Hostinger vs BlueHost Review 2024 ✅ 👉 Who is the Winner in 2024

hostinger vs bluehost review

You all know the popularity of Hostinger and BlueHost, but you cannot get your website hosted on both?

Of course, you cannot.

So, either go with Hostinger Review or BlueHost? Still confused, oh yes, you would better be.

The point is we all should know the exact and acute specifications to find the winner from Hostinger vs BlueHost.

I will be revealing the comparative analysis of both, so yeah, you will be good to lock onto the winning web hosting company with your eyes closed.

So, how do I choose the winner for you? You will start to find it all from the very next second!

Hostinger vs BlueHost Review: Who is the Winner in 2024?

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This is, undoubtedly, a task for comparing Hostinger and BlueHost but that is quite possible when we look at the features, offerings, and services individually making up the mind of deciding what goes to be a winner.

Let me just quickly head to it.

Why I Think Myself Being Eligible to Compile the Comparison Between Hostinger vs BlueHost?

To give you a backdated history on whether I have/had used both web hosting companies, I am glad to claim I have.

I used BlueHost back in 2015 for a variety of websites.

And for Hostinger which I am currently using at the moment.

Thus, I will be honest to form a detailed comparison for my audience lingering between picking Hostinger or BlueHost for their web hosting needs.

Features and Functions of the Twos

As we all know BlueHost has been in business for a long and was the only web hosting solution back in the time when the competition had compromised upon just a handful of companies.

Comparison of Basic Web Hosting Plans of Hostinger vs BlueHost

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Let’s first head to BlueHost’s plan. It offers different hosting types such as;

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Domain Services
  • Email Services
  • Professional Services

Whereas Hostinger plans include the following;

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Web Hosting (or Shared Hosting to be exact)
  • VPS Hosting
  • Email Hosting

Wait! Did you notice something from the list of Hostinger?

See, it is missing on Dedicated Hosting, a whole-forced slap to the webmasters owning the bigger websites requiring an abundance of high-end hardware solutions for smooth performance.

So, the high-end web hosting plan is clearly missing from Hostinger.

Now, I am heading to compare the basic plans from Hostinger versus BlueHost and detailing the features and functions for you.

At Hostinger’s basic web hosting plans, they got three popular plans over there:

  1. Premium >> US$ 2.49/mo
  2. Business >> US$ 3.69/mo
  3. Cloud Startup >> US$ 8.99/mo

Whereas, BlueHost offers four different hosting plans under its popular shared hosting.

  1. Basic >> US$ 2.95/mo
  2. Choice Plus >> US$ 5.45/mo
  3. Online Store >> US$ 9.95/mo
  4. Pro >> US$ 13.95/mo

When you look at BlueHost’s basic US$ 2.95/mo plan, you can hook in just a single website, 10GB of SSD storage, and dedicated chat support as part of your subscription.

Secondly, the same basic plan comes with free CDN, free domain for 1st year, and professional email as you click on the “Features” tab.

But the situation is just the opposite with Hostinger’s low-end US$ 2.49/mo “Premium” web hosting plan.

There, you can host up to 100 websites, and enjoy a total of 100GBs of SSD storage, and all.

So, that makes Hostinger to be 100 times cheaper than BlueHost given the fact it has way more limitless resources.

Winner = Hostinger


Backups are important nevertheless you have a basic or a new website set up.

So, Hostinger offers the backup option (weekly), whereas BlueHost’s basic plan does not mention any claim of a backup at all.

Winner = Hostinger


No matter whether your website is a new or established one, you will do everything to make it a progressive one over time.

And, the CDN speeds up the content delivery to multiple folds.

So, Hostinger’s basic US$ 2.49/mo clearly lacks to offer free CDN as you can see below.

But that is not the same with Bluehost, even its basic plan includes free CDN to enjoy the fast-serving of your content.

Winner = BlueHost


Let’s dig into the storage part of the basic and the mix of other web hosting plans from both, Hostinger and BlueHost.

As you can see, Hostinger supports up to 100 websites even on its basic plan, and the high-end “Cloud Startup” plan literally provides the greater storage space to fairly host over 300 websites.

So, it is hooked with the 200 GB NVMe SSD-type storage which is quite a dinosaur to handle the data stored across 300 websites, or dozens of established websites.

However, all of the shared hosting accounts from BlueHost do not even have a single plan offering to host up to 300 websites and 200 GB SSD storage.

What we can see is the high-end BlueHost shared hosting plan (Pro) offers 100 GB SSD storage but you can only hook 5 websites (see how far is that number from 300!)

Who’s the winner here? Hostinger all the way!

Free Domain Offer

Hostinger takes a jibe to offer a free domain for the first year through all of its basic web hosting plans.

Then, the same goes with Bluehost. Yes, there could be some limitations to play down the line but the chances are, you are going to avail of this offer with almost no extra cost.

Security Features

I do not believe in skipping to employ the best possible security features even though you pick a low-end and low-cost web hosting plan from any company.

Thus, the same applies to Hostinger and BlueHost.

Hostinger (US$ 2.49/mo) does include a series of security protocols such as a malware scanner, DDoS protection, CloudFlare-protected nameservers, a secure access manager, SSL, and many more. And the web application firewall (WAF) which filters and monitors the traffic coming to your website.

With BlueHost, the basic US$ 2.95/mo lacks malware scanning but all other three have the privilege of this critical security protocol.

It also includes SiteLock which is an advanced security app protecting from DDoS to avoid common security threats.

And it hooks with a Cloudflare-protected nameserver when you activate CDN on your website, but it lacks WAF (web application firewall…)

Winner?? Hostinger! *yay*

Diversified Server Locations

Hostinger has data servers installed globally like the Netherlands, Singapore, Lithuania, India, France, Brazil, Indonesia, the U.S.A., and the U.K.

On the contrary, BlueHost got its data centers set up in the U.S.A., India, the U.K., and China.

Winner?? Hostinger once again!

Guaranteed Money-Back Guarantee!

BlueHost’s shared hosting plans page does not show any trace of the money-back guarantee. But you can find the 30-day hosting money-back guarantee on lambasted on the dedicated page.

On the other hand, Hostinger clearly shows and claims a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Winner? Hostinger, of course!

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Refund Policy

Both do offer a refund policy within 30 days of signing up and making a transaction for your plan.

The refund policy of BlueHost.

Hostinger’s refund policy.

Miscellaneous Features

Let me pin some notable features and functions to your attention.

  • Free 1-Click WordPress installation == Both Hostinger and BlueHost offer this feature for free.
  • Free Automatic Website Migration ==  It is free on both but BlueHost will offer the free service in case you have a self-hosted WordPress blog (.org) or else, you will have to pay the migration fee.
  • Custom WordPress Theme == Both offer one WP theme on their plans.

Seamless Payment Method

Whether you are going to subscribe to Hostinger or BlueHost, go with our link as our coupon code will make you entitled to receive some sort of discount.

For Hostinger ==

For BlueHost:

Coupon Code:



Whichever plan you pick, the coupon codes will work like a charm (in case it does not, let me know in the comment box below.)

And as you decide on your preferred plan, go to “Add to Cart” to proceed with the payment.

On the next page, you will then need to choose your subscription duration, fill in all the details, and when picking your payment method, Hostinger has many payment solutions integrated.

So, you are good to pay with a Credit Card, PayPal, Google Pay, AliPay, and Coingate.

And another good reason to pick Hostinger is, it unlocks many other local payment options for the people accessing their country-specific version, making it super convenient for those having no privilege of credit cards, and PayPal as well.

But with BlueHost, the subscription process is as smooth as Hostinger but making a payment could turn out to be a real pain for many.

BlueHost only offers to pay with Credit Card and PayPal. See, the limited payment solution…

A winner from here? Hostinger Review once again!!

Who’s the Overall Winner?

Hostinger. I was compelled to switch to Hostinger because of a variety of reasons, and found it the best decision I could ever take.

Seamless operation. Seamless support. Clear and transparent server resources to consume. And, of course, the utter seamless payment method!

Our wider winner from the comparative analysis between Hostinger and BlueHost is…. HOSTINGER!

End of the Discussion!

Give Hostinger a try, and you will find it a worthwhile move to fixate your websites running with the resources you could never have imagined!

Looking to Create Website to Start Your Blogging Career?

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And, do not forget to use my coupon code to enjoy the great chunk of discount!

Talk to me if I can further assist with any of your queries regarding the topic! 🙂

In the end, good luck with your web hosting needs!!

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