How to Start Vlogging in 2024 – What is Vlogging?

what is vlogging? here is the complete guide to start vlogging

“A year ago, I wrote my guide on how to start video marketing, and the article went very well. However, things have changed with the evolution of vlogging. It seems like vlogging has made a great impact on the video marketing strategies. In this article, You’re about to learn a lot on What is Vlogging and How to Start Vlogging in 2024

Start vLogging in 2024

What is Vlogging?

what is vlogging

Vlogging or Video blogging is a process of sharing life, event, or story in the video format through the internet. The term vlogging started becoming popular in 2010, especially along with the growth of video sharing site YouTube.

Yes its true, you will find almost majority of vloggers on youtube and thats due to the immense popularity of Youtube as the world’s largest video search engine. If you plan to have your presence there or want to start your own youtube channel, do read my 10 Youtube tips for video marketing.

YouTube is getting saturated. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, but what if i tell you that if you do things in right way, you can still be a successful vlogger?

Just have a look at the growth of video ad investment among brands and agencies and where it’s predicted to go:

vlogging video ad investment

There is no guidebook or rule to filming and recording a vlog. Almost 5 years back, people used to vlog through handycams or cybershots during their vacation trips. Over the course of time, vlogging evolved as the social media became popular. People started taking vlogging seriously in 2013-14. Nowadays, YouTube is the primary channel for almost all of the vloggers. However, Dailymotion and Facebook are also huge video platforms, but YouTube has the major portion of the attention.

The interesting thing about vlogging is that there is no certain rule whatsoever. You can go creative and do whatever you want as long as it doesn’t violate the video platform’s rule and regulations. You can vlog during hanging out with family and friends or you can film the whole travel to another country or you can record the footage of cooking at home. The idea is that you share something interesting with the viewers and if the viewers like your content, your vlogs get popularity and you grow as a vlogger.

How to start vlogging in 2024

4 step process on how to start vlogging

But before i start anything, I wanted to tell certain things every vlogging starters must know:

3 Essentials of Vlogging

Storytelling:Camera Gear:Video Editing:
It’s the most important part of vlogging. Vlogging, in a nutshell, is a way of telling stories. You don’t have to force a story into your vlog but rather try to be entertaining and engaging to make people watch your video. 
A lot of successful vloggers film their vlogs with their phones. The camera gear isn’t the most important thing to film a vlog, but if you have a nice camera then it’s the advantage. But a fancy camera may not make you a successful vlogger, instead, the cinematography and the art of telling stories would help you become successful.
After figuring out the storytelling and camera gear, the next most important part of vlogging is the video editing. It is always better to improve your video editing skills. A few years back, the vloggers amass the footage they shoot and they put it all together without much editing stuff like music, transitions, and cutting-edging of the scenes. But now things have changed. The video editing does make your vlogs better.

Video Editing Software and Vlog Camera Recommendations:

Vlog Cameras


Or you can also checkout the complete list of good vlogging cameras which are reviewed by me or checkout sony vlogging cameras.

Video Editing Softwares

Video Editing Softwares
  • Sony Vegas Pro
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Filmora
  • Camtasia Studio

Define Your Vlogging Purpose

It will become a whole lot easier when you sit down for a while before starting your vlogging career and think about your vlogging purpose for a second. You can pointlessly start vlogging too if you want to, but if there is a strategy that you believe in might help you stay persistent and committed to it.

You don’t need a hardcore vlogging purpose which you have to find from an entrepreneurship book or you should spend next 6 months finding your vlogging purpose — not at all.

It’s very simple. Think about vlogging as a medium of communication. You will be recording casual videos while doing stuff and sharing with the rest of the world. There has to be a cause or message attached to your whole campaign. Not only will it make your vlogs standout, but it will also make an impact on the viewers when they come to know about your mission.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to find a specific vlogging purpose. It could be anything from trying out vlogging medium of communication to stepping out of the comfort zone.

Do you know that People spend up to 2.6 times as long on web pages with video than without video?

Determine Your Vlogging Style

You might come across a lot of debate on vlogging style. Different vloggers adopt different vlogging styles. Before getting into vlogging style, let me tell you one thing clearly. Every vlogging style will be acceptable if you’re comfortable in doing it. People will always advice to change things up and you may want to try out things other vloggers do, but at the end of the day, you would require originality to stay put. So vlogging style means how you shoot the vlog. Some vloggers are family vloggers, they film with their kids, spouse, or other family members, some of them vlog while they’re out of home, a lot of vloggers vlog while they commute to work or home, and you may also find vloggers who shoot whatever they’re up to either they’re shopping, traveling, or working at office.

Similarly, most of the vloggers shoot vlogs themselves, but 1 out of 100 might have a camera man around them to record their vlogs. The same goes with the cameras; you may find a lot of vloggers using Canon G7X and some of them might be using a DSLR. You would also find vloggers who shoot with their phones. Furthermore, the language does matter. A lot of vloggers opt to vlog in English language, whereas a vast majority goes with the native language.

In other words, you have to find your unique style and voice to get started and even succeed in vlogging.

Find Inspiration from Watching Other Vloggers

Your competitors are your best teachers. Take inspiration from them on what they are doing and how they are doing.

So I suggest Pick a few vloggers and spend at least a week or two studying their vlogging style.

As you spend time watching, ask yourself some questions like:

  • What topic are they vlogging about?
  • What makes their vlogs interesting?
  • How long are their videos?
  • How they are retaining audience?
  • What makes their audience engage with them?
  • How they are engaging with their audience?
  • How Do they edit their videos?
  • Do they film their vlogs in one take or multiple shots are combined?
  • How often do they upload new vlogs? Is it something on daily basis?, weekly? or what trends they have.

Popular Youtube Vloggers to Check

Checkout some popular vloggers on Youtube to see and understand. [As always, I recommend to study top vloggers in your niche]

Build an Uploading Schedule

At step three, it’s quite important to understand that people really care about the upload timing. When you start vlogging on a regular basis, try developing a schedule of uploading. In fact, keep your viewers and subscribers informed about your upload timing. So that they could tune in to your YouTube channel or Facebook page to watch your vlogs.

It totally depends on your schedule, work routine, and suitable timing. But whatever time you choose to upload the vlogs, stick to it.

Vlog Consistently

consistency is key in vlogging

If you really want to crush it, then vlog on a consistent basis. You would only succeed if you vlog consistently, and you can only vlog consistently, if you really enjoy vlogging. So it comes down to your passion for vlogging. If you feel vlogging isn’t for you, you would quit it, anyway. But if you start enjoying the process of vlogging, then the consistency of uploading the vlogs would be one of the major success pillars.

You may or may not have heard about the term of daily vlogging. A lot of vloggers vlog every single day and they upload every day. It does require passion, commitment, and hard work to do that. If you try out vlogging for 4 months and then you disappear for next 2 months, you would eventually waste your 4 months of hard work.

You would be better off if you develop a schedule and stick to it. Your focus must be creating quality content rather than sticking to your schedule. Because once you achieve uploading on the schedule, the next milestone would be how consistently you upload.

Michael Stelzner at SocialMediaExaminer, has written an article on how to create consistent content on youtube, I recommend you to give a read.

The Narrative Building

One of the most important parts of a vlog is the narrative. It is the whole story that your vlog revolves around. If you’re going to cook breakfast, and you’re showing the grocery shopping in the morning, and then you end up making the breakfast on the camera. It’s up to you how you film those different processes in order to make it interesting for the audience.

In fact, to make the vlog interesting, it’s important to keep the audience informed about whatever you’re going to do. It will include your camera talk, music in the background, the scene selection, and finally concluding the story with an end result.

You’ll learn the narrative building along the way, especially when you make 30 to 50 vlogs and keep on following top vloggers around the world. The process of doing the vlogs will teach you a lot.

According to a post at Huffington, YouTube and its vloggers are the future of entertainment as we know it; but if it’s to stay as popular and widespread as it is today then it needs to have its content creators conform to the same kinds of regulations television and other forms of media do.

How to Start Vlogging on Youtube in 2024?

If you knew how much Youtubers make online, You will not waste a second to jump in. Starting on Youtube is fairly easy and quick. By this time, you have realised that you want to be a vlogger and planning to start your own Youtube Channel. Now I will guide you step by step on How to Start it on Youtube.

Buy a Cheap & Good Vlogging Camera :

Price and Quality is not everything, that’s the reason I’m recommending you to go with a cheap yet good quality vlogging camera, but if you lack budget or just starting out, You can start off with any device that has the ability to record a video such as a any smartphone, tablet or even the webcam of your laptop will do a great job.

There are some certain key points which needs to be discussed before buying it, which i have mentioned in my cheap vlogging cameras article.

Creating a Youtube Channel

Once you figure out and done with buying a vlogging camera, your next step is to create your own youtube channel to start working. Youtube is currently most popular video website, world’s largest video search engine and second most visited website on the earth as per Alexa rankings.

Creating an account on Youtube is fairly easy and quick, it’s just a 5 min job. Just head over to : Also read my guide on How to Start a Youtube Channel to get started.

Filming and Editing of a Vlog

As far as the filming is concerned, I have already mentioned key tactics of filming above but i also suggest you some tips for filming and editing :

  • If you are vlogging as an all rounder, you dont need to worry and you can record anything, your hobbies, lifestyle or record anything you like.
  • But if you are a travel vlogger or digital marketing vlogger, you need to be industry specific.
  • There is no time frame for videos but don’t make it too boring or too long where audience lose interest.
  • Good lighting and Audio quality should be taken care of.
  • Engaging your audience by asking questions in your video and recommending them to answer via comments will create more attachment between you and your visitors.
  • As far as the editing softwares are caused, there are several available on mobile and laptops to work with. Window Movie Maker, iMovie are just examples to start with.

How You Can Monetize and Earn Through Vlogging?

easy to monetize vlogging

Thats one of the most important question which maybe moving around in your mind. There is no harm in thinking about it since we do everything to eventually make money, if not now then sometime ahead in future.

However my advise at the beginning will be to forget income and focus on building some audience and subscribers, money will eventually come soon.

Recommended : Here’s the EXACT Working Method of Earning on Youtube

You can earn from literally hundred methods ranging from Adsense, video testimonials, reviews, brands or even event sponsorships but don’t put too much focus on this and instead focus on how you can make things work in vlogging industry. It’s not a one day job, you need to take time and have some consistency to make things work.

As with other advancements in the industry, the focus of audience from traditional media to digital media, brands are more focused to find the maximum of the audience but even Fb ads, Google Ads cannot generate attention what Vloggers can and that’s the direct advertisement during in their program without moving away from the script or pausing the script for an ad, which makes them in front of companies to be their best advertising partner.

Why Start Vlogging?

If you’re looking to beef up your social media presence, want to get more public attention, popular, being noticed or get your business more popular, then there’s nothing quite like a video that gets people’s attention.

Frequently Asked questions related to vlogging :

What is Vlogging?

Vlogging is a video blogging that serves pretty much the same purpose as blogging, but vlogging is emerging more of a storytelling medium, nowadays. However, there is no pre-defined rule about vlogging. You can do whatever looks suitable to you.

I dont have much budget, can i still start vlogging?

Yes you can start doing vlogging through your mobile camera and keep on improving when you start earning or get more resources.

How much time it will take me to get success in vlogging?

This depends on your personal efforts as well on how consistent you are, but expect to get noticed within 3 to 6 months. Provided you remain consistent.

I’m under 18 years old, can i still vlog?

Yes you can still vlog, there is no minimum age to start your vlogging career. As per forbes, a 7 year old boy, Named Ryan earned more then $22million from doing vlogging in a single year.

How much I can earn with vlogging?

There is no limit. If you want to know how much does Youtubers earn, you will be surprised to know that some earn as much as millions of dollars every month.

Conclusion on What is Vlogging & How to Start Vlogging in 2024

Vlogging is a great way of telling stories and documenting your life in the video format. One of the core reasons for a lot of vloggers is that they want to document their lives so that they could watch it in the future.

Remember that one of the important thing in vlogging is your originality. It’s not something you want to fake it or you have to be fancy just because you’re on the camera.

Vlogging is also becoming more and more important for content marketers, digital marketers and companies willing to invest online.

People often like vlogs because they’re raw, rough, and casual. Of course, things like editing skills and cinematic sequences in shooting are the beauty of filming a video, but it doesn’t mean that vlogging is something you need to change yourself for.

What did you learn about vlogging today?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  4. I’ve found out that consistency is key to grow a vlogging channel. Lately Youtubers have complained that the algorithm seems to rank better channels that have high uploading frecquency rather than the ones that offer a good in-depth video once a week. A lot of people don’t like this, including myself, but that’s how they are working right now.

    That’s why I love the part where you speak about loving vlogging if you want to really go serious about it. It’s going to be basically impossible to post almost everyday for more than a year if you don’t like it; you’ll quit it sooner or later!

    Thanks for the post, Ali

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