5 Ways to Convert Visitors into Paying Customers


In online marketing, the biggest challenge of brands is converting the website visitors into the paying customers. Every brand out there tries to improve the conversion rate. The conversion rate of a website is derived from the ‘total number of visitors divided by the total number of converted visitors into paying customers’.

How to Get Paying Visitors

Well. This is not going to be another boring notes on ‘how to get paying customers‘…

In fact, this should be one of your favorite reads ever.


If this becomes boring — just imagine — how boring would the actual conversion be?

I’m here to teach you what I know…

Everything that worked for me and everything I’ve seen people doing it successfully.

If you’re one of those business owners who have launched their websites back in the days and you think your website remains alive no matter what — And, nothing else just matters as far as the website is concerned…

You pay for best wordpress web hosting charges every year… And, you think it’s enough that anyone can check your website from any part of the world.

TRUTH ALERT: People won’t come to your site if you don’t push them too.


Even if they do come visit your site, what difference would it make if you have such kind of website?

No more horrible thoughts… (I Promise)

Let’s come to the solutions part…

Here I’m going to share some solutions that will help you build your customer base without getting any a Ph.D. in computer science or consumer psychology… because these are the basics of website conversion and online marketing.

5 Ways to Convert Visitors into Paying Customers

Here are the five ways to start converting website visitors into paying customers using the simple techniques:

Use a Video Presentation on the homepage

This will work for sure. Not only does it engage the visitors, but it also educates the visitors about your products and services. Because there is a psychological attachment linked to the videos — whenever we see or hear a video’s sound, we tend to look at it for once — if it interests us, we keep looking at it.

There are three reasons why a video presentation converts:

It attracts the visitors to look at it –

It means now when a visitor arrives on your website and your homepage video starts playing, he/she will definitely give a few seconds to decide whether to look further or not.

It is more easy to consume –

The advantage of video over written content is that the written content doesn’t. And, luckily, the video does that thing.

It captivates for some time –

Imagine, you land on a website, its homepages plays a video with a great sound, an HD clip, and a man walks in on a white background… you’ll definitely give it a few seconds to see what he has got to offer you.

If you visit Long Tail Pro or Optin Monster websites, you’ll see video tutorials or intro videos on their homepages. These brands like hundreds of thousands of others have adopted this strategy for their homepage.

They know that a video presentation on the homepage glues the visitors, and ultimately helps them in converting the website visitors in paying customers.

One can get their videos done using the tools like Wistia, Wideo, Powtoon, Cheap Vlogging Cameras or Moovly.

Use the Signup bar

Another popular method of readers engagement is the sign-up bar which attracts the website visitors to sign up and start the trial process (most of the times). In fact, it leads to many other things such as email list building, future announcement, or beta launch information.

The signup bar on the websites are doing great these days — Now more and more companies are getting aware of conversion optimization, so, they are adopting the ways to improve the visitors engagement to achieve the maximum conversion from their websites.


HelloBar uses the same strategy on their homepage of the website. It grabs the maximum attention of the website visitor to take the certain action (sign up).


Slack has done the same thing on their homepage to quickly grasp the attention of the visitors and bring them in the sign up funnel.

Use the Benefits Checklist

This is again a psychological strategy of website visitors engagement. When the visitors land on the homepage of a website, the next thing a website can offer is to give them a few reasons to stay connected or get convinced to get into the funnel.

Now, many websites use two amazing things to convince the website visitors to keep digging the information and avoid going off the hook. It is said that a website has almost 3 to 4 initial seconds to convince the website visitors either to stay or leave.

Following are two helpful things for website owners to use:

Benefits (of the Product)

When a prospect sees a number of benefits in the list form, the very next thing he/she would like to give it a look in a few seconds. This is the chance where a website has to convince and convert the website visitors into paying customer.

Checklist form

Here comes the psychology again. The checklist form means there are points in the bullets form or simple numbering. It allows the visitors to look at the list of features or benefits, which makes a positive impression of the product.


VideoMakerFX does this thing and it helps them in converting the website visitors into paying customers.

When brands want to convert the visitors and they have something to share with the audience to convince them that their product is worth using, then why not to do this thing?

Offer the Free Trial

The free trial is one of the most popular strategies of bringing the prospective customers into the funnel. It pushes them to start testing the process. The SAAS-based companies are keen to adopt this strategy because it allows them to reach to the newer user-base without doing much effort.

All they need is to bring the new visitors on their website and do a little effort on the landing page to convince the visitors to sign up.

Most of the times brands use freemium models to START THIS PROCESS.


For instance, Visme is a perfect example of the freemium model. You can start using it for free, but for advanced features, you would have to move to premium plans.


Textualy does this thing too. They offer the trial membership before moving to the premium plan. It helps the users the test the product before actually paying for it.

Use the Live Chat Box

One of the best strategies of converting the website visitors into paying customers is by convincing them through live chat. It enables the brands to answer the queries that prospects may have about the product or service.

More and more brands are adopting the live chat box strategy.

It gives them a list of benefits, such as:

  • It helps prospects get answers quickly
  • They can ask multiple questions within no time
  • It saves a lot of time as compares to email support
  • The communication remains direct between support and prospect
  • It allows the prospects to clarify the doubts that they may have
  • Prospective customers come to know about payment methods and other queries

have a question

MaxCDN uses the chat box to provide support to the customers and prospects on their website. It really works. One of the important aspects of live chat box on the website is that it must be active for 24 hours, otherwise, it gives a negative impression when a visitor clicks on the chat box to talk to the support or sales staff and the messages comes up that no one is currently available to talk.

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What You Need to Do on Converting Visitors Into Customers

Think about this.

Every strategy isn’t for every brand. So, don’t worry if you can’t adopt all five strategies at the same time. Think like this, you may have more than one brand or website, use difference strategies on different sites such as personal blog, company’s website etc.

But do something to convert visitors into paying customers.

Trust me. Visitors are naïve enough to leave your website without taking any action. They will walk away if you don’t stop them and try to talk to them.


When you enter a superstore or any other store, sometimes you see a salesperson comes to you and asks that how he/she can help you. Actually, the salesperson wants to help you, so that you don’t walk away without buying the item you’re looking for.

Now, you’re thinking, your favorite superstore is smarter than you. It is.

START TAKING ACTION on your website.

You don’t want to miss those prospective customers who will land on your websites in the coming days.

What will you do next to convert the visitors into paying customers?

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