How to Make Money on YouTube 2024

How to Make Money on Youtube

You might have seen tons of articles on “How to Make Money from Youtube“…

…But one like this?

You will witness it yourself, after reading it.

YouTube might be just a video portal for many of you that you don’t even use much, but there are a few things that you should know about YouTube. It’s the second most popular search engine on the web and undoubtedly number one online video website.

How to Earn Money on Youtube

According to some estimates, more than a billion people visit YouTube every month. If you are not fond of YouTube, then you don’t know that you can learn how to make money on YouTube, which is why I’m talking about this on my blog and that’s the reason why everyone is trying to become a Youtuber.

Ever thought to Make money on Youtube?

YouTube is not only just an online video portal, but it is also a platform to make money on the internet.

Have you ever thought how people make money by uploading videos on YouTube?

Do you wonder why so many people make how-to tutorials on YouTube?

I also know getting thousands of views on your videos is hard…

Well, YouTube isn’t just about funny cat videos; it’s a platform that pays creators after a crossing a certain threshold.  Of course, there are eligibility requirements to be able to make money from YouTube, if you’re solely dependent on YouTube Partner Program.

YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is YouTube’s revenue-sharing program for creators, which helps creators to make money on Youtube based on per thousand views. According to the latest updates, the YouTube account must reach to 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers in last 12 months to enable monetisation through YPP.

However, that’s just a default method of YouTube to make money, but the real deal of making money on YouTube is outside the platform. The majority of the YouTube creators who make money use various other income streams to earn that money.

Every few seconds, hundreds of hours of new video content is being uploaded on Youtube and approximately, 6 billion hours of video are viewed on YouTube every month.

Fair enough to work with Youtube?

How to make money on YouTube in 2024:

You might have heard a lot about making money through YouTube. It’s not rocket science; there are many ways to make money on YouTube. You can join the YouTube Partner Program to monetize your videos through Adsense [As mentioned above], or you can promote affiliate products, or get sponsorships through Famebit.

See, there many ways to get started with YouTube whether you’re making vlogs, travel guides, funny skits, or informative videos.

The question is, what if you aren’t good at any type of video making other than the tutorial?

Does this mean you can’t make money from YouTube?

Naah, The Industry is huge and there are many monetisation ways to make the maximum out of it.

Most of the people out there are trying to trick the Youtube by misleading titles and copied content for getting the views, but youtube keeps deactivating their accounts.

You can still manage to earn the decent amount of money on Youtube with a strategy.

However, I am going to tell you the complete method which you can use for boosting your views and generating some eye-catching content.

The harsh truth is that people after learning how to setup the Youtube channel thinks that they can now make some money by just uploading the copied content, it’s actually not…

You need a lot of unique ideas for your videos and the original content for getting success on Youtube.

Let’s discuss various strategies and ways to make money online on Youtube.

Select only Your Favourite Topic:Follow-your-Passion

It’s the first and most important part to select a topic in which you are interested and make sure you know much about it.

It could be your football skills, cooking, traveling, dog training, funny clips and the list goes on…

The easy way is to identify your favourite topics and then write them down on a page and select the one for which you are most passionate.

Why choose a niche with Youtube?

You know why it’s really important?

Because you are going to make the videos on that topic for a long time and if you don’t have interest and proper knowledge about that specific topic then you are not ready for going that far…

I suggest you to never select the topic in hurry and do proper research about ideas that on which niche you can provide the unique videos that people will love watching.

After selecting your niche, it’s time to check that if people are interested in that topic by doing easy keyword research.

Do Proper Keyword Research:

No matter you are doing blogging or Vlogging keyword research remains the necessary process because it can give you the guess that how much famous the topic is…

If you don’t know what’s the keyword research it’s just finding the exact phrases that people are searching to find your videos…

For now, you don’t have to select the keywords to use in your videos but just needs to check that if your topic is worth working on…

Let’s suppose that you have selected “dog training” for making videos…

I use this keyword tool for Youtube which gives me the good idea of how much people are searching for it.

Make sure when you are using this tool you selected API of “Youtube” and Country “US” in the tool.

Results for keyword research for Youtube:

So here are the results for dog training…

keyword keg for how to make money on youtube

It’s pretty impressive, right? Almost 60k people are searching for this keyword every month then it clearly means that it’s a famous topic and people are interested in watching videos on it.

By using this method you can easily check that how much people are willing to watch videos on your topic.

When you are doing the keyword research try to find the highest searched keywords on which you can make the videos also…

Because entering in the deep and famous niche can give you more traffic as compared to entering to the very small niche.

You can also use many other paid tools for keyword research but I only use this one due to its high relevancy.

So, now you have some idea about how to check your topic worth. Don’t worry once you will start and keep finding keywords for your every video you will become an expert at it.

Your next move will be to create content…

Start recording Professional Videos: [Important to Earn from Youtube]

I must say that your content is everything…

All the other steps you are doing are just for making your content visible to everyone interested in watching.

Let me tell you a secret first

The biggest traffic source on youtube for our videos is the “related videos” section and they can only list you with related videos if your content is perfect.

In other words, if every person who came to your video gets to stick to it till the end then Youtube will consider you the related result about that specific topic and show your video every time in the related videos section.

So, when you are making videos keep your viewer intent in mind who is going to watch your videos and optimize your content for them so they can watch your videos till end…

Let’s get back to our point that how you can make your videos more appealing…

First 15-20 seconds should be great

In a study Youtube found that user decides to watch or leave from your video in the first 20 seconds, if you can hook them at the start then you stayed them for complete video.

But for making your first few seconds very sticky you need to tell them what’s in the complete video or also hook them by mentioning their problem again…

Didn’t you understand smart boy? Let me show you an example

Examples of Perfect Videos

As we are using the example of “dog training” to earn from Youtube, so just select that which phrase will be more attractive for your viewer at starting of video…

“Hi my name is Mike and welcome to the German dog training”


“Are you trying to train your German dog but he’s not listening, I am going to show you the method”

The second one is more appealing and interesting, right? Because it’s stating their problem and offering them the solution as well, so it’s what they are actually looking for…

It’s a very good example of attracting or losing your viewers in the first few seconds of your video.

I must mention it again that if people are watching your video for more time period then Youtube will send you more views and also your revenue will increase.

So, it’s very compulsory to hook your viewers at the starting so they can watch all your videos on the channel.

You need to write these punch lines of starting on the page and select the best one for the starting of your video and it will give you results for sure.

Pay Attention to Graphics Quality

The days are long gone when people have low-quality internet connection and used to watch the 240p videos.

Now everyone, especially in foreign Countries, has the high-speed internet connection and they love to watch the high-quality videos like 1080p normally as well.

So, you need to select a best vlogging camera for recording the eye-catching videos. I also suggest you to check my what is vlogging guide to get more insights on vlogging.

Youtube and other experts also found that people leave the videos which have low-quality graphics even they are interested in the content.

I must suggest you to also learn the basics of video editing because it’s necessary to remove or add small effects for making your videos more professional.

Create Long Enough Videos

long youtube videos

As we know that if your video is ranked on Youtube for a high searched keyword then you are going to get the maximum possible views.

The thing is that Youtube now is only ranking the videos where users stick like super glue and stay for more time. So, for getting the users for more time on your videos you need to create the long duration videos like 15-20 minutes.

Don’t repeat same in videos

Please don’t get me wrong long videos never mean to repeat the things in your videos but to give them the in-depth details of that specific topic.

When you are making the professional content for getting the maximum views, likes and shares then it’s compulsory to give your viewers every single detail about the topic.

Before creating your video try to read and digest the every detail about your topic from the Internet as well as from books if possible.

Then make a proper theme of your video while also including the punch lines in it; so your users will never get bored.

If you are making the spicy videos of 10-15 minutes on every topic then you will surely start getting views in very less time; I am saying with experience.

Increase your User Engagement with Videos:

As I mentioned before that the more time user is spending on your channel and videos will be better for your authority and earnings.

Here’s the trick to increase engagement to make more income

When you have decided to make many videos on the same topic then create your content in the list of episodes for making the playlist.

Let me show you an example:

If you are making the bunch of videos on “Dog Training” then create the videos like

“Dog Training” Episode 1

“Dog Training” Episode 2

It will not only create the suspense that what’s in the next episode but the people who love to watch that type of content will view maximum possible videos to your channel.

You may also notice that when we are watching any show episode on the Youtube, other previous and next episodes are listed at the side in a playlist…

So, most of the time we end up watching 2-3 episodes otherwise we may watch only one episode.

This will work like icing on the cake and your user will also be going to like it.

Ask Viewers to Like and Subscribe at Youtube

Most of the people even making the cool videos are not getting the likes, comments and channel subscriber which is the major ranking factor on Youtube.

So, at the end of your every video ask your viewers to Like your video and Subscribe to your channel in a unique way.

The phrase “Subscribe to my channel for latest updates” is very old now…

You need to make a spicy line which should get you, maximum subscribers. In my case, I use the funny phrases for getting the likes so people smile and give me the like after watching…

I must tell you to add the subscribe button on your video at the end, like shown below and ask them to subscribe to you in a good way…

asking viewers to like and subscribe youtube videos

Optimise your Videos for Traffic:

Now you already knew that if your videos are great but not optimised for Youtube search and suggested videos section then you are not going to get any traffic.

These techniques are personally tested by me on Youtube and will also give your videos the traffic boost.

Make a Catchy and Keyword Rich Title:

For your every video you need to use a related keyword that people are searching for finding that content which you have learned in the keyword research step.

But it’s the mistake most of the people make that they only add the keyword in their title but never optimize it for more clicks.

Let me show you a quick example:

Suppose I am using this keyword for my German dog training video “German shepherd dog training”

You don’t have to use it directly but add some spicy words at start or end of the keyword for making it more clickable like…

“Step-by-Step German Shepherd Dog Training (complete guide)”

It will not only help you in ranking on the Youtube but will also get you more clicks both from search queries and from the related section as well.

Always make your title more appealing and attractive so people only want to click on your video due to its title.

In my case; I normally write 8-10 titles for every video and then select the best one to use because it has much potential to increase your traffic.

Now this is a very clickable title, check…

clickable title on youtube

Give Brief Video Description:

You need to write at least 200 words unique and compelling description for your every video before publishing.

It will give a better understanding of what your video is all about and Youtube will surely rank you in the suggested videos after judging your topic with the help of description.

The most common mistake most of the people are doing is adding the bunch of related keywords in the description for ranking.

Believe me, you just need to add your keyword naturally 2-3 times in a description and it will give them the very good guess about your topic.

Add Related Tags to your Videos

Again people are using this in very negative way and start adding the too many keyword keywords in the tags…

Most of them also try to trick here and add the non-related keywords which may help them in getting the clicks but you know well…

That people who don’t have interest in your videos may click on it but never going to watch it which is a negative signal to Youtube…

So, you just need to add the 4-5 related tags with one of your focus keyword here and you are good to go.

Speak your keywords in the Video

Google and Youtube are very intelligent now and they no more have to guess with your title, description, and tags that what’s your video is all about.

In fact, Youtube can understand English that what you are saying in the video…

Still, some experts say that they are not very perfect but they can understand 80% of your talking in the video and then rank you for the similar keywords as well.

So, when you are recording also consider speaking your keywords in the Video for the better understanding of Youtube like a keyword we are using “German shepherd dog training”.

Like this boy is saying…

speaks your keywords in the video

Don’t Forget to Promote your Videos:

When your content is new on Youtube, the channel needs we could say the push start for getting some views and then getting some more views.

I must tell you the truth that you are not going to get thousands of views at starting in less time even you are doing all the things right; it will simply take time.

So, till you are not getting the organic views from the Youtube it’s very important to promote your video by the proven methods of getting views. You can also check this complete guide to video marketing.

Must share it on Social Media

social media platforms

If you are making your videos in the professional way listed here then you will be confident to share it on your social media profiles.

The better way of getting the views from Facebook is to find the related groups of your channel like “dog training” and join them all.

People make this mistake to share their videos without hanging out with the people there in groups and get banned by the tag of spamming.

So, when they approved you in the group you have to spend some time by doing some related posts there and then share your videos with cool titles.

Check : 5 Ways to Get More Visitors from Social Media

If you are doing it in a right way, believe me, you will get the good amount of views on your every video and the shares too if your content is giving them their answers.

Share it on Blog Comments


Again it will be considered as the spam by blog owners if you are just sharing your video URL in the blog comments everywhere.

The better method is to search for your keyword on Google like “dog training” and then open all the websites.

Read or watch their content and then write an appealing comment with something new about the topic; Pro tip is that mention the name of the blogger in the comment as well.

At last of comment, you could say like “Also have a look at my video of dog training or your topic” and leave your video link.

When you are posting the quality comments there is no way of rejecting your comment and you will get many views from different websites by just commenting. If you are starting out with blog commenting and have not much idea about, then checkout the step by step guide to blog commenting

Share it on Quora and other Forums

sharing is caring

Thousands of people are asking the questions about every topic on the forums like Quora and it’s not very difficult to get them on your videos.

You just have to find the related questions by searching it on Google or Quora and then give them the best answer after researching in the text…

At the end, you can say that for detail information about this “topic” you can watch this video and mention your video link there…

You might be thinking only that person will watch your video but it’s actually not. In fact, if your answer has many up votes then every new person is going to watch your videos.

I was also thinking that it’s not going to work but believe me it’s huge, saying this with experience.

Bonus Tip: Get Huge Traffic from Reddit

Reddit is one of the biggest social networks from where you can drive the massive traffic to your content very easily.

When people start liking your content there and you reached to the first page of any category then you are going to get the thousands of views in just a day.

Yes, I got maximum of 41,262 views from Reddit overnight and it will work for you too…

Most of the people don’t know the exact way but I found a good fix…

Here’s the blowing Method

You simply have to make an account on the Reddit and then verify your email address like we do to other social networks.

The thing is that you can’t just start posting your video URL’s from the very first day, it’s in the policies of Reddit.

Long story short, you need more than 200 Post Karma and almost 50 Comment Karma to post your videos there which will be visible to everyone online.

The link and comment karma there is the user rating so they can confirm that if the user is trusted or not.

To be exact, if someone liked your post your post karma will increase and if they dislike it will decrease. Your comment karma will increase when someone liked your comments.

So, don’t be in hurry of posting your video links. Most of the people face difficulties in increasing the post karma but you will not…

Exact Method to Make Youtube Videos Viral from Reddit :

So, after setting up your account…

Find Funny Content

Simply find some funny photos, gifs from the Internet for posting on Reddit.

Check at Reddit

Open this site and check by uploading there if that image is already posted on Reddit or not, if not keep it…

Quality Content

Make sure your photos or gifs you have selected are good enough to get some up votes.

Upload to Reddit

Now upload it to and get the link to that photo on Reddit.

Use Sebreddit

Go to funny Subreddit and by clicking on “Share a link” post your photo there with a funny title too…


After posting refresh your page and go to funny Subreddit again and click on new posts and check if your post is appearing there…

If it’s listed there in new posts then you are good to go.

Wait for the magic :

You will notice that after some time people are upvoting or downvoting your post…

If you are getting the dislikes don’t remove your post. Also when your account is new don’t post more than 1 time in a day it will spam your account without notifying you.

Repeat the process

If you got some likes, repeat the same steps for posting better images next day and after some days you surely will have more than 200 Post karma.

Comment Karma

For increasing the comment karma, you need to open newly published posts and comment some good stuff there by keeping in mind that on getting downvote your comment karma will be negative…

Well, the comments like “nice” or “good” are not going to work and you need to know the complete topic before commenting.

It will take some time but you will get 50 comment karma very easily in this way.

Note: If you can follow these steps accordingly you will get eligible for posting your links within 10-15 days but keep the warnings in mind too, their policies are very strict now.

When you are eligible for posting your video with 200 post karma and 50 comment karma, simply go to the videos section or subreddit and post your Youtube video with a related title because they are going to respond anyway…

Content is the Key:

If your content is good you will surely get much engagement on your Youtube channel in very less time.

Believe me or not this is a huge network for getting thousands of views in a matter of days on your newly launched channel.

It will not earn you the good amount of income but your video will also start ranking or trending on Youtube due to much traffic in less time on new content.

Now you know much about how Reddit works for getting traffic more than 60% of online marketers.

Become a Youtube Partner and Make Money from Google Adsense :

google adsense to make money

Adsense is obviously the first thing which will come up in your mind whenever you think about youtube and vlogging; it’s true because that’s the monetisation option you can directly use from your youtube channel. All you need to do is to fulfil their requirement and you are good to do.

Recommended Reading : My guide on How to Start Earning with Google Adsense? has been my audience favourite, do read it.

How to Enable Adsense Monetization on your Youtube Channel :

Once you meet the mentioned requirements, you need to enable Monetization in enable to start earning from Google Adsense.

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account.
  2. Click on the icon at the top right and click “Creator Studio”.
  3. Click on Channel in the menu on the left, and then click on “Enable” under Monetisation.
enable monetization on your youtube channel

How Does YouTube Adsense Pay You?

Although it may vary from country to country. So depending upon your country, Adsense may offer all of these or some of these payment methods to you which includes:

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  2. Check
  3. Western Union Quick Cash
  4. Wire Transfer
  5. Rapida

Affiliate Marketing For Making Money on Youtube

affiliate marketing

It’s one of the popular ways to make money through YouTube videos. What happens in Affiliate marketing is that you recommend the products that you like or use to the audience and when they make a purchase through your referral links, you earn commission. To start earning through Affiliate marketing, though, you have to become an affiliate marketer by joining the affiliate program of the company whose products you use or like. A small hiccup is that not every company has an affiliate program, but you never hesitate to ask them.

Affiliate marketing youtube example
Reference :

Recommended Reading : Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Guide

Sponsorship to earn with Youtube

Sponsorship or brand deal is another way of monetizing your YouTube presence and earning through it. This Sponsorship is quite different from affiliate marketing. In sponsorship, you don’t have to rely on the transaction like affiliate marketing.

You get paid because a brand or company wants to work with you to promote their product/event/offer and they ask you to mention it in your video. It’s always better to inform your association with the sponsor in the video.

Rules and Regulations for sponsorship

Different countries have specific rules on online promotion and disclosure. Make sure to check out those rules and regulations in your region. The important part of this money-making strategy is that you don’t quickly get sponsorship deals on YouTube.

In fact, it may take years to get to this point where you would be reached out by the brands to work with them. It depends on the number of views, total subscribers, and the popularity of the YouTube channel.

There are a number of ways with which you can collaborate with the company. For example, you can change a cover photo like this :

channel branding
Ref :

Or you can see how brands encourage’s Youtuber’s for Unboxing video to get viewership and branding :

Merchandise For Earning Money on Youtube

Merchandise has become a go-to monetization strategy for YouTube influencers. A lot of big YouTubers sell merchandise containing garments, phone cases, hoodies, calendars, and other stuff to the audience to make a living. It doesn’t happen quickly.

Instead, it requires a lot of active subscribers’ base and loyal audience who support the creators. If you’re at the beginning stage of YouTube journey, then don’t think about merchandise but it’s good to know everything successful YouTubers do along the way.

PewDiePie is widely known as one of the king in this field.  

Checkout the following video in which he is selling one of his Official Apparel,

Selling Books/Courses

Many authors, novelists, and experts write books and eBooks to make money. They use YouTube as their engagement and marketing platform.

So if you happen to be interested in creating a book or eBook, then you do make money off of it regardless of number of subscribers.

A lot of experts sell their courses through YouTube. What they do is that first they teach the audience something they are good at for free, and then for detailed lessons or further learning, they market their online courses to the audience to make money from YouTube.

For example, Mia Connor, an award winning artist who uses Youtube to post simple how-to and tutorial videos on her youtube channel. However she frequently sells her online courses along with it.

and Now see her description :

youtube make money example

She is eventually selling her course via Youtube video tutorial and from her channel.

Generate traffic to your website and blog :

With Youtube, there’s an indirect way as well to make money and that is to focus on generating traffic to your website or blog and then converting it later on.

If your website has ever been hurt by a Google Penalty or any update, the Good news is that, placing your website link with your videos will help you in regaining your organic traffic and you will also receive visitors from your video too.

Create Web TV Series :

Love discussing and explain TV series? Start your own at Youtube and earn money through it.

Start your own talk show, weekly debates, comedy show, drama, short film series or whatever you like. Just pick a niche and you like and start exploring it. However make sure, YouTube has a policy which limits your show’s length to 15 minutes. However the good news is that you can upload longer videos but you’ll need to increase your limit.

Build Membership and Earn from it : [Great if you want to earn from youtube]

youtube paid membership option

With the recent update, you can now charge a monthly fee’s and make a member only private area. See the above image and check Paid Memberships option.

Make money with your child or animal into a celebrity on Youtube :

Do you know it’s relatively easy for your child to make money by making cool videos and uploading them to YouTube? So if your child loves watching videos on Youtube, it will be quite easy for you to convince him/her to start their own career.

Cash Academy explains how your child can turn into a celebrity on Youtube. Nothing is impossible, all you need is a bit of confidence and think out of the box to play and win your game at Youtube.

how to make money on youtube as a child

Ryan ToysReview has been the most popular channel on YouTube, He is a 5 years old boy who makes million by selling toys. The story isn’t easy, the channel was started back in 2015 but it got attention when one of the video went viral and exceeded all the expectations.

Start Crowdfunding to Make Money :

Crowdfunding is nothing new, it’s an old thing and already popular. Thanks to sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. However if you want to start a crowdfunding project on Youtube, you may need an out of box or a great idea to make things work.

Why it has eventually became harder to earn money on youtube?

There are various reasons for this, for instance, youtube changed it’s policies back in 2017.. end.. with the latest update which states that you need to have blah blah amount of visitors on your channel

With passage of time, youtube has eventually became more strict about what content is posted on it, does it comply with copyright laws and it is safe to seen by wide audience.

And then there are cases of hate speech as well, Earlier in the year 2017, brands such as Pepsi and Walmart left because of concerns about hate speech.

There are also some Youtube Content Guidelines which you need to follow:

According to YouTube, your content could get excluded from ads if it includes:

  • Sexually suggestive content, including partial nudity and sexual humor
  • Violence, including display of serious injury and events related to violent extremism
  • Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language
  • Promotion of drugs and regulated substances, including selling, use and abuse of such items
  • Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.

Famous Youtubers Who Make Money along with their channels :

New Media Rockstars estimates that top YouTubers earn in the millions, some even in the tens of millions. Revenue can fluctuate greatly depending on the premise of the channel.

Jenna Marbles

Jenna Marbles - youtuber

Jenna marbles post makeup videos and her dog videos & now recently she started sharing videos with her boy friend, She has so far received, more than 2 billion videos with more than 18 million subscribers.


smosh youtube channel

Smosh is another YouTube sensation, and is the work of two friends who are actually Top YouTube Influencers themselves with a number of different channels. Their Smosh channel alone has more than 23 million subscribers and features comedy videos. Just imagine, if you started doing, where you can go?

Checkout my complete article on How much money do youtubers make

Earning through Youtube Tutorials

Earning through Youtube Tutorials

Earning through Youtube Tutorials can be a great fun as the work seems to be interesting and not exhausting.

3 Things You Need to Make Tutorials

Camera Gear

The lack of camera gear shouldn’t stop you from making video; but always consider buying or upgrading your camera gear whenever you can. A good-quality camera, editing software, PC, and microphones are a few essentials that take your videos to the next level.

Favorite Niche

If you aren’t sure about your favourite niche, then you should spend some time in figuring that out. You can’t plan your 30 videos and end up finding out that you don’t like this niche. There should be clarity in it. Pick your favourite niche to make YouTube tutorials. It must not be hard; just think about what you enjoy talking, listening, or doing.

Command on Topics

It’s extremely important that you have proper control and command over your topics. If you aren’t sure about things, then you better do your research first. It’s not appropriate to start off video tutorial videos without surety. When you have command on your topics, you sound like an authority; which helps you grow on YouTube.

Here are 5 Methods to Make Money through YouTube Tutorial

Make Courses

It may look salesy at first, but it’s not. Let me explain what I mean by this. You’re putting a lot of efforts in making (any type of) tutorials on YouTube. People are asking questions and requesting you to talk about certain aspects, and in response, you’re making more content. In short, you’re putting a lot of content out there for free.

On the other side, you should sit down to create an in-depth tutorial or an A-to-Z guide of your certain niche for beginners that are willing to buy your paid course. It won’t be necessary for everyone to buy it; all of them could utilize the free content, but if someone wants special or detailed training, they could buy the course.

It could be about anything you’re good at, for example, Adobe Photoshop, MS Office, Graphics designing, Web designing, or anything else.

The idea is that you could make tutorial videos in a specific genre and help out the audience for free, then design a course for an in-depth or complete training for interested students so that somehow you could get paid for all the hard work you have been putting into making those YouTube tutorials.

Sell Presets and Filters

If you’re into photography or video editing, you could talk about the photography or video editing skills on YouTube so that you could gather the audience that would be interested in photography, video editing, and photo software skills.

A lot of videographers and photographers are already doing this. They talk about camera skills, photography techniques, and video shooting on their YouTube channels and they help out their audience for free. In addition to that, they sell their custom-made Lightroom presets and LUTs to the audience and make money from their YouTube traffic and exposure.

Join Patreon

Patreon is a creator support program on the internet. It allows creators to collect funds from the fans who appreciate the creators content and find it helpful. The idea behind Patreon is that the audience wants to help support their favorite creators to keep creating content and they fund their work through Patreon platform.

If you’re flawlessly helping your audience through your tutorials and not focusing much on the monetization part of the YouTube, then you could talk about your Patreon account and explain it in your videos that why you’re starting a Patreon page for funds.

A lot of creators are running their Patreon accounts and their fans are happily helping them pay their bills. The reason is that loyal fans want their favorite creators to keep going forward and keep creating content for them. So don’t neglect the Patreon platform, if you’re making free tutorials and want to make money online.

Offer Merchandise

One of the best ways of supporting your favorite YouTubers is the merchandise like T-shirts, mugs, and other stuff they offer. When you buy the merchandise, you support their work, effort, and hustle.

So if you’re a YouTube creator who is making tutorials on any topic like sell custom mugs etc for a long time and not getting paid much by the platform, then you should switch to merchandise as far as monetization is concerned. Just remember that you’re helping the audience and they won’t mind helping you out.

If you’re solving your audience’s problems through your videos and they love you for that, they would jump in to support you by buying your merchandise.

Write an ebook

There is no harm in writing an ebook if you’re good at writing stuff. Everybody doesn’t like writing content in English, but you can always hire a special content writer for that to write your ebook if you’re not okay with writing by yourself. Although it will be better off if you write your ebook yourself and hire an editor to proofread, later on.

You can set up your own price for an ebook and use the platforms like Shopify, Gumroad, or e-junkie to sell your ebooks to make money on YouTube.

Make sure that your ebook topic must be related to your YouTube tutorial so that the audience find it interesting.

Remember while working on Youtube Tutorials :

There is no problem in trying out different ways to make money on YouTube through tutorials. The purpose of writing this section was to make sure that someone who is making tutorials on YouTube gets paid well for all the hard work they’re doing.

This article could actually open up a discussion among many people who could start YouTube tutorial channels in different fields and start getting paid for their work after eight months.

How would you like to make money through YouTube tutorials?

Getting The Play Buttons on Youtube

Youtube play buttons

Youtube Play Button are some sort of accreditation for the work you have done over Youtube.

There are 4 kinds of Play Button Awards

Silver Play Button

This button is for channels that crosses 100,000 subscribers.

Gold Play Button

It is for channels that crosses 10,000,00 subscribers.

Diamond Play Button

This is for channels that crosses 10,000,000 subscribers .

Ruby Play Button

If your channel has crossed 50,000,000 subscribers, you will be awarded with this button.

3 Things you need to remember to Make Money on Youtube :

Stay consistent :

be consistent

You never know one day your videos start jumping and pays your hard work for years, just keep doing even if you have small audience.

Keep on improving if you want to stay in game for making money on Youtube :improve your skills

Just keep on analyzing yourself and your competitors, you never know what’s the reason which is stopping you from going ahead, just keep on improving. When i started writing articles on this blog, trust me i didnt know how to write but i gradually improved just by being consistent and learning from my mistakes. You can do the same, like keep on testing new themes, try out new effects, if you are doing vlogging, considering buying a new vlogging camera or changing your table or the way you shoot.

Forget Income, Focus Subscribers :

I have been saying this in my monthly report and will continue to discuss this, because majority of the people put all of their weight on income and they get disappointed easily. Consider your Youtube Channel as your asset and any expense occurs over there is not an expense, but an investment.

Tweak and Optimize :

Many people forget one thing while earning is they only focus on more viewers = more earnings formula; although this is true in short run, but if you want to make more money in longer run; its a good idea to think that with proper tweaking and optimization; you can make money with the same number of viewers.

Regularly check your goals and targets. See what your competitors are doing.

Some terms to remember related to Youtube :

If you want to make good money on Youtube, it’s very important to know related terms such as

  • Subscribers : People who have joined your Youtube channel and they get a notification whenever you upload a new video or go live.
  • CPI : Cost per Impression
  • CPC : Cost per click
  • CPM : Cost per thousand Impressions
  • RPM : Revenue per thousand Impressions
  • ECPM : Effective Cost per thousand Impressions

Further Reading on Making Money with Youtube :

I also suggest you to checkout my other money making guides on my blog, which i feel will be definitely interesting for you.

Frequently Asked Questions on earning from Youtube

Some questions related to making money online from Youtube are discussed here.

How Quickly I can start earning from Youtube?

If you remain consistent, like 4 to 6 videos minimum every week and do proper promotion using social media channels and paid reach, you can start earning typically after 3 months.

When my video will be live after uploading on Youtube?

Once you press the publish button, it usually takes few minutes to get the processing completed. Meanwhile, the team also check if you have violated any copyright by uploading someone else material.

What Video Formats Does Youtube Accepts?

YouTube supports the following video formats for upload: 3GPP, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPEG4, MPEGPS, WebM and WMV. MPEG4 commonly uses the .mp4 file extension.

Do I need to upload a separate video for Laptop, Mobile & Smart phones?

Not at all, one is sufficient.

How long do i have to wait before i start making money on Youtube?

Depending upon what kind of revenue stream you are working with, For example if you are using Adsense, once you complete the requirement and request monetisation to be enabled, you can start earning based on views, demographics and clicks on ads by your visitors. Youtube does pay a lot of money, if you do all things well.

How much minimum videos i need to earn?

There is no minimum, Youtube does pay you on the number of views your videos have. This also boiled down on the nature of visitors, their demographic and other matrices.

Can i create multiple Youtube Channels?

Youtube gives you the option to create and use multiple youtube channels simultaneously.

Can i do SEO for my Youtube Videos?

Yes you can, in fact its much easy to get your Youtube video ranked instead of a new site. Checkout Youtube SEO guide for more insights.

What is Youtube Reward Program?

YouTube has a reward program for videos which keep viewers on the platform for longer run. Rewards includes incentives such as Silver button, Gold button, Diamond button & Ruby Button.

How Should i Promote my Youtube Channel and Videos?

There are different ways to do this, for instance, you can circulate the videos on all of your Social Media profiles and fan pages, then you can promote it on your blog, email list. In fact, you can also run Paid Ads such as FB Ads & Google Adwords to promote. Learn How to Become Google Certified to take advantage of it.

How can I measure my channel’s success?

YouTube offers a free, self-service viewership analytics and reporting tool called YouTube Analytics. It tells you how many people watch your videos, how often, and how they discovered your videos.

Can I earn through Youtube Tutorials?

The answer is that you can surely make money if you just make tutorials on YouTube. There are many people out there who don’t like to make vlogs or they don’t travel much or they don’t feel excited about any other type of videos. They are just good at making tutorials or teaching stuff online. The good news is that I have already shared some methods to make money through tutorials on YouTube above.

Conclusion on How to Make Money on Youtube 2024

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When you are trying to make money with Youtube then you must need to learn that how to get the attention of people on your content.

After getting people to your content, it’s your duty to stick them not till the end of your video but also make them watch your complete channel videos.

You will start getting success once you start seeing the things from the user’s shoulder and then start making the content accordingly…

At the start, it’s a slow process but once your channel has the authority and subscribers then you just have to upload the content and rest will be done by your users…

No matter it’s like, comment or sharing videos with other people…

But for reaching that stage you need to promote your content yourself at the starting in a way that people will love watching your videos and subscribe as well…

Consistency is the key with Youtube :

This method is working perfectly for my video marketing campaign, so it can work for you as well but try to follow all the steps I mentioned here.

There might be more ways to make money from YouTube out there. What matters is that you should focus on what you can do to get started ; Get to the level where you keep adding these monetization strategies to your money-making plan from YouTube.

You can start affiliate marketing from the day one, but you can’t get sponsorship deals or merchandise demand in the beginning.

YouTubers focus on building a loyal audience by generously delivering the value to the audience.

It could be entertainment, education, lifehacks, or motivation. When the audience wants to listen to you, things start to become possible.

If you want to make money from YouTube, you better focus on producing high-quality content in your niche and find the way to help your audience. Money does come if you like to make those YouTube videos.

Now, it’s your turn…

Which challenges are you facing while working on Youtube? 

How would you like to make money on YouTube

Let me know in the Comments.

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