How to Get Google Ads Certification? – Step by Step – (2024)

If you are into any form of marketing that is done online, and you want it to get done correctly. Well… Not suitably, but online marketing is comprised of several essential factors.

And one of the pillars that you cannot avoid building the house without is, of course, the Google Ads (formerly known as Google Adwords).

Google Ads Certification in 2024

So for the digitally severe marketers, obtaining the relevant certificates are must-be-done tasks.

Because who can actually believe a doctor without obtaining the degree of M.B.B.S. that shows the trail of that person who claims to be a doctor is actually the doctor in real by pursuing the life-long education of the medical and completed it with the highest integrity (getting the degree) to finish his (or her) medical school.

Note : I’m not saying that it is a MUST to have but definitely it’s always a better deal to get it. It adds accreditation, authority and more learning for you.

Got an idea about all of it?

Yeah, we are going to explore and compile the exactly-right and proper guide to get the Google Ads Certification.

That you should know what is going to be involved in how to get Google Ads certification.

Saddle up, folks!

How to get Google Ads (or Adwords) Certification in 2024

The full-fledged guide revealing on Google Ads Certification is below..

Before opening up the entire segment of know how to get Google Ads (or Adwords) certification, we have to do all of it in the gradual manners.

Know the exact steps from the very beginning will not hit the thinking part of your brain while it is essential.

Too essential to know more and all about Google Ads (or AdWords) from the beginning AND why the digital folks (especially the marketers) need to better understand the importance of Google Ads along with the core requirement of having the beautiful Google Ads certificate on your shoulder.

So, let’s begin with the whole process to go deep into the Google Ads certification thingie!

  1. What is Google Ads?
  2. Purpose of Google Ads certification
  3. Where to obtain the Google Ads certificate from?
  4. The benefits of Google Ads certification
  5. Preparation to win the Google Ads certification
  6. Language the Google Ads Certification support
  7. How to retain your Google Ads certification for long?
  8. The sheer difference between Google Ads certification with Partner badge
  9. F.A.Q.s about Google Ads Certification

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is the renowned alternative name of Google Adwords, which gets used to show the online ads through different channels and that too with the proposed cost.

Most digital marketers believe it the one hot system to market the businesses using ‘Google Ads’ and include it amongst the action-list when it comes to finalizing the marketing strategy for their clients to rock the internet world.

Google Ads is considered as the top result-oriented marketing tactic that brings the exactly-expected results to gain the quick thrust of targeted traffic right towards online properties (web pages, sales pages, applications, and more.)

Whatever your motive is to use Google Ads for, the result is going to be the traffic, and lots of traffic and get it comfortable with spending for every visit you receive.

That is the core purpose to use Google Ads because of going through the numerous amount of setting to set for your targeted ads, and it will reach the right audience segment that you chose only to SEE and VISIT the online properties that you meant to promote.

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Purpose of Google Ads certification

Google Ads is not kind of the book one should just read and leave aside.

It is the well-versed program that is widely used with the known tactics and the ones devised by the users to attain the best results out of their spendings.

Get yourself professionally accredited by obtaining the Google Ads certification to showcase how known and informed you are with the Google Ads.

And that shows the person holding this certification as an expert in the online advertising world who have passed through every single piece of required portion of Google Ads to use it to break the limits.

That means if you hold it, you can be proud to demonstrate yourself as an expert online advertiser ready to serve the world with the earned knowledge!

Where to obtain the Google Ads certification from?

It is easy.

Go for the Google Academy for Ads to get the process of winning the Google Ads certification, but that is not just like that.

Click on “Start Now” button to begin the whole of it.

You would be handed over to the next page containing “All Topics” where the following of the topics would see.

But what we are interested, and that is Google Ads, so click on the name.

Now, this page lists seven different certification types related to the different types of Google Ads, and whichever you are most interested in, do click and explore what it got for you.

  1. Digital Sales
  2. Google Ads Display
  3. Google Ads Mobile
  4. Google Ads Search
  5. Google Ads Video
  6. Shopping Ads

Digital Sales

Wanting to learn the art of digital selling, this Google Ads certification type is made for you.

Learn this skill of sales to prepare yourself better to effectively sell digital products using the best practices to break the sales records in your office.

What is Google digital sales certification?

Google Digital Sales assessment is designed to test knowledge of an individual in selling skills digitally.

Google Ads Display

Let’s take the opportunity to learn the best of Google Ads Display for adequate knowledge with proven practices to try it to their complete worth.

Google Ads Fundamental to learning what it is about from the basic concepts, Google Ads’ online advertising best practices, along with managing and optimizing the Google Ads campaign to squeeze the best results out of them.

Google Ads Display Certification allows you to create and manage the Google Ads Display campaigns with their most exact knowledge to lead them to bring you the results.

Are Google display ads effective?

Yes, visual ads are highly more appealing and generates attention which can results in branding, advertising and more sales for a business.

Google Ads Mobile

Just like the Google Ads Display that pretty much works with the computer/laptops but is not used for mobile.

What is Mobile Ad?

As per Google, A type of ad that can appear on webpages and apps that are viewed on a mobile device like a cell phone or tablet.

And for the mobile, the separate certification program called Google Ads Mobile to feed you with the best implemented hands-on knowledge that can lead you to bring the desired results from the audience busy punching their fingers to mobiles.

Google Ads Fundamental covers the so-basic to the advanced marketing concepts that best work with Google Ads campaigns you can successfully run the campaigns with.

The second form of the certification which is named Google Ads Mobile Certification bring you the actionable tips and tricks to best make the campaigns that are pretty much hardcore in bringing you the results off the mobile audience to tune the mobile advertising with.

Google Ads Search

Conquer the Google Search with Google Ads Search certification to learn the best practices and implementing techniques.

Google Ads Fundamentals covers the necessary but essential piece of information in regards to Google Ads Search to align yourself to get-set ready to compete for the market.

Google Ads Search Certification gives you the complete scenario and actionable tips that you should use to create the remarkable Google Ads campaign to win through the competitions already beating the barriers by learning to set the best campaigns.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Efficiently Reach Higher-Value Audiences and learn the art of making the more profound relationships with your customers by taking this specific 3-stairs long course.

Google Ads Video

The Google Ads Video is different, which is mainly used to create video ads. Taking this specific course, you are provided with the knowledge that is so-required to beat the video ads competitions.

Google Ads Fundamental delivers you the bunch of relevant but best information to create the video ads campaign that would set to beat the limits to reach more eyeballs.

Google Ads Video Certification is outlined with the course details that will open up space with the working and practical tips available in the market to beat every competition by developing and optimising the video ads campaigns used to be on YouTube or the web with your video ads.

Shopping Ads

For the leading creativity that you can show with the tiny ads slot made with the Shopping Ads, take all of the information out of succeeding this Shopping Ads certification.

Google Ads Fundamentals delivers you everything you can use to create the best shopping ad by setting up the Google Ads campaigns.

Shopping Ads Certification covers the best working concepts in regards to the shopping to create, manage, and optimize the shopping campaigns that you cannot easily find from the market.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads: Efficiently Reach Higher-Value Audiences involves the learning experience to deal with the customers because that actively contributes the activity from the customers with every successful purchase they make after watching and taking action with your shopping ads.

The benefits of Google Ads certification

Every course comes with the immense benefits that can bring you so much in the results where you may get involved with the following scenarios;

And what more you can do after successfully attaining the Google Ads certification?

And here are a few more…

Show yourself that you are an expert.

And that is pretty much possible when you have the Google Ads certification in your hands. By completing it with success, that still is the valid indicator of how versed you are in this domain.

Print the certification and embed it on your workplace or anywhere you work and expect the people coming towards you asking for the Google Ads’ related queries.

Obtain Google Partner badges for your company.

Do not think for yourself but the company first where you work. And to get the Google Ads certification to attain the Partner badge 1 or 2, take the Google Ads course using the company’s Google Ads-enabled manager account or the sub-manager ones.

Partner badge 1 means one employee having to have the completing the Google Ads certification whereas, the Partner badge 2 takes the effort of two employees to win the Google Ads certification for their company.

Preparation to win the Google Ads certification

Not the preparation but the requirements to understand how conveniently you can follow the process to get enrolled into the Google Ads certification program successfully.

To become certified with the Google Ads, you need to obtain the course of the particular Google product where you should at least pass the Google Ads Fundamental assessment and any of the additional advertising product assessments that are available for you.

And the additional assessments that you can take the complete the certification program and they are from Search, Display, Mobile, Video, and Shopping advertising.

Means if you want to get certified for the Google Ads Search, take the following course;

Do that, and you are well-certified with the Google Ads under the ‘Search’ advertising domain.

Language the Google Ads Certification support

And that is the big list!

21! Yes, the 21 supported languages that you can take the Google Ads certification with.

  1. Czech
  2. Simplified Chinese
  3. Dutch
  4. English (..U.K.)
  5. Traditional Chinese
  6. English (..U.S.)
  7. German
  8. Italian
  9. French
  10. Korean
  11. Polish
  12. Japanese
  13. Portugues (Brazil)
  14. Portugues
  15. Slovak
  16. Russian
  17. Spanish
  18. Spanish (Latin America)
  19. Vietnamese
  20. Turkish
  21. And Thai

So wherever you come from and do not know much of the English language, do not worry as you can take the Google Ads course in your very own style.

How to retain your Google Ads certification for long?

Well, the Google Ads certification is the time-based and get expired after the year at max. And when they get expired, you need to retake the course to get the new one.

But that is a little trickier process to follow because when you assessment certification gets expired, you got to retake Google Ads Fundamental along with the product-based assessment section to start inspiring the world yet again for the entire upcoming year.

The sheer difference between Google Ads certification with Partner badge

It is simple to demonstrate. Google Ads certification is to certify the individual to show expertise in the domain. While the Google Partner badge gets awarded to the agencies and not to the individuals.

F.A.Q.s about Google Ads certification

There we are going through the basis of the standard and frequently asked questions about the Google Adwords certification

How do I get Google Ads certified?

The process of getting certified is simple, easy and quick. All you need to do is to Register for a Google Partner Account and complete 2 exams. Firstly, the basic Google Ads Fundamental Exam and then a specialization course in Google Ads.

What is a Google Ads certification?

As per Google, The Google Ads certification is a professional accreditation that Google offers to individuals who passes the exams of Google Ads. The certification allows individuals to show Google Certified Badges and let people know that Google recommends him to hire to run Online Advertising Solutions.

How much time it takes to complete the Google Adwords certification?

Generally, about 90 minutes to complete the Google Adwords Fundamental course and you need to pass it with answering right to at least 80 per cent.

Why it is beneficial to gain the Google Ads certification?

The ultimate seriousness that you have about digital marketing and want to become a professional in the field, the relevant courses do show your professional attitude towards what you are doing.

Who can get certified with Google Ads?

Anyone from individuals to agencies/companies can get Google Adwords certification.

Is Google Ads certification paid or free?

No, The exam is free to enrol, proceed, and you can obtain the Google Ads certification after passing the exam, completely free.

Is Google Ads Certification hard?

Not at all. It is fairly easy to pass the Google Ads Exam but it requires active presence of mind because Google has a lot of tricky and puzzling questions. However if you spend sufficient time in learning then it’s not difficult at all to Become the Google Adwords Certified.

Is the Google AdWords exam difficult?

The simple answer is no, it’s not hard to get. Although It has tricky and conceptual questions.

Can you retake AdWords exam?

Luckily nowadays the exam is completely FREE! I use to pay around $50 for each exam back when i first became Google Certified back in 2011.

What are the job and pay prospects like after I get certified?

There are many career opportunities available for Google Adwords certified professionals.

You can work in an any digital marketing company or even in any firm as a digital marketer. In fact you can eventually make your own Google Partner Company.

A little bit about me!

Head to my About Me page and scroll through the bundles of images. And I am the Google Adwords Ads Consultant. [Certified One 😉 ]!  Oh yeah and did you read my Google Adwords Case Study? 🙂


So, you passed the Google Adwords Ads certification? or going to start preparing for the exam?

Okay! That is okay if you are going to do it soon and consuming the information to prepare yourself to take the courses and be called the Google Adwords certified.

Well, everyone do so much of the preparations to get prepared for completing the course and win the certifications and that is the core reason for compiling all of the tips, process, and everything about the Google Adwords certification in this article.

Indeed, being certified is the real blessing that should shower upon you when you are the successful certification holder. The mighty Online Advertising is going to be your game-changer.

Learn the best from the pioneer to grab the winning post and conquer the world of online advertisement.

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