Shoppingum Review 2024 Startup in Pakistan

Shoppingum review by Ali Raza

The pace of technology is quick. New developments are occurring quickly. The world has turned into the worldwide town because of improved speed of data and technology. Correspondingly, media has progressed toward becoming center factor in quick changes over the globe. These day individuals lean toward seeking on the web. The shopper jumps at the chance to look online before settling on specific choices.

Shoppingum Reviewed

Let’s do a quick review on how does it work.

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Shoppingum homepage interface:

shoppingum interface

On account of 3G and 4G technology our correspondence and access to data has turned out to be significantly speedier. There are number of Pakistani new companies who are participating in worldwide rivalries. Pattern is changing towards work industry. Pakistani youth are attempting their exertion in developing industry of independent business.

The site gives refreshed costs over all major online stores in Pakistan. Inside its dispatch of less than 2months months has hit the pinpoint center. The site has the benchmark of short of what one million items in their database. In case you’re not mindful about the cost of the item, you can at present hunt through

User Interface of Website:

The UI is exceptionally basic for non-tech individuals, kept interface extremely simple, understandable for everyone, Shoppingum aims to target also the audience who are not very familiar to web and online shopping. Anyone who isn’t comfortable with the web they can look through the items effortlessly.

The manner in which they utilise Google. At the point when item is sought on Shoppingum. It begins indicating violent costs of various merchants. In this situation we can have recognition about cost of the item. Once more this site additionally helps in acquiring on the web. The site likewise demonstrates top offering items decided by our intelligent system. They have extensive variety of items from form, technology to fashion items. Individuals are happy by utilising this site.

Interface and results of search query “Samsung j7”:

searches performed in shoppingum

Ideal Approach:

According to CEO, Muhammad Bilal Jamil:

“We Have more than 1 million products from all trusted online stores in Pakistan, the idea was filling the gap between the customer and online stores. Though, e-commerce industry is blooming in Pakistan, instead, there are some drawbacks as well mainly on vendor-based shopping sites, where, if the user is unaware of the original price of the product, he may be tricked by the vendor by fake high price or quality of products.

This problem is taking the E-commerce industry in Pakistan on backfoot. We came up with a solution, Shoppingum. A platform where decisions are made, where the user can not only search his desire product, but can also compare the prices, feature, specs and delivery time of his desire product on a single click within milliseconds. Our machine learning system not only learn the user behavior but also analyze the product reputation and score each product on some important parameters. We alter the results accordingly as per the score of products, to get the user most recommended product and left the ultimate choice to use.”

Comparison of Samsung j7 max on different sites:

comparison on different sites

Vision for is meant to end up next Google of Pakistan as far as value looking at. At show on the off chance that we need to purchase the clothes washer except if we won’t go the physical store, we won’t get the great cost. To tackle this legend accompanies giving increase costs of various web based shopping in only one site.

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Customers don’t need to advance out of their home to know the costs; each data of item is accessible on the web. Web based business industry of Pakistan is developing and we anticipate enormous development in this portion. Our ultimate goal is to give a solution to the problem in E-commerce industry in Pakistan which are acting as a hurdle in its growth.

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  1. Shoppingum is a good website which compare other websites products to ease us. But this website has no good appearance in look & feel regards.
    There are many websites in Pakistan which are working online shopping stores one the biggest is and many of others like tajori, goto, dukaansay, etc which are working in digital marketing.
    Shoppingum has a few categories of items

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