A Step-by-Step Guide on Landing Pages 2024

step by step guide to landing pages

A landing page is normally known as a single page site which could have different features that are being used to engage, educate, and aware the audience. Since it’s a webpage which shows that it’s being developed using the same or similar technology which is used to make any blog or website.

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Landing Page Explained :

Did you ever get a chance to visit any page offering a downloadable product with a sign-up form?

Or maybe, have you ever signed up for a newsletter with a free e-book on any blog?

You probably didn’t notice all that. After reading this article, I’m sure you’d have understood all that. Because I’m going to reveal the benefits, secrets, and hacks of using the landing pages, so that you come to know that why brands and bloggers use landing pages. We often come across landing pages, but we bypass them without noticing much.

This article will not only help you understand the use of landing pages, but it will also shed some light on the perks of using a landing page. You might be a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a blogger, so it becomes a vital job of mine to help guide you on this topic.

We talk about customer engagement, customer acquisition, email list building, and then not knowing the importance of landing pages would be a blunder. So, the next time you come across the phrase ‘Landing Page’ — you must be crystal clear about the use of this web product.

Guide on Landing Pages

There are certain steps that need to be followed in order to start using the landing page. Of course, it starts with getting a landing page ready in order to use it. Plus, there is a lot more than just making it. Take a look at all the steps that are required to use a landing page:

Build a Landing Page

best landing page

It all begins with building a landing page. However, it’s essentially important to know that how you are going to use it, which is why I picked up the subheading ‘building a landing page’ to start off the guide. Now technically you can get a simple html page to make it work for you or just hire someone to get you a well-designed html page, unfortunately, it’s not about creating a beautifully designed single page, what’s important is what it does.

So, adding the components of a landing page will be a whole lot messy, which is why it should be avoided and using the custom-made landing pages or utilizing the landing page builders to get the job done might be the suitable option.

You can use LeadPages, Unbounce, and InstaPage to get your landing page ready. Always remember that building a landing page is just a first step, optimizing it and properly using would be the rest of the story.

This article precisely explains the use of the landing pages. It also sheds some light on the A/B testing concept which could play a vital role in the success of your landing page. The Hubspot published an article in the past to explain the reasons of using a landing page which could be an eye-opener if you still don’t believe in the power of landing pages.

There are three main aspects of building a strong landing page that really works:

Professional Tool

A Professional tool – which helps generate the landing page without any problem.

Right Colours

Using the Right Colours – to make sure it comes out as an eye-catching product.

Engaging Message

An Engaging Message – to establish a connection with the audience.

Build an Email List

build your email list

When it comes to using a landing page, it’s quite important to know where a landing page could do wonders for you. The email list building process does require a number of strategies to get it done right for us. Here comes the landing page in this regard.

It’s not a surprising thing that landing pages could help any blogger or business in a number of ways and email list building is one of them.

The point is, it provides a platform just like a website, but it does the specific job for you. Hubspot and Canva partnered to bring an exclusive e-book for the audience called designing graphics that convert. What they’re doing is, they created an e-book and using the strategy of opt-in bribe to offer that to the people who sign up using that form, and hence, they will get a list of people who are interested in the graphics that convert, and ultimately they will end up knowing more about Hubspot and Canva.

There is no doubt that you can use a landing page to rapidly building an email list, therefore, I thought to dig in a bit more into this. Here are the factors that will help you build your email list if you’re using a landing page strategy:

Autoresponder feature:

An Autoresponder is a feature in email list building tools which allows the users to send drip-messages upon the certain action. For instance, a reader signs up to an email list and gets a thank you message with a bunch of freebies.

Responsive Landing Page:

The responsiveness is a must-have feature which needs to be available in any landing page building tool because it’s an era of mobile devices and the popular websites get visitors more from mobile devices than desktops.

An Integrated Page builder:

An integrated page builder refers to the ability to respond and connect to the relevant services which will be required to perform certain task along the way.

Write a Perfect Copy


The perfect write-up for a landing page is something which is undeniable. You can get a beautifully designed landing page integrated with your email list with all other features such as sign up boxes and an appealing opt-in bribe offer, but what happens if your message doesn’t attract the audience and they walk away without taking the certain action.

The copy here is what MESSAGES lies on the face of your landing page. This article by Nadya Khoja describes the importance of a perfect copy, although, it’s written for a better copy for an infographic, however, the point matches the story which is you must have a perfectly described copy.

Speaking of perfect copy, Sonia Simone wrote something helpful in this regard. She talked about reasons that could kill the conversion. It could certainly change the game if you figure out what it is that is hurting your conversion rate.

According to Unbounce, a sole focus on a specific topic is what helps you increase the conversion rate of your campaigns.

As far as a landing page is concerned, the copy stands still as important as it is for any website or blog post. In fact, a copy might be more important on a landing page than it’s for an article, the reason is, the article may have more options and time duration to engage the option, whereas, a landing page would have a few seconds before the visitor walks away.

What you need to do when it comes to a landing page, take the following considerations into account:

Write a to-the-point message:

The message must be clear and concise, this is what it makes the message to-the-point and ultimately it helps the cause of writing a perfect copy.

Create problem-solving statements:

The statements must have the audience to identify that what is being offered to them. They would walk away if the ambiguous messages play with their head.

Showcase the helping intent:

You must use the ‘wording‘ that describes the helping and caring intentions of the creator/brand. You can learn more on How to Hook the Visitors and Stop from Leaving Your Website to understand the value of helping content.

Focus on great and responsive design

A great design always help in appealing the end user and often it changes the perception and the way he looks. Kesley Jones have written in his article at Taboola, that there are five elements which makes a great design.

  • Headline
  • On-page copy blocks
  • CTA buttons and boxes, usually in between copy blocks and at the bottom of the page. [I have explained this in my next part]
  • Complementary images and video (if used)
  • Social proof section—testimonials or data

Add CTAs and Opt-in forms

perfect CTA call to action

The call-to-action buttons and opt-in forms are the engagement options on any website, blog, or landing page that help achieve any website owner or blogger to engage the audience. Adding those CTAs and Opt-in forms define your purpose of building a landing page and probably does the justice of all efforts being done on that landing page.

The call-to-action buttons and opt-in forms produce an engagement impact on the landing page, and the reasons behind that impact are as follow:

  • They psychologically arouse the action
  • People spend a little more time while seeing them
  • They help utilize the Clickbait strategy
  • Readers find an option to download the stuff
  • It also offers to provide a freebie

Wishpond published an article explaining the formulas to develop highly engaging and lucrative CTAs which receive clicks and more attention from the visitors. This Wordstream article does the similar thing, it provides you with a number of great examples that describe what it means to have an engaging and appealing CTAs and Opt-in forms.

I have also written an article on 7 CTA Call to Action Examples which can be really helpful if you want to learn more about this.

Utilize for Promotional Sales


It’s a no big surprise that landing pages are often separately operated web pages that are used for certain tasks and help brands provoke different actions from the audience. You would witness that sometimes online stores run promotional sales campaigns to achieve different goals such as:

  • To collect email addresses for list building
  • You can wipe out old stock
  • To utilize the seasonal sales
  • Compete with the competitor brands
  • Attract the new audience
  • Advertise the products or offer

The landing page could be a part of the promotional sales arsenal because it helps brands build a separate webpage intended to provide a certain offer or to achieve the specific goal.

Udemy often runs promotional discount campaigns and offers heavy discounts on the courses. Addthis uses the landing pages for promotional campaigns as well as webinars signups. This webinar landing page from Addthis is the prime example that how we can use a landing page for providing any opportunity to the audience.

Landing Page Examples

These are primary examples of landing pages which one must should see.

Ebook Selling Landing Page Example :

Below is an example of ebook selling landing page.


Free eBook Download – Landing Page

Interested in offering a free ebook? This landing page will works like a charm.

Ref : https://www.nauto.com/roadmap-for-a-safer-and-smarter-fleet-ebook-2

Form Submission Lead Landing Page

Interested in acquiring emails and want to make an email list? The below landing page is an great example.

Ref : https://marketstrong.com/responsive-site-guide/

Straight to the Point Landing Page

These kind of pages doesn’t always necessary works well and sometimes a brand needs to be highly popular to get the maximum results but these straight to the point landing pages works for some companies very well.

Ref : https://debt.bills.com/save

Just Email, Landing Page

You might have seen this kind of landing page with affiliate offers often. The fact is that it’s simple landing page with just an email submit.

Ref : https://www.trulia.com/sell

Homepage combined with Landing page experience

Some people prefer to combine the home page and landing page to make a one page unique experience. Though it works for some and for some it doesn’t, but Conversion Lab do use it.

Ref : https://conversionlab.no/

Video Based Landing page

If you are making money with clickbank, you might have reduced several landing pages with videos on them, below is such one :

Ref : https://www.auratransformation.org/gateway-page/

Highly Converting Landing Page

This landing page was in my gallery and i found it while doing research on my previous articles. See the below landing page and understand how it grabs the attention, displays the message and ultimately convince the consumer for call to action.

I will be keeping an eye on more landing page examples and will be updating this article time to time with your feedback and suggestions.

Best Practises for Landing Pages

There are few best practises which everyone should follow to get the maximum results.

  • Landing page should be simple and clear.
  • The process should be easier and not much difficult for the end user.
  • Navigation
  • Compatible with majority of devices including laptop, mobile, tablets, different browsers, resolutions and operating systems.
  • Majority of the information should be displayed without scrolling down.

Conclusion on How to Use Landing Pages

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A landing page is a reality.

Although, you shouldn’t forget about the concepts of A/B testing and growth hacking to help guide your digital marketing strategy. You can’t standalone rely on online advertising to grow your online presence and get more customers.

The purpose of publishing this piece about landing pages was to give you a message on this web component so that you might end up someday using a landing page along with your company’s website and blog.

Are you fond of E-books?

Why don’t you create your ebook for helping your prospects and use a landing page to get it?

Would you do something like that?

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About the Author: Ali Raza

An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.


  1. Are Landing Pages Great for making a Mail List Or are they good to sell some think like a One Product? Are they worth? Because i am Kinda Confused with Landing pages why everyone is running to build a page that is just landing Page!

    Anyways that’s a Great Share! I Like the way to deliver content to us!

    1. Landing pages are great at doing both work. It depends on what kind of goals you want to achieve.

      You can target a landing page to sell a product or you can to grab emails and let me tell you, if you want, you can do both things at a time with a single landing page too.

      Glad you liked it.

  2. Great post indeed, will throw some questions as soon as they appear in my mind.

    First one is, to start a blog. Whats best? WordPress.org or Blogger?

    2nd: Do we need to buy some landing pages services and then create pages accordingly. Such as Elemantor or Thrive Themes?

    3rd: Is landing page only fit for the websites or does work with the blogs too?

    Appreciate your help!

    1. Thanks Zeeshan.

      WordPress is my best bet as it has so many customisation options. I also recommend you to check my comparison on Blogger vs WordPress.

      For your second question, it’s always a good idea to go with pre-designed landing pages unless you are a professional.

      And for your last question, Landing page fits both website and the blog.

      Hope it helps.

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