How to Start a Blog (2024) – [Step-by-Step Guide on Blogging]

the beginners guide to start blogging

Do you want to learn how to start blogging in 2024? Everybody is starting a blog because they see others are doing it. There is no problem in starting a blog or becoming a blogger – the problem is that if you want to start a blog just to make money online on internet, then you might stop blogging at some point.

If you haven’t started your blogging career so far then probably it’s the right time to think about starting your blogging career in 2024 We often plan things and put them on our new year resolution list and then we forget it. As 2024 is around the corner and it’s the best time to plan your blogging career if you haven’t been able to design the strategy, so that when the May 2024 comes your way, you’d be fully prepared to take action.

Do you want me to help you?

Do you want to know how to earn money from a blog?

How to Start Blogging in 2024

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If you’re interested in knowing about blogging and earning money online, then this is the blog post you should not be missing and since you’re reading this right now, I would recommend bookmarking it because if a distraction comes your way and you walk away without saving it, you’ll lose this piece of information.

Oh, you don’t believe in distractions?

Come on. It’s a thing.

Even WordPress knows this. They’ve created a distraction-free mode in WordPress.

By the way, WordPress has a lot to do with this blogging guide.

You could choose other alternatives such Blogger, Medium, or

But if you really want to establish a money making blog, you should be launching your blog on WordPress self-hosted platform.

Why Blogging?

You’ll find out the reason and understand the whole point of this blog post, but before we go any further, I’d like you to know that what you’re going to get from this blog post:

  • Who should start blogging?
  • How to Start Blogging
  • What kind of a blog should you start writing?
  • What’s the secret sauce of money making blogging?
  • How can you become successful in blogging?
  • Maximising Yourself ; Other ways to monetise yourself while being a blogger
  • 7 Things You Should Know as a Blogger
  • Conclusion

So, I need to break down the whole understanding of blogging concept into bite-sized pieces for everyone to understand this – it doesn’t matter you’ve started your blog or about to start blogging in 2024. The point is that you must know the basics of success in blogging, which you’ll learn in this blog post.

Wait a minute, if you are confusing it with Vlogging, I have a separate guide on Blogging vs Vlogging which demonstrates the complete difference between the vlog and a blog.

Coming back to the topic, Here are the steps that will help you start and succeed in blogging in 2024:

How to Start a Blog in 2024

Looking to Create Website to Start Your Blogging Career?

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Blogging have eventually become a passion for me and i realized that day when money was no longer an objective. Why? Because even if i don’t get any money, I will still write it and that is the passion which is actually helping me in making money.

Let’s admit, People make money online. Literally, most of the bloggers make thousands of bucks every month.

and majority of them, Earn Money Online Without Investment.

So you thought, you should do the same…


At least, you thought about it.

Because better late than never.

It’s true that your dreams live inside you that’s why Harriet Tubman once said that a great dream begins with a great dreamer. Just instead of waiting for someone around, you have to realize that you have everything inside you to hit your best shots for changing your world.

So let’s take a look what things you will learn and what you already have inside you, see from my perspective, and you will make your blogging career successful. 

Step #1: Ask Yourself: Do You Like Blogging?


Let me tell you this very clearly that you won’t make money from your blog if you’re just looking at the money side of blogging. The reason for that is you might not have the passion for blogging, and the passion is the only thing that keeps bloggers going. If you don’t have a passion for blogging, or you don’t like the struggle of being a blogger, or you won’t work late night, and you won’t face failures with an open heart, then you might not want to become a blogger.

The truth is that you might quit at some point when you don’t see money rolling into your pocket. This is what that differentiates the successful and unsuccessful bloggers.

So ask yourself that whether or not you like blogging – if the answer is YES, then you might go ahead to the next step. Otherwise, find something else to work on. For example, you can start working on Fiverr and make money.

The purpose is that you don’t have to start blogging if you don’t passionately like it.

Do you want to start writing a blog?

That’s fantastic, today it’s super easy to get a website launched within a couple of hours. That may be some obstacles in the process. If you’re seriously interested in becoming a professional blogger, then you’ll need to get going on this way.

A drastically wrong move can turn out to be a problematic barrier later on. But, I’ve got this covered for you. I’d try to spell out your blog roadmap for your needs.

Start with something you’re passionate about

It all comes down to your PASSION. Trust me, choosing a niche is the most critical decision in a blogger’s journey.  If you start a blog and choose a niche because your friend chose the same niche and you think that’ll work for you as well, then it won’t work until you’re passionate about it.


Ask yourself. Do you have a better option?

Newbie bloggers often start two types of blogs?

  1. Blogs on Android
  2. Blogs on Blogging tips


Because they’ve seen people doing the same thing. So they start doing the same.

They should ask themselves the questions like:

  • Am I passionate about this niche?
  • Is it really for me?
  • Will I be able to contribute in this niche?
  • Could I really help people on this topic?

Don’t look at others and copy them. Find your passion and follow it.

In case, you’re unable to figure out your passion yet then the best way to get started is that start analyzing niches you’re interested in and make a list of 5 niches and drop three least favorites and when two of them are remaining, ask yourself which one could possibly bore you in the future. Don’t ask yourself the favorite one. It’s always difficult to pick up the favorite one. So, reverse engineer the strategy and try to pick the less-favorite to drop it. You’ll definitely find your favorite blogging niche.

Understand and Pick Your Target Audience

reliable audience

This is essential to do. You may easily pick your niche and could start writing a blog but understanding the audience means you know WHO YOU ARE REACHING OUT. This could change the way you would blog and write content for them.

It’s almost like blogging pointlessly vs. well-targeted.

It does make a difference in blogging especially when you have to build a blogging career.

It’s a two-part strategy:

Understanding the Audience

You must know who should be your audience, instead of blindly start focusing on the blog writing. It does impact on everything such as affiliates, sales funnels, conversion, and any strategy you adopt later on to grow your email list and following. For instance, if you’re a pets enthusiast and wants to make a dogs blog but you’re passionate about Labrador Retrievers and want to focus on the labs breed only. That would be a fantastic strategy to adopt. Because you know that you have to reach out to the labradors’ owners only.

Pick up the Target Audience

In part two of this strategy, you have to figure out who should be looking at your content to get help or assistance. It will only be possible if you clearly know who to target and what to do about it. For instance, as a dog lover, you might want cover lots of dog breeds on your blog but you decide to stick to your favorite Labrador Retriever breed to focus mainly on that. You actually make a choice of making a labs’ related blog rather than dogs related blog. Because a dog related blog would be a general dog blog.

It’s extremely important to understand and pick up the audience to target.

This is how you’ll effectively solve the problems as well as get your hands on monetization strategies that would come your way.

Work On the Niche Selection

You might see how well your friend’s body building niche blog is doing and start thinking about creating a similar blog without realizing that he does gym, and is passionate about exercise, which is why he is working on a fitness and exercise blog, and succeeding. If you blindly build a similar fitness and exercise blog even when you don’t have a passion for the niche, you’re doing on a suicide mission.

What Things to Blog about?

Your blog niche market will be the main element of your new quest. You don’t just need to write about anything. Only writing won’t make your blog productive. Your writing must be exceptional. The simplest way to get yourself up for outstanding content is to find the topic that you’re excited about.

In case, you aren’t enthusiastic about your topic, then you will end up fighting an uphill combat.

You won’t give your blog an opportunity to become successful.

I really want you to read this post and skim this informative article that what exactly to blog about. Upon having a great topic, you’ll then have to master the other skills.

Top Niche for Blogging

find your niche

You must focus a lot on the niche selection because if you make a wrong decision at this point, you’ll have to come back to the same point at some point in the future. So in order to save time, energy, and money, do your work, analyze your passion, and choose your blog niche wisely.

  • Finance
  • Investment
  • Celebrity news & gossips.
  • Current Affairs
  • Music/Songs
  • Movie Reviews
  • Internet Marketing blog
  • Fitness Blog
  • Health Reviews blog
  • Skin Care blog
  • Fashion & Make Up Blog
  • Travelling & Tourism
  • Parenting & Mommies blog
  • Home Decor
  • Clothing blog

I wrote a guide on growing a niche blogging, which you can read and take benefit from it.

Step #3. Start Your Blog the Right Way

A lot of starters get stuck in the beginning. It’s okay to be worried about investing your first $100 to $200 in something that you haven’t done before – but if you’re passionate about blogging, you’ll definitely go ahead.

Please note that I’m not advising you to make this investment. You want to start a blog; I’m just helping out to get started. You may save a lot of money and time after reading this blog post.

What happens, in the beginning, is that a lot of bloggers get worried about the initial investment in blogging because they can’t afford to spend $200 at once. So many of the bloggers avoid investing in the web hosting; they opt a free platform like to get started. All they do is buy a $12 domain, and they believe that we could invest in web hosting when we’ll make money from our blog.

I’m not saying that is the wrong strategy; I’m only saying that you don’t make money from a business if you don’t invest in it. For example, if you’re a fruit retailer, how would you sell fruits if you don’t buy from the wholesale market or farmer’s market to sell at your store? Obviously, you need to buy them first to sell them out.

Most of us learn this lesson in blogging after a long time that you would have to invest money into your blogging to make money from it. It could be the paid plugins for the blog, a reliable web hosting service, or a premium-quality blog template.

Read this guide to launching your blog. You can also take my SEO course if you want to your search engine ranking techniques.

Write to Solve Problems

Writing is one of the essentials of blogging and a well-written content is something that fascinates the readers. But this isn’t simple at all. The content creation isn’t all about writing the good content and that’s it.

In fact, what makes the content good enough? Grammar? Problem-solving ability? Engagement?

Not sure?

This is why it’s not so simple to describe what makes a content good enough to tag it well-written.

In order to understand the good content, it must be:

  • Giving a Clear Message: This means some bloggers are not so good with their teaching or sharing ideas. They just make the simple thing a little complex while delivering the message. So, make your message simple and clear.
  • Grammatically Correct: The grammar issue shouldn’t be there. Nobody likes to read the content and ignore the grammar mistakes other than your father. So don’t make grammar mistakes.
  • Solving the Issue: If everything works fine and the content isn’t solving the problem or not providing any useful thing, then it’s not worth it. It must solve a problem.

When you take care of those three things while writing your content, you would definitely end up creating something useful for the audience.

There is a misconception of creating MORE.

So, don’t focus on writing so many blog posts but rather try to create less with the effective approach in mind.

Step #4. Selecting the Right Domain Name and Hosting

Your domain name is very important because most of the time it’ll be the main point of communication that your target audience will have with you. Your name has to be unforgettable, simple to tap out and it needs to give visitors a solid idea of what your website is related to. Even more importantly, make an effort to incorporate one of your keywords in your domain name for example, if you are selecting a niche of music and blogging about guitars, the domain name can be something like or…

For Hosting, my vote goes with Bluehost, In fact, if you buy their yearly plan you will also get a free domain. But if you are double minded on choosing one, checkout my Best WordPress Hosting Company collection.


Step #5 : Selecting Your Platform

There are two famous platforms to consider writing. One is blogspot and the other is WordPress. Obviously both have their own con’s and pro’s. But lets be honest, WordPress is now the most common platform in the online industry and due to it’s customization functions, I will vote with it, however you are free to select your own.

Step #5: Build a Content Plan

You can’t start blogging in 2024 without building a content plan. A content plan refers to the strategy that a blogger makes about creating the righteous type of content that delivers value to the readers and helps blog grow along the way.

Of course, there are monetization factors in building a content plan – you can’t ignore the money-making factor in the overall blog growth. If the financial side of a blog is zero, but it’s getting more readers and page views every month, then there is a problem in the blogging strategy, which needs to be fixed.

The best way is to develop a content strategy is to pay attention to the audience and try to find a value proposition that you can provide to the audience in your niche. The art is to align the monetization opportunities with the content being published. Once you develop a content strategy; test it out for 3 to 6 months—if the outcome is positive, then you need to double your efforts—but in case, there is no signal of positivity, then you need to alter a thing or two.

Step 6 # Writing Your Blog

This part is really important.

Here comes the king

Have you ever heard that Content is King?

If you are not from blogosphere, you’d probably say  “I’m sorry, what’s king?”

I am talking about the creativity of content because your blog is all about the information, guides, news, etc. so take a look at things you should cope with while crafting your information.

You have to keep writing your blog, and finally, the entire world will come to both you and your blog.



It’s basically mistaken. Great content alone won’t help make your blog an instant success. To set things in thoughts and opinions, plenty of blogs have gone already.

You’d end up being hard-pressed to uncover and read also 600 articles out of the whole lot. In cases where nobody’s reading through and spreading your content, how useful is it? Shelling out your full time in developing content on your blog is folly. Blogging and site-building aren’t simply writing a larger-than-life content. There should be a free time for other small things too. And they mount up. But more about that in the future.

Do You Know What Good Content is?

creating good content

Your target audience makes a decision if your submissions are excellent or truly worth reading. So, how can you gauge the quality of your content?

Here is the simple trick, when your does change readers’ lives or help them some way around, they come back to you, praise your effort, and try to develop an attachment with your blog.

If your write-up failed to trigger the feelings of your audience. Digging an in-depth research or providing a helpful guide won’t work if you do not put things into your post that are not inspired from the famous bloggers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, or putting their success stories.

When you got a bunch of eyeballs on your website, and there’s no participation using comments and shares on your write-up, it is advisable to create great content.

Figure out that where the problem is.

Don’t Get Socially Isolated

dont be socially isolated

There is a bad practice among the newbie bloggers that they think social media is for sharing the content. They come over, share their content, and leave. This is the worst social media strategy. Nobody is there to read your content if you don’t stay there. (By the way, staying refers to spending time and engaging with others not spending hours and hours every day and watching funny videos on Facebook)…

The social media strategy must involve sharing your content but you shouldn’t limit your sharing to your content only. If you observe the influencers in your space, you will see they share other’s content more than their own. The reason is that they get to engage their audience through that sharing, in fact, they also build relations with others when they share their content. The social media sharing isn’t about just sharing your own blog posts.

Are you worried about your social media sharing?

When did you last time share someone else’s content on Twitter and Facebook?

In fact, you can schedule the posts using Buffer or Hootsuite.

Your blogging strategy 2024 shouldn’t be without a proper social media plan. Because you can’t win here alone. You have to have some support of fellow bloggers, influencers, and loyal subscribers to get there where you want to reach.

If you’re beginning the journey in 2024, then it is important to know that no one won here on this his or her own. Make sure you learn how to be a good team player.

When it comes to social media, newbie bloggers think that they have to be everywhere. So they begin to start using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube at the same time.


They fail everywhere.

You don’t have to do that. Instead, pick a couple of social media platforms and become an authority there rather than jumping everywhere around.

It’s quite necessary to pick your social platform according to your business. If you’re in digital marketing, you must be on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. If you’re into fashion, you must be on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you’re in news media or publishing, then you must be on Facebook and Twitter.

Once you choose the right platforms the next job is to build a community there rather than considering these networks as content sharing machines. Try to build relations and give your time to them. Value people and you’ll start to see the traction on your select number of social media platforms.

Step 7 : Putting Yourself Up for Achievements

Growing to be an expert blogger won’t happen magically. Therefore, your complete focus will help you to establish yourself. You don’t have to redesign your controls. The talent of blogging is stuffed with content to get you going on the right course. It will lead you a while, but all you need to do is understand and get it done.

Think About Monetization at the End

I have been SPEAKING this at various events and will continue to do so, Yes, Monetization is important, but Don’t focus it in the beginning. Because if you do, you would clearly give a message that you just want to make money from your blogging and trust me this isn’t good. You don’t have to say that you want to help others and you’re passionate about the true essence of blogging, instead, you have to show it practically by doing it.

Have you noticed something?

I’ve talked about the monetization at the end of the article?


think big

Because I didn’t want you to go straight to the monetization part.

You want to start blogging in 2024!

Let me tell you, it won’t be easy…

Focus Subscribers, Forget Income..

If you don’t come up with a great plan that serves the audience first, you won’t be able to attract the readers and that would never be a good option.

Don’t panic about monetization.

Everyone knows about the Google Adsense and Affiliate Marketing Guide

The point is how to use these strategies and win.

You should keep trying different monetization strategies. Don’t stick to just one. Maybe, your blog has more potential if you move to the other strategy or tweak your money-making plan.

Most of the newbie bloggers dream about getting a Google Adsense account and they think that money making blogging belongs to this network or generally PPC only. In fact, this isn’t true. You can make money with anything convincing that you may have.

If you think your 1-hour consultancy Skype call is worth $100

Prove it. Get clients. Make Money.

If you think you can do freelancing and get the clients through your blog, do it.

If you think you’re good at creating gigs, go to Fiverr and start doing it.

Blogging career doesn’t have to be around a PPC or an affiliate marketing program.

The more you expand your monetization plan, the more you stumble upon the opportunities.

7 Things You Should Know as a Blogger which Professional Bloggers won’t tell you :

7 things you should know as a blogger

Take a look at those important elements of blogging:

1. You Focus On Your Posts’ Strings

Does this truly matter just how long your articles are?

It does indeed.

You should think about the information of your write-up. If you can voice it out in five hundred words, you can do so. But when you can express it in 6000 words, it’s just fine too with solid ideas.

Don’t cook your information and facts again and again.

Experts’ analysis has proven that more lengthy articles do better in Google. Lengthier articles get discussed more. Lengthier blog posts have better keyword capacity.

So if at all possible, plan out 2500 words and more for your content. Practically in most blogging niche markets, with a few research, you can persistently hit that winning tag with every write-up.

2. You Post on a Daily Basis

This isn’t popular any longer. However, it is worthy of mention.

It will take time and energy to create quality articles if you have reasons to complete them in hours, days and nights, or weeks.

By regularly updating the same article, you ruin social signals. The more time your new article twigs on your website as your most recent post, the greater visibility and connection it gets.

Bear in mind that not enough people will pay out their time on yesterday’s talk when there’s a fresh one today. Once you post daily, you have a shorter period to publicize your posts, shorter time to plot your posts, and less opportunity to make investments for your internet business.


Spend some time to plot and formulate your posts. If you can’t write-up on a daily basis then, at least, try to get a spare time to promote them on social media. After some time if you feel that it doesn’t work anymore on social media and people are getting bored, then hit your next appealing post with great title and research. 

Just keep bringing the new things on your blog. People want change.

3. You Store Back Positive Things for Your Blog

You experience that your philosophies are priceless, and you had alternatively created an eBook using them, or maybe, you should launch a training program or make a flagship item. Right?

No, wrong.

In case, you’re not giving any true worth on your blog, you’ll not have the true visitors you want. You’ll not be given serious attention. You’ll keep hold of your “invaluable” strategies once and for all.

So how can you give your best?

Create every write-up just as if you’re paid no less than $200 for it. Once your write-up is so useful, visitors will discuss it.

You’ll bring things to sell later in your mind if you believe that you are now fully equipped with many things that can be crafted in an ebook that can be sold.

4. You Need To Do Guest Post On Your Blog

It’s correct that some influencers don’t write guest posts any longer. But a majority of them still do.
They often use it to promote new items, grab unique readers/subscribers to their blogs, as well as generate new clientele.

You don’t have more than enough readers/subscribers in your hand and still putting up your finest material on your blog is bare ridiculous.


Jon Morrow of Boost Blog Traffic defines it “speaking to a blank classroom.”

My post may be the ideal ever written on the particular topic.

So, is there any use of it if no one reads it?

Jon Morrow says “Write guest posts for somebody else’s target audience, surprise the heck out of them, and siphon a piece of their readership to your own.”

Many blog owners and internet based people have constructed their blogs and organizations through guest blogging. They could never have carried out it if they set aside their utmost writing for their blogs. It still works today, and you need to guest post even more than you write on your blog yourself. I know i know, i’m working with this thing as well, so you will see ample of my guest posts in near future.

5. Headline Does Work If You Steal Someone Else’s One?

Human always loves shortcuts; it’s a common fact because nobody wants to ponder about the little piece of the title because they usually tired of with having countless efforts in writing a post only.

Instead copying someone’s title, think about crafting the best allured one yourself.

“How to make $20000 in just 5 Minutes or Less Legally?”

To its credit score, many people will see the title wacky and pay attention to it for what it truly is — this actually calls a click bait. But the appeal is fantastic. That’s the reason why they still click on it.

It may be wrong, but I believe it is a lot easier to read this post in less than 5 minutes rather making $20000 in five minutes. Because I believe that this post will misguide me, since there is no way making $20000 in 5 minutes legally for beginners. What I believe positively is getting a new client who hourly pays me for my services for $5000 than just making $20000 in five minutes after reading this post.

I hope you got the point.

Make sure you don’t create fascination in your title when you can’t serve on its assurance. Don’t take advantage of such headers except if you’re certainly confident that there is something 95% of your audience can capable of doing in 5 minutes or less. Or simply most of them won’t ever take you seriously again.

Let them have the genuine guidance they can do in 5 minutes or whatever time frame your title says. But say the thing which is possible to do, say your title that delivers your promise.

6. You Make Your Overacted Efforts to Make Your Post Funny

You might hear this saying:

“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
– William Shakespeare

My question is: can anyone become funny or just trying to be a stupid? To answer you better, let me elaborate this saying.

Some people born funny, and some achieve funniness, and some have a craze to earn WOW for their words or sometimes smile and interest.

I’ll go on and voice it out.

I don’t think any person can become humorous. In the same way, I don’t think any person can be a good performer, a great author, or a good math wizard. Purely because Mother Nature performs a significant part.

Having said that, I believe that everyone can get good at what they have to do. Sounding hilarious is probably not your muscle, but you can get good at being humorous.

Read the people you admire for a funniness thing and guess what contemplations they are using that compel their audience stick to them. As time passes, becoming funny may appear more natural to you.
It requires a fantastic author to state sarcasm or humour.

By trying way too hard, you may be perceived as insensitive, or rude or obnoxious.

It doesn’t matter how, but don’t fail to remember that you don’t have to be humorous to stimulate people, to inspire them, or change their lifestyles with your content.

7. You Think That Trying to Be Smart Is Better

There’s a number of steps this applies to. Let’s give attention to writing:

    • In case, if you’re using 30 words to express your thoughts that could be communicated in 15 words, it’s not wise because people are so busy, and they want a concise solution
    • If you’re showing your command-line of English through the use of word “gargantuan” instead of “big” or “massive”, it’s not smart.
  • In cases where you’re making useless claims with your title, it’s not even wise.

Make sure you always focus on clarity. Don’t give your audience temporarily halt to assume the meaning of your words. It’s annoying.

Daniel Oppenheimer, a teacher of psychology at the Anderson School of Management, chunks it up better: “You must use use instead of utilizing utilize.”

Let’s sum it up, you have to be very obvious in your content, and becoming an over smart would ruin your post, people want a clear meaning of your saying in one go.

Are You Just A Blogger?; Other ways to monetise yourself while being a blogger

Other ways to monetise yourself while being a blogger

Absolutely not, you are not just a blogger, in fact, you are an entrepreneur, an expert, a writer, a developer, your blog is a platform for all of your qualities.

Nearly all bloggers are making good earnings while having publications, training, software program, or a writing profession. That’s the way they earn money. Their own blog is simply a “giveaway” to catch the attention of customers or clients.

Darren Rowse of got eBooks, training courses, paid career listings, etc.; he is a keynote speaker as well as a podcaster.

So, don’t think yourself as just a writer, you should have all qualities when starting your blogging career, because blogging is not meant just to write things.

If you have written an “Ultimate guide to getting X RESULTS” and if any commenter adds the point you missed out on about another best way of getting the X results, then do you think you should thank him or discredit him?

Nobody appreciates everything. And everyone is allowed to give their own thoughts and opinions. And we’re all human beings.

In your blog, you might be the coach, instructor or the specialist. So does it make you more a rational human than anybody else? Not at all.

When you make glitches, admit them. If a reader brings up a factor you overlooked or usually didn’t think of, accept it. Any time you write content, you cannot often completely go over every facet of a topic.

All the earlier mentioned points don’t ruin your expert rank. It just reaffirms it and ties you with your audience.

It’s wrong on many counts when you start your blog, so it’s the same you think of.

This is the biggest barrier for me at least when I write on my own blog. When time passes, I found it true in one of Westlife song’s lyrics “there is always a reason when feeling not good.”

I know a good mood is very important but if you never feel good then don’t stop holding off your writing with this justification that you are not in a good mood.

Mainly because great writers write. It does not matter if they spend long hours in their work.

It doesn’t make a difference if a full day job is slurping the ingenuity straight out of them.

Be described as a good author.

Just write.

Recommended Reading : How To Make Money As a Blogger?

When you’re Penning a Topic You Like, You’ll Have Zero Writer’s Block

It happens to every best writer.

You may feel it’s not the optimum time to write. Possibly you’re scared of creating your opinions to everyone. Quite possibly you’re a perfectionist, and everything has to be right before you bit a pen or keyboard.

Or possibly you’re just trapped creatively. Zero new creative ideas.

There are many tips on writer’s block, Darren Rowse refers it as bloggers’ block. He says you should write you feel the love with, by doing this you won’t have writer’s block.

Keep your notepad where you can jot down things when they come your way. Or you can use an application on your mobile phone to document the ideas.

Use Jotterpad to note down the ideas you get which you might forget otherwise.

After some time, you’ll convey more ideas than you can finish off in a lifetime. Count on me. Or simply ask a self-employed writer Mridu Khullar Relph. In accordance with her, this lady has three notebooks with ideas she can under no circumstances finish in her lifetime. Therefore, her dilemma isn’t writer’s block, but getting ideas from her huge collection.

In case, if authoring the creative ideas on your mobile phone or laptop don’t help, forget about it. Just write. In the end, writer’s block quits you against writing. Get over it by simply writing.

No justifications or reasons. You have to make your own list of ideas every time.

You can also start doing vlogs and make money through it by linking your blog to it. My guide on how to start your vlogging career helped many people for those who were struggling in vlogging. But to be honest, starting your vlog is one thing, having good vlogging camera, nice equipment, place and software is second.

Writing vs Promotion ; Whats More Important?

Featuring Your Blog Is a Thing You Decide To Do If You Have Time ; Importance of Promotion

For you personally, once you get the perfect time to write your post, the good sense of achievement you feel is that you have written it well, but you forget the another important thing.

Post promotion.

You’ve most likely heard of the 80/20 theory of blog post promotion. Which is: investing 20% of your time in writing and 80% of your energy in promoting it. Basically, this means if you are using a couple of hours to write your post, use 8-10 hours in promoting it. Or if you use a couple of days to write down an article, use 8-10 days to market it.

I’m apologetic here.

This doesn’t usually do the job this way.

80-20 rule is wrong

Let’s say making a post took you the seven days, would that mean that you invest four weeks promoting it?

Or let’s say you have a news flash blog and upload some posts every day?

There’s absolutely no principle set in the stone. I have an appropriate rule that if you’re writing a blog post in 14 hours, it is best to invest your approx only 20 hours in promoting it.

Final point here is: If one makes a chance to write, also find a little time for promoting what one writes.

You need accounts on all social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, Twitter to productively market your blog.

This is luring.

I know you have 24 hours to build your best followings on Facebook, Myspace, tumbler, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, etc., and at the same time, you’re creating your content while making your best research. Honestly, this is not possible to do such things in your tough times simultaneously.

I know social media is very important to socialize your posts but time is not that social with you when you do many things in a day, you must follow the saying that “Quantity doesn’t contain a Quality.” You can’t expect to do well on all social media platforms because your focus is more important.

Just try to set your focus on one of the best social portals that benefit you in future, even you can pick 2-3 networks, in my opinion, you should go for Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn these days, they are more productive near me. Remember that you don’t scatter your attention and focus between all of them under heaven.

Or in the end, you will never perform well on any of them. So focus, focus and focus on selected channels to get the maximum productivity.

Need An Influx Of Targeted Traffic To Earn Money From Your Blog?


The truth of the matter is,

You don’t need countless numbers or thousands and thousands of targeted traffic to earn money. With the appropriate campaign and approach, your very first website visitor often means the first cash online.

you dont need much traffic to make money

You better find the few best successful blogs on the internet and find out where they use their best weapons to get more and more traffic, and still they keep coming back on their blogs.

Whenever we read someone else’s blog we usually overlook many small things there, for example, why they are showing the stats of sharing and engagements on social media on each post page? Why they put a small line for telling about their subscribers, you may say that a jingle line that baits you to become a next subscriber? Why are they also creating hype about their upcoming podcasts and webinars?

Even you can check my monthly reports and you will see, my main earnings are coming from affiliate and personal consultations and i’m not receiving thousands of visitors because i know quality is greater then quantity and that’s what matters.

These are some prominent and common things I noticed, however, there are many more things we don’t notice on their blogs, they are actually in hands of genuine guys who hide gold in their words.

Make a list of such approaches and try to set your own promoting things.

This is an extra doze:

The blog is everything but it’s easy, if you think that blogging is something like a 9-5 job, then you are at a wrong side, doing the job for your boss is a needy thing, but this is totally different from blogging. Blogging is a profession and most probably your best career, your blog only depends on you solely that what kind of person you are and how do you run it.

You invest your 100% efforts in your job and still getting the same salary you expect, but in blogging, you are your own boss and decide what to do for the whole post crafting.

You should make your blogging a hobby.

Make sure you check every tutorial you come across that tells you how to launch a blog.


Different people write different perspective. You’re a starter, you’re a learner, and you need to absorb good things. 

Recommend : Learn How to Make Money Online?

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Frequently Asked Questions Related on How to Start a Blog in 2024

WordPress vs Blogger : Which platform is best for blogging?

That’s totally your personal choice, however my vote goes with WordPress due to it’s more advance features and customisation options. Check my detailed WordPress vs Blogger review for insights.

From where do you recommend to buy domain and & hosting for my blog?

My heart goes with Bluehost, but you can check my detailed Best WordPress hosting guide to learn more.

What’s the minimum age to become a blogger?

There is no minimum age, you can start whenever you are comfortable and ready for a commitment.

How much time it will take to become a famous blogger?

It depends on so many things, however if you remain consistent and do well in marketing. Anywhere between 6 months to 2 years you can be a celebrity in blogging. I also know people who took 4 years to become famous but all their efforts paid them.

How do bloggers get paid?

Most of the bloggers rely on Google Adsense to Make Money. They pay through Western Union, Cheque or bank withdrawals.

How Can I Make money doing blogging?

There are literally 100’s of ways to make money from blogging, you can even twist few methods to come up with your own monetisation idea.

How can I make $1000 a month doing blogging?

Understand your competitors, focus on writing and improving. Also work on promotion, nothing is impossible but it may take you some time and consistent efforts to  reach that figure in blogging.

How important is choosing the right name for the blog?

The name defines the niche of your blog, so it’s very important to choose the right name for your blog. Watch out my guide on choosing blog name and domain name for more learning.

Does the title of the blog has any impact on my blog visitors?

Majority of the readers decide upon reading the name of your title on will they read the rest of the article or not. Read my post on how to create best blog post titles to start with.

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Conclusion on How to Start a Blog in 2024

If you’re starting your blogging career in 2024 or want to grow your blog in 2024, then these steps will help you succeed.

Don’t be worried. Making errors is not the end of the world. The good news is that you have started and ready to improve on.

Everybody knows the basics of niche selection, good web hosting, and writing useful content, but not all of them are going to succeed.

Do you know when new bloggers end up getting no affiliate sales, they think it’s over?

Do you know when Google Adsense of a few bloggers gets blocked, they think that there is no other way around?

It happens.

The good news is, things never end.

There are ample of ways to start earning as a blogger

I even now make same of these blunders personally. If you don’t know yet, I had 3 of my accounts banned but this is something back 10 years ago. I learned from my mistakes, you should learn too and those who are new, they should learn from experienced one’s, it’s not necessary to do a mistake and then learn!

Find the history of any favourite blogger out there, you’ll see they made goof ups too, over and over again, it happens.. all you need is consistency and never lose hope to win! and it’s because they also come to understand. Because one’s life is the best teacher. The more live, the more learn.

The secret behind is that not every blogger out there is going to execute it well or keep moving forward.

I shared simple points, plus, I also added relevant resources to this blog post, so that it could deliver value to you all.

People are either afraid of investing their effort, time, and money or they don’t want to put in the work.

And even more importantly, the more you exercise and hang yourself too much there, the more you’ll know the things that work and what doesn’t. Your competitor’s are your best friends to teach you about your mistakes and what you are missing.

Share your thoughts if you want to add more things in your blogging career, soon we will have the best outcomes and guides from other experts out there in the comment section.

What do you think of this guide? Don’t forget to add your valuable voice underneath this article.

Because we’re in this together.

So you should decide in 2024 that what you want to do with your blogging passion.

The plan was to give you a different perspective on blogging career development.

It begins with finding your passion and ends at the finding something solid to sell out.

The middle part is what we call it hustle, effort, and authority.

Don’t look back once you start your blogging career.

It won’t be easy but everything you would do in this pursuit is worth it.

Will you start your blogging career in 2024?

Tell me in the comment below.

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  1. Hi Ali, awesome blog post! I agree that there is no way to succeed as a blogger without having a content strategy. Without having a plan and making sure you’re adjusting it as you go along, your blog will never grow as you’d want it. And if you can’t monetize your blog’s visitors, it’s because you probably are not targeting the right audience or you are not offering the right product/service. It’s always one of those too. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thanks, sir for giving us very informative tips on blogging and we’re also growth in blogging day by day with the help of your plans.
    Dear! I have some questions about my blogging career I have a website on tech news and I have posted more than 20 articles on that, but problem is that My English is not good and I want to rank my website through SEO you know about that very well. please guide me how I can improve my English + SEO and content writing. I am the student of intermediate and very passionate about blogging.
    I will be thankful! jazakallah

    1. Best Wishes Saif with your carer. If your english is not good and you feel like you need to improve it, The best way is to keep writing, when you keep on writing, you eventually starts figuring out mistakes on your own and gradually your level of english starts improving. I also suggest you to read other bloggers article as well.

      As far as SEO is concerned, there are many guides around SEO available on my blog, consider using the search button. cheers

  3. Hey Ali,

    You nailed it.

    It’s all about good content. And keeping it simple, not elaborate.

    I focus on creating content for my audience and promoting it than on SEO.

    Quality content surely covers a lot.

    Guest posting is something I’ve never tried. Hoping to do it this year.

    To get targeted traffic, I simply find the most trending subject from among my audience and address it.

    I’ve talked about it before that stealing is permitted in blogging. Not plagiarizing. All writers steal. I don’t know about you, Ali.

    Great points. If followed will surely lead to success in blogging.

    Thanks for sharing, bro.


  4. Hi
    Awesome post i really loved it while reading detailed and quality information thumbs up it helped a lot!!


  5. Thanks Ali Raza for outstanding post,

    i have couple of questions here related to blogging,

    1: what is the best backlinks strategy for micro site ? please mention some of the most powerful backlinks sources that work superb on micro site.

    2: Does web2.0 work ?

    3: Does profile links work ? if a profile backlink does not index in google and we got backlink from that page, then it will consider as backlink in google ?

    thanks and hope to see your reply soon.

    1. 1. Edu sites, Roundup Links and Natural Outreach works the best. I also suggest doing video tutorials and reviews and cross linking the videos and articles.

      2. Yes web 2.0 still works.

      3. Profile links works as a part of your overall backlinking strategy, but if you solely rely on it, then it’s not gonna work well. If a link doesn’t index in Google, one should manually submit it or use a service for that, as a backlink which is not indexed in google won’t help you in ranking your blog.

      Hope this helps


  6. My relatives always say that Blogging is a waste of time and money, but after following your guide, doing on various experiments and by keep on testing, i finally started to earn money.

    Thanks Ali

  7. Very insightful tutorial… I just wonder! This is a very deep and clear guideline for the beginners who want to start a blog in 2019. I will definitely recommend your article to my community. As a Web Developer, I can say, I’ve read lots of article about starting a blog but haven’t read like your article ever yet.

  8. This is really great information about starting a blog to make money. I really liked it. Thank you for the sharing!

  9. Good day! Article very much. I also try to write interesting and useful. Well, I try to optimize. There is not enough time to write articles every day. After work, there is little time left. I can’t quit work and just write articles. While not making such money through the Internet that would quit work. Not long ago, I introduced a new blog. Interesting your opinion. If there is a minute? Thank you very much for the article a lot of useful information. The view is the most valuable.

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