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Social media has become a vital pillar in today’s digital marketing world. However, the dominance of Facebook and Twitter isn’t the same as it used to be almost five years back. One of the major reasons is the new social platforms that have come out such as Instagram.

Instagram has become a major social media platform in today’s world. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a 13 years old student or 45 years old aeronautical expert, chances are, your friends will already be on Instagram sharing their beautiful, funny, and joyful moments through pictures and stories.

Why Instagram?

We can undoubtedly say that Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms. So It is necessary to understand how it works and how everyone can leverage Instagram for digital marketing and for their own business need’s.

The best part is that you can be in any niche to work on Instagram or use Instagram – you don’t have to be specifically a photographer who uploads beautifully edited photos on Instagram or a traveller.

Brands are paying a lot to the influencers, people are making money off Instagram, the attention of the end-user is there, and the opportunities are countless.

The only question a lot of people might ask is that how they can grow on Instagram so that they could also enjoy the perks of being on the platform. Well, it’s not easy to get there, but at the same time, it’s not impossible either.

Today, I want to talk about a great Instagram Marketing Tool, Which I’m trying from the last weeks i.e.

ShareMyInsights Review

What is

Sharemyinsights is actually a tool which helps you to “Track, analyze and optimize your Instagram marketing with insights into your audience, posts, hashtags, locations, comments, competitors and more.”

Having a strong eye on your competitors activities and detailed insights on how your potential consumers react to your marketing posts is essential for a great marketing campaign and thats what this tool do.

Signing up is really easy, All you need is a facebook ID. After it, it will ask you on your Instagram profile and thats it.


Sharemyinsights dashboard review

The dashboard looks simple and clean. On Main Side, I see my connected profiles. On the left side I’m being presented with different options such as

  • Overview- Which Shows about my followers pattern, location data, hashtags information & insights as well about Recent media.
  • Audience – This has all the statistical data about my followers, audience, impressions, reach, gender and a lot more.
  • Post – This is divided into 3 sub sections including Insights, Hashtags and Top Posts Data.
  • Stories – This has all the statistical data and insights about Stories.
  • Competitors – This is a great functional tab they have given. It overlooks all the marketing activities of your competitors with their detailed insights.
  • Locations – This tab discusses about top followers top cities, countries along with historical change. You also given option to track detailed insights for specific cities.
  • Optimise – This option is really amazing. It helps to explain on the best timing for creating content, comments, likes and reach.

For the review purposes, I was given premium account to check the features.


Here is a detailed insights on my followers, their age, gender and age group


Here i have utmost information about my followers and their location on Instagram. I can even track a particular city as well by going into tracking option


The reason i have said that this function is amazing because it helps me to analyse what’s the best time to produce content.

The tool tracks all your past data and how users interact with them, based on that, it gives me the following data :


The posts function has so much data and information about my posts that I became a great fan of it. Although I do not use Instagram as much I should do (which i definitely will with the help of this tool).


I’m not much frequent with Instagram Stories doesn’t mean that it has any less value either. The stories are a great way to reach masses and remind them about your product or service.

Frequently Asked Questions with ShareMyInsights

Is my account safe?

Yes it is. We know there are many services around that do not use the official API, and in turn put your account at risk. For this reason we registered our app with facebook, and submitted it for the the official verification process.

The team at facebook granted our app access to the live API, which means we’re free to use it, and your account will not be at any risk whatsoever.

Where is my information stored?

That should be your foremost question when you are working with any 3rd party, when asked, they replied,

We use one of the largest and most reputable databases, mongodb to store all of our data.

Mongodb is trusted by companies such as google, facebook and adobe – and has enterprise security features to help keep your data safe.

Plans and Pricing

The great thing about Good companies is, for most of the trials they do not require a credit card so the user can get hands on experience, same is the case with ShareMyInsights.

What If i tell you that the basic plan is free forever!

Get started for free, no credit card required.


Instagram is a great social media platform for brands and individuals. If you’re trying to get attention, market your products, and build an audience on the internet; then Instagram is one of the platforms you should be using.

I have tried to discuss in detail about ShareMyInsights.Com in detail. In this tutorial, i discussed about its functions, cons and pros.

Although I wasn’t much a great fan of Instagram but this tool totally changed my perception mainly due to the marketing and analytical features this tool have.

What Feature You Liked the Most About ShareMyInsights?

What else would you add to this Instagram marketing tool review?

A lot of digital marketing enthusiasts would read this blog post. Leave a comment to interact with others and build relations.

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