Best Tv Antennas Jan. 2023 Review – #4 is Awesome!

Best Tv antennas

If you are looking for best TV Antennas for home, office or commercial use then this article will be a great help for you.

Either you are looking for an outdoor tv antenna or an indoor tv antenna, then checkout the below article.

Best Tv Outdoor & Indoor Antenna reviewed in 2023

Vansky Amplified UHD TV Antenna [Best Indoor Tv Antenna]

Vansky Amplified UHD TV Antenna [Best Indoor Tv Antenna]

You know what is better than a Full High Definition amplified TV antenna? It is an Ultra High Definition amplified TV antenna.


Because 3480 x 2160p resolution is definitely better than a 1920 x 1080p one. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason why Vansky is selling this amplified antenna like hotcakes.

While on Amazon, most of HD antennas fail to make it to first hundred, this product has been sold over 3000 times, which shows that their promise is real. It comes with a detachable amplifier that helps you catch all the signals within its range.

Apart from the UHD part, everything else is pretty much same as Vansky’s FHD antenna, which, by the way, does not sell as much as this one.

Interested? Let us read the pros and cons:


  • UHD 4K results antenna
  • Comes with a digital amplifier that increases the area of coverage and signals
  • 60 to 80 Miles’ radius of coverage
  • 5ft coaxial cable to protect connection and offer better results.


  • Picks signals but clarity is not always there
  • Disappointing when placed indoors.

Enough has been said:

However, let us immerse deeper and understand these pros and cons.

UHD 4K Results Antenna

First of all, save the misunderstanding and confusion, an antenna in itself is not UHD or FHD, it’s actually its capacity to reflect the FHD or 4K results.

That is, this antenna is enabled to show 4K video results if the network that you tune in runs 4K movies or programs. And yes, since it is the most advanced resolution antenna, it can easily reflect 1080p or 720p resolution results from channels within your range.

Detachable Digital Amplifier

Every TV antenna has its own limited range and some of the digital antennas come with amplifiers. Amplifiers increase the range and improve the signal quality, so in short, they are simply too good to have.

The digital amplifier that you get with this antenna is a removable one, so in case you do not need improved signals and coverage, you can detach the amplifier.

60 to 80 Miles Radius of Coverage

Because of its quality and the amplifier, the Vansky antenna offers a range better than many other digital antennas. They claim that will antenna set properly and the digital amplifier connected, the range can go from 60 to 80 miles, so it will catch signals of all boosters within these range.

5ft Coaxial Cable

Since an antenna does not mostly do a good job indoors, all of them come with long cables. This one comes with a 16.5ft coaxial cable. This copper cable is made of metal sheet and it is known for being specifically used by TV and similar networks. It is known for improving the signals between transmitters and receivers.

In terms of cons, this antenna has a dark side and there is no denying it. Firstly, the issue of clarity is there. Some channels, even if they are within the area of coverage, show on the screen, but their result is not very promising.

Secondly, the result of this antenna is disappointing if placed in indoors. Most of such antennas are made to work both: indoors and outdoors, but same is the not the case with this one.

Indoor Digital TV Antenna with Signal Amplifier Booster TV Radius Antena TV Surf Antennas HDTV Freeview TDT Cable TV Fox Antenna

Indoor Digital TV Antenna with Signal Amplifier Booster TV Radius Antena TV Surf Antennas HDTV Freeview TDT Cable TV Fox Antenna

This new product on Amazon will definitely take some time to get a decent amount of good reviews, but what I can appreciate right off the bat is that this antenna is fully capable of fetching local network signals and that too only a fraction of the rate that other digital TV antennas do.

So, just to check the product and see if it is worth anything or not, I decided to try the product and before I talk about the performance, pros and cons, it is important to admit that if you are looking for an antenna with bigger range, this is the product that will do.


With awesome design and really satisfying specs, this product comes with its own flaws and we will take a look at them in the pros and cons section.


  • Just buy it and watch all local networks free of cost
  • Crystal clear 7209, 1080p and 4K video results
  • Up to 100-miles range
  • Sleek and stylish antenna with plug n play functionality


  • A product with zero reviews is hard to trust
  • Just average performance in indoors

This is it:

But we need to critically examine the pros and cons to find out if this product is worth your greens or not.

All Local Networks – Crisp & Clear

The best thing about a good digital TV antenna is the liberty that you have. You don’t have to pay a hefty amount to cable networks and dish networks, and you can simply catch all network signals from local news, entertainment and sports channels.

This antenna does the same job and at a meek price of less than $16, you can give a kiss good bye to your dish and cable network.

Crystal Clear Results

Whether you want to enjoy a 4K video being aired from a channel or a 1080p or 720p, as long as the network is near your home and within the range of antenna, you can enjoy crystal clear and crisp video result and that too without having to a pay a dime to cable or dish.

All TV converter boxes can be easily connected with this antenna and same goes for FHD and UHD (4K) television sets. The easy set up system makes it a breath of relief for you.

100 Miles Range

In all the digital TV antennas that I have seen so far, used or reviewed, this one is among the few with maximum coverage range.

On the Amazon page, they claim that this antenna can catch all signals within a huge range of 100 miles; while I do not fully agree with this statement, it is a matter of fact that its range is definitely much bigger than many other antennas.

Plug n Play Design

The body of this digital TV antenna is very sleek and stylish with black color and paper thin body. The amplifier is detachable. This antenna is an amplified antenna and if you want to increase the range, use the detachable amplifier.


The best part is that this antenna comes with a plug n play functionality and design. So, when you receive it, just connect it as per the manual which is just a few steps and you are ready to go.

The cons that I could find out are not much important. First of all, there are no purchases so far, so no reviews and all I can rate it is based on my limited experience with it. Secondly, totally opposite to their claims, it is only average in indoors.

Kingkkong Amplified 120+Miles Ultra TV Antenna – Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Amplifier TV Channels High Reception Digital Antenna for TV VHF/UHF 4K 1080P Signals High Definition Free Gain 16ft CA- best hd antenna

Kingkkong Amplified 120+Miles Ultra TV Antenna - Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Amplifier TV Channels High Reception Digital Antenna for TV VHF/UHF 4K 1080P Signals High Definition Free Gain 16ft CA

Imagine having the best 4K video quality TV at your home and access to a network, and still not being able to enjoy the quality of display and clearness of picture that you deserve.

I bet this turns us all off. Well, this indoor/outdoor amplified antenna is made to make it possible for you to enjoy the best possible TV experience.

KingKKong amplified antenna works good for both: indoors and outdoors, and the best thing about it is its flexibility to work with almost all terrestrials like DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/h, ATSC and others.

In simple words, it means that it works with many different television broadcasting signals based on radio waves. To make it more simple, any and all TV networks in area that rely on terrestrial broadcasting will easily be accessed with this or an antenna like this.


  • Sleek and stylish design – flexible enough to be set up anywhere
  • High quality coaxial cable to fetch strong signals
  • Fully compatible with all HDTV terrestrials and DAB/FM radio signals
  • Made for indoor as well as outdoor use


  • Problems with picking up signals when used indoors
  • Neither documentation nor the CS is helpful


So these are the basic points that one would like to ponder on before buying this TV antenna. Let us examine the good, bad and ugly of this high definition range TV antenna.

Sleek & Stylish Design – Flexible to Use Anywhere

The thickness of this new generation antenna is only 0.63 inches and it has a pretty simple, but elegant and attractive black colored body. The best thing about this TV antenna is its flexibility.

It can be set up anywhere you want. You can easily set it up on a shelf, wall, table or just hang it up with a hook. It still gives you the best signals that it can give based on area and available networks.

High Quality Coaxial Cable that Locates the Antenna and Fetches the Signals

Coaxial cable is a special type of copper cable that is made from a metal shield and other material with one aim: to block the signal interference and transmit all the digital data.

Thus antenna comes with a coaxial cable which makes easy for your TV to locate the antenna and fetch the signals with much better signal quality ensured.

Fully Compatible with HD TV Terrestrials

Well this is technical:

Okay, let try to make it simple. Broadcast or terrestrial TV is the broadcasting done by transmitting the signal from radio waves that come from terrestrial transmitters.

All high definition networks TV networks using terrestrial networking, such as DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/h and ASTC as well as FM radio channels will be easy to capture with this antenna.

Works Indoors as well as Outdoors


A few customers would not agree, but as per our observation of this HDTV antenna, it works well both in indoors and outdoors.


For anyone who knows how these antennas work and why it is asked to place them somewhere near a window, knows that their result is much better in outdoors.

As far as cons are concerned, the first problem is picking up signals when used indoors. We included this con because a few Amazon customers had this problem and the other problem is what we can endorse. There is no user manual to make things easier and their CS is lousy at best.

Vansky Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 50-80 Mile 4K/HD/VHF/UHF Freeview TV Local Channels – Best indoor hdtv antenna

Vansky Indoor Amplified TV Antenna 50-80 Mile 4K/HD/VHF/UHF Freeview TV Local Channels

For those who cannot afford to pay a lot of money to local dish or cable network and who would rather be happy with local TV networks, Vansky amplified HD TV antenna is a complete package that they cannot ignore.

It comes at only a fraction of what you would pay to your dish or cable networks and it delivers HD picture quality. Whether your favorite local channel has a resolution of 720p or 1080p, this antenna will show it just like it is.

The coverage area, the design, the result and accessories added to this deal make it a steal, but lest you get distracted by all the pros, this product comes with its own cons.

Here we’ll have a look at both:


  • 50 to 80 Miles’ Radius
  • Full HD result for all networks within the range
  • 5ft coaxial cable to ensure smooth connection and better results
  • Detachable amplifier signal booster.


  • Electric appliances and cables may disrupt signals
  • Antenna does not catch all channels.


If you read the pros and cons carefully, you can find out that while this product reflects a promise, its main problems lies in the very functions that it should have rendered seamlessly.

50 to 80 Miles’ Radius

The first and foremost concern with any digital TV antenna is the coverage area. Let us first get it straight that a TV antenna and amplifier is never an equal to a dish or cable network.

That is, former can only show the network within its rang, while the later can show you channels and apps from all around the world as well as from the internet.

Thus a TV antenna is no good if it cannot even show you the TV networks of your own city. This is why the 50 to 80 miles’ radius amplifier antenna is a good choice, but still it is not the best because on Amazon there are antennas with a 100 miles range.

Full HD Results for all Channels

Whether the TV network or channel that you want to tune in has a 720p resolution or a 1080p, this digital TV antenna and amplifier is fully capable of transmitting the same to your TV.

5ft Coaxial cable for better connection and results

A coaxial cable is a really good quality copper cable made out of a metal sheet and it is used by all TV networks and other radio frequency using networks because it offers a better connection.

Due to this the connection between your TV and antenna will be very good and thus results will also be seamless without any visual or auditory noise that interrupts your HD TV experience.

Detachable Amplifier Signal Booster

Although it is always much better to use an antenna with an amplifier signal booster, but in case you do not really need the amplifier (for example you live close to the channel booster that you want to tune in), you can detach the amplifier and store safely.


The cons of this product are very basic and need immediate attention. First of all, any electric wires or appliances near the antenna or coaxial cable will interrupt the performance and secondly, irrespective of claims, antenna does not catch all signals within the range.

Conclusion on Cheap TV Antennas 2023

The above list is best hd antennas available in the market. I have tried to short list some of the best one.

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