Best Digital Voice Recorders Reviews For Jan. 2023

Best Digital Voice Recorder

While it’s true that smartphones are capable of recording interviews and lectures, digital voice recorders aren’t nearly as common, or even as necessary, as they once were.

However their importance is still important for some who want to record lectures, do recordings for meetings, events and other important occasions.

Best Digital Voice Recorders in 2023

Let’s see some of the best digital voice recorders.

EVIDA 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

EVIDA 16GB Digital Voice Recorder Pen

Product Name : 16GB Digital Voice Recorder for Lectures – EVIDA Voice Activated Audio Recorder Long Battery Life Dictaphone Tape Recorder Recording Device with Playback,Mp3,Metal Body (16GB-White)

Thinking to get a corrupt public official arrested with a secret detective device or planning to expose a professor at college who always tries to manipulate his students into giving him immoral favors?

This pen can always help you. In the sleek and stylish body of an ordinary ball pen, EVIDA has installed a high quality sound recorder, as much as 16GB memory and a 3.5mm audio jack with which one may enjoy listening to a song or to the self-indicting speech of a would-be loser.

Before you get anymore perplexed, let us take a look at the functions and drawbacks of this product.


  • 192Kbps PCM voice recorder with noise reduction chip = crisp and clear recorded voice
  • Smart design – one button recording & saving and a lot of other details
  • Recorder works even when device is off
  • Multi-purpose device – MP3, recorder, U disk etc.


  • Too many options make it complicated.
  • Battery drains pretty fast.


This is yet another product with its own cons and it is not perfect. Well, no product can be perfect from consumers’ point of view, but consider these salient features of this product:

Powerful Voice Recorder Records Crisp & Clear Voice

EVIDA voice recording pen is very good for one reason and it is its crisp and clear voice recording. It does the job that it is supposed to do. The noise reduction chip used in this voice recording pen ensures that you hear the actual voice minus all noise and distraction.

Full of Features


For one thing this device definitely catches a lot of attentions and that is the bundle of features packed and loaded in the slim and stylish metal body of this pen.

It is a voice recorder.

But you can still write with it.

You can write with it and in the meantime record a voice minus all noise: crisp and clear.

Even if the device turns off the smart VOR button records the voice.

You can use the tip of this pen for all basic features e.g. recording, saving and obviously for writing.

Use it as an mp3 player or a memory card on move, choice is yours. And this is on top of what it actually does.

Quality of Material

For starters, this pen is made of high quality zinc alloy which is, by the way, stronger than many strong metals. The high build quality of this device denotes that even if you drop it by accident, it will not cause any damage to the sensitive device hidden inside this ordinary metal pen.


Whether you work in an office or you go to college, we all need to transfer data on intermittent intervals. We have to transfer or accept files from other computers, and Udisk is the connectivity mode that makes a phone or a detective pen a USB if it has a data storage capacity and a USB functionality. Same goes with EVIDA pen.


This pen is not perfect and one of the imperfection is simple too complicated functioning that often confuses the consumer. Then there is a battery problem; not only the Amazon customers of this product report it, but we also noticed that battery life is not good enough.

Cafepola 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

Cafepola 16GB Digital Voice Recorder

Product Name : Digital Voice Recorder 16GB Voice Device Audio Sound Activated RecorderDigital Voice Recorder 16G Digital Audio Voice Activated Recorder Easy HD Recording of Lectures and Meetings with Double Micropho

If you are a person hell bent on style statement and you do not buy a device only on the premise of functionality, this digital audio recorder is absolutely for you. While its sleek and stylish black body, and aesthetically designed buttons look really good, these are not the real deal.

This device comes with all bells and whistles that you need in a high quality voice recorder. For example, instead of standard 8GB memory, this one comes with a 16GB memory and it has a noise cancelling technology that does not let the noise mar the quality of voice that you’ve recorded.

Yet these are not the only features of this voice recorder. Let us take a look at all specs:


  • 1536Kbps HD recording quality.
  • 16GB flash memory expandable to 32GB.
  • Dynamic noise cancelling microphone with Audio Activated Recording.
  • Many Features e.g. data traveler and Mp3 etc.


  • Battery life is not so good.
  • Slightly heavier than a few others.

Tell you what:

This is one of the limited number of lucky products on Amazon that have no negative reviews. We used it hoping to find a single con or drawback that we could mention in this review, but we failed to find any slightly serious problem.

The cons mentioned above are based on our personal opinions and you might forgive slightly heavier body for its high quality aluminum built.

Here are the pros defined in detail.

1536Kbps recording

The audio recorders on Amazon offer good quality audio recording, but only a few of them provide a 1536Kbps quality recording and this is one of the best of them. While you will be using this product, you will always have a confidence that it produces the best recorded voice quality.

16GB Flash Memory Expandable to 32GB

In terms of stock memory too, it beats a lot of other audio recorder 6 days to Sunday. It does not come with a standard and pretty basic 8GB memory but with a 16GB flash memory and that too is expandable to a 32GB flash memory which is more than enough for any sorts of audio files in big number.

Dynamic Noise Cancelling & Audio Activated Recording


These two features really make this audio recorder one of the best few available on Amazon. For starters, it comes with dynamic noise cancelling microphone that kills the noise and as a result the voice that you record comes without any sort of distraction and noise.

Then comes the function of audio activate recording. If you choose so, your audio recorder will automatically start recording the voices in the environment by responding to first audible voice. This is an automatic function made to save battery life and offer smart recording for various purposes.

Multifunctional Device

This devise does not only work as a top of the line audio recorder, but it can also be used in a few other ways. For example, 16GB to 32Gb memory makes it a data traveler that you can use to store a big amount of audio, video and other sorts of files.

Take it with you anywhere and transfer data. Also, it can be used at an Mp3 players with all buttons and functions needed for this.

Apart from being slightly heavier, the only con that we can mention is comparatively less battery life.

BAVATI V15 8GB Digital Recorder

BAVATI V15 8GB Digital Recorder

Product Name : BAVATI V15 8GB Digital Audio Voice Activated Sound Recorder – Windows & Mac Compatible – USB Rechargeable Tape Recording Device Best for Lectures, Meetings, Interviews, Spying, Hidden recording.

For people who love bells and whistles, BAVATI’s V15 digital voice recorder is not much attractive because it is not a 3 or 4 in 1 product. It is fully focused on what it is supposed to do and it does its job very well.

It comes with an 8GB standard data storing capacity and a handful of really good functions that make it a really good, basic and standard voice recorder which focuses only on recording voice minus all the noise and automatic recording etc.

This is the go-to recorder that professionals like to keep in their pockets or bags to make sure that they do not miss out on a single useful thought, lecture, meeting or interview etc.

Here’s a list of pros and cons that has been noted while using this device.


  • Buttons and features focused only on easy and good quality voice recording.
  • Sensitive built-in microphones record audible voice even from a good distance.
  • 8GB standard memory expandable to 32Gb.
  • Features like noise reduction and voice activated recording.


  • Not much user friendly.
  • Glitches with buttons.

Enough said:

But we need to take each and every of the pros and cons and see how true they are. Let us examine the pros:

Buttons and features focused only on easy and good quality voice recording

This device, as it has been said before, is made keeping in mind its core purpose: audio recording. This is the reason why all buttons and features of this device are fully focused on voice recording and chores associated to this main purpose.

For example, you have this prominent, traditional red button for recording, push it and your device is already recording the nearby audible voices. Likewise, all main features, including USB like data transfer functionality, are centered on the main purpose, recording and storing the data.

Sensitive built-in microphones record audible voice even from a good distance

This is what this device is all about. This has sensitive in-built microphones that work like a wonder when you press the record button and they starting recording audible voice, while the noise reduction system sees to offering you clean and crisp voice recording.

Also, the distance from which you can record a voice, although it is not mentioned, but as per our testing we can tell you that it is more or less 30 feet.

8GB Standard Memory – Expandable to 32GB


This audio recording device comes with an 8Gb standard memory that is enough for you to record and store audio files including mp3 songs. However, if you find out that your work requires you to have a bigger storage, this device lets you have a maximum of 32GB with a TF card. This much memory is enough to store a lot of audio files.

Noise Reduction & Voice Activated Recording

The best quality that a top-notch digital voice recorder can offer is noise-less recording. It is because environment in which you record a voice is very important and most of the times it is full of noise that hinders the true quality of recorded voice. No more with this recorder in your pocket. Also, it enables you to have voice activated recording function that means your recorder will get activated by audible voices and start recording.


This device is not much user friendly and people find it hard to use it with ease and convenience. Also, the buttons have certain glitches that make it difficult to handle this device.

XUEKON 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

XUEKON 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

Product Name : XUEKON Digital Voice Recorder, Audio Sound Recorder 8GB Rechargeable Voice Activated Dictaphone with USB MP3 Player for Meetings,Lectures, Classes and Interviews

If you’ve been looking for a smart voice recorder with USB 2.0 on one end and a body just an inch or half bigger than a USB device, this recorder is absolutely for you.

It comes with a USB 2.0 connectivity and a cap to protect the USB port from rust and other type of damage.

With USB 2.0 end, it offers a sort of plug and play functionality so you can record the voice and immediately transfer it to a device that accepts USB 2.0 and you can also copy data from such a device because you have 8GB USB flash memory to copy enough data.


This is not a USB device but much more than that. With its ultra-sensitive voice recorder, you can record a lecturer’s notes or anything with a clear voice.

Here’s a brief introduction to the pros and cons of this product:


  • Small and portable voice recorder with full USB 2.0 Functionality.
  • Works like a voice recorder as well as MP3 Player.
  • Voice Activated Recording – Adjustable Sensitivity.
  • Password Protected One Touch Recorder.


  • 230mAh battery does not last much longer.
  • Likely to malfunction.


There are simply too many pros as compared to the cons, so let us immediately start talking about the pros of this product.

Small and portable voice recorder with full USB 2.0 Functionality

Two-in-one is not the reality of this voice recorder because it is 3 or more in one. However, there are two very imminent qualities of XUEKON voice recorder.

It looks like a moderately bigger USB because it has a USB 2.0 port with a plastic cover (for protection). This means that minus all wires and shebang, you can directly connect this recorder with a computer or device that accepts a USB 2.0 and transfer data.

Also, thanks to its sleek and thin body, you can easily hide it in pocket or purse and yet record crystal clear voice.

Works like a voice recorder as well as MP3 Player


Here’s the third functionality. You can store Mp3 songs of 8GB size in total and enjoy this device as an Mp3 player. This comes with play, forward and rewind functions as well as A-B repeat mode so you can enjoy the music with all controls that you need in an Mp3 player.

The voice recording functions are controlled with one button recording and they get better because of intelligent noise reduction technology.

Voice Activated Recording – Adjustable Sensitivity

Another really good function of this recording device is VAR (voice activated recording). This lets your device automatically activate the ultra-sensitive microphones that start recording every audible sound and pause automatically when there is no clear or audible sound. This sensitivity is adjustable and you can control it to manipulate the recording sensitivity.

Password Protected One Touch Recorder

Use it for sinister purposes or good ones, but do know that all you recorded or transferred data in this device is protected by a password that you may select. Also, the recorder starts working with one simple touch which means that with one simple move you’re ready to record voices near you.


The batter that comes with this device is simply insufficient as compared to other good quality recorders and the device is likely to malfunction, although we did not notice any in our testing.

Angink 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

Angink 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

Product Name : Digital Voice Recorder, 1536Kbps 8GB Audio Sound Recorder Active Noise Cancellation with USB & MP3 Player Dual Microphone 1.6in LCD Alloy Body for Lecture Class Meeting, Expandable 32GB

Whether you have to record your lecturer’s notes in the classroom or you have to prove your prowess as a journalist, you always need a really good quality voice recorder with noise reduction technology.

From research projects to professional field, the need for a good voice recorder with enough memory goes without explanation. This recorder, however, has much more than abovementioned technical specs.

We’re talking about really good voice quality, noise reduction, expandable memory, one button control and many other features that make this device something that almost everyone during studies and research needs to have.

Here’s a brief overview of the pros and cons of this product:


  • 1536Kbps capacity voice recorder with noise reduction chip.
  • Dual stereo microphones to capture crisp, clear and louder voice – 50 feet radius.
  • 8GB memory expandable to 40GB – 600mAh battery.
  • Multi-functional – recorder + mp3 player + memory device with data transfer possible to/from Mac/Windows.


  • Problems with recording music.
  • Tempered glass back and screen are vulnerable.


We will have to admit that among all the voice recorders that we have reviewed so far, this one appears to be near perfect.

Let us now closely examine all the pros and cons:

1536Kbps Voice Recorder with Noise Reduction Chip

1536Kbps Wav files are known for better, clear and crisp sound and in this regard, this recorder seems to be beating others on Amazon. However, 1536Kbps sound recording is not the only good thing about this recorder; it also comes equipped with a noise reduction chip that helps people record the sound with exact effect and minimum possible noise.

Dual Stereo Microphones that Capture Voice from as far as 50 Feet

Angink voice recorder comes with dual stereo microphones which is by far one of the best technologies to record voice. The stereo recording simultaneously records one device with two microphones and thus the sound quality is better and louder.

Also, due the use of dual stereo microphone recording, the maximum length of good quality sound recording that you get with this device is as much as 50 feet. That is, if a person is speaking at a distance of as much as 50 feet, you may record their voice. Although quality varies from distance to distance and depends on sender e.g. person, device or other.

Expandable to 40 GB Memory & 600mAh Battery

This voice recorder is not a voice recorder in disguise of a USB device or a pen, so this has only one job to do and it definitely aces in this job.

For example, take the memory. Most of other voice recorder do not come with expandable memory, but this one starts with a stock memory of 8 GB that can be increased to a maximum of 40GB via SD card.

Then comes the battery. Unless we are unaware, there is not a single recording device on Amazon with a battery this big a battery. Result? It lasts way longer than other recording devices.


This device can be used in many different ways. Use it as an mp3 player or a data transfer device when you aren’t using it as a recorder.


This device has its own flaws. For starters, it does not work very well with data recording or travelling. It has its own glitches. Also, tempered glass on back and screen does not look like a very good choice in terms of material.

SONY PX333 Digital Voice Recorder

You’ll admit:

A digital voice recorder looks like something that we do not need in our miserable, daily lives. Yet, if you give it a serious thought you will find out many valuable uses of this product.

I do not know all the good reasons why you might need one, but I know that this digital voice recorder can help you in all personal and professional uses.

This comes with MicroSD expansion slot and thus you can use it a moving memory drive. Plug it in anywhere any time and you will be able to transfer and receive the data.

The best thing about this device is latest and the most advanced technological touches like Track Mark.

Here, you can have a look at all the important pros and cons.


  • 4GB Flash Memory + MicroSD Card Expandability
  • Records Mono MP3
  • Track Mark Function to Mark an Important Point in the Track
  • Intelligent Noise Reduction


  • Poor Display
  • Hissing Noise is a Permanent Issue

The problem with these products is that there are simply too many of them. When you have choice, you naturally incline to find out the flaws rather than pros.

This is the issue of every other product on Amazon; you will hardly find a product with full 5 stars or zero negative reviews.

However, I agree to the display problem. First of all, it is not a backlit display and the positioning of display is not ideal, perhaps this is the reason why the display is not much visible and you have to focus too much to read the numbers.


The hissing noise must be the personal experience of one or two users. This digital recorder comes with noise reduction technology and in my personal experience I did not notice any noise.

4 GB Flash Memory + MicroSD Card Expandability

The stock memory that comes with this digital voice recorder is 4GB flash. This is enough for little personal or professional tasks, because mp3s do not take that much space.


You can always use a MicroSD card to expand the memory. The card can be just as bigger as it gets. With extra space, you can record more and more personal or business-related vocal notes.

Records Mono MP3


I know that most of the people prefer Studio these days and it is because Studio is a more latest technology as compared to Mono, but Mono has its own advantages.

Since you need only one speaker for a voice recorder, mono is the best choice. It is single microphone recording for a single channel playing.

Track Mark Function

While listening to the recorded audio if you come to a certain moment that you feel is very important, you can track the moment with the Track Mark option.

This will make it easier for you to come back to the spotted point and then you can add or delete or make changes to that.

Intelligent Noise Reduction

Just like all advanced digital voice recorders, this one also comes with an intelligent noise reduction capacity. This means that it will only record the voice and it will cut all the noise behind it.

Olympus WS-852 Digital Voice Recorder

If you happen to drop the voice recorder one or two times a day and you’re looking for a sturdy and strong case digital voice recorder for your research interviews or professional purposes, this is the recorder that you need.

Above any other thing, it comes with 4GB internal Flash memory and a retractable USB port so you can easily receive or transfer data from or to any computer or USB 3.0 compatible device.

On one side of it is the on/off button and on the other side there are microphone and earphone jacks.

From its quality to recording format, it is one of the few perfect digital voice recorder available on Amazon.


  • 100 Hours Battery Life
  • Voice Filter to Reduce the Noise + Built-in Stand to Prevent Surface Vibration
  • True Stereo Mike Ensures Stereo Recording
  • Automatic Optimization of Sensitivity


  • Pretty Low Volume
  • Very Tiny Letters on Display

There is an interesting review on this product. I’m sorry that I cannot add it as it is (because it was too long), but let us just catch the meat of it.

The buyer said that it used to be such a great product and once they decided to redo it, it was then that they ruined the product.

And this is the issue with most of the product. Overthinking and overdoing!

The first problem that you notice is that once the audio is recorded the voice is pretty low. You have to use HD headphones to understand the audio.

The other problem is not what I consider a problem; I was fine by the size of display. However, some customers think that the display letters are too small to be read flawlessly and without taking much pain.

Now here are the pros.

100 Hours Battery Life


You can get roughly 1000 hours’ storage space and save 1000 hours long audio, and the battery life is over a 100 hours.


This sounds exaggerative, but how they did this totally make sense. They developed low power consuming circuits and thus save the time taken in keeping this thing up and running.

Voice Filter + Kickstand

Like every good digital voice recorder, this one also has a noise reduction voice filter. The job of such a filter is to assure that you get mostly the voice that you recorded and not the din around it. It assures smooth playbacks.

The kickstand presents the backside of the recorder from touching the table or the surface. It prevents surface vibration from getting recorded.

True Stereo Mike Ensures Stereo Recording

The mic installed in this device is what they call a “True Stereo Mike” and it has two directional microphones that point at two different directions and thus the voice created by it is a really good one.

Automatic Optimization of Sensitivity

There is an intelligent auto mode in this device that automatically adjusts sensitivity of the microphone and thus irrespective of whether you record audio in less noise or more, you get the most accurate recording.

This is one of the few innovative touches that makes it one of the best audio recording devices.

Conclusion on Best Buying Digital Voice Recorders in 2023

This was one of the finest collection of digital voice recorders. Hope you liked it. There are more voice recorders available in the market too such as olympus digital voice recorder and sony digital voice recorder which i will be covering in my future updates.

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