1. You mentioned that login via random vpn results in acc. suspention, does that make legitimate VPNs save for login

  2. Hi Ali, my adword been suspended due to “Suspicious Payment” this issue, can i please advice me some of tips or reason to let me know why this happen in my Adword long term account and Adword new account also. Thanks!

    P/S: This both account been used same credit card.
    Thanks again and hope can have some answer from you.

  3. Hey Ali, thanks for the great post.

    However several times you mention that we can call Google if our account gets suspended.

    I am not a Google partner and so when I call them, the phone automatically gets disconnected after I am told that my account has been suspended.

    Could you please update that part for us regular folks who just manage our own accounts and thus don’t have access to any personal Google reps?

  4. Hi Ali,My account is suspended for “suspicious payments” we tried to fix it by make a new payment method but the issue is I can’t pay my outstanding balance because the make payment button in billing is grayed out ! i called multiple times to Google but I find it very frustrating that I cant speak to a person to get this resolved it just seems to be an infinite loop that’s getting me no where.
    i hope you can help me


  5. Hello Brother I am facing a strange issue with my adwords account my account was working very well but suddenly it goes under review again I was getting calls and queries but suddenly everything stopped by google I really don’t know what happens to my account it’s created in Ireland and I was operating the Campgain from Pakistan is this the reason or there is some other issue please help me out one more thing it’s a new account new domain and everything is new approved by google yesterday but now it’s still under review again I really need to know what is going on Thanks Jazakallah

  6. Hello, my merchant center account go suspended on Monday , I’m getting the email that says

    ur Merchant Center account has been suspended, and your products no longer appear on Google Shopping. Note that a suspension notification is also displayed in your Merchant Center account. In addition, related Merchant Center accounts may also get suspended.

    — Policy violations to fix

    Your Merchant Center account (Spw Industrial, ID: 105557499) is in violation of the following policies:


    The online shopping experience offered through your website was considered unsatisfactory for Google Shopping users at this time. In determining whether a merchant or site is untrustworthy we may review information from multiple sources including your website, product listings, accounts and 3rd-party sources. Due to the sensitive nature of the review we are unable to provide further details. Finally, we encourage you to build a track record of good customer service.

    I called and emailed but keep getting the same email

    Can you help me with this?

  7. Adwords suspended my account for “suspicious payments”, Haven’t received any answer from google yet and i really need to overcome this problem in order to run my campaign. Any suggestions?

  8. Absolutely amazing post! Really like your take on this – fortunately my account has never been suspended since using Adwords in the last 5 years however I hear of other accounts that get suspended and businesses suffer big time! I had a query – are accounts who spend large amounts on Adwords (e.g. 60k dollars per month plus) less likely to be suspended than accounts with little ad spend? Also how many times does an ad have to be dissaproved be considered repeated too much to warrant a suspension, and is it ok if you fix these disapproved ads straight away?
    Best wishes!!

    1. Hello Nabil,

      Yes, accounts with big spend are less likely to be suspended. The number of time an ad needs to be disapproved for an account to get suspended varies on various factors such as, account age, domain, account spend, niche and target market.

  9. Thanks for such a relevant information. As a Digital Marketer, your above-mentioned blog would help me lot as I myself was facing the same problem of account suspension now and then. Thanks for the information, I will keep it in mind affirmatively.

  10. Hell Ali Raza,

    I have this small education consulting and help business. I recently started Adwords two weeks ago, none of my ads were disapproved, everything was working and suddenly Google has suspended my account for “circumventing the system”. This is really stressful as this is quite a lucrative outlet and I want to avail this.

    I am not sure what to do, many of my competitors are running their campaigns, some of them even provide academic papers which is totally prohibited but their accounts are running fine.

    Can you come back to me? So we can discuss if you can help me?


    1. I’m facing same error in adwords, Google support have no idea about “circumventing ”

      Can you please help me out, how can i re-activate my account

  11. I am a Digital Marketing trainer and have just shared this article with my students in today’s class on Google Adwords (now Google ads). It helped me and will definitely help my students too!!

    Thank You for Sharing!!

  12. Hi Ali Bhai,
    Fantastic article. Learned a lot as my account is in suspension now. I have sent you a message via contact me form.

    Is there any other way to reach you to discuss my options please?


  13. Hi Ali,

    My Adwords account got suspended due to suspicious payment activity, how can I get it unsuspended?

    Please help.

  14. Hi Ali
    My account shows misrepresentation and i’m trying to figure out and i’m not able to find a single err out of my account do help help in Re activating my Google ads account , I also have Emailed you .

    Anees Zaid

  15. Hi Ali,
    I run a shopify store and for some reason my adwords account got suspended saying it violated the circumventing policy, my google merchant account also got suspended.
    I need to discuss this in detail on email actually, if there’s anyway you could help me please let me know. I have received a mail for google saying my account cannot be reinstated.

  16. Hi Ali, my Adwords been suspended due to “Suspicious Payment” this issue, can i please advice me some of tips or reason to let me know why this happen in my Adwords long term account and Adwords new account also. And please share
    Please provide any additional information that you feel will help us review your account. * this part of appeal format. Thanks!

    P/S: This both account been used same credit card.

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