The Beginner’s Guide to [Make Money Online in 2018]

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2018)

If you ever thought to make money online in 2018, then hop in, because this is beginner’s guide to money making. And, this guide will help you build your online income, platform, and a career. So, if you ever thought about the right idea or the proper guidance on working online, then this post can be a life changer.


Do you know why this article will help you?

Because this article is going to tell you aboutbeginners guide to make money online

  • It will tell the exact methods to start doing something online
  • It will help guide you to understand the process of each method
  • It will simplify the process for you to make it easier to get started
  • It will emphasize on the needs to be fulfilled as an online entrepreneur

When such things are coming your way, who is going to stop looking for it?

Let’s get started… to how to make money online in 2018?

But the most important thing is that you need to know a few things that are extremely important in money making online. In fact, without understanding these certain things, you won’t be able to succeed in this field.

So, buckle up and get ready to read that.

Online Money Making Traits to Adopt

Before starting any activity online, you need to adopt some habits to be a successful earner. Every field has few things to adopt, So I feel Following are necessary elements to be adopted in order to successfully establish a career online:

Learn and Keep Learning

keep learning

Learning doesn’t stop in any form of education, research, and business. It keeps on going. What you need to do is, do not stop learning. Once you think you know everything, the thirst of learning something new decreases and you might lose a few chances to get to know something new. It could be online articles, books, research papers, and even web surfing. The purpose of learning should be there. Once you’re a keen learner, you’d notice that you would continue to absorb the knowledge and information you come across.

Start and Become Consistent

be consistent

‘START DOING IT’ is a popular entrepreneurial strategy that is highly practiced in the online business world. START represents taking the action. If you’re a beginner in online business, whether you want to become an internet marketer or a blogger, what you need to do is MAKE A START. The next part is getting CONSISTENT whatever you’ve chosen to do. Most of the failures in the world have only one major problem with them and that is they lack CONSISTENCY! Just keep on doing it

Deliver and Become a Giver

be a giver

Another important trait of being an entrepreneur or a successful starter is that you should know how to deliver to the audience. It includes what you have got, what you have chosen to share, and what else you can find to deliver to the target audience. Being a GIVER makes you prominent. In the online marketing world, GIVING is the most respected and regarded strategy. Pat Flynn believes in GIVING more than you ask from your audience. Adam Grant’s book GIVE AND TAKE preaches about GIVING too.

Methods to Make Money Online in 2018

2018 is here, all you need to do is to take a look at the money making methods which could be used in 2018 and try to dig deeper with the insights shared below and then TAKE AN ACTION!:

Blogging to Earn Money Online


Blogging is by far the most popular and known method of making money online. New bloggers are coming in, they are starting their blogs, a few get fed up and leave, and the process continues. In this article, you’ll come to know about making money online through blogging. Some of the newbie bloggers think that blogging is all about writing articles and getting paid. It doesn’t work like that. It isn’t necessary that you have understood the monetization methods such as PPC, CPM, Affiliate Marketing, and Direct ads, so now you can make money in a jiffy.

I’m sorry. No!

It doesn’t work like that. The job of a blogger isn’t that easy. A blogger is a person who has a specific knowledge, understanding, or information to share with the specific audience via blog publishing. Suppose a blogger is a knowledgeable person, he keeps his research going on the specific topic (which is known as niche or category of the blog in blogging field) and has got enough material to share in a dozen of blog posts for a couple of weeks. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he will make money off of that knowledge or information. Suppose, he manages to publish that content, who would care about his articles if he doesn’t have an audience?

So, when great content meets relevant audience, then it works.

This tells us that Blogging isn’t just about publishing content, in fact, it also has to deal with the following things:

Now there are actually a few methods that help you get paid while you were blogging and readers are actually liking your content:


Contextual Advertising – It includes online banner advertising which is operated based on the content of the sites. Normally Pay-Per-Click (PPC) model of advertising is based on the contextual ads.

CPM – CPM is a cost per 1000 impressions advertising model. It doesn’t have to do anything with content or text of the pages.

CPA – CPA is a cost-per-action advertising model. In this model, an ad publishing generates money after a specific action completion such as a sign-up, form fill, download etc.

ClickBank – Founded in 1998, Clickbank is a great method to make fast money online. I have also written a guide on how to make money with clickbank?, do check it where i have discussed potential ways to work with clickbank.

Product Reviews - If you are good at reviewing different products, then why not review it for the masses? not only it will help them in making there buying decisions better but you can also earn huge chunks of money in commissions.

There are a number of advertising companies available for every type of monetization model.

NOTE : Checkout my Blogging Series Overview [Complete Guide to Blogging] where I have written a series of article on how to start your blog, what tools you need to have and how to make money via blogging. [A Must Read].

UPDATE : Also check the Complete Guide To Start The Blogging Career.

The debate isn’t about choosing the right monetization model to make money off of your blog. The purpose of explanation is that BLOGS do make money when they become popular, and they become popular when they serve their audience.

Don’t focus on the money-making factor of your blog. Just think about the VALUE you want to deliver to the possible audience. You may be able to setup your blog in a few minutes using WordPress, but it doesn’t mean you will be making money in the next hour. It will just start a new learning experience, be patient and money will come automatically towards you.

You can bookmark the ad networks such as Google AdsenseInfolinksChitikaCommission JunctionShareasalePeerfly, and WOWtrk.

Note : If you are interested in starting a blog for your own or you want to have an online presence, or you as a company want’s to engage your audience with a blog, why don’t you have a look on my tutorial, which will help you to start your blog in just 15 minutes for a fairly cheap price (the low price is only through my link), For your information, if you will buy 12 months of blog hosting via my Bluehost link you are going to get 1 free domain as well, and the cost is going to be dirt cheap at annual package and it’s fairly easy to earn money from blogging too if you have a self hosted blog and you know how to monetize it well, also if you have bought it from my link and still having troubles, then reach me for a FREE setup, Good luck!

My New Article on Best Cheap WordPress Hosting has helped many people in choosing the best hosting for their website.

Google Adsense to Earn Money Online:

google adsense to earn money online

Google Adsense is still a solid way to earn money online and will be used in future too. Many people earn money via adsense through different ways such as :

  • Vlogging by Youtube, Placing Adsense Ads on them.
  • Adsense Ads on Websites
  • Adsense Ads on Blogs
  • and some other ways.

Checkout the Beginners Guide To Start Earning with Google Adsense for more learning.

Freelancing To Make Money Online

Freelancing is another method to make money online. This is something you should not miss out. Now blogging requires some kind of knowledge to share, plus, it requires English writing skills, which could be a no go for many of us around.

Freelancing is a serious business

Whereas, freelancing is a bit different and thats why it is being said that ‘Freelancing is a serious business. Although, it requires communication skills and fluent English speaking but it may land you some incredible opportunities when you get a chance to communicate with foreign clients across the globe via social networks, freelancing sites or skype.

If you are not convinced yet then let me tell you that Freelancing is an emerging money-making trend. It could be a job if you take it as a part-time job, and once you’re up for a challenge, you might accept it as a full-time living. According to an estimate, there are 53 million Americans are freelancers and it will likely to grow as it is 34% of the overall workforce, which is expected to reach 50% by 2020.

These predictions about Freelancing boom in 2015 were proved right — We have seen a rapid growth in the demand of freelancers as well as the adoption of freelance working trend.

The freelancing sites such as UpworkFreelancerGuruPeopleperhour and Fiverr played a huge role in introducing the freelancing lifestyle globally. However, the freelancing doesn’t necessarily inclined to above-mentioned networks. Freelancing is a business as well as a lifestyle. I know ample of people who do freelancing without these websites, for some it’s generating personal relations with the buyer and then selling the services however that’s a different story and I will explain it later in the post, for now let’s stick to our topic.

Freelancing gives you the following benefits:

  • You are your own boss.
  • You can make some extra cash
  • You can turn to a full-time freelancer
  • You can do freelancing as a part-time job
  • You can do whatever you love to offer or sell
  • You can develop a brand around your passion
  • It builds your relationships while you make money
  • It gives you freedom to choose the project you like
  • It provides you an opportunity to work from home, office, or anywhere else

There is a dozen of perks of being a freelancer. It doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging.

Like any other job or business, you have to do a lot of struggle to get out there, put your name out, negotiate with clients, and deliver the quality work in order to get paid.

Since freelancing isn’t associated with a handful freelancing sites, it means you can be a freelancer without creating your profiles on those freelancing platforms. The purpose of those sites are to manage a profile as a portfolio, and if you choose the other way around, you could do it your way. However if you are going to start freelancing as your carrier then 15 Common Freelancing Mistakes Which are a ‘NO’ go for any Freelancer should be a must read for you.

Following steps will help the cause:

- Personal brand – Build your personal brand and put name, face, domain, and website address out there on the market.

- Personal website – Get your personal website up and running. Your domain must be representing your full name. People must find you through your personal website.

- Write Blog – It is no brainer. You can use a WordPress (self-hosted platform) to manage a personal site and blog together on the same site. Write your blog regular and try to help the target audience.

- Case Studies – Discuss stories on how you were able to help several clients using your services or how several clients were able to get their issues resolved using your services. These case studies make people imagine how you can help them and it’s a much better for convincing them to buy your service.

- Social media – Build your social media profiles for your personal brand such as Facebook page, Google+ page, LinkedIn page, Twitter handle etc.

- Engage Audience – Publish content on the regular basis to start engaging the audience through your content. This is what exactly content marketing does.

- Build Relations – PR and networking will matter. Build your connections online and offline to grow your network.


Top Famous Freelancing Platforms To Generate Money Online in 2018:

freelancing platforms

While Internet is full of freelancing platforms and there are literally 100’s of platforms to choose but i will recommend the following for newbies and those who are starting out.

  • Peopleperhour.com
  • Fiverr.com
  • Upwork.com
  • Freelancer.com
  • Guru.com

Top Skills To Work For Freelancers

There are various skills through which you can start your freelancing career right away, however there are some famous skills which are widely known to pay well and you can get job easily.

Designing Skills – Skills such as graphic designing, logo designing, cards & brochure designing pays well.

Web Development - As per glassdoor, a typical web developer may earn around $88,000 per annum and this figure will go up depending upon your experience, and if you are going to do it via freelancing, sky is the limit for you.

Online Marketing – Online Marketing Skills such as SEO, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing is a great way to help companies bring more sales and achieve their targets.

Freelance Content Writing – This is another popular way to earn money online. Although you may need to build a portfolio before companies start taking interest in your service but gradually once you do it, you will eventually have some long term stable clients. Read out Tips to Write Quality Content before you start writing.

Proof Read Documents – Similar to content writing, but different in nature. If you are good in grammar and have a keen eye in finding mistakes and errors, companies could pay you around $17 per hour to proof read their documents.

Convert Audio/Video Formats - If  you are a media student and good at converting mp3 to wav, mp4 to wma or similar audio and video extensions either on your own or using any software, there is a good market to make money through it.

Presentations – There are many small companies or job people who can offer you a good money if you can design their business or company presentations

College & University Assignments - There is a huge market and demand for students offering money or incentives if anyone can complete their university or college assignments, presentations and other tasks quickly, so you can try that as well for a quick money.

Recommended Reading : 


Online Selling To Build a Passive Income Stream Online

This might open up your mind. Money making online doesn’t only mean that launching a website or writing a blog — It could be anything associated with world wide web, and furthermore, establish an online income method for you.

Online selling is a process of selling goods and services online. When it comes to selling services, people most look at the freelancing services to create their provide and start offering their services. The problem is that it should be not labeled to the certain type of online money making method. Online selling could be anywhere, and hence, it could be anything someone wants to sell and buyers approach them to buy it.

start your online store

Facebook store is a viable option to begin your online money making career. Tools like Storefront Social and Storeya are helping hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and online sellers who are taking their online selling to the next level.

In fact, if you don’t find it comfortable selling products directly on Facebook and rather prefer to use Facebook page as an engagement channel, that will be normal. People do this thing. You can still go online for selling your products but on a different platform.

Select Shopify or Big Commerce to launch your online store.

Online selling could be on any specific platform which is used to reach out to the people across the globe. The e-stores are a perfect option to do that.

Selling a Service Online in 2018 to Make Money

selling a service online

Let’s take online selling to the next level. When it comes to money making online, there is no bracket on the physical product or online service, so why not to use the opportunity. In fact, freelancing is pretty much about selling the services online.

There is a slight difference in being a freelancer and solely selling a service online.

The next part will explain that…

Selling a service is probably going freelance without depending on the freelancing platforms. In fact, it is about building your personal brand and putting your name out there to get hired without depending on third-party freelancing platforms.

The simplest way of selling a service online is that DECIDE what you’re good at, and then prepare yourself to market your TALENT. However, you will be required a few things to create in order to engage the prospective customers online. Take a look at those things:

Website – A website makes your business online. You can set up your website within hours using WordPress open source program. Build your website and get ready to be seen everywhere.

Fixing Small Issues – People have issues transferring sites from one host to other, they want to tweak small settings in their websites, documents, presentations and other things.

Blog – A blog is a publishing platform which could be made available to you along with your WordPress based site.

Social Media – You must take your brand to the social media. Choose the select numbers of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or others, and then try to build your audience on those platforms.

There are a number of services that you can sell online. Although, the online service selling opportunities aren’t limited to certain jobs, in fact, you can sell anything people need and willing to buy whatsoever.

Use your online presence to market the services such as:

  • Writing – If you’re a good writer and you think you have an experience that can excel the writing business, you can follow up the whole website launching process, get your website up and running, and start selling your writing service.
  • Graphic designing – Just like any other creative service, if you have a talent like graphic designing, you can definitely go online as a graphic designer, put your portfolios out there, and start engaging the audience using your website.
  • Web designer – A website designer could get his/her website ready in hours. Use your website to sell your web design service. Maybe, you want to do it as a part-time job or want to quit your job and want to do a freelance business. Give it a shot.
  • Video Editing – If you’re a video editor, there is a lot of scope for you out there. Don’t take your expertise for granted. Instead, use to make some extra cash.
  • Digital Marketing - I know it’s a wide term and so many things come in it, but yes, Digital Marketing is the present and future. Things like PPC, SEO, Email Marketing and all sort of online marketing and advertising come in this expertise. The scope and market is here, all you need is just a passion in this industry to start your career! [Check How to Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign?]
  • Consultancy – If you have any other kind of expertise. Go and turn to an expert in that area. Set up your own website or hire someone to set up for you and provide all the details to put on it, and start selling your consultancy, whether you’re an architect, construction manager, or a chess expert. Start selling something you are really good at.

Vlogging To Make Money Online in 2018


Vlogging is an emerging trend on Video Sharing Platforms specially YouTube. It has been growing rapidly over the last few years. Vlogging or Video blogging is a video form of blogging in which video is used rather than text-content. It works like short-films.

Bloggers write blog posts to communicate, entertain, and educate the audience. Vloggers do the same thing with their medium which is video. If you don’t any kind of knowledge, expertise, or writing exposure, but you still want to do something online, then keep reading…

Vlogging isn’t an easy thing.

In fact, it requires a lot of struggle. Not only does it need so much hard work to create helpful and entertaining content, but it also takes time to get traction and get noticed. YouTuber Vloggers are getting popularity.

The VidConVloggingFair, and The Streamy Awards have recognized the vlogging field. It could be the next big thing on the internet.

Vlogging requires your PASSION to do something online and CONFIDENCE to face the world and deliver something valuable to them.

If you plan to start doing vlogging, then make sure to checkout Your complete guide to vlogging along with best vlogging camera under 1000 collection because it will definitely help you out in starting your vlogging career.

Companies like Famebit and Ritual Entertainment provide YouTubers and video content creators a chance to take their work to the next level by providing them brand deals and sponsorships.




Affiliate marketing To Start Making Money Online:

Affiliate Marketing Green Blue Banner

Now this is something, Yes I’m talking about Affiliate Marketing. The potential is huge because Affiliate Marketing is a money making system which pays commission to the referrer after a sale is generated on the referred traffic. Affiliate sale is a percentage of the sale which is given to the affiliate marketer. In past, I have highlighted 6 Ways to Make More Money & Sales with Affiliate Marketing, it’s a must read.

But to summarize it further, there are ample of oppurtunities to work in Affiliate Marketing Industry such as :

  • You can make different product related websites and earn money through doing SEO and ranking on Search Engines.
  • You can make money by running Amazon websites with Amazon Affiliate link it and make money through it, many people do that. All you need is to find a good niche which has less competition and good demand.
  • You can also make product reviews via Videos and upload them on Youtube.
  • You can also promote Affiliate offers using different advertising models such as Bing, Google Adwords, Facebook Ads etc.

For Example :

I use Amazon while reviewing different products on my own site to generate money, For instance, you can check my article on 4k curved monitors, where i have used Amazon with some product links.

Recommend Reading :

For your convenience, I have written a complete guide which I recommend everyone who is going to start working in Affiliate Marketing Industry to check it out :


Survey’s and Email Submits [Beginners Guide to Make Money Online] :

Although these methods are widely known and famous where all you need to do is just fill out the survey forms or email submits for different companies for quick bucks, but personally I never liked this way of earning money because this is not a stable and permanent income method, I feel like what advertiser’s get in return for paying you? bunch of crap data.. However there are few organisations who look for real data and they may pay you good.

  • SwagBucks is a great way to make money fast and earn quick moneyYou can do variety of things to make cash such as taking surveys, filling forms etc. It’s not a quick rich scheme but you can earn some good money.
  • InboxDollars is similar to Swagbucks, where you are tasked with doing short and quick jobs. Additionally you are rewarded with quick $5 just for signing up.

Earning Money via Youtube

Youtube is the 2nd most visited website on this planet and it is the first most

You might have screen across many people checks over social media which they earned through their Youtube channels. A part from one method of vlogging which is already mentioned in this article, there are various other ways through which you can earn money via Youtube.

For instance, Through Youtube Partnership program, you can place Google ads on your youtube channel and videos and earn good money.

How to Make Money on Youtube?

Become a Virtual Assistant [To generate hustle free online income]:

virtual assistant

I know you just have jumped in the online industry and starting out your own career can take time and you also understand that you need little experience before starting doing things on your own. So why don’t you become a virtual assistant for someone? You can earn money as well experience by doing it, so it can be a WIN-WIN too. VA’s can make up to $50 per hour for tasks depending upon there knowledge, education and skills.

You can opt for many opportunities like

  • Working with those people who have recently started their business and looking for people with tight budget.
  • Working with people who already have established business.
  • Become a Personal Assistant of an Online Guru, Marketer or some one.
  • Working as a group team online.
  • You can also help people with day to day tasks, scheduling up appointments for your boss, working on there social media, organizing blog posts, email management etc.

In case if you are planning to become one, look at these Top 9 Skills For Virtual Assistant! where opportunities are countless!

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Start an Online Facebook Clothing or Accessories Business [Good Idea to Make Money Online] :

Now this one is more oriented towards girls and ladies but with a twist, boys can do it too. All you need to do is either contact or reach a cheap cloth or accessories provider or if you are a designer yourself then just create a Facebook page and start selling the products online.

Many people, specially in India and Pakistan do it. Infact, I have seen many ladies from my city doing it and let me tell you that they are SUCCESSFUL and HAPPY with what they are doing.

What you can do is come up with idea’s something like :

  • Reselling clothes by contacting different vendors.
  • You could be buying some stuff or different accessories (household, jewellery, clothing etc) from Aliexpress.com and then re-selling it to the local market either directly shipping to there address from Aliexpress or first importing them and then reselling it with your own packing and shipping.
  • If you are a designer, then all you need to search is good vendors for cloth supply and a tailor to start it out.
  • You may find a friend of your’s doing something like this on Facebook. I’m not suggesting you to stealing there idea, but his idea and execution should be sufficient for you to come up with something of your own.

In case you are starting out, don’t forget to read the Digital Marketing Guide For Mompreneurs to Setup your Marketing plan!

Sell Your Old Stuff And Make Money :

Although this method doesn’t work in every country, but companies like Decluttr will pay to buy your old stuff like CD, DVD’s, Blue-Ray and other electronic items.

Test Websites :

There are ample of companies who may pay you to test their website, functions and determine the user experience on them. For some companies, it’s very important to understand how customers use their website. Sites like UserTest, and UserFeel pay about $10 to test sites.

Re-Sell Domain Names & Websites :

Some people have made domain buying and selling their main business. Whenever there is a new tld domain extension in the market or they find a good domain being expired or a good name come in their mind, they buy that for selling it for a higher price.

The same strategy can be used to buy and sell active and established websites, I know some people who buy establish websites, improve them, spend more money on them and then re-sell them on higher prices. You can buy websites from platform like Flippa.

Make Money Through Tweeting :

If you have a good following on Twitter and an active profile, you can make good money through tweeting alone. PaidPerTweet pays good money when they see their is a good fit available.

Create an Online Course & Ebook:

Have a skill or knowledge to share with others? Teaching through Udemy can bring some good money and cash for you. While there are some people who have a facebook community of students and they teach them via groups too.

You can also write an ebook and sell it via Amazon or Clickbank.

Answer Questions on JustAnswer:

Sites like JustAnswer, pays you very well if you professionally answer questions on their website. However you need to have a high skill developed in any industry and your answers need to provide a well and understandable solution for the audience.

Tution over Skype :

No matter where you live, you can give tution to people in any part of the world via Skype. You can teach them regular school or university courses or if you are good in cooking, you can teach someone about good cooking and can even show dishes and your work over it.

Other Traits which can boost your efforts on How to Make Money fast?

Conclusion For Making Money Online in 2018

The opportunities are limitless.

All you need is to start looking for them.

This beginner’s guide to money making will help you understand that how to RECOGNIZE your talent.

Read it once again…

You might find a clue about your TALENT or PASSION which you can actually sell out and start making money out of it. The choice is your’s.. opportunities are there..

and it’s Important that once you find out what you need to do, All You Need is to take an ACTION for your success story.

What would you do after reading this article? Tell me in the comments section.

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