How to Start Digital Marketing with Your Blog?

how to start digital marketing with your blog

Digital marketing is quite a buzz word. The brands want to know what works with digital marketing. The digital marketing gurus teach about inbound marketing. Content marketers explain that how content works, and perhaps bloggers silently do what it is said ‘digital marketing’.

Months ago, I wrote about ‘How to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign?’ where i gave introduction to digital marketing, factors that play a vital role in digital marketing and setting up your own digital marketing campaign, but today I’m going to discuss something else.

Interestingly, this article is not a crappy money making a guide or a digital marketing tutorial that almost every digital marketing agency publishes at some point.

This article is intended to build just one thing.


The perspective to think about POSSIBILITIES because Your ‘Blog’ is one of the ‘Powerful’ tool you have!

How to Start Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing and Blogging.
  • How to Build a Personal Brand Through Blogging and then taking advantage of it?
  • How DM and Blogging Can help you in becoming an authority in your industry?
  • Adding a Story to Your Business
  • Case Study
  • Conclusion and Last Part!

When we relate two things such as the ‘digital marketing’ and a ‘blog’ — we may quickly end up thinking that the whole drill is about publishing content on the blog for the purpose of digital marketing.


What we don’t think is that what else we could do with that, for instance:

  • Something people aren’t doing yet
  • Which isn’t a norm yet
  • Maybe not introduced yet
  • Haven’t been tried by any brand

So, just unlock your mind and let the fresh air of thoughts, possibilities, and ideas come in.

I’m telling you, this isn’t an ordinary tutorial. It might pinch you or you may walk away before that.

What comes to our mind when we see “Start Digital Marketing with the Blog”?

The only possible answer is a solution or a number of solutions that could display a roadmap of starting a digital marketing plan through a blog.


Everybody talks about building an email list, using the online ads, and social media. What you’d find in this article is another perspective to digital marketing. The purpose is to make you realize what’s in our hand to do

Some of the techniques that may help you start digital marketing with your blog at a whole new level are written below:

How to Start Digital Marketing For Blog

Building a Personal Brand

A personal brand is a business entity based on someone’s name, face, experience, and exposure. The beauty of a personal brand is that it begins and revolves around the person who owns it, which literally means every time that person talks or interacts, the brand gets promoted.

One of the ways of starting digital marketing with your blog could be using your personal brand. For instance, take a look at my personal site. It reveals “Ali Raza” as s powerful personal brand. I use my name, domain, even the face in the logo design, which shows that how important it is to build a personal brand.



One of the things that you shouldn’t ignore is that the blog publishing is an ever going process — It doesn’t have any limitation, which means the more you write, the more you reach out to the audience. The message I want to convey is that digital marketing isn’t just running Google ads, Facebook ad campaigns, and social media promotions, in fact, you can leverage a blog and the power of a personal brand to start digital marketing.

My guide on How to Build Your Personal Brand on The Internet will help you a lot in starting your online marketing strategy.

Establishing Yourself as an authority

One thing more i would like to highlight here is that, personal branding combined with blogging gives you the power of becoming an authority in your business. There are now many people who recognises me as an expert in Digital Marketing industry due to my blog and this helps too in customer acquisition. If you are monitoring my monthly reports, I receive many queries every month for new clients.

Adding a Story to your Business

Storytelling is one of the keys to today’s marketing. People are sick of sales pitches and direct marketing. They tend to ignore the brand which focuses on selling stuff rather than communicating and helping out the audience.

Here comes the storytelling.

Storytelling is today’s secret sauce whether you’re writing a blog post, creating a video, or recording a podcast. People love to know that:

  • What happened to you?
  • How did you succeed?
  • What did you learn?
  • How did you get there?
  • How long does it take to succeed?
  • What works in the specific field that you’re in?

Once you begin with a story that answers any of those or similar questions, they (audience) start coming to you.

One of the examples was seen at Hassaan Khan’s blog. He knows the art of storytelling very well. What he did was, he wrote clearly on his blog’s face that “I turned my blog into a Profitable BUSINESS” which tells a story that something happened and he succeeded, which tends people to know his story.


The purpose of sharing this example is that you can use your blog to share inspirational stories that will effectively do your digital marketing in the process.

One of the best tools I have worked in my digital marketing career is SEMRush, from keyword research to ads comparison to looking at your competitors data.It has all of  it. do checkout my SEMRush review for step by step tutorial on most of it’s features.

Case Studies

You can use case studies too to not only educate people on how you helped your clients but this also gives you an opportunity to indirectly explain to your potential customers on how you can help.

How many of you have seen the case study i posted few months ago about How one of my client was able to multiply his investment using Google Adwords?

google adwords case study

There are many benefits of case studies and some of them are

  • It helped people on understanding the service i’m promoting.
  • Helped them to realise what kind of benefits they can gain.
  • Additional benefit was that it helped me in doing personal branding and showing myself as an authority.
  • I even posted the whole strategy so they have a complete confidence on me on what I’m doing.
  • This case study not only helped those people who were/are struggling with Adwords but also created many new business oppurtunities in terms of customers, consultations and new business’es.

Being a Problem Solver

A blog does amazingly well for a person who likes to solve others problems because a blog does provide with a platform to publish content on the regular basis. The process of digital marketing with a blog takes a pleasant curve when you start producing helpful content that really solves people’s problems.


Neil Patel is a well known popular content marketer, SEO expert, and an entrepreneur. He is quite popular for publishing helpful and problem-solving articles for the online marketing industry. A top rated content marketing expert and co-founder of a couple of SAAS companies. It is a perfect example of doing digital marketing with his blog through writing a problem-solving content.

It’s about developing an impression of being a problem solver through actually solving real problems in your niche. Believe it or not, when someone does that, he gets the attention of the specific audience that is facing such problems.

What do you think who follows Neil Patel?

Barbers or Online Businesses?

Definitely, online businesses who want to grow their businesses online.

The Last Part and Conclusion on How to Start Digital Marketing with Your blog 

Your blog isn’t an ordinary thing. It’s your asset! The idea behind this article was to make you realize that you can use the power of your blog to its potential. It could be a billboard that may shine forever. You may look for hundreds of ways to market your business, I’m not stopping you from being active on social media, but I’m a supporter of using the social media for engagement instead.

The theory of first building relationship and then converting it for business needs can open you thousands of new opportunities and remember, this way, you do not go to customer and offer your services rather you do inbound marketing and customer comes to you!

What I want to convey is that use the power of the blog to help build your business, relationships, network and make new opportunities.

The reasons why should do that are:

  • The blog will last forever.
  • Control the publishing.
  • Can develop the strategy.
  • You own it.

If you want to spend hundreds of dollars on Google Ads or Bing Ads, be my guest, I help businesses in online advertising — or you may need to have a little faith in you. A blog does take the time to grow but ultimately it grows when you spend some time working on it.

So grow it and build a momentum in your digital marketing.

Which technique you think could be a game changer?

Let me know in the comments section.

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