Best UltraWide Monitors Review 2024

Best UltraWide Monitors review

Are you Looking to buy a best ultrawide monitor? Do you want to improve your view and looking for a big screen to watch something? In this article, I will be discussing some of the best Ultrawide monitors available in the market.

Best UltraWide Monitors Review in 2024

Let’s go through with the best Ultrawide monitors available in the market. I have shortlisted them after doing a careful market survey and research.

LG 34UM61-P 34″ UltraWide Full HD IPS Monitor

LG 34UM61-P 34" UltraWide Full HD IPS Monitor

Although there are no definitive statistics, it is safe to say that while laptops and tablets have reduced the use of desktops and monitors, people with small and lightweight notebook computers still have to use monitors for purposes like professional multi-tasking, gaming and videos etc.


If you have been wanting a monitor that will replace two or three monitors occupying all the space on your desktop and that will still offer the same level of multitasking, you must give LG 34UM61-P 21:9 aspect ratio a try.

Not only the screen is wider than a standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor, but it also comes equipped with LG Screen Split technology that can split your screen into a maximum of 4 small screens for maximum multitasking and professional use.


  • Big 34 inches (21:9 aspect ratio) screen size with LG Screen Split functionality makes it a perfect fit for both: home and office
  • IPS panel with sRGB over 99% assure the best display quality that you will witness
  • Really good response time and refresh rate for gaming fans
  • VESA mount offers the best viewing angle with flexibility


  • Missing features e.g. curve
  • Comparatively poor resolution


That we are done with the basic pros and cons of this product, let us have a detailed look at all the pros and cons.

21:9 Aspect Ratio 34 inches screen

The most important aspect of this monitor from a very reputable TV and computer monitor and electronics brand, is its size. It is a big 34” and 21:9 aspect ratio screen, which means that it is intended more for multitasking and saving your work hours.

The screen is just perfect for dual purposes of entertainment and work; however, there is one concern that we will discuss in cons.

Split Screen 2.0

In almost all of LG’s new line of big and wide screen computer monitors, LG is introducing a new feature: Split Screen 2.0.

While Windows 10 only lets you split your screen into two parts, this function lets you have as many as 4 big and small screens depending on your priority.

This is surely a multitasker’s computer monitor because you can take care of not 1 or 2, but 4 chores at the same time.

IPS Panel coupled with sRGB with Color Calibration over 99%

Well this got too technical. You must be thinking as to what the hell is an IPS panel and what is sRGB and color calibration etc.

I would simplify these details for you. An IPS is a panel technology that shows better picture than technologies like TN and others.

sRGB is a color code based mainly on standard red, green and blue and when you say that you have sRGB with color calibration over 99%, it means that you enjoy a 99% control on the color response of a device.

Yet, this device comes with its own problems. First of all, they make a laptop big and wide like leading few, but they did not give it something that others had: a curved screen for better view.

Secondly, the resolution of this laptop resolution is not in line with LG claims; it is pretty substandard from a critical viewpoint.

Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD

Acer Predator Z35 35-inch Curved Full HD Ultra wide

For one thing that Acer has always been known for is packing and loading powerful technology in innovatively designed devices.

Take Acer 35” curved widescreen, LED monitor that is packed and loaded with so many amazing features. Take 3000:1 contrast ratio for an example. This alone should be the reason to buy this monitor because while a standard monitor will only have 1000:1 contrast ratio, this comes up with 3000:1.

Which simply means that in terms of picture colors and quality, Acer’s Z35 is second to none. However, these are not the only qualities possessed by this monitor.

Here’s a full review of its pros and cons for you:


  • Curved 3000:1 contrast ratio screen of 35 inches
  • Nvidia G-Sync Technology coupled with 144 HZ Refresh Rate
  • MPR II Certified Design
  • 300 Nit Brightness and LED Backlight


  • Image quality is not as clear as expected
  • Not very flexible set up and adjustments

I bet:

These few words are not enough to paint a picture that you want to have in your mind of the possibilities that this monitor can offer.

Well, let us have a look at all good and bad qualities one by one:

Curved Screen 3000:1 Contrast Ratio and Big 35 inches’ size

In terms of size and shape, and thus performance related to these factors, this monitor beats many others 6 days to Sunday.

The screen is curved for a more surrounded vision and better display quality; whether it is a 4K video or cryptocurrency candles, you will not miss a single detail.

Also the color contrast ratio as compared to 1000:1 in standard computer monitors is also a big leap forward. And last, but not the least, size is definitely a plus point. It is bigger than many monitors reviewed on this website.

NVidia Gsync Technology + 144 HZ Refresh Rate

It does not matter whether you are into highly professional level graphics designing or 4K videos or video gaming, the combination of graphics and factors like fps rate and refresh rate play a very important role in smooth and uninterrupted display.

With this monitor on your desk, you do not need to worry because it comes with NVidia Gsync technology and 144 HZ refresh rate.

MPR II Certified Design

This design has got MPR II certification that shows that this is the device for people who want to combine business information and design in a way that would facilitate productivity and project management.

300 Nit Brightness and LED Backlight

If Nit is just one unit of visual brightness and light intensity, imagine 300 Nit combined together behind a screen? This is what Acer Predator Z 35 promises with you.

Take it this way, one Nit is one candela and now imagine what 300 Nit can do behind the screen for a more evolved and better display.

Yet, it does not stop there. We have to talk about LED Backlight as well.

When it comes to making choices in terms of technology, LED backlight is better as compared to plasma because it has longer life and it is energy efficient.


Don’t you think that everything is too good about this monitor. For starters, its customers complain of unclear image quality and the set up and flexibility options of the screen are just very limited. Choice is yours.

LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor with USB Quick Charge

LG 34UC80-B 34-Inch 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS Monitor with USB Quick Charge

From turning your ineffective workspace into a very efficient, wide and spacious screen real estate to maximizing the chillax time, a big curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio is exactly what you need if you monitor looks small for your daily computing tasks and entertainment.

Here’s the problem:

The use of computer today is not as simple and single direction as it used to be; this is the age of multitasking and in case where you need more than one windows to co-exist on your monitor, you need a big HD monitor with a 21:9 curved screen.

This is exactly what LG’s 34UC80-B LED monitor offers, although it has its own demerits that we will also discuss in this review.


  • 21:9 Aspect Ratio Ultra-Wide Quad High Definition IPS display
  • USB 3.0 Quick Charge function
  • sRGB comes with 99% capacity of color calibration
  • Stand offer both: heigh and titl adjustment.


  • Incompatibility with certain personal computers e.g. MacBook Pro
  • Awkward place and functioning of on/off button

That is all:

Let us examine those pros and cons one by one and try to understand whether this curvy monitor is exactly what you want or not.

21:9 Aspect Ratio Curved Monitor to Give You More Windows to See Through

Why 21:9 aspect ratio is a big deal? It is because this makes your monitor so big than a standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor that you can easily open 2 or even 3 windows in the same screen.

This too comes with a curved screen that gives you a better view without much ocular exertion. As a result, you work for longer hours with less tired eyes.

Better Connectivity Options

We live in an era where upcoming monitors would have wireless charging pads instead of useless plastic pedestals. Well, this monitor is not that advanced, but it comes with a fast charging USB 3.0 option and HDMI 2.0 as well.

With HDMI connectivity, all you need is an HDMI cable and from college assignments to HD movies, you can transfer audio, video and other media signals from your laptop to your monitor.

Adjustability at its best

When it comes to a computer monitor, adjustability is limited by one’s own imagination. From screen split technology to height adjustment and tilt adjustment, options are just too many.

This is exactly what you get with LG 34UC80-B 34-inch computer monitor. You can easily adjust its height and/or tilt, and the Screen Split 2.0 lets you split big screen into more than one screen.

Color Calibration

This monitor offers sRGB colors like many other monitors, but with a distinction. It comes with a 99% calibration of colors so you can make changes to the display as you deem fit.


Everything is not kosher about this monitor from LG. First of all, the problem that some Amazon customers of this product faced, is the lack of connectivity with certain laptops like Apply MacBook 15”.

Then there is a flaw that we also noticed and that is an awkward place and handling of the on/off button. So base your decision on your research and not only on ours.

Samsung UH750 31.5″ Screen LED-lit Monitor

Samsung UH750 31.5" Screen LED-lit Monitor

One answer to all questions:

When you are not sure whether you work monitor will only be used for work or you will be dying for some entertainment too, and when you are not sure whether the multitasking will take only one screen, or you are going to need more screens in one monitor, you want a monitor like this.

Samsung’s UH750 35” monitor hits you with a barrage of colors and a plethora of options that you might not even need.

Take the picture by picture or picture in picture functionality as a litmus paper test of the capacity of this monitor.

What are they? Let us find out:


  • Quantum Dot Technology throws 1 billion shades of one color of one object
  • Picture-by-picture ability allows you to connect your monitor with two different devices at the same time while keeping oneness of the image
  • Picture-in-picture capacity lets you have two windows in same monitor and boost the multi-tasking
  • Slim body, narrow bezel, sleek and highly flexible design


  • Wall wart power supply & barrel connector – poor choice
  • Cannot use as a 4K gaming monitor

Let us get it chunk by chunk! Pros first:

Tsunami of colors with 1 billion shades

 Think of a technology that will present one billion shades of each color and those too very accurately, so much so, that you feel every image on the screen coming into life. Well, this is what the quantum dot technology does for you.

Picture-by-picture technology

In a fast paced world where no technology remains new for a long time, think of the devices and gadgets that a student or professional has to use in their daily life.

In this situation it gets real difficult to decide as to which one to connect with the monitor first and which one later.


Thanks to picture-by-picture technology that lets you connect your monitor to two devices at the same time, while maintaining same image quality.

Picture-in-picture technology

Speaking of multitasking one cannot forget as to how money windows they need to open in their standard office monitor. Boss men would go to the extreme of having two or more monitors at their desk.

No more:

This monitor allows you to have two windows (two monitors) in one screen and that too without compromising at the quality of display.

Flexibility Galore

If there is one thing that this monitor must be praised for, it is the flexibility. And by flexibility I do not only mean two devices or two windows flexibility, but more than that.

This monitor can swivel, it can tilt, it pivots and it can be adjusted to any height. Then you have VESA support and this can be easily installed on a wall or on dedicated arms.

This is the sort of flexibility that other monitors often underrate and thus fail.


This device is not perfect at all. There are issues poor power supply option and monitor going dark every now and then. Also, it is not full 4K enabled and if use it to play 4K or UHD games, the screen is likely to go black.

You are thus advised to apply due diligence before buying it.

Review of LG 34UC88-B 34” Monitor


Is the name of one computer monitor brand that will always be remembered because of its innovation in TV screens and monitors, and because of the strong foothold that it has in this niche.

Same is in the case of LG 34UC88-B monitor; it takes care of what LG 34UC80-B overlooked and with a wide screen and an ideal 21:9 aspect ratio, fit for day long multitasking, it comes with a curve.

Curve is not only the style that people crave for, but research shows that curved screens enhance the vision of a spectator and also helps them focus on all corners with equal attention.


  • A 21:9 aspect ratio, curved screen with QHD IPS display
  • sRGB colors calibration over 99%
  • Screen Split 2.0 – have as many as 4 windows in one screen
  • AMD FreeSync Technology to give better refresh rate and thus better gaming experience


  • Issues with built quality
  • Set up and flexibility issues


These are the most important pros and cons of this product. Let us have a look at them one by one.

21:9 aspect ratio 34 inches long curved screen


If you think that all of them amount to one pro, you are wrong. These are actually 3 different qualities of this computer monitor.

First of all, it is not a standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor, but a bigger one which gives you a bigger picture.

Secondly, the screen real estate that it offers cannot be fully described with its actual size from one to another bezel end. This is 34 -inches big monitor and this means that while switching between work and entertainment, you will not be disappointed.

Lastly, it is a curved screen. For many people, curved screen is nothing but a fascinating design and that is all. However, in reality a curved screen offers you better vision of the screen and its contents. This is why from gaming experience to movies to work, a curved screen is always better than a straight one.

QHD IPS Display

IPS is just another display technology but it is better than many, especially TN. Quad High Definition Display technology working on the back of screen makes sure that from 4K movies to gaming and beyond you never slow down.

sRGB Color Calibration over 99%

sRGB, as most of you might know, is a color code based on standard colors (red, green and blue) and thus it is considered best color space for majority machines.

This computer lets you calibrate (measure and adjust) the colors to a limit of 99%, which simply translates into a better display.

Screen Split 2.0

If multitasking is your biggest need and you want more screens with only one monitor, worry not. This monitor comes with Screen Split 2.0 which lets you have as many as 4 windows in your screen.


There are issues with the built quality of this monitor that users do not seem to appreciate. For example, it comes with substandard setup and the flexibility is not entirely there. Still, if you want more windows in less screen, this monitor is a steal.

Acer LCD Widescreen Monitor 34″ Display, UW-QHD Screen, 3440 x 1440, Black

Acer LCD Widescreen Monitor 34" Display, UW-QHD Screen, 3440 x 1440, Black

Acer has been one of the most famous brands in high quality and high definition computer monitors.

This display from Acer is also possessed of all good qualities (and perhaps the cons too) that you can associate with Acer monitors.

With affordable price range and really good picture quality, this a monitor for those who want to find a high definition computer display within affordable price range, but without making any bigger sacrifice in terms of picture quality.

Since it is an IPS computer monitor, the picture quality and standard that you can expect from this computer monitor is much better than other types of monitors and displays.


It is because IPS technology offers the viewers much better viewing angles and colors. However, in terms of response time, an IPS display is not as good as TN.

Here are all the pros and cons for you.


  • 34” IPS Display
  • Ultra Wide Quad High Definition Display with 3440 x 1440 Resolution
  • 4ms Response Time & 75HZ Refresh Rate
  • 07 Billion Colors & 300 Nit Brightness


  • TN Screen Technology has better response rate
  • OSD Controls

Before we start talking about each of the pros and briefly the cons, let me tell you that this product has earned a lot of respect online.

Definitely there are the cons that people talk about most of them praise this product for its high quality display and really good brightness.

Let us now take each and every pro of this product and see whether it is a perfect value for your money or not.

34” IPS Display

Let us first start with the size and nature of the display. It is a 34” display size which is considered among big displays especially for gaming purposes.

The technology behind the display is IPS. IPS display panel technology is a type of LCD panel that was actually designed to resolve the main problems of TN technology: viewing angles and color limitations.

Aspect Ratio

This product comes with the best aspect ratio that you will get to notice in any computer monitor or LCD display.

It comes with 21:9 aspect ratio which is considered the best because of many benefits. For example, the biggest benefit of 21:9 aspect ratio is that you don’t get black bars on the top and bottom of the display.

While some may suggest that 16:9 is the best and definitely it has its own benefits, it is always good having a 21:9 aspect ratio display.

And yes:

This display is a curved display and it goes without saying that will enjoy the best picture quality with better comfort level.

4ms Response Time and 75HZ Refresh Time

4ms response time is not ideal, it is certainly a very good response rate and considering that due to picture quality and other factors, manufacturers chose IPS panel, 4ms is the only logical and best rate that you can expect.


When it comes to refresh rate, this display beats many others because it is many points ahead of the minimum refresh rate which is 60HZ.


The problems are there. TN panels have 1ms response rate and this panel has 4 and it has old school on-screen controls that no one likes these days.

HKC 32” 2K 2560x1440P 144hz Ultrawide Gaming Curved Monitor with FreeSync HDMI and DP

HKC 32'' 2K 2560x1440P 144hz Ultrawide Gaming Curved Monitor with FreeSync HDMI and DP

I know:

There are simply so many 4K monitors out there or QHD or QFHD etc. that no one finds in themselves the appetite of a monitor that is just 2k.

But here comes the sad reality of so-called 4K monitors and cameras.

Many of them that are sold for 4K picture quality, are not even as good as 700p. And this reminds me of a good, old friends who said that these 1080p things are not actually 1080p.

Because if you actually have a 1080p monitor, the picture quality that you will get would definitely be a thing of beauty.

Same is in the case of this 2K curved gaming monitor from HKC. From 1997, this company is making good quality electronic products and this monitor’s refresh alone would put many big names to shame.

So without further ado, let us have a look at pros and cons.


  • 2K Resolution (2560x1440p)
  • 144HZ refresh rate and 4ms response time
  • NTSC 90% & sRGB 110%
  • Curved Screen with 16:9 Aspect Ratio


  • TN Panel has better response time
  • No built-in speakers

As you can see:

The major difference between a simple monitor and a gaming monitor is the refresh rate and then the response rate.

Let us understand all the pros in detail.

2K Resolution


The resolution of this monitor is 2K. In terms of pixels, it is 2560x1440p. This is definitely not 4K, but as I have explained it earlier in the introduction, this is nonetheless a very high resolution display and you will have breathtaking gaming experience.

144Hz Refresh Rate and 4ms Response Time

In terms of refresh rate this monitor beats many 4K monitors because those are not always gaming displays and thus refresh rate is never this higher.

65Hz is considered a good refresh rate and if you get a monitor with double the refresh rate then you must know that you will have zero lags and zero interruption gaming experience.

4ms response time is definitely not the best and with TN displays you can easily get 1ms response time.


Considering that this is perhaps the only good quality of TN displays, it is always a good choice to choose an IPS over TN.

NTSC 90% & sRGB 110%

With 90% NTSC color gamut and 110% sRGB, this gaming monitor offers the best mix of colors and the picture quality is always amazing.

Having these two different ranges of colors combined in one display panel, you must be sure that the picture quality will be worth it.

Curved Screen with 16:9 Aspect Ratio

For starters:

16:9 aspect ratio is the most famous and best aspect ratio in TV displays and monitors. Moreover, what you get is a curved monitor.


Combine 16:9 aspect ratio and a curved screen, and what you will get will be the most engaging gaming experience.


Everything is not so rosy about this product. To start with, the response time is not very ideal and while this is a necessary evil, there is an unnecessary evil too. There are no built-in speakers.


You have to take these factors into account.

Dell Newest IPS LED-Backlit 27″

Dell has been one of the most prominent names in the industry of desktop computers, laptops and computing displays.

This is one of the best Dell computer displays listed on Amazon. From pricing to the specifications of this product, everything is average and this makes it a display that will qualify for the biggest number of Amazon customers looking for a simple and decent monitor.

It is not a curved, 4K monitor with a lot of technological gimmicks; it is a simple monitor with Full HD resolution.

Here are all the important specs.


  • 27” Full HD 1920x1080p Display
  • 75Hz Refresh Rate & 6ms Response Time
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • AMD FreeSync, Adaptive Sync & Anti-glare Technology


  • Not Much Compatible with Gaming
  • No Curved Screen or 4K Resolution

I would understand if these cons confused you. I’ll try to address the confusion here.

Let us first talk about the problem with compatibility. You might want to know why I think that it is not a good fit for gaming.

Well, a refresh rate only 75Hz and most importantly a response time as low as 6ms do not make a gaming computer.

Then there come other issues. Almost all good gaming monitors have curved screens, if not 4K resolution. This one does not sweat these specs, so why add the AMD FreeSync?

You either make a gaming display or you don’t.

Here’s the detail of each of the pros.

27” Full HD 1920x1080p Display

27” is a little on the down side of a semi-gaming monitor’s size. However, it is not a bad one. The resolution of this computer monitor is not 4K, but it is Full HD 1920x1080p resolution which is still considered something like second best.

75Hz Refresh Rate & 6ms Response Time


I mentioned these numbers in my cons and they cannot be the pros. However, they are the positive points considering that Dell does not label or brand this display as a gaming display.

It is just a good computer display with characteristics that make it good for gaming too. Apart from high-end gaming, from other games to heavy software etc. 75Hz is a good refresh rate and 6ms response time is not bad.

16:9 Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio matters a lot in the quality of an image. Basically speaking, it is just the width of screen x height of the screen.

Considering new trends of aspect ratio, I know that this is not the only best out there, but if you asked the traditional aspect ratio that was mostly used in monitors and TV displays, it was 16:9.

AMD FreeSync, Adaptive Sync & Anti-glare Technology

One of the few reasons why people may confuse it with a gaming display is the kind of latest technologies used in this.

Most of the times, ADM FreeSync, Adaptive Sync and technologies similar to them are used to make gaming experience smoother.

However, this one comes with anti-glare technology as well, which makes it more eyes-friendly.

Conclusion on Cheap Best Ultra wide Monitors 2024

This was the list of cheap ultrawide monitors, where i tried to discuss some of the best performing monitors with their specifications, cons and pro’s. Hope you liked it.

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