ besides that big 0/zero?


Yes, that clearly mentions this web hosting plan is just 0.80 cents of the US$ per month and which is insanely cheaper, isn’t it?


I meant one can easily afford it without getting into any kind of the problem.


With the features;


  • SSD space of 1GB
  • 100GB bandwidth!
  • 1 MySQL database
  • DNS management
  • Parked domains of 2
  • 1 FTP account
  • FTP, File Manager, cPanel
  • Weekly backups
  • 1-click installer
  • SSH access
  • And so much more!


That is the worth of investing US$ 0.80 per month to get the best premium WordPress hosting!

[su_note note_color=”#95010d” text_color=”#ffffff” radius=”4″]Are you looking for Best Cheap WordPress Hosting? I have covered some of the best providers as well.[/su_note]

Your turn or the conclusion!

We got the best free WordPress hosting presented in front of you to examine and select for your needs.


And with the hell lots of the free features, some of the listed are just like the equivalent of premium WordPress hosting that you buy with the real money.

All in all, you ever need the free WordPress hosting, do reference this complete guide of the awesome listed WordPress hosting providers that are ACTUALLY FREE of cost to use!

But beware of the fact which I already pointed out as well, do NOT do any illegal stuff ever even with the paid or free web hosting accounts.

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