How to Make Money on YouTube in 2019

How to Make Money on Youtube (Last Updated On: October 3, 2018)

YouTube might be just a video portal for many of you that you don’t even use much, but there are a few things that you should know about YouTube. It’s the second most popular search engine on the web and undoubtedly number one online video website. According to some estimates, more than a billion people visit YouTube every month. If you are not fond of YouTube, then you don’t know that you can make money on YouTube, which is why I’m talking about this on my blog.

YouTube is not only just an online video portal, but it is also a platform to make money on the internet.

Have you ever thought how people make money by uploading videos on YouTube?

Do you wonder why so many people make how-to tutorials on YouTube?

Well, YouTube isn’t just about funny cat videos; it’s a platform that pays creators after a crossing a certain threshold.  Of course, there are eligibility requirements to be able to make money from YouTube, if you’re solely dependent on YouTube Partner Program. YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is YouTube’s revenue-sharing program for creators, which helps creators make money on per thousand views. According to the latest updates, the YouTube account must reach to 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in last 12 months to enable monetization through YPP.

However, that’s just a default method of YouTube to make money, but the real deal of making money on YouTube is outside the platform. The majority of the YouTube creators who make money use various other income streams to earn that money.

Every few seconds, hundreds of hours of new video content is being uploaded on Youtube and approximately, 6 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every month.

Fair enough to work with Youtube?

Methods of how to make money on YouTube in 2019:

Let’s discuss various strategies and ways to make money online on Youtube.

Become a Youtube Partner and Make Money from Google Adsense :

google adsense to make money

Adsense is obviously the first thing which will come up in your mind whenever you think about youtube and vlogging and it’s true because that’s the monetisation option you can directly use from your youtube channel. All you need to do is to fulfil their requirement and you are good to do.

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How to Enable Adsense Monetization on your Youtube Channel :

Once you meet the mentioned requirements, you need to enable Monetization in enable to start earning from Google Adsense.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the icon at the top right and click “Creator Studio”.
  3. Click on Channel in the menu on the left, and then click on “Enable” under Monetisation.

enable monetization on your youtube channel

How Does YouTube Adsense Pay You?

Although it may vary from country to country. So depending upon your country, Adsense may offer all of these or some of these payment methods to you which includes:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  2. Check
  3. Western Union Quick Cash
  4. Wire Transfer
  5. Rapida

Affiliate Marketing For Making Money on Youtube

affiliate marketing

It’s one of the popular ways to make money through YouTube videos. What happens in Affiliate marketing is that you recommend the products that you like or use to the audience and when they make a purchase through your referral links, you earn commission. To start earning through Affiliate marketing, though, you have to become an affiliate marketer by joining the affiliate program of the company whose products you use or like. A small hiccup is that not every company has an affiliate program, but you never hesitate to ask them.

Affiliate marketing youtube example
Reference :

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Sponsorship or brand deal is another way of monetizing your YouTube presence. Sponsorship is quite different from affiliate marketing. In sponsorship, you don’t have to rely on the transaction like affiliate marketing. You get paid because a brand or company wants to work with you to promote their product/event/offer and they ask you to mention it in your video. It’s always better to inform your association with the sponsor in the video. Different countries have specific rules on online promotion and disclosure. Make sure to check out those rules and regulations in your region. The important part of this money-making strategy is that you don’t quickly get sponsorship deals on YouTube. In fact, it may take years to get to this point where you would be reached out by the brands to work with them. It depends on the number of views, total subscribers, and the popularity of the YouTube channel.

There are a number of ways with which you can collaborate with the company. For example, you can change a cover photo like this :

channel branding
Ref :

Or you can see how brands encourage’s Youtuber’s for Unboxing video to get viewership and branding :


Merchandise For Earning Money on Youtube

Merchandise has become a go-to monetization strategy for YouTube influencers. A lot of big YouTubers sell merchandise containing garments, phone cases, hoodies, calendars, and other stuff to the audience to make a living. It doesn’t happen quickly. Instead, it requires a lot of active subscribers’ base and loyal audience who support the creators. If you’re at the beginning stage of YouTube journey, then don’t think about merchandise but it’s good to know everything successful YouTubers do along the way.

PewDiePie is widely known as one of the king in this field.  

Checkout the following video in which he is selling one of his Official Apparel,

Selling Books/Courses

Many authors, novelists, and experts write books and eBooks to make money. They use YouTube as their engagement and marketing platform. So if you happen to be interested in creating a book or eBook, then you do make money off of it regardless of number of subscribers. A lot of experts sell their courses through YouTube. What they do is that first they teach the audience something they are good at for free, and then for detailed lessons or further learning, they market their online courses to the audience to make money from YouTube.

For example, Mia Connor, an award winning artist who uses Youtube to post simple how-to and tutorial videos on her youtube channel. However she frequently sells her online courses along with it.


and Now see her description :

youtube make money example

She is eventually selling her course via Youtube video tutorial and from her channel.

Generate traffic to your website and blog :

With Youtube, there’s an indirect way as well to make money and that is to focus on generating traffic to your website or blog and then converting it later on.

If your website has ever been hurt by a Google Penalty or any update, the Good news is that, placing your website link with your videos will help you in regaining your organic traffic and you will also receive visitors from your video too.

Create Web TV Series :

Love discussing and explain TV series? Start your own at Youtube and earn money through it.

Start your own talk show, weekly debates, comedy show, drama, short film series or whatever you like. Just pick a niche and you like and start exploring it. However make sure, YouTube has a policy which limits your show’s length to 15 minutes. However the good news is that you can upload longer videos but you’ll need to increase your limit.


Build Membership and Earn from it : [Great if you want to earn from youtube]

youtube paid membership option

With the recent update, you can now charge a monthly fee’s and make a member only private area. See the above image and check Paid Memberships option.

Make money with your child or animal into a celebrity on Youtube :

Do you know it’s relatively easy for your child to make money by making cool videos and uploading them to YouTube? So if your child loves watching videos on Youtube, it will be quite easy for you to convince him/her to start their own career.

Cash Academy explains how your child can turn into a celebrity on Youtube. Nothing is impossible, all you need is a bit of confidence and think out of the box to play and win your game at Youtube.

how to make money on youtube as a child

Ryan ToysReview has been the most popular channel on YouTube, He is a 5 years old boy who makes million by selling toys. The story isn’t easy, the channel was started back in 2015 but it got attention when one of the video went viral and exceeded all the expectations.

Start Crowdfunding to Make Money :

Crowdfunding is nothing new, it’s an old thing and already popular. Thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However if you want to start a crowdfunding project on Youtube, you may need an out of box or a great idea to make things work.

Why it has eventually became harder to earn money on youtube?

There are various reasons for this, for instance, youtube changed it’s policies back in 2017.. end.. with the latest update which states that you need to have blah blah amount of visitors on your channel

With passage of time, youtube has eventually became more strict about what content is posted on it, does it comply with copyright laws and it is safe to seen by wide audience.

And then there are cases of hate speech as well, Earlier in the year 2017, brands such as Pepsi and Walmart left because of concerns about hate speech.

There are also some Youtube Content Guidelines which you need to follow:

According to YouTube, your content could get excluded from ads if it includes:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor
  • Violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
  • Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language
  • Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

Famous Youtubers Who Make Money along with their channels :

New Media Rockstars estimates that top YouTubers earn in the millions, some even in the tens of millions. Revenue can fluctuate greatly depending on the premise of the channel.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles - youtuber

Jenna marbles post makeup videos and her dog videos & now recently she started sharing videos with her boy friend, She has so far received, more than 2 billion videos with more than 18 million subscribers.


smosh youtube channel

Smosh is another YouTube sensation, and is the work of two friends who are actually Top YouTube Influencers themselves with a number of different channels. Their Smosh channel alone has more than 23 million subscribers and features comedy videos. Just imagine, if you started doing, where you can go?

Getting The Play Buttons

Youtube Play Button are some sort of accreditation for the work you have done over Youtube.

There are 4 kinds of Play Button Awards

  • Silver Play Button for channels that crosses 100,000 subscribers.
  • Gold Play Button for channels that crosses 10,000,00 subscribers.
  • Diamond Play Button for channels that crosses 10,000,000 subscribers .
  • Ruby Play Button for 50,000,000 subscribers

3 Things you need to remember to Make Money on Youtube :

Stay consistent :

be consistent

You never know one day your videos start jumping and pays your hard work for years, just keep doing even if you have small audience.

Keep on improving if you want to stay in game for making money on Youtube :

improve your skills

Just keep on analyzing yourself and your competitors, you never know what’s the reason which is stopping you from going ahead, just keep on improving. When i started writing articles on this blog, trust me i didnt know how to write but i gradually improved just by being consistent and learning from my mistakes. You can do the same, like keep on testing new themes, try out new effects, if you are doing vlogging, considering buying a new vlogging camera or changing your table or the way you shoot.

Forget Income, Focus Subscribers :

I have been saying this in my monthly report and will continue to discuss this, because majority of the people put all of their weight on income and they get disappointed easily. Consider your Youtube Channel as your asset and any expense occurs over there is not an expense, but an investment.

Tweak and Optimize :

Many people forget one thing while earning is they only focus on more viewers = more earnings formula, although this is true in short run, but if you want to make more money in longer run, its a good idea to think that with proper tweaking and optimization, you can make money with the same number of viewers.

Regularly check your goals and targets. See what your competitors are doing.

Some terms to remember related to Youtube :

  • Subscribers : People who have joined your Youtube channel and they get a notification whenever you upload a new video or go live.
  • CPI : Cost per Impression
  • CPC : Cost per click
  • CPM : Cost per thousand Impressions
  • RPM : Revenue per thousand Impressions
  • ECPM : Effective Cost per thousand Impressions

Further Reading on Making Money with Youtube :

I also suggest you to checkout my other money making guides on my blog, which i feel will be definitely interesting for you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions
When my video will be live after uploading on Youtube?
Once you press the publish button, it usually takes few minutes to get the processing completed. Meanwhile, the team also check if you have violated any copyright by uploading someone else material.
What Video Formats Does Youtube Accepts?
YouTube supports the following video formats for upload: 3GPP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, WebM and WMV. MPEG4 commonly uses the .mp4 file extension.
Do I need to upload a separate video for Laptop, Mobile & Smart phones?
Not at all, one is sufficient.
How long do i have to wait before i start making money on Youtube?
Depending upon what kind of revenue stream you are working with, For example if you are using Adsense, once you complete the requirement and request monetisation to be enabled, you can start earning based on views, demographics and clicks on ads by your visitors.
Can i create multiple Youtube Channels?
Yes you can create and use multiple youtube channels simultaneously.
Can i do SEO for my Youtube Videos?
Yes you can, in fact its much easy to get your Youtube video ranked instead of a new site.
What is Youtube Reward Program?
YouTube has a reward program for videos which keep viewers on the platform for longer run. Rewards includes incentives such as Silver button, Gold button, Diamond button & Ruby Button
How Should i Promote my Youtube Channel and Videos?
 There are different ways to do this, for instance, you can circulate the videos on all of your Social Media profiles and fan pages, then you can promote it on your blog, email list. In fact, you can also run Paid Ads such as FB Ads & Google Adwords to promote.
How can I measure my channel's success?
YouTube offers a free, self-service viewership analytics and reporting tool called YouTube Analytics. It tells you how many people watch your videos, how often, and how they discovered your videos.


Conclusion on How to Make Money on Youtube in 2019

There might be more ways to make money from YouTube out there. What matters is that you should focus on what you can do to get started and get to the level where you keep adding these monetization strategies to your money-making plan from YouTube.

You can start affiliate marketing from the day one, but you can’t get sponsorship deals or merchandise demand in the beginning.

YouTubers focus on building a loyal audience by generously delivering the value to the audience. It could be entertainment, education, lifehacks, or motivation. When the audience wants to listen to you, things start to become possible.

If you want to make money from YouTube, you better focus on producing high-quality content in your niche and find the way to help your audience. Money does come if you like to make those YouTube videos.

How would you like to make money on YouTube

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