Content Repurposing Explained: Why Bloggers Should Do This

Content Repurposing

Have you ever felt you are out of ideas to publish content on your blog?

Well, Well and Well.

What if I tell you that you could publish more content on social media without having to create fresh content?

You’d be surprised. Isn’t it?

Content Repurposing Explained

I’m going to talk about Content Repurposing. It’s a content development technique that some of the top digital marketing companies, content marketers, and probloggers use for audience engagement on social media.

Before I get carried away into the explanations of content repurposing, let me define what it is.

What is Content Repurposing?

It’s a process of utilizing already created content to create new content with the same subject matter but for a different platform. For instance, if you wrote an article and you use the important points of that article to make an infographic for Pinterest, it would be considered as content repurposing.

Content repurposing doesn’t have to do anything with the ideas to publish content, but it does help in getting more attention on the internet.

You must have heard about 80:20 rule in digital marketing that one should spend 20% of the time on creating content and 80% of the time on promoting content.

Content repurposing could play a big role in making the 80:20 rule happen for you.

There are different reasons why companies, e-commerce stores, and digital marketers repurpose content. They know the power of content repurposing. Moreover, it’s hard to come up with new content now and then so they utilize existing content, especially for social media.

5 Reasons Why Bloggers Should Do Content Repurposing

Maximize Your Content Reach

One of the very basic reasons why bloggers should pay attention to content repurposing is that it could extend their reach online. If you’re a blogger who just publishes articles on the blog and shares a few times on social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, and does nothing else. It means you’re missing out on several opportunities. For instance, you can take your blog post and make an infographic using the key points of the blog post and post on the Pinterest platform. You have no idea what it could do to your Pinterest following as well as blog traffic. If you do this, you’d eventually maximize your content reach because you’re getting your content to another platform and the more pairs of eyes are seeing your content.

Meet the New Audience

Repurposing your content would help you get access to the new audiences. If you don’t utilize some social media platforms, you can utilize those now using content repurposing technique. Some of us don’t use specific social media networks because you don’t feel confident about putting out content on them. For instance, it’s difficult for non-native English speakers to speak or write English correctly. Do you know a lot of people don’t upload videos on YouTube because you aren’t confident about speaking English?

All you have to do is understand how content repurposing works. Make sure you pick the most useful yet engaging content to repurpose because people don’t want to consume or repurpose boring content. Once you start putting out content on these social media platforms, you’d notice that your following would start to increase. Eventually, you’d meet up with the new audience.

Increase Website Traffic

It’s easy to figure out that when you’re repurposing your content, you’d be stumbling upon different social media and content platforms. If you simply use the descriptions of other platforms to link back to your main source, which could be your blog post URL, you can pull this off. For example, if you repurpose your blog post into a YouTube video, use the description to write the details about the video topic and refer the viewers to the blog post URL as well. Furthermore, you can mention that viewers can read the in-depth text version of this video through this link. You can easily get a few more visitors every day just by start repurposing your content on YouTube. It’s not limited to just YouTube, you can upload your videos to Facebook and LinkedIn as well with a similar description. Just imagine, what could happen if one out of ten videos goes viral on Facebook?

Use as an Opt-in Bribe

An opt-in bride is a freebie that you give out in the lead generation process. For example, when you subscribe to someone else email list, you get a gift. Normally, bloggers find it difficult to come up with an opt-in bribe that attracts the audience to take action and download it. You can repurpose your blog content to offer like an ebook. If you design a good cover and name it properly, you can attract people to download it. This way, you could build your email list too. So content repurposing could be a great strategy to use as an opt-in bribe.

Post Social Media Content at Scale

It’s necessary to post regular, good content on social media. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to carry on dominating and staying relevant. People are talking, commenting, sharing, and reviewing on social media; it makes this space so noisy, which is why posting social media content at scale is necessary here. When you repurpose your content, you get your bucket full of content to publish on social media. For example, use a blog post to create a video for YouTube, then use the same blog post to create an image-post for Instagram and Facebook, and finally, you can create a pinnable image for Pinterest as well. The idea is simple; the more you publish on social media, the higher the chances of getting attention.

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Your Thoughts?

So I have shared five reasons why anyone should care about content repurposing.

If you’re a blogger or a company, pay attention to content repurposing.

It’s not a difficult thing to do; all you have to utilize your existing content and create a different type of content using the same topic. Feel free to make a few changes in words for better performance on the specific platform.

Now, it’s time for you to share your thoughts on content repurposing.

Have you learned something about content repurposing?

Would you be able to do or at least try to do this?

I’ll be looking forward to reading your answers in the comments section.

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