A Complete Guide to Making Money on Fiverr

(Last Updated On: January 26, 2017)

Fiverr is a big marketplace, offering services at $5. This platform mostly is being used by Freelancers, which are offering cheap services and obviously there is the other part with the buyers.

At the moment Fiverr has over 4.5 million active Gigs, and the number is growing.

Fiverr is an undoubtedly one of the powerhouses of the freelance global ecosystem. Not only did it establish a credibility within a short span of time but it also has emerged as one of the go-to platforms for the freelancing starters. Still, people do struggle in figuring out what to do and how to do it on Fiverr to earn money online.

Okay GUYS this is no joke, straight to the point guide! If you follow the steps as advised, I guarantee you that you will start earning in no time.


So What You Will Learn in This Article?

  • What is Fiverr?
  • Why Fiverr?
  • Necessary Elements of Fiverr Success
  • Top Niche’s to work with Fiverr
  • 5 Step Strategy With Making Money on Fiverr
  • Quick Guide To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs
  • How to Promote Your Fiverr Gigs?
  • Some Fiverr Terms to Remember
  • The Verdict.


So Have you created a Fiverr account and stopped there?

Did you not continue the Fiverr after joining it?

Are you struggling to get clients on Fiverr?

If these situations resonate with you, then you must know that this is the guide you may want to read. You may find lots of YouTube videos and blog posts that tell what you can do to start making money on Fiverr but the question is how many of them would tell you how to do it? Meaning, you have to know WHY  you’re doing this whatever you’re doing.

All this is possible when you have a concept of the platform as well as the job you want to do.

Before going ahead towards the certain essential steps of starting Fiverr and making money, I would like to give you something basic that cannot only boost your Fiverr performance but it can also help you in the overall freelancing journey. If you are simply starting out in freelancing, i also recommend you to read the below guides.

Now coming back, If you’re seriously passionate about learning something about Fiverr, make sure you read below.

Necessary elements of Fiverr success:

1) – Understanding the Strategy

One of the key elements of the Fiverr success is building a strategy of going ahead. What this means is that there are dozens of categories on Fiverr and you can’t go for all of them. In fact, choosing multiple categories won’t be a good idea either. The success lies in choosing just ONE CATEGORY and putting all your creativity, talent, and effort into that. Be the master of one and become an authority.

exceptional master in a particular skill

Although the Complete list of Fiverr Categories is available here, but I would like to summarise top Niches to work with Fiverr.

  • Digital Marketing (SEO, Paid Advertising, Social Media Marketing)
  • Graphic Designing (Logo Designing, Banners Designing, Business Card Designing, T-Shirts)
  • Video Creation (Animated Videos, Slideshows, Whiteboard Videos, Testimonial Videos)
  • Programming & Tech (Web Designing, WordPress, Mobile and Desktop Apps)
  • Music & Audio (Voice overs, Jingles, Video & Audio format Converters)
  • Business (Business Plan, Marketing Plan, Presentations, Market Research)


Keep in mind that I have selected the top niche’s in the categories to work with, if you have something out of the box, then go ahead and don’t decide based on the above skills alone.


2) – Staying Consistent

Consistency is the key

The second most important element which you should learn today is that you have to be consistent in order to succeed on Fiverr. It may take weeks to get your first order. As a freelancer, you must have patience and courage to face that challenge. If you can’t do that, you won’t succeed on Fiverr, but if you are consistent and keep on trying then SUCCESS isn’t far away for you.

3) – Sticking to the Platform

Lastly, nothing works if you aren’t stick to it, besides all the effort into making gigs and polishing your service, what you need to do is actually sticking to this platform for a long haul. If you try your luck on two or three platforms at the same time, you won’t succeed on any of them because your attention and time will be divided, So, stick to Fiverr only if you want to make money off of Fiverr.

Fair enough, now let’s get to the main part.

Here is the 5-step strategy of money making on Fiverr:

1) – Choose thing you’re passionate about

Unlike other areas where you have a specific thing to choose in order to start working. One of the perks of working on Fiverr is that you get to choose what you want to do for the prospective clients. In fact, whatever you have got, somehow you get to choose the type of the service you’re providing, then you’re good to go. Fiverr does have a wide range of service, moreover, they also have a huge system of sub-categories, meaning, each main category has its so many sub-categories.


At this point, you don’t have to go into the specifics.

You might think: I like blogging but I also like to design creative graphics.

This is the point where you have to figure out what to do. You have to pick one service that you’re absolutely sure about and you’re good at. Passion alone isn’t enough, normally when people are passionate about something specific, they do it and keep doing it, and finally get better at it.

Don’t worry if you don’t find a specific category or sub-category related to your passion. There is always something close to the topic and you can choose that.

Remember this rule: You must know that you can’t sell something that you don’t have.  

So, figure out the way and decide what you want to sell on Fiverr.

To explain this further, let give you an example. If you’re a simple HTML web designer and all your expertise and experience are in HTML only, then you may find two relevant fields in the ‘Programming and Tech’ category but you should choose ‘Web Programming’ because it’s relatable to your service.

fiverr site-designer

Like mentioned above, select the passion wisely, I have mentioned above few of the skills which are very common on Fiverr but you are free to choose whatever skill you want to work with, just follow your passion.


2) – Build Your Profile According to Your Service

As said before, you must know clearly that what you have to offer. Now this still remains relevant. Make sure you don’t offer two different services on Fiverr. Instead, stick to your talent or passion. The reason is that you need to fill up your profile according to your service. For instance, the work you do, the experience you have, and the authority you’ve built over the course of time. Each and every thing putting in your profile will help you reach out your prospective customers.

So head over to Fiverr.com and click on the “Join” option.

Fiverr signup

By Clicking on “Join”, a popup box would be appearing like this.

fiverr signup

Either you have to create your Fiverr account through Facebook, Gmail or Linkedin account OR simply enter your email that you want your Fiverr account to be registered on and then click on “Continue”.

fiverr signup




Now Fill up your description and other important areas according to your expertise and personality. All these things will help you earn the confidence of the customers and they might get interested in trying your gig.

Remember, It starts with your name and description.

For instance, Ali Raza looks better than web360expert99.


Some other important credentials that will contribute to your Fiverr success are:

  • Display Picture: You must choose a good-quality headshot to put in your Fiverr profile. Nobody would like to work with you if you’re using Lion’s picture on your profile. People want to work with real people.
  • Languages: Technically, languages don’t matter. Of course, the correspondence happens in English but if you know other languages, you may want to add them to your profile. Make sure you don’t make grammar mistake somewhere in your profile, otherwise, it would send a bad impression to the prospective customers.
  • Social Profiles: There is another important part of the profile which is social links. You must include your social media links. The customers like to know where you hangout and how you operate on the social. It sends a friendly vibe to the new customers if you have active social media profiles.

If you have an engaged audience on your social media networks and all profiles are sending a similar vibe to your service, it would be a huge plus for your Fiverr business.

By passing these steps, Fiverr will send you an email to verify your Fiverr account.

So check your email and verify your Fiverr account.

Fiverr Levels and Benefits

In this section, I am going to show you the various Fiverr levels and the benefits that it has for its sellers. Let’s dive in this section.

Fiverr Levels

There are three Fiverr Levels that you can join once you start working with fiverr.

  • Level 1
  • Level 2
  • Top Rated Seller

Each has it’s own priviledges and benefits and I recommend you to give a visit to Levels page on the Fiverr website to know more about it.

Quick Guide To Rank Your Fiverr Gigs

Gigs Title

These are the important things to pay attention when you create your title.

Let’s dive.

Your Title needs to consist:

Try to have your main keyword written in Capital Letters.

Also try to include delivery times in your title. But delivery Times need to be shorts; it needs to be short, and convincing.

I would like to share with you a real example for you to be able to know and you to like, you know it’s exactly like in the real life. It’s really like a life example.

Good Example:

I will REVIEW your book in 24 hours professionally

Wrong Example

I will REVIEW your book

fiverr title

I wrote a Good Example and a Wrong Example (Negative Example).

The good example could be like

I will REVIEW your book in 24 hours professionally

Now that’s straight to the point title, its short, it includes the keyword written in uppercase as you can see which is a review, right? It includes a time delivery i.

e. 24 hours, it includes a convincing word which is “Professionally” and it is also a short title.

So this is a kind of perfect Title and tempting so i feel that you can use for your Gigs.

We have the other one which is “I will review your book” that’s mean pretty much nothing, just review your book. And that says wrong example. Inside a long example area, we could include also the long titles. And when you write your title, just check Fiverr tells you if it’s good or if it’s too long. Fiverr tells you exactly below the box you writing, pay attention Fiverr tells you if you are having a long or short a good title.

So pay attention to all the details I’m discussing here.

Description Area :

Welcome to the Description area. This is another sensitive area of your Gig, it is very important for because it makes a difference. If you don’t have a well-written Description, you won’t be able to rank your Gig high.

fiverr description

Well, obviously the most important thing is to express everything you delivered in your description of your Gig.

Now you know that you need to insert your keyword at least one time. Keep in mind that your keyword should be present in the first row of the description area of your Gig. It would be more suitable if you start you GIG description with your keyword

I also feel that paying attention to your competitors and going through on whatever they have written in their description will give you a brief idea on what your description should look like, so don’t underestimate your competitors here.


With recent updates, Fiverr has it’s introduced the Packaging system where you can design 3 different packages for a particular skill or service to your potential customer.

fiverr packages

Obviously you can go without multiple packages and select just 1 package if you don’t want to have multiple packages in your gigs, but I believe you should give multiple options to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can write Top questions asked about your service. You can also answer presales questions which most customers have.

fiverr faq


In this section, you will write relevant tags to your gigs.

To be able to rank your GIGs, you need to have relevant tags to your service.

Now this is not very complicated because you can’t really do tons of things out there.

It is very simple, you need to write your keywords straight to the point and basically, this is the only way you are having the possibility of ranking.


You should not include 3 tags, 2 tags, 1 tag, NO. You should include 5 tags and this is the optimal amount of tags for each GIGs.

So let’s take as an example, if the GIG is all about Backlinks then we could have SEO, Backlinks, Website SEO, SEO Backlinks, High PR Backlinks.

As you can see I have Backlinks three times, I have high PR Backlinks, I have SEO three times, I have a website and I have Backlinks alone and I have SEO alone. So basically I have five relevant tags to my GIG.

Now if your GIG is about Social Bookmarking Backlinks, obviously you need to include Social Bookmarking, Social Bookmarking Submission, and Social Bookmarking Services etc. But Fiverr will recommend you a few of the most searched tags based on the tags you are searching.

So when you complete your GIG, you have the tags section for sure, and you write a tag, when you write a tag, Fiverr will suggest you the highest searched keywords for that specific tag you’re looking for.

Try to use them all and try to use five relevant tags always.


You might wonder if your image is important to rank it or to attract visitors. Let me explain to you why it is so important to have a great image that attracts people’s eye, firstly remember the common sayings, ‘An Image speaks 1000 words’ and another is that you know your potential customers watch your GIG and they bring impressions, clicks, and views to your GIGs so for you get sales.

Alright, if you compare an image which is not attractive with an image which is attractive and attracts people, now what happens after all this is when you have an image that is not attracting, nobody will visit your GIG, on the other side that you an image that is attracting more people will visit your GIG.

When people visits your GIG, you’ll get more Clicks, impressions, views and from that you’ll get orders as well. When you’ll get clicks and impressions including sales, you GIG will grow in ranking. So try to make as many attractive images as you can.

I also believe that these visuals can have a space in your mind, so images also helps you in giving a strong impression in your visitors mind so he can remember your service in his mind.


Let’s be honest, Gigs with Videos certainly rank better. Fiverr likes it, even your customers too. After all who will invest in making a video for his business? The one who is really serious with his business, right? So your customers also like that so thats why Fiverr will always promote a GIG that has a video instead of only a simple image.

The reason for that is GIGs with videos sell two hundred percent better, that’s what Fiverr says. So obviously they promote what sells better, Right?

So try to include at least a video in each GIGs of your account. You can create your own video, I mean you can bring yourself in front of a camera and describe what your GIG is all about. You can record your desktop screen and let your visitors know what your service is all about; I mean you should include a video on your GIG at any cost.


3) – Be Creative in your Offering

This is no simple game. Try to be unique and different. When you have some special skill to offer and sell, so should be your offering. This means that whatever offer you create, firstly, it should be useful for the audience, secondly, it should be offered in a way that no one ever thought about that.

be creative

The creativity is an art that attracts people. It’s not limited to art, design, and graphics but rather consider it everywhere. While pursuing your freelancing career on Fiverr, you must know what works with this platform.


For instance, among those digital marketing related gigs, that pointed gig seems a little different and practical. The remaining two are regular promises that everybody does on Fiverr. It shows that when you bring originality and uniqueness in your offering, your gigs start to stand out.

In order to explain it further, let me tell you three factors of creating a great offer on Fiverr:

  1. It must be written in simple words

Whenever people read something that is understandable and they’re more likely to respond to it. So, use this strategy on Fiverr. Don’t try something extra to make your Fiverr gig extravaganza but rather stick to originality.

  1. Offer something new

Offering the very same services like others are doing won’t do any good to your campaign. Obviously, it could get difficult to make a gig. Here creativity comes into the play. For instance, if you’re a content writer, there might hundreds of thousands of people creating gigs on writing articles in $5, how would you stand out amongst them? In order to stand out, you must offer something specific that resonates with the specific customers, for instance, if you’re good at blogging about AFFILIATE MARKETING, create a gig like this: I will write a step-by-step process of affiliate marketing in $5 or I will provide a unique 2000+ words article on Affiliate Marketing in $5.

  1. Describe your gig properly

Don’t focus on the marketing side when it comes to writing the description of your gig. Try to be precise about the purpose of your gig and tell people why they should buy your gig and how it can impact their business or life.

4) – Keep testing your gigs strategy

The consistency does matter in your Fiverr success. Once you spend a few weeks on Fiverr, you will get a chance to see that how many views and clicks your gigs are getting. In fact, if someone reaches out to you and discusses the solution you’re providing, analyze what gigs are getting those traction, even if they are being sold. If some specific gigs are attracting the audience and people are coming to talk to you about the certain gigs, maybe, you need to polish those gigs or create similar but better gigs after that.

keep testing trying

Pay attention to the prospective customers who ask things about your gigs. Because all that comes directly from the buyers. Test different strategies and always stick to your talent. Don’t offer something you’re not good at.

Follow these simple tactics at this stage:

  1. a) – Analyze, are you offering the right service? - It means you must look at your offering whether it is according to your talent or passion and if it is not, then fix it.
  2. b) – Don’t completely change your gigs appearance – You must understand that A/B testing is a process in which we keep on testing the outcome by making the slight changes on the web or any product. While creating your gigs, start with the gig title, then in the next gig, do something different with your image etc.
  3. c) – Keep the process going – There is no timeframe for getting success on Fiverr. It more or less depends on your creativity and the type of niche you’re pursuing on Fiverr. So, the best way to grasp some success is that you should keep trying and that would only be possible if you really want to be a freelancer on Fiverr.



5) – Promote Gigs Everywhere

One of the best ways to get traction on Fiverr is that you need to promote your gigs everywhere. If you’re just relying on the organic reach on Fiverr, it may take some time to get your first sale. In fact, if promote your gigs outside Fiverr, meaning, you’re linking your gigs in the relevant blog posts, guest posts, forums, social media, LinkedIn Pulse articles, the chances are, someone who needs that service stumble upon your gig.

promote yourself

If you need to help about starting your blog, then read this guide to move forward.

More blogging resources:
A Complete Guide to Starting a Blogging Career
How to Make Money with Your Blog (Without Ads and Affiliate Marketing)
7 Tips to Always Write Quality Content

social media platforms

In fact, you can occasionally share your gigs on Twitter and Facebook but it doesn’t work much. You should either add gig’s link to your Twitter bio or Facebook profile. Either one of them would work. Try it out even both of them. Moreover, you can also answer some relevant questions on Quora and link your related Fiverr gig to that answer at the bottom, in case, someone wants to jump on to your service and wants to hire you for that.

There are plenty of ways to promote your gig. The last step of this guide suggests you to not just sit back and wait for Fiverr to provide you a customer for your service, but rather get up and spread the word about your service.

Chances are that with more marketing, eventually you will become the TOP (Top of the mind) in your potential customers in mind, even if they don’t need your service right now, chances are that whenever they will looking for one, they will automatically remember you in their mind.

Don’t hesitate to put a banner ad on your blog or website and linking it to your gig. You can certainly do that. The point is, when you have to go outside of Fiverr to promote your gig, you’re actually doubling your effort. The platform itself does a little bit work for, but it totally depends on your service and the gig creation. But you don’t have to wait for the Fiverr to send you a customer automatically. In fact, go on a customer hunt outside Fiverr.

Some Fiverr Terms to Remember :

Gig Extras

Gig Extras is additional services offered on top of sellers Gig for an addition price defined by the seller.

Gig Multiples

Gig Multiples is the additional quantity of the same Gig.

Extra Fast Delivery

Extra Fast Delivery is the duration to offer the consumable Gig at the ideal time by charging some extra cash.

Custom Offers

Custom offers are, you discus something with buyer and you provide a proposal for an extra amount based on your buyer level.

Priority and VIP support

Priority and VIP support is where the customer support tickets are curetted in higher order of handling for faster responses.

Fiverr Anywhere

Now Fiverr anywhere is the feature which allows sellers to sell outside Fiverr on their blogs, on their Facebook pages, other social media and bring in more sales.


The Verdict

final verdict

The Fiverr isn’t impossible even if you’re a starter.

If you think you don’t have any skill to sell online and that’s why you think you suck at Fiverr.

Well, then work on that part and get yourself equipped with something interesting to offer.

There are many niches where you can work, i say even sky isn’t the limit, don’t replicate others instead just come with something out of the box.

Sometimes people can do something but they think they’re not good enough for that.

Come out of that shell and embrace that fact that YOU CAN DO IT.

If you’re not good enough, then make yourself a little bit better.

Fiverr is a great platform to start believing in yourself and making online. All you need is to know the strategy.

I tried to help you in building your strategy for Fiverr.

Now, it’s up to you how you make it.

Because you know your STRENGTH. It’s your PASSION.

Use your passion to make money on Fiverr.

What do you think about the Fiverr platform?

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Ali Raza

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Muhamamd Zubair - January 13, 2017

Very Nice Guide Ali Bhai awesome sharing :)
Allah apko or kamyabi dain

Imam - January 14, 2017

Very useful article. You have explained the things with very perfection.

Ryan Biddulph - January 15, 2017

Hi Ali,

Fabulous resource!

Choosing 1 niche to work and following your passion sound awesome to me. Because a lawyer cannot be a doctor at the same time. Because where your attention and energy goes, grows. Specialization is the difference-maker. And following your passion helps you love your craft, so you love your work, and when you love your work, you work a lot, and get really good at that 1 thing, and prosper through it.

Thanks much.


    Ali Raza - January 17, 2017

    Thank you Ryan and you really said well.

    Don’t be a jack of all and master of none, instead choose one niche and become master in it.


Nikhil Makwana - January 17, 2017

Thanks for sharing your strategy with us Ali.

Fiverr is an exceptional marketplace to offer our talents and make money online. I agree with all your points mentioned above.

But It’s important to deliver your gig on time because buyers always interested in reading the reviews before ordering. and making extra gigs in a nice way to earn more money.

    Ali Raza - January 26, 2017

    Your’s welcome Nikhil.

    It’s true that delivering your gig on time is also very important.


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