Best Affordable WordPress Hosting in 2024

Best Affordable WordPress Hosting

Under the hunt for WordPress hosting, we can easily name many providers regardless of their price range.

Sad to state, they would not then fit into the criteria of best affordable WordPress hosting…

We can even see many overpriced ones, surpassing the barrier of US$ 20.00 per month, proving the fact that they are not really affordable. Although there are Best Cheap WordPress Hosting still available

For the real starters, we believe in bringing up the least cheaper and quite affordable hosting plans for their WordPress blogs/websites.

And those plans are way affordable; we are talking about diving down under the range of US$ 5.00 per month.

But no. You would not have to encounter any compromise with the performance. Then, there is no compromise on security. And no compromise on the features.

We bet there you would only witness the extreme affordability with all the hosting providers’ plans.

Should we surprise you more? Okay, know that these plans would not just only work to host the starter WordPress websites but you can freely host even the established ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to go on and grab all the details about these best affordable WordPress hosting!

Best Affordable WordPress Hosting Companies in 2024

A quick view of how many of them you would see through this extensive piece of the best affordable WordPress hosting;

1- Hostinger: Highly Resourceful Yet Extremely Affordable WordPress Hosting

Hostinger never resists surprising the masses.

The new entrants into the world of owning websites and dealing with the variety of web hosting, most of them are turning their heads toward Hostinger.

And we believe they are doing right for the sake of improving and growing their websites/online businesses at the right pace.

Long gone are the days of only picking the plans from the selective web hosting providers. Now the tech world is full of them, and not all are reliable no matter what claim they offer.

Hostinger falls into the top-tier ones, and we can vouch for what claims it comes with the same as we have been using this for many of our websites and found no obstructions at all.

Pick “Premium”;

Pay $2.49/mo for the “Premium” plan, you would not believe but you just invited yourself to be found by some top-notch features.

Hostinger is going to be a crush (that is what we think for ourselves) because of the full-on-loaded resources against the price that costs merely and is equivalent to a cup of coffee that we sip 3 or 4 times a day.

First thing first, 100 websites and that is a comfortable claim to make because if you start with the starter websites, the SSD storage sizing to 100 GB would not disappoint.

But if you just allocate the same plan to host over 10 websites and grow them to become something noticeable; yeah, this plan would not disappoint either in this case.

All in all, this investment in this tiny hosting plan is going to be a win-win situation for your online endeavors.

Take a Jibe on “Business”;

Let’s take a plan to a little enhanced stage; the “Business” hosting plan which costs only $3.69/mo will never change the website count (standing at the same 100) but we see a lot more changes (good ones) as you subscribe for it.

The increased performance (up to 5x) the whooping 200 GB NVMe storage (the advanced level storage type than plain SSD), and the backup duration transformed to daily.

You know these bunch of increased resources will impose a whole lot of impact on your sites. So, we are talking about the number of highly-potential and set-to-grow websites in the range of 20 to 30.

Either you use the same plan to host many WordPress sites at once or establish the online stores using the all-favorite WooCommerce (basic version, although we do not recommend wholly going with a WooCommerce-type of an online store because it abruptly lacks the full version of WooCommerce-backed stores.)

Enjoy the Air with “Cloud Startup”;

This is the plan that we can fairly recommend to set up your WooCommerce-backed online WP stores.

With a major plunge in price (to $8.99/mo), the same you will witness in the line of resources.

It will easily support up to 300 websites and offer the maximum performance which is way beyond 10x and up to 200 GB NVMe storage making the whole situation a lot more comfortable.

There you then need the daily backups for sure.

When talking about utilizing this plan solely for establishing online stores, you get the chance to receive standard WooCommerce-related stuff that you cannot easily find elsewhere.

And never missing the daily backups will save your back from all the uncertainties that can happen anytime, any day.

Plenty of Freebies;

All WordPress Hostinger plans come with plenty of freebies. Once they were premium and now offered all for free.

And we are talking about;

  • Free email
  • Free unlimited SSL certificates
  • Free domain worth
  • $9.99 for a year
  • Free CDN with “Business” and “Cloud Startup” plans
  • Free 1-click WordPress installation
  • Free automatic website migration
  • Free dedicated IP address but that is limited only with the “Cloud Startup” plan
Hostinger will be the Core Manager;

This is something you have never asked for, and we believe no one would ever expect to get the managed hosting plan within this price slot.

WordPress sites get auto-updated, leaving you the margin to focus on growing the site instead of looking into the technicalities.

And play with your WordPress site but not with the live version using the staging tool. This copies the live site and provides a safe room to test the changes without fiddling with the live version.

With that being said, enjoy the Secure Access Manager, WP-CLI and SSH, on-demand backup, and Git integration that makes WordPress site management easy and sturdy.

High-End Security Protocols on Most of the Plans;
  • Cloudflare-protected nameservers
  • Malware scanner
  • Web application firewall
  • Domain WHOIS privacy protection (Free)

We always wish to see such web hosting providers providing these many security protocols because the world is full of nuisance. However, it is your duty as the webmaster to always use the trusted plugins, codes, and themes, but with Hostinger, you are pretty much safe from the core.

More Trusted on “”;

5-star rating, more favoring reviews, and the overall TrustPilot score of 4.6 out of 23,725 posted reviews; what more can you expect?

2 – BlueHost: Old and Popular Affordable WordPress Hosting

BlueHost never seizes the chance of getting listed in almost all kinds of web hosting comparisons.

With that being said, this tops the list again with its competitive WordPress hosting plans. Yes, the plans are plain affordable.

And, we do not see just one or two hosting plans; the actually four of them that are way cheaper than anyone can expedite.

Let us just hook them all in one go.

As you can see these four WordPress hosting plans are way affordable to hook your website.

Super “Basic”;

The “Basic” one priced @ $1.99/mo will act as the finest solution to host your one-starter website.

Choose the “Choice Plus”;

Then the second plan (Choice Plus) which is priced at $3.99/mo is for the real webmasters who want to host three starter websites in one go. Meaning they can run all three of them and grow to reach some level.

Get on the Bandwagon with “Online Store”;

And the third one “Online Store” with the staggering price of $6.99/mo will give you a chance to host up to three websites… no, not the websites but the online stores (know WooCommerce?)

It also contains a series of online store-backed features and an optimized hosting plan which will never decrease your speed and performance. Know that even a second’s delay will eventually de-interest the shopper.

You can nicely utilize this plan to host three starter online stores, or make it a go-to plan to host your one grown-up store; the choice is yours!

All-the-Way Professional with “Pro”;

At the end, the “Pro” hosting plan standing at the price of $8.99/mo can be a house to up to over five websites. We can fairly say those five websites can be mediocre ones and not the starters.

Or again, an established high-traffic bearing WordPress website will not be an issue.

All Managed Plans;

The good thing about subscribing to BlueHost’s WordPress hosting plans is plain and simple; they are managed.

Managed in the sense whenever the technicalities hit your door, you cannot fiddle around on your own but rather ask BlueHost support to assist you. They will perform those technical tasks for you.

Even for the simple plugin installation, you can ask them let alone what more technical you can go.

Bundle of Freebies;
  • Free CDN on all plans
  • Free domain for one year with all plans
  • Free SSL for one year with all plans
  • Malware scanning included in the last three plans
  • Free daily backups for one year for the last three plans
  • Free domain privacy for one year with the last three plans
Exceptional Services Only with “Online Store” plan;

And the “Online Store”, alone, will surprise the marketers who are the sole consumer of this plan. The provided plugins and the updates will make your online store shine like a star as well as tackle unmatched speed conforming to high-end performance.

That will not be just a store, it will actually make you a complete store without the need of using any external plugins and stuff.

Chat/Phone Support;

The “Basic” plan only offers chat support but with the rest of the hosting plans, you get chat + phone support to make things move way faster than ever.

3 – SiteGround: A Least Popular WordPress Hosting Provider

What most of the people looking for WordPress hosting do is go with the recommendation, to which they hear the names of all day long, and from everyone they know.

If they hear the name lots of times, they will not take a plunge and grab something out of the box.

But for those who believe in trying other names (reputable names), we take the privilege to introduce them to SiteGround!

Yes, SiteGround has been in business since 2004, thus we are not meant to introduce a new line. It’s just that not everyone knows much about it and its name.

Let us clear something rolling in the air; the top-tier hosting companies have been mainly considered bearing the expensive plans but the reality is completely different, you will see the highly inexpensive WordPress hosting plans offered by SiteGround!

For that to get started, we see three of the WordPress-dedicated hosting plans;

Start with “StartUp”;

As you can clearly see the least-priced plan of “StartUp” goes way down to $3.99/mo. Well, it is a little pricier being the basic one but the features availed justify the price tag.

You will get 10 GB of storage which is enough to host a starter website and get it to grow over time. That means you should not need to hunt for any other plan anytime soon because it happily supports up to 10,000 visits every month and the unmetered traffic where your bandwidth use does not get counted.

Time to “GrowBig”;

GrowBig (priced @ 6.69/mo) is for webmasters who are planning to burst out with a lot of domains in one go. However, this plan will only be suitable for the starter websites just because of its 20 GB web space but the unmetered traffic and the claim of 100,000 monthly visits can be mind-boggling (yes, not blowing!)

Technically speaking, you cannot host unlimited websites on a mere 20 GB of storage…

So, it is good to kickstart a few, see them growing, and move those who have outgrown and cannot hang onto this plan anymore.

Wasn’t we fair enough with our conclusion? 🙂

Go Extra Mile with “GoGeek”;

Just like “GrowBig” and “GoGeek” (priced @ $10.69/mo) plans will have you on one or two of the high-traffic websites but always testing the resources to make them full anytime.

What do we suggest to do here? Again, go with the starter websites and see them coming to hit a point where migration is needed… Sorry that we do not ought to make up such a claim but we have to.

The core issue here is the web space a.k.a., the storage thing which is fairly low with the last two hosting plans.

How did we conclude why 40 GB storage is no more than a pinch of salt? A WordPress website with 100 posts, less than 20 plugins, and a theme or two will nearly fill up 10 GB of storage.

Again… a good fit for your starter sites.

Comes as Managed;

The goodly-good thing about SiteGround is that all WordPress plans come as managed. You do not need to be a techie-nerd to take the issues into your own hands and solve them  on your own. Talk to the support team and you are good to go!

The Endless Freebies;
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free WP Installation
  • Free WP Migration
  • Free Email Migrator
  • WordPress AutoUpdates
  • Free CDN
  • Free Email
Solid-as-Rock Security;

All of the plans include;

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) to woo away the hackers and spammers
  • Malware scanner continuously scanning the server
  • WP-CLI and SSH for secured access
You Directly Contribute to Making the World Less Polluted;


SiteGround mainly uses Google Cloud as the data center partner which consumes 100 percent energy consumption based on renewable energy resources. Thus, you contribute a great chunk in keeping the word less polluted, more green, and carbon-neutral.

Special Features Only with GrowBig and GoGeek Plans;
  • On-demand backup copies
  • 30 percent faster PHP processing
  • Free staging
  • White-labeling the clients
  • Free private DNS
  • Max tier of resources to consume
  • Priority support

4- HostPapa: An Unknown But Quite an Affordable WordPress Hosting Provider

Unknown provider. Yes, the unknown affordable WordPress hosting provider we can vouch for.

Incorporated back in 2006, we still call it an unknown hosting provider because of the fact we only get to recall a few names out in the industry.

Practically, there are better approaches than that. We should always search the market to find some good names. Sadly this is what we do not commit to.

So, here we avail a chance to introduce you to HostPapa, and we do hope you would not have heard its name before. If you do, congratulations! You are like us who want to think out of the box. 🙂

Coming back to it, HostPapa covers WordPress and offers extremely convenient and four affordable hosting plans.

Surely you gotta be loving all of them price-wise as well as the resources-wise.

Go Big Plans with “WP Start”;

What stuns us?

It is not about the staggeringly low price. It is actually the SSD storage of 100 GB and that too for only one website.

Yes, just one website and this hoard of storage, so you can easily imagine starting one WordPress site and taking it beyond the progress, and still the storage would not fill up that easily.

Hit Multiple with “WP Plus”;

Safe to initiate 10 WordPress websites on the storage slot of over 100 GB that too at SSD will be quite fun seeing them grow for just $5.95/mo.

This way each website will have a safe allocation of up to 10 GB which is pretty adequate to get along with over a year’s work.

But here lies the problem as well — it will just get one standard SSL certificate which will go with just one domain, not with the rest of the nine.

And then comes the good news, you get one free domain name of your own choice as well. Along with that, the WordPress staging will make the situation clearer as you can freely test the changes without ruining the live sites.

So, if you are losing on one front, you are winning on the second.

The One-Step-Ahead “WP Pro”;

You get “WP Plus” for $5.95/mo and then you get “WP Pro” for $5.95/mo; what’s the key difference?

Well, we see not just one but many.

Starting with hosting unlimited WordPress websites, and unlimited email addresses over unlimited SSD storage; so, you can bang on it with full force and get dozens of them growing with peace of mind.

However, its wildcard SSL certificate thing will completely keep one domain and all of its subdomains under great protection. Pretty standard procedure, nope?

And that coming with unlimited websites, you then will get unlimited MySQL databases, 4x more CPU, and MySQL resources to make things move faster than ever. See, you will not experience degraded performance when you switch to this hosting plan and get on board as many WordPress websites as you can.

But that does not end here just like that — the additional WP Pro Suite awards you with 1 GB of automated backups (for the first year), domain privacy to hide your registering information, and the daily malware scan along with removal assistance.

So, what more can you expect?

Go Ultra Powerful with “WP Ultra”;

Last but not least, “WP Ultra” which stands at the price tag of $12.95/mo is the performance booster.

Most of the established webmasters will either pick VPS or dedicated servers and would find it terrible to try shared hosting.

Okay, yes, we know and understand the risk of losing on the front of performance but this WP Ultra plan from HostPapa is the real deal, and we do not wish anyone not to test it out once in their lifetime.

First off, 8x more CPU power along with MySQL and 4x more server resources is the stellar idea. Of course, your high-traffic websites deserve to be powered up with the best server resources!

Then you get a hold of premium Jetpack with all the goodies installed. After that, enjoy the wildcard SSL certificate, pretty enjoying core WP features, and a whole bunch of WP ultra features to collectively boost the site performance.

But the things do not stop right here — WP Ultra Suite comes with some great goodies like 10 GB of automated backups, domain privacy for the whole duration, daily malware scan with unlimited removal assistance, and a fully-managed web application firewall for proactive security to grow your WordPress websites without thinking about the security even for a hunch.

  • Free domain registration for first-year
  • Standard SSL certificate
  • Pre-installed Free Jetpack on the first three plans. Although, WP Ultra comes with the premium Jetpack.
  • 10 to unlimited free emails (plan-wise)
  • Free website transfer/migration (you can even host an established WordPress site and move over to this plan!)
  • Daily malware scan with removal assistance (typical to unlimited) on the last two hosting plans
  • Free domain privacy obtained only with the last two plans
  • Automated backups (from 1 GB to 10 GB) only with “WP Pro” and “WP Ultra”)
24/7 Customer Support;

You can reach out to HostPapa the way you feel comfortable via chat, email, and phone.

CloudLinux Server;

Easy-to-use system, common yet secured, and lightweight operating system which would not throw in any problem.

The renowned “cPanel” access is a lovely gift only offered by CloudLinux-based servers.

Auto Detects and Remove Malware;

Yeah, its daily active malware scan will get rid of it without coming to your notice… ever! (accredited to a few selective plans)

5- InMotion Hosting: Best Valued WordPress Hosting Provider

Think out of the box, and we always speak for this claim.

In that attempt, InMotion Hosting emerges as the best-valued WordPress hosting provider which delivers extremely affordable hosting plans.

Somehow the low-end plan could be a little higher than all of the other plans we included in the list but all of the hosting plans are worth the try.

Okay, the name does not ring the bell but you would be surprised InMotion Hosting was conceived back in 2001 by Sunil Saxena and Todd Robinson.

Despite all of that, all four offered hosting plans will act as a true WordPress booster!!

Core Valued “WP Core”;

“WP Core” starts with the price of $3.29/mo powering up two WordPress websites.

Isn’t it the right start because you land on a 100 GB NVMe SSD. Let’s split 100 GB into two, and each site ends up with 50 GB storage which is pretty adequate, no?

Not only that, this plan also offers 10x WP-backed performance and unlimited bandwidth. Also, enjoy creating over 10 email addresses to uplift your site.

Launch Series of Businesses with “WP Launch”;

Okay, the price is slightly on the higher edge but we do not see it diminishing the series of benefits.

So, a good whooping 25 websites that you can start on the first day of acquiring the plan over the uncounted and unlimited NVMe SD along with unlimited bandwidth. These limitless features will turn out to be the backbone of empowering the websites.

Thus, these many websites need supercharged performance and this plan commits to providing 20x WP performance!

On top of that, you are entitled to get an unlimited count of email addresses making this a lot professional and classy.

The advanced caching will greatly impact keeping the page load speed with the combination of 20x WP performance!

Test the Power with “WP Power”;

Suppose you do not know how many WordPress websites you ought to start over time, and for that, we believe in “WP Power” with a monthly cost of $6.75/mo.

Pretty generous, no? We meant you get unlimited WP sites with unlimited NVMe SSD storage and unlimited bandwidth; the prestigious combination you can hardly find from anywhere else.

And the supercharged performance of over 30x times will never cause you any lag or delay in accessing your WordPress websites. If you ever do, your internet connection will be the culprit.

All Professional “WP Pro”;

Just pay $12.75/mo, and you are on the bandwagon to enjoy the more unlimited stuff like WordPress websites, NVMe SSD storage, bandwidth, and email addresses on top of 40x WP performance.

And the dedicated IP makes things more transparent and clearer like a freshwater pond.

There you do not stop seeing the goodies showering upon you… When you get over “WP Pro”, things do not remain any fun and addiction-oriented. You are there to make things grow, make things to generate income, and make things to beat out in the business.

For that, you are privileged to receive PRO level support where you get the guarantee of 99.99 percent uptime. Anything less than that and expect yourself credited with good compensation.

Choose Your Own Datacenter;

InMotion Hosting provides you with the chance to pick your preferred datacenter. The selective locations are from the U.S. and EU, so choose wisely.

Assigned PHP Workers;

All the plans come with different PHP workers (2, 3, 4, and 6) so that the backend requests are processed more quickly than ever without putting the load on the server.

Dedicated Security Suite and Marketing Tools;

You get free SSL, hack & malware protection, DDoS protection, automation backups, and morarx security (worth $19.99) across all of the hosting plans.

And in the marketing tools section, you land on a website builder, email from any device, free advertising credits, and the customer management tools on all four hosting plans.

Seamless Customer Support;

On the first two hosting plans, you only get one medium of live chat support. But on the last two, you get live phone plus chat support to make things move faster in times of emergencies.


So, this well sums up the hunt for the 5 best affordable WordPress hosting providers that are rocking the world, powering millions of WP sites across the globe.

We hardly see the big mess happening around with all these names but the matter of fact is, they all come with the stellar and staggering prices associated with their hosting plans only dedicated to WordPress sites.

You use them, and you will be far happier to go with them for years!

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