The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Facebook Video

Entrepreneurs Guide to Facebook Video

The video has become the internet sensation. If you’re not aware of the heat that video format is emitting right now then it means you’re into the online marketing. This leads us to this opportunity to find out what’s going on in today’s online business world.

A lot of you might be small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and investors. So you all deserve to know an impactful engagement tool in social media. It’s video.

Facebook has been very active with its video growth. The platform seems to be competing with the video giant YouTube and this isn’t something that is unclear. Both the platforms are social media giants and gaining momentum across the globe.

In this article, you’re about to learn how you can use Facebook video for the better. There is no doubt that the platform will be seeing the video content with very attentive eyes. Not only does it bring the opportunity for the content creators and publishers but it also poses some threat from the competition point of view. Because if your competitor adopts the Facebook video and you don’t, the chances are they might outclass you because you might be missing the whole engagement medium.

Are Algorithms Real?

Facebook has been very concerned about the content quality and time to time we hear about the algorithms that might stop low-quality content to be recommended to the audience and the higher quality content would be better reach or the above of all, how Facebook would analyze the content might just get better now. But we all know that these algorithms and updates are an on-going process and it doesn’t stop. Sometimes an update could affect your social reach and the next could benefit you.  One thing you could do as an entrepreneur is to keep planning on creating high quality content and keep on experimenting with the ideas. The last year algorithm updates seem to be valuing the video content, which is why publishers have started focusing on the native Facebook video.

How to Win with Facebook Video?

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m going to give you to-the-point solution on Facebook video. This is really important for our long-term online marketing strategy. If you don’t start to invest thought into this, you may not be able to understand it, not to mention invest money into it. So, how would someone win at this?

Following are the key elements of Facebook video success:

Native Uploading

It all begins with uploading the video natively to the Facebook. It does provide a huge difference and a natively uploaded video can’t be organically similar to the YouTube or Vimeo video that is being shared to the Facebook. So entrepreneurs must understand that Facebook wants users to upload video natively to the platform. This is no secret that social networks are actively following the video content and especially Facebook is quite focused on the video content. So leverage the ranking and authority that Facebook might offer to the native video uploaders, of course, if the content is worth it.

Long Form Content

It has been considered that long form content does perform well. For instance, we’ve seen the concept of watch time on YouTube. The longer a channel engages the viewers, the better the ranking. It’s true that Facebook could intelligently notice whether or not the users are engaging with the content and if they’re slipping away or hitting the back button to go back, the Facebook could analyze that the content isn’t worth it. Facebook’s news release also hinted about the time spent viewing which means the platform would observe for how long the user has consumed the content and how likely people are clicking on it when they see it on the news feed.

Live Broadcasting

Facebook has keenly developed the Facebook Live feature. The competitors like YouTube and Twitter have also launched their live features. Twitter owns periscope and Facebook owns Instagram (which also has now the live feature). The live video broadcast has rapidly changing the dynamics of online engagement and marketing. You would often see someone on Instagram or Facebook doing live streaming. In the social media world, live streaming is the most prominent engagement tool at the moment. So Facebook does have the ability to provide the users with the live streaming ability. Whether you’re on desktop or mobile device, you can live streaming on Facebook.

Vertical Video

This is something groundbreaking. Facebook is clearly after the online video. The vertical video is something extraordinary that Facebook is planning on. According to the news update from Facebook, Facebook is rolling out a new vertical video format, meaning, all the videos that are made and shared in vertical could be played in a whole new style. Remember the vertical video made from mobile and either side of the video were blank. Facebook is bringing on the vertical video that would allow you to play the vertical video in full-screen mode; on mobile devices along with the ability to drag and minimize it just like YouTube mobile app.

Facebook Video on TV

Facebook has been aggressively pushing the video for quite some time now. One of the examples is the Facebook Video App for TV. According to the news update from Facebook, they already have rolled out the apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV, and more coming soon. It means that we will be able to watch Facebook videos on TV.


We’ve seen that Facebook video isn’t just an option for any Facebook user to upload the kids funny video to share with the family and friends. Facebook video looks to compete with the YouTube directly and the advantage they have is that people don’t have to leave the social platform that they spend time on.

The entrepreneurs must look at the Facebook video and try to figure out a way to utilize their video feature of the social media giant for the better. The video has already become a popular form of content in 2020 and features like live streaming and mobile-responsive videos could help the social media giant to build the momentum in online video. The key elements of Facebook video which I have mentioned are a clear sign that you must take Facebook video seriously.

The question is:

How do you see Facebook video in 2022?

Let me know in the comments below.

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