ySense Review 2023 (Formerly ClixSense Review)

Clixsense review

Clixsense is the website with the commercial TLD (top-level domain) of .COM and hence it makes it ClixSense.com [This article is a fullfledge ClixSense Review]

See what its description reads…

“Make money online with paid surveys, micro tasks and free offers. Taking surveys online is a fast, fun and easy way to make extra money.”

Yes, this website is the one that will help you to earn the money.

ySense Review 2023



Are you seriously thinking of that thing?

Emmmmm well…

For those who dont know, ClixSense is a popular survey website which claims to pay you for doing surveys, offers, and simple tasks.

Okay! That is the one sure thing that strikes deep down the brain immediately when it is heard that the this (any) is the website that will get you to earn some money.

It is human’s nature to believe instantly what people have to say, and what they have as an opinion.

Oh… and that thought is such websites are scam.

ClixSense Review — Let’s make the money.

I am going to review this site, ClixSense.com, in the complete format and it is not really possible to do if I do not put a sunlight on all of its avenues.

This  is going to be a full in depth review of the Clixsense along with explaining that either it’s a scam or a legitimate company.

This ClixSense review will help you to better understand the website and its mechanism to earn your next dollar with any confusion.

And… I will certainly tell you which of its program is highest-paying one so you know beforehand what to do and where to invest your major chunk of the time.

So, let me really start with the review of ClixSense for you!

Let’s get every angle of it reviewed!

And with the following format;

  • What is ClixSense?
  • The whole map of the money system within ClixSense!
  • How to get paid
  • Earn by affiliate program.
  • Forum for!
  • Help Area.
  • ClixSense Blog.
  • Users’ review — External side.
  • Q&A.

Now.. Let’s really get started.

What is ClixSense?

ClixSense is a website that helps you to earn the good money. It has different paying systems where you can complete the tasks (will cover later) and be get paid for your actions.

This then makes ClixSense fall under the category of PTC which is called the “paid to click” where the websites allow you to earn by taking the actions such as watching an ad., taking survey, playing games, etc.

How to Make Money with ClixSense

The whole map of the money system within ClixSense!

Here I will be showing you how exactly ClixSense pays you…

And it pays you through…

  1. Paid Surveys
  2. Cash Offers
  3. Figure Eight Tasks
  4. Referrals
  5. Games

Let’s start detailing every dot of the map that is too ready to let you earn by ClixSense.

But first thing first.

You first have to register the account up on ClixSense by going to this link of Sign Up and then you will be able to access any of the functions of the website.

Do it first, and fast.

1- Paid Surveys

You know about it…

It is good, you know.

The easy one. Not much time-taking action.

When you are logged-in, just navigate to: Surveys

When you are just there, you will be asked to complete your “Surveys Profile” to be able to access and unlock more relevant surveys for you.

And there you will be asked with 9 questions to answer in order to complete your survey profile.

Do not really worry about those 9 questions, they are easy and just personal enough to know more about yourself.

ClixSense has two ways of the surveys.

  1. Survey Invites
  2. Daily Survey Routers

Survey Invites

If you have the new account and just set up your survey profile and you do not see any of the survey invites, do not worry at all as it is new and will take some time to show up.

And… You have to complete your survey profile with the honest and right answers in order to receive as many survey invites as possible depending upon the data you gave in at the time of filling up the survey profile.

The surveys from the Survey Invites will pay you from as low as US$0.20 to US$2.00 and way even more than that by completing each and every single survey.

Some of the surveys will show a red flag right beside their names, and that is not really something to be worried about as well.

The red-flagged ones are the surveys that will actually pay you after 30 days from the day you completed it (or them.)

Well, you might face rejections as well…

Where you will not be able to complete or start with the survey because of you did not qualify.

That is alright.. And not at all the worrying sign. This will surely happen and it often happens in the field of the surveys.

Get to login daily, check the Surveys page daily and during different time of the day to see if the new one is popped up for you.

Just forget about for how many surveys you have been disqualified. Check in daily and perform the available surveys.

Daily Survey Routers

Survey Routers is the type where you are eligible to complete the surveys for unlimited times in one day.

But… some of the surveys do have the restrictions here as well with being completed for one day and some of them may have the higher completion ratio (can be done for two, three, or for more times) in the single day.

As said again, do check out the surveys everyday and in different times of the day, and enjoy the good daily income banking in your account.

2- Cash Offers

Now after the Surveys, it is time to earn from the different method offered by the ClixSense which is ultimately called “Offers.”

When you click on the “Offers”, you are then taken straight to the offers being showed by ClixSense under the name of “ClixOffers.”

Get to see all the ClixSense-owned offers ranging from surfing, playing games, do shopping, and more against the price tag of US$0.01 to US$5.00 and even more as you can see out of the screen-shot.

Apart from the ClixOffers, you can get more offers from the external offering systems which are;

  • ly
  • TrialPay
  • OfferToro
  • Wannads
  • Adscend
  • AdGate
  • KiwiWall

Let’s do the offers completed time to time to enjoy making the money.

Relevant post: How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing in 2019

3- Figure Eight Tasks

Click on the “Tasks” and you are up on the page where you see some small tasks to complete.

And the price for the tasks start from as low as US$0.01.

By the way, the Figure Eight Tasks is the external service which is provided by Figure Eight (formerly known as CrowdFlower.)

To access the job, you will actually have to create an account on Figure Eight and you will be redirected to the Figure Eight’s page right after clicking on any of the task.

This screenshot shows how the tasks are shown as the normal-look under the name “Available Jobs.”

But when you click on the button of “Show Potential Jobs”, you are then get to see the type of the jobs that are for more-experienced people.

Those potential jobs actually are for those people with the experience and have already spent their time in earning the badge.

You see the level numbers beside the job’s name, you need to have the level’s badge earned first to be able to hit that level-based job to mark it done (or completed.)

4- Referrals


Refer people to the ClixSense.

And every referral will get you a good commission.

Not just right after the referral signed-up but with every action he (or she) will take on the ClixSense.

First off, you send your referral link to someone on the social media, or through the email, or by anything.

And ClixSense has parted the commission systems into two, which are;

  1. Sign-up commission
  2. Activity commission

1- Sign-up commission

When the person signs up on the ClixSense website using your referral link, that successful sign-up will earn you US$0.10 to US$0.30 if coming from selective countries.

And then your referral makes his (or her) first US$5.00 on the ClixSense, you are paid with US$2.00 as the good bonus.

While the sign-ups made from the countries that include Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Sweden, they will get you to earn a hefty commission of US$5.00 when they earn their first US$5.00.

2- Activity commission

Not only just after the sign-up and you earn a commission, you are set to earn it forever.

When your referral does anything, takes survey, complete a task, or play the game, you are earned 20% commission out of every action.

As the time goes by, you are set to increase your commission level to 30%.

So, the more your referrals earn for themselves, the more you will get paid as the commission. 🙂

So, refer the people as much as possible! 🙂

5- Games


Oh yes, you are up for seeing a dedicated page on ClixSense that is only for the “Games.”

Hold on…

Are you thinking of getting the money for playing just the games?

Well… that thought is too obvious to hit into the mind.

But… no. You are not.

You are not going to get paid for playing the games.

These games are just for refreshing your mind while you are at ClixSense.

Try out some most-awesome games and freshen up yourself.

And the games are in the categories action, arcade, racing, puzzle, and more and are available online AND totally free to play.

That means you are not bound to install first on your machine and then run it.

Just go to the Games page, click on any interesting game, and start playing it without any wait or the hassle.

How to get paid with Clixsense

You are earning, earning, and earning.

Getting into the ClixSense everyday, and thrice time in a day.

Hitting the tasks, completing the offers, and killing off the surveys.

And banking up your ClixSense account and you are at the level of getting enough money that is ready.

Now… it comes to the point that how to get that money travel to your side.

So for that, these are the only options you can use to get your earned money from the ClixSense, and with only three payment gateways which are;

  1. Payoneer
  2. Skrill
  3. Tango card

1- Payoneer

Payoneer is an easy payment gateway being widely used throughout the world, and the world’s second largest choice of the people after PayPal.

You can use Payoneer card to withdraw your payment made on the ClixSense through any ATM machine of any bank, and from any country where you will receive the payment in the local currency against the exchange of the US dollars.

But… here is the catch.

You can request the withdrawal of the money from ClixSense when you have generated at least US$20.00 as it is the basic and minimum cashout set by ClixSense.

And the withdrawal fee is US$2.00 that will be charged by the ClixSense excluding the fee charged at the time of ATMs withdrawal depending upon the bank.

And the money will be deposited within your Payoneer card in 2-5 business days unless you had requested for the instant load of the payment against the extra fee.

You can set up your bank account up on Payoneer to be able to receive the payments directly into your bank account, too.

2- Skrill

Skrill works like almost as the Payoneer.

You are able to receive the payments into your bank account using Skrill as well as get it using its prepaid card.

And ATM withdrawal is allowed as well because that is the most-basic function used up internationally, nope?

The good thing about the Skrill is its minimum cashout is US$10.00 and the fee of the withdrawal is brilliantly low to 1% out of the whole payment that you will get to withdraw.

3- Tango card

Tango card is used when you are in no need to withdraw your money but to convert your earned money to be used as the digital gift cards to utilize them on Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, etc.

Here the minimum cashout is again set to US$10.00 and without any sort of the fee.


Sorry that PayPal is not allowed by the ClixSense for the reason unknown.

Earn by affiliate program with Clixsense

Affiliate program is mostly and commonly used for earning the money for taking an action, right?

But here… the earning system is little different.

The affiliate program here has two models;

  • Banners
  • Splash page


The banners you can use in your website/blog by placing the html code of the appropriate banners and into the appropriate places like widget, posts, etc.

The banners are actually set to get people to sign up using your link.

So every successful action that banner receives, the target here is get an active sign up to be able to get paid with the commission against that one sign up and earning the recurring commission forever when that sing up remains serious to get himself (or herself) growing.

Splash pages

That is the wonderful system to gain the fast attention and the quick result of the people visiting your blog.

See it through… you have put up the splash pages on your blog/website and the people get to see it very first before your blog/website.

How good it sounds?

You have higher chances of getting the people to sign up.

And again… You are then going to enjoy the good commissions!

Go for it and test!

Forum for!

ClixSense does own a forum as well and is mainly used for the user’s queries, getting the help, and helping the community.

Since the forum is built for the user base, it holds very helpful user-generated material which you can browse for yourself.

Help Area.

Help area is totally dedicated for the help with post-written FAQs page, company’s announcements, and you can submit the support ticket right from this page as well as keep track of your already-created tickets.

If you are new to the ClixSense, it is the one most-important area to get the sense of the whole website and its system.

ClixSense Blog.

The ClixSense blog holds the great updated information about the common topics that people have ideas about in their minds.

It is occasionally updated with the latest content which you can refer to get some good grip of the knowledge.

Users’ review — External side.

ClixSense is in the business since 2007 and have many good stories (and bad as well.)

Why I pick it up all for myself and not let you to eye on them?

Just look at SurveyPolice.com and decide for yourself the credibility of the website, ClixSense.com

Go to this link: ClixSense Ranking and Reviews – SurveyPolice

And see for yourself!

The user reviews there have the mix of the ratings but they just do not prove to label it as a scam or an illegal site.

Check it out!

Q&A related to ClixSense

Is ClixSense a Scam or Legit?

ClixSense is one of the few legitimate website which is around for years and it is not a scam at all.

How much money I will make from ClixSense?

It depends. How much is your access on ClixSense and the time. You can earn from minimum of few bucks to hundred of dollars. On Average, people earn anywhere between $10 to $16 a day. You can also earn addition income through their Affiliate Program.

Why there is no PayPal?

It used to have the PayPal bbut because PayPal has put the PTC sites into the violation of its policy. So they have removed it.

When will I get paid?

As soon as you hit minimum cashout threshold set as per your payment gateway which is (if) Skrill, Payoneer, and Tango Card.

How many accounts I can make?

Unfortunately, they have a limit for Just one account.

Can I open my ClixSense account in different location?

Yes, it is possible to access your account in different location but you cannot use your own computer to access any other ClixSense account at all.

Is ClixSense safe in India?

Yes it is safe to access since it’s a legitimate program.

Conclusion on ClixSense Review 2023

It is time for the conclusion now!

So I ask…

Did you know about ClixSense.com before?

If yes, did you use it earlier and how much you earned in all time?

And are you still using it?

If not, are you going to check this out for sure?

And, how did you like this ClixSense review?

I would be so waiting to hear your every thought, every feeling, and everything about this review in the comments section. 🙂

So… I must see you in the comments! 🙂

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