How to Effectively Use Social Media in 2023

How to Effectively Use Social Media

Effective use of social media does seem a little cliche, but it is achievable. It doesn’t mean you have to cut off your social media usage or delete your social media accounts, but checking your Facebook for 4 hours at night can’t be ignored.

Agree or not, almost everyone who uses social media regularly addicted to it. We take a break from work and we grab the phone to check out what’s new on Instagram. We go out at lunch, we take phones with us. We go to bed, we keep scrolling through Twitter.

I’m going to talk about the effective use of social media in 2020. It may seem that 2020 is still a few months ahead, but trust me, the time passes so quickly. You’re reading this in the last quarter of 2019, but I know that 2023 is right around the corner.

This article talks about:

  • What most of us are doing on social media?
  • How could we use social media for the better?
  • Could you use social media for professional purpose?
  • Is social media wasting our precious time?

You’re about to get the answers to such questions.

Just keep reading this article.

Here are my points on effectively using social media in 2023:

Redefine Your Social Media Goals

One of the biggest mistakes people make on social media is that they don’t know why they are using social media. A lot of people have business Facebook pages and company Instagram accounts, but they follow meme accounts on Instagram and watch funny videos on YouTube most of the times.

Redefining your social media goals means that you have to realize why you’re using social media. Why do you have business pages and professional accounts on social media when you’re doing nothing significant? Some of you might respond that I share one post on my business social media accounts every. Is that enough? It seems like you want to get over with posting a single post and carry on with the fun part. Not only should you post a few times a day, but you must also engage with fans and respond to messages and comments.

If you don’t want to redefine your social media goals, it’s also fine, but you shouldn’t say that you effectively use social media for your business.

If you want to refine your social media goals, then make your business social media accounts your priority. You have to minimize the social media activities that are not adding value to your business growth. For example, memes sharing, comments war, and long chats are the activities that a lot of people are indulged in on social media. On the other hand, they could simply use that time to meet new people, engage the prospects, and help someone from their community.

Build an Engagement Strategy

An engagement strategy doesn’t require chemical formulas or scientific research systems to be implemented. Instead, an engagement strategy means who you want to engage with and what to do to make that happen.

The fundamental thing in an engagement strategy is finding the right audience to engage with. When you know who you want to reach out to, then it becomes easier to navigate. The second most important thing is what you’re going to say, meaning, what message you’re going to give.

Don’t let these ideas scare you because all you need is to be a little focused to figure this all out. Once you decide who your audience is and what your content you’re going to put out, you’re ready to test your engagement strategy.

Of course, there are certain protocols of social media engagement, for example, you must interact with your audience when they like or comment or share your content. Listen to your followers and try to understand their point of views. You can always hone your content after listening to the audience feedback or concerns. People share their problems and struggle with social media influencers and companies they are attached to on social media. So this engagement might give you some perspective on what people need to know.

Work on Community-building

Once the engagement starts to happen, you feel that people are looking at you to get motivation, answers, and solutions. Your content would be providing them some value, but a community-system might be lacking at this point. What happens with a community is that people with common liking get together and form a group to interact, talk, and connect.

Once you have this opportunity that people are listening to you or asking you questions about your industry, form a community on social media and bring those people together. You can’t waste this opportunity in 2020. Influencers become who they are just because of the community. So don’t neglect the community-building. The key to building a community on social media is taking your time out and talk to people and solve their problems. The sense of togetherness goes a long way.

Don’t Try to Use a Million Social Media Platforms

One of the mistakes people often do is that they like the idea of connecting with people and build an audience on social media platforms. So they start joining every social media platform out there and end up frustrated. You can dominate on every social media platform. And, there are thousands of them.

Don’t try to join use every social media platform you see on the App Store. Use two or three platforms at most. The benefit of using fewer social media networks is that you focus on two or three platforms, which help you progress. When you have to 12 social media platforms to follow-up, you can’t keep up. Plus, the quality of engagement matters a lot. If you spend 30 minutes in your Facebook group of 400 people and answer multiple questions within that time, you’re making a huge difference in just 30 minutes.

So try to understand the idea of quality over quantity.

Your Part

You’re reading this in 2023. I thought to come up with a blog post that might change the use of social media for some people.

Social media is a great tool to build connections, help people, create a community, and establish businesses. What people want to do is that they either don’t take social media seriously or they quickly want to get to establishing the business. They leave out the middle part, which is hard work.

I wanted to make sure through this article that I gave my best to change many people’s perspective on social media usage in 2023.

What have you decided about using social media in the future?

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  1. Hey Ali!

    Social media is not just media anymore but it has been our daily need. But I’m glad being a blogger you are suggesting to us how to make effective use of social media. And at the same benefit ourselves with the quality investment of time and fun too!
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