A Digital Marketing Guide for Mompreneurs [2024 UPDATED]

digital marketing for mompreneurs

The digital marketing for mompreneurs is always meant to be a basic idea of taking a brand online and marketing on the internet because going with the advanced-level online marketing won’t be the greatest idea to work on.

Are you a mom who wants to work online or a mompreneur who wants to market her products online?

Or Maybe you are a mom who wants to start online marketing?

Are you a mom who wants to increase her business doing digital marketing?

Then Watch out for this guide, because it’s for you.

Well, this digital marketing guide will help you get started with that. In addition to that, this article  is more about digital marketing. Therefore, I decided to talk this through at the beginning of the article. I’ll be discussing the digital marketing concept for mompreneurs.

Digital Marketing Guide For Mompreneur

Who is a Mompreneur?

Mompreneur is a woman or housewife who wants to step up and start her business despite her busy life with the households things and managing the family.

If fact, there are great examples that you’ll come across that will help you understand the concept of a mompreneur as well as you’ll get to know a few of the moms who have taken a step forward and set examples for other moms around the world by starting their business even at home on a small scale.

At this point, it was important to share the plan of digital marketing for mompreneurs as well as taking them onboard in the digital marketing arena. Many of us might have come across mompreneurs who are running their home businesses through Facebook or just a website or even without the internet. So, I decided to go a little deeper and create something that could help them get through this.

I’ll be touching the basics and helping them set the ground for the future work.

Managing Time and Schedules

Let’s start with this fact, it’s very difficult to manage business with raising children. I do not recommend to sacrifice your time for your work, everything has it’s priorities and importance. I know it’s not an easy thing because my spouse, Noor Ul Ain (a mother of 1 baby) has to go through the same life style. For most mompreneurs, help and support from their spouses is very important but this is just one major aspect, there are so many things to do apart from this.

I also think that Segmenting your time for smaller tasks can also be beneficial, even using an app, like trello etc. Even further, you need to sacrifice the time you give to your friends, the time you spend watching television but everything pays off at the end and then you say it’s worth it!

Story of An Mompreneur

I asked Noor on what are the key strategies you would suggest my readers to follow and here’s what her reply was :

Hi Ali! I feel honoured to be a part of your wonderful article. Well, I never thought I would be a blogger and an entrepreneur!What moved me was the point clicking my head on constant basis that WHY AM I NOT MAKING ANY USE OF MY DEGREE! We have been taught article writing and video making in University but after the Practical life started, it was all lost!

The very first source of motivation was my very own Husband who pushed me to start my business online.. So first I registered my domain from Godaddy then I started sharing my experiences that I had with my little one.. Started writing how I passed his specific stages? Researched on What moms usually do and What should be actually done! Something that benefited me, thought to share with general moms out there! Found it a source of pleasure and satisfaction, Another plus was the traffic I was getting to my website then I realized that Yes “WORTH IT”..

Recommended : Guide to Affiliate Marketing

My success is the result of sleepless nights, ample of hardwork and making right choices when it was required! You have to lose something to gain something.

Thanks Noor for sharing your experience.

Fields for Mompreneurs

For most of the Mompreneurs, they prefer businesses which can manageable at home however depending upon the family some maybe comfortable working outside. There are so much fields and so much skills where you can go to the sky.

If you are looking for more idea’s, then checkout my beginners guide on making money online without any investment.

Now let’s move on

To the main topic

We were discussing….

How to Start Digital Marketing for Mompreneurs ?

Below i will discuss, step by step guide on how you can start your digital marketing :

Let me explain that it’s pretty much a process that involves a number of steps as well as time duration to settle down. But it all begins with making a start. I’ll try to start with the basics, so that if you’re just a mom and haven’t been able to do much for your business and you think your home business needs a lot of marketing and Facebook things, then take a look at the following points:

Build a Business Website

In order to get started with digital marketing, the mompreneurs have to build an official website where they can put all the products or services information, business contact email & phone number, along with all other information about the business. Normally a homepage of the website is pretty much used for engagement using the text-content and call-to-action buttons to help navigate the prospects through the website. The proper menus could lead the visitors to the right pages as well. So, building a website is quite a milestone to achieve, but once it’s done, it results in a tiny step in the right direction.

Optimising and keeping it fresh

The rest of the job is managing a website, optimizing it along the away, and keep the fresh content coming on the regular basis. This guide to building a website will help you get started with your website. The website launching isn’t really a big concern here, in fact, the point here is having a website at any cost is really important. If nothing works out for you on your own, don’t hesitate to try the services such as BluehostWIX and Squarespace for building your website.

This is where it all begins in digital marketing. If you listen to the digital marketing podcasts on Stitcher, you’d come across the fact that experts of digital marketing often talk about sending advertising visitors (paid visitors) to the right areas and consider sending the paid traffic to the irrelevant or vague website homepage or Facebook group as the worst mistake.

Keep an Eye on Your Competitors

spying on competitors

You want to run a successful business? You should know that your best and your worst friends are your competitors. See what your competitors are doing. Learn from them and from their mistakes because they know whats working for them. In Online market, I will recommend SEMRush for that.. I also talked in my SEMRush review on how we can do competitive research for ourself to see our loopholes.

Work on Establishing Your Unique Competitive Edge/UPS

competite advantage

One of the biggest failures for most businesses is because they do not have a Unique Selling Proposition for their business, Since it’s a basic guide so i recommend mommies to establish that, as part of their digital marketing strategy because it is as important as a gear box to a car. If done well, it can work as a competitive edge for you.

Put yourself on the Social Media

social media platforms

In order to reach out to the people, the best thing anyone could do after setting up a website is the social media. The website is like opening up the shop across the street and social media is like building the relationship with the neighbours. It gets scary for many of us who aren’t open enough to put themselves out there because they think they aren’t good enough to come forward or they think that they are shy of opening up to the audience.

Social media and Mompreneurs

When mompreneurs want to begin with digital marketing, they have to touch the social media. Now people assume that social media is about putting the personal pictures online, tagging friends, and checking into the places on the mobile devices. But the fact is, it’s not the same thing. When we talk about putting yourself on the social media, it means you have to develop a social media strategy which has everything that your brand needs to do online.

What to do as a Mompreneur

As a mompreneur, you might need to do the following things:

  • Opt the social media profiles such as Facebook page and Instagram account
  • You would have to build the relevant audience around your social media
  • Create and share content that is helpful and useful for the prospective audience
  • Start sharing what you know or whatever could help others
  • Create graphics and images using Canva to share with your audience

The social media doesn’t mean sharing your personal photos. In fact, you must have a good social appearance. A real-smiling picture as a display picture does help in engaging with the people other than the blank display (without any picture). People who come to know about social media’s power but they don’t learn how to use it properly, they start making mistakes, the first thing they do is that they start adding people to their social network. What happens next is that they don’t know much about the friends on the social media as their focus remains on getting a huge friends list. A 20 friends-list that has known friends and responds to you is way better than the 200 unknown people who are just dead in terms of activity.

The best thing for mompreneurs is to start connecting with their friends, family members, cousins, and relatives. The more they keep their friends circle known and full of family friends, the easier it would become to get engaged with each other. It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add someone else or don’t have to accept the request from other people. They should do but always try to connect with more relevant people across the social media.

Develop a Content Plan

Until a few years ago, the digital marketing used to be referred as online advertising and brands were quite unclear to imagine something different in digital marketing. Now things have changed. The concept of digital marketing doesn’t revolve just around online advertising, in fact, there are content marketing and social media strategies that play a vital role in the digital marketing.

The development of a content plan means that you must build a content publishing plan on your official blog. Being a mompreneur, you would have already launched your website, which means you can have an official blog too. If you use WordPress platform, you can easily have a site and the blog on the same website.

Purpose of a Content Plan :

The content plan refers to the content publishing plan on your official blog that does a lot of things in terms of marketing, engagement, and publicity of your business. The purpose behind a content plan is basically the content marketing. The content marketing is a way of using the content to reach, engage, and educate the audience to convert them to paying customers or loyal subscribers. One can’t ignore the power of content marketing in the digital marketing process.

There are lots of benefits of content marketing, for instance, you can build search engine authority by ranking the articles (that your prospects could search), you can engage the audience on social media by using the paid promotion, you can connect with others while publishing your content through comments or linking out to them.

developing content marketing writing strategy

There are three steps involved in establishing and applying a content plan:

Idealizing the Target audience:

You must identify your audience. The audience is who you want to reach out and who could be your future customer. If a content plan doesn’t include the target audience, then it’s useless.

Writing the helpful content:

Reaching out to the target audience is just one part, the other part is helping them for real. If you content isn’t helpful to them, you might miss a chance to engage them.

Engaging the prospects:

One of the perks of creating content is that you can engage with your prospects through the content. The content does bring the prospects and generate a lead for your business.

Therefore, don’t miss out the creation of content in your digital marketing strategy. Every day new users are joining the internet tribes and new users are popping up, so the scope of digital marketing is increasing every single day.

Create a Community

community building

It’s quite necessary to understand for the mompreneurs that building a community is an essential thing for developing a business online. When you think about digital marketing, it’s always the paid adverts, in fact, think beyond the online ads.

The community building is an integral part of the digital marketing process because the community is the one that you help develop throughout the process. Once it starts getting evolved, it becomes more independent and new people keep on coming, and old ones become more responsible towards the new ones.

They collaborate, help each other, discuss things, and help out. For mompreneurs, the community building should be around the mompreneur’s business. It must be related to the audience of that brand. There are certain ways to get started. A Google+ Community or a Facebook Group can be the best options to get started.

Some Communities :

Check out the The Freedom to Freelance Project Facebook group. It is a group managed by Leah Kalamakis and the majority of the members are female entrepreneurs, freelancers, and experts. There is another community of bloggers on Facebook called ‘Bloggers‘ that helps bloggers communicate, build connections, and share content. The meaning of creating a community isn’t just making a Facebook group. You can build a community over Triberr as well, but the purpose behind that community should be taking the audience onboard, talking to them, and building the real connections.

Start Building your Email list

The email list building is an important engagement and marketing strategy that businesses have started realizing. In fact, every online marketer and problogger recommends to the clients as well as the audience to build an email list.

build your email list

Being a mompreneur, if you’re reading this to find out more about taking your home business to the next level, then you can start slowly with this but at least try to start it. The email list building means you should collect email addresses of the visitors who are interested in your website or content. Usually, companies collect email addresses of the visitors for the email list through their official blogs. You might have seen an opt-in box to get a free access to the resource file or download a free guide on something. This is exactly what smart marketers and experts do to build their email list. You can offer such things too to make people sign up for your email updates.

This email list building and optin offer making are associated with your prospective audience, when you know who should be arriving on your website, the next thing you might want to do is creating such a helpful content for that prospective audience that they somehow reach to your site through social media and search engines and begin to consume your content. This simple guide on email list building will help you get started. If you being a starter don’t understand the email list building process, then don’t worry about this, all you have to understand is that you should collect the email addresses of the people who might want to see your product/service updates.

Advertise on your Main Social Platform

By this point, you’ve chosen your main social media platform. You can’t be the best on 6 social media networks. The best way to take your brand to the social networks is that choose one or two networks to stick around and dominate. Facebook is pretty much a first priority of every brand and it should be yours too. The second and third social networks are important, though. Because you might leverage those social networks to get an extra reach to the audience. Twitter and Instagram could be those two networks other than the Facebook.

social media success

The next part on the social networks is the advertising. You don’t have to start advertising on all the chosen networks. Go with the first one, then try out different options of the first network, after some time, try out the second, and later on, test the third one. Instagram and Facebook are the best social platforms to run advertising. You might want to read the basics of Facebook advertising before getting started with your Facebook Ads. The thing which might give you some satisfaction is that nobody gets it right in the first attempt. It always takes some time and a few attempts to actually understand the game of online advertising. You might want to know about the mistakes that you should avoid while advertising on the Facebook.

Although, this step is pretty much focused on the social media and its advertising, but the digital marketing process does have a huge connection with the other advertising platforms such as Google Adwords especially when you want to drive search engines paid traffic. Once you get started with online advertising, you would definitely try out different social and paid search platforms, not only will it give you experience, but you will also learn how to improve your ROI.

Deals, Discounts and Promotions.


Once in a while, having Deals, Discount and Promotions is a good idea because it not only helps your business in boosting the sales but this is also another form of advertising your brand, product or service, because people talk about you. They recommend friends, family and even share on social media about it, so this is kind of free advertising for your business. This is also a great way to grab your lazy customers too who were thinking whether to buy your product or not.

Giveaways, Prizes and Collaboration with other Businesses.

Having Giveaways, Prizes and Collaboration with other businesses can open new opportunities, joint ventures and more sales for your business. You can run competitions on your facebook fan page to increase followership as well personal branding. Similarly, once in a while you can have some deals going on and get in the news again and it WORKS! because people love these things, it’s some sort of psychological attraction for them.  You are in news again, people are sharing you because you are doing a Giveaway and it’s sort of FREE advertising for your business.

Understand Your Audience

I believe the best source of learning for you is from your customers because they are your best teacher. Listen to them, what they want and what you are delivering. Sometimes they are looking for something else, something different and we are doing the total opposite to them. Digital Marketing can help you with it, because unlike offline marketing, it’s a two way communication, between you and your client. You can ask them to fill forms, email you their suggestions or even pass them to you on your facebook page. Thats a great strategy to know from where you are getting your most customers, what they like about your product or service and how they want you to improve over the time.

Ask for Testimonials

Once in a while, it’s a great idea to ask your customers about their experience so far while using your services, this not only helps in improving the image of your company or brand but it also helps in new customer acquisitions because the new customers most likely want to hear the other experiences before they finally move into buying your product or service. Also don’t forget to display those testimonials everywhere, like in emails, facebook page and on website to grab attention.

A/B Test Your Strategies

a/b testing

Testing, Testing and Testing. Marketing is all about trying and testing new stuff. Being a marketer myself, I have learned one thing, if you are not a person who likes trying or testing new stuff, you are not a marketing person at all and for that, You need to do A/B Testing.

According to what i believe, A/B Testing is probably an essential part of the digital marketing plan and it is more like an analysis and reporting process which comes as an aftermath of the digital marketing campaign that you run. There isn’t any specific formula to build a digital marketing campaign, so it depends completely on the digital marketing consultant or social media manager that how he/she moves forward.

A/B testing helps you find the following things:

  • What Ads Platforms are doing well for your brand
  • Understand What Kind of Paid traffic is converting more
  • Which social media profile of your brand is growing faster
  • Where your audience is more engaged with your brand
  • What kind of content is helping your content plan

Such analysis things have a huge list.

Once you’re in the game, you begin to understand at some point that what things you should analyze and what doesn’t matter in the digital marketing. The experts are quite enthusiasts about the A/B testing online tools, you can find a few, but once you understand the nature of your business and the idea of conversion rate, then you may not need such tools, but try to use Google Analytics to find out the statistics of different pages of your website, keywords, and the popular sections of your site.

Read this guide to improving your conversion rate.

Learn From your Mistakes.

learn from your mistakes

After the A/B testing, you need to critique, evaluate and discuss your shortcomings and strategic failures. No body becomes an millionaire over night. It takes a lot of courage, passion, sleepless nights and ample of hard work to be one. You need to be open enough to see and evaluate what’s working for you and what’s not. So you can further devise your strategy according to that, as stated above, your customers, your audience, your competitors in-fact everyone is your best teacher, learn from them and improve accordingly.


The digital marketing for mompreneurs isn’t a rocket science. If you being a mompreneur have managed to launch a website and a business online, then it’s quite easy to get started with your digital marketing.

Running a digital marketing campaign is quite a full-time job, though.

But I tried to touch the basics of digital marketing to help guide every mompreneur about start taking the digital marketing seriously because it’s the need of the hour!

It’s not scary. It’s not impossible.

road to success


You need to be strong enough to accept your failures and learn from them because success will not come over night.

You might already be taking your brands on the social media, have some good customers.

So What this article asks you is that you need to try to be more sophisticated with your audience selection, content building, and promotion.

The more you identify your audience, the higher the chances to get more customers.

Who doesn’t want more customers and more money?

We all want them.

The core purpose of making a digital marketing guide for mompreneurs was to make them realize that just like every one, digital marketing is for them too. So  they should start taking it seriously, and hence grow their businesses.

What advice would you give to the mompreneurs reading this article? Do you have something to add to this article or share something with my audience?

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  1. A comprehensive post, Ali.

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