How to Start Event Blogging in [2024]

How to Start Event Blogging

Please… It is, of course, not a joke, Yes i mean Event Blogging.

This event blogging thing I am going to cover with this blog post is REALLY NOT about the (or any) wedding event, seriously! 🙂

Start Event Blogging Today! with Hostinger

So… lemme really start it quick! Well, how good you are to be a part of any of the event… Celebrations! Lots of celebrations! Holiday events… the celebrative events…

Be it the Easter, Christmas, new year, local and the international events. Events… Everywhere! All around the globe!

And you are going to target any of them, or all of them. Just up to your good muscles and the brain’s speed to tackle any or all.

The events that you would be focusing over, are managed online. To target the audience that is just online and searching for the information (the real good information) out on the search engines.

So, you are going to stick with the online audience, only and only.

Why Event Marketing?

Now, it really is the time to move forward with the topic.

As I said earlier that for the events, we can pick up anything. And our primary motive for our chosen topic is to actually transform it into the topic for our blog. Any offline event, it should not be a matter or a problem for us. Everyone online is looking up for them, the events! So, why should we not present the best information out for the searchers? Now if you do it well, you can make good money online as well.

Take Action

With this article, I expect you to Act and Act fast. The next event should be approaching fast… Saddle up for ’em! Rather going more into the details of what and why to do the event blogging.

1… 2… 3…. Action!

And the action just strikes hard after the asking and knowing the ‘HOW’ word, nope?

Yup then…

Let’s move to the HOW now!

How to start event blogging in 2024?

See… We are quickly onto the HOW segment now.

This process… The whole process will blow your mind away. Just that you need to digest the every inch and the bit of the information as you consume.

But still… There is something left about the ‘event blogging’ because we already know about the ‘event’. So, that is what I am going to cover along with the whole (the very whole) process of how to start the event blogging.

Process goes as follow…

  • What really is the event blogging?
  • Why should you do the event blogging a.k.a. the motive?
  • How to go with the event blogging?
  • Top niches to select to find your next event.
  • How to actually set up your new event blog; the technical resources?
  • Operational resources to get your event blog sneaking through the competition?
  • SEO > On-page.
  • Monetize!! How and with what?
  • How to earn out of your event blog?
  • Follow… The event bloggers.

What really is the event blogging?

Blogging… it is the next level of the blogging, and the different kind of too. [Read : How to Start a Blog]

In the very easiest words, event blogging is done for targeting and focusing over the upcoming event or the events. And the core area of the concentration for having the event blog is to get the highest and very-targeted traffic off the search engines.

Just like the events do not last for long, the event blog and the event blogging will just last for few hours, few days, and few weeks too. So, that concludes the chapter of what is the event blogging, in the form of easy words.

Relevant post: Ways to Improve Your Blogging in a Month

Why should you do the event blogging a.k.a. the motive?

The second chapter of the process…

Why? That why to let yourself know why you are up for doing the event blogging. The motive. The reason. And the need of doing the event blogging. For many and the true fact, event blogging is done for the money. And to earn (or make) the quick money in the quickest duration.

A part from the motive of the money-making event blogging, your event blog should be up with best, unique, and the great information about that event. The precise information that is not available anywhere, and into the updated manner. Make information your first basic motive and then the money.

Find Hosting for Event Blogging

If you plan to buy hosting for Event Blogging, I recommend going with Hostinger. Even I’m currently using Hostinger to host this blog. Works perfectly fine and recommended at 10/10.

Here’s a 100% working Hostinger coupon code for you below.

  • HI10

Get Hostinger SAVE 91% off! ➜

How to Find Niche for Event Blogging? [List of Top Niche’s]

Niches for event. Which one you wanna go with?

And I come with a good long list of the events for your ease to select for your event blog. But remember… Just select one topic for your event blogging per blog. This is indeed the core success point to target just one topic with just one blog.

So now, all you have to do is to SELECT > ACT > EARN.

Selection is all based upon you that which you want to ACT over. Those events could be anything, and happening anywhere locally or internationally.

And would have different categories and the reasons. They could be religious based, festivities, day-long, and about anything.

The categories of the events in the raw…

  • Results events
  • Sports events
  • Movie events (release)
  • Shopping events
  • Festivals (around the worldwide)

Hover over the list of 24 high-intensing and local or international events now!

  1. New Year
  2. Exam Results
  3. Olympics
  4. Fifa World Cup
  5. IPL (Indian Premier League)
  6. Elections
  7. Valentines Day
  8. Christmas
  9. Easter
  10. Father’s Day
  11. Mother’s Day
  12. Super Bowl
  13. PL (Premier League)
  14. Diwali
  15. Holi
  16. Halloween
  17. WWE Wrestlemania
  18. Ramadan
  19. Eid
  20. Grammy Awards
  21. Upcoming Movies
  22. Cricket World Cup
  23. Upcoming Video Games
  24. Oscar Awards

Here is the visual format of the events’ list…

You can also goto, observe the latest trends or events to find what to target.

When to start with the event blogging?

It is not about the setup of your event blog but some basic points and understandings straighten up prior to starting the event blog, as it is the next step out of this whole process.

For the new event blog, it is best to start with minimum 40 to 50 days before the date of the small-scaled events. However my personal recommendation is 75 to 90 days.

But for the higher-competitive and demanding events, you have to start so earlier, and months ago. Not because of the demanding events, but they are too common and highly-followed events almost every event blogger should be targeting, and it will require so much work, so good authority to cut through every single competition out in the market.

You need to be present more earlier before anyone to become the standing master of that particular event! 🙂

Pick one that is popular.

How to actually set up your new event blog; the technical resources?

Setting up the event blog is totally equal to be setting up any other blog.

It requires lots of resources to be researched within, bought, and acquire first before calling and working upon the event blog.

So before the event blog, it is called the regular blog and needs all of the settings to be done.

Keyword research

keyword research

After the selection of your topic for the event blog, what thing we need at the very first stage?

Keywords! And only the keywords.

You need keywords ready for domain selection, the primary target of your event blog, and for everything.

Keyword research is done with the same techniques, into the same fashion but here we are looking for the one point; that is to select the highly searched keywords.

Because you are to get the as much traffic as you can receive, so the keyword has to be one of the too-highest searching!

I don’t really need to dive into how to do the keyword research because I have the best help already covered. And for that, you need the help of some brilliant keyword tools that will get you the highly-searched keywords for your event blog.

How to Find Keywords?

Event + Year is the prime keyword. For example, If i’m targeting New Year, My Keyword will be :

keyword research for event blogging

and at the end of results, I can also see my relevant keywords :

keyword research for event blogging

and it’s just one example. You can also find more through your competitors research.

Keyword Research Tools :

My review about the LongTailPro will definitely be the great asset for you to hunt the keywords down.

Also, the renowned name in the research tool is SEMRush. And I have also reviewed this brilliant SEMRush too.

Get the best help out of these two great helpful SEO tools!

Domain name

total tld's domain extensions

You need to give your event blog the name now, right? Because you have achieved your target keyword.

And you need that keyword (that primary keyword) be the part of your domain name too.

Will it look ugly, yup?

Yes, it will definitely look ugly if you will make it to be looking ugly.

Domain name should NOT really look ugly with the addition of the keyword at all.

See this…

You know what… let me tell you something first.

Before the FaceBook, it was not from the very beginning. I know many of you would already know this fact but it is for those who do not. So… before, it was actually

And then someone had advised Mark Zuckerberg to drop the “THE” from the and make it only

The “THE” here was ugly… they dropped it and made it which everyone knows. The domain name that made it popular for.

Easy to read, easy to pronounce, and easy to remember — the domain name

Event blogging is, like I said earlier, rank > rank higher, to target the very-focused and precise audience. Hence it may become the hard job to really decide upon which domain name to choose that will look and be read as easier, and memorable.

So believe me… it should have to be the very-easier to read. Because it is long and easy.

So, I was talking (actually writing) about Yeah, it is easy to read but mind it, and mind the one thing.

This domain name will only last for one year, and for only one go. Obviously it is due to the fact that it has 2024 in it. So… It definitely is the good domain name but you know this fact too.

Since the event “New Year” is too competitive and pretty busy niche, it will of course be the good try to just target one ‘New Year’ if you are willing to.

See the ugly domain name’s example down here…

I am still learning to get the baddest and ugliest domain name… 🙂


I would also tell;

  • Avoid stop words (a, the, at, etc.)
  • Avoid numbers (but it may work in some cases of let’s say for the years or something.)
  • Do NOT cut the words.

Be simple with this domain name’s process and acquire the best one!

Web hosting

After fiddling with the domain name’s process, it is time to get the firm decision over selection of the best economical wordpress web hosting.

But best here will not work. You get to have the powerful one.

Check this out… And remember the word “thrust.”

You are setting up the event blog and that too 4 months ago before the event.

Yeah, you would be getting much less, much lower traffic in all of these time before the event takes place.

And on the very event’s day… What happens? You get a blow! A full blow! The complete thrust, the powerful thrust to your event blog. What happens in this case and under this situation?

You are hitting with thousands of visitors just within the duration of a wink.

Then… what happens now?

Powerful web host you got?

It definitely and easily will handle all of the hits, all of the visitors without any pain and the trouble.

Disadvantage of not going with a good host :

Nope? Do not have the powerful web host and have only just any other web host for your event blog?

Crash… crash! Crash!!!

All you are to experience is the crash. No uptime. Only down. Down website. No visitors. And ultimately and definitely no money, nothing at all!

Well… Let me tell you something of the point too.

Imagine you are setting up your new and fresh blog like say, 6 months ago. Let’s go with the low-budget web host for first 4 months.

Here we are talking about the new year, and you are setting up the event blog for the “new year” in the month of July.

You are paying about and within the range of US$10.00 for the web host and do it for 4-months and up to the end of October.

Do all of the things. All of the set up. All of the preparations for your event blog to become an authority, a known asset which is geared towards hitting the new year with the powerful bang.

Then in the start of the month of the November and before two months of hitting the event, get moved to the powerful one, the one that will surely handle all of your sorrows — of not going down and offline on the very event’s day.

This is the big blow the experienced event bloggers understand but newer ones do not.

Benefits of good web host

So… it is my friendliest advice to look into this thing with your deep thoughts, and understand this whole thing of the web hosting.

Also, go check out my post about the selection of web hosting: Buying Web Hosting? Here’s What You Need to Know

This is your primary point to live the event’s day with the good success. And you can call it a day went so well with the help of your web host, your very and so powerful web host.

Start with shared… Get onboard with your web hosting provider to confirm they can take you to another plan/package in matter of an hour or two when the time comes so that you can quickly be shifted to VPS (virtual private server) or the dedicated servers.

Also, it would be best if it is asked beforehand you will be charged as per the traffic.

That means if you are getting higher traffic, you are charged higher for that day (or days) and when the traffic gets down (means the event is finished), you are down to the lower side of the charge for your web hosting usage depending upon the size of the traffic you would be receiving.

LiquidWeb is the one that can handle this task easily.

They provide the up-scaling system where you can seamlessly up and down the resources to combat with your traffic surge, if you know it.

And being the event blogger, you know that so well when you need to up-scale your web hosting resources to match with the traffic’s surge, nope? 🙂

Blog set up.

Go with the, the self-hosted blogging platform.

What? Just it?

First read my post about: WordPress Vs Blogger and then decide yourself.

I selected as the winner out of other three blogging platforms.

Since is the free blogging software and you can take it to be hosted on your very and so powerful web host, just befriend with the WordPress and get your blog set up without any hassle and the problem.

Mostly it is said to use Blogger just that it is free.

But… Do you know a thing? Or a fact about why I told to go with WordPress, the self-hosted blogging platform, and do not pick Blogger even though it is free? Because… using the Blogger could be too risky to operate with. Blogger is the property of Google, Inc. and have all the rights to do anything, and anytime.

That means you are in no control of your event blog if you go with Blogger. Spend money to earn money. Keep it simple, light-weighted, and with the lower in the number but the well-needed plugins.


Pick the simple theme.

Remember one thing and keep it deep into your mind, you need to focus more over the content (the information) and actually focus a bit less over the presentation, the external beauty.

Again I say, pick the simple theme. If you want to learn on how to find and pick the themes, move on to : How to choose the best wordpress themes

Operational resources to get your event blog sneaking through the competition?

You have the keywords, domain name, web hosting, and the event blog all set up now, right?

Now, you have to operate your event blog with the full thrust.

And for that, you are in the well need of the operational resources to sneak through the competition and grow your event blog to become an authority.

So… Let’s know the operational resources, and that too with the good and well details.


Content is the king, or the queen, or anything.

But the real thing and the fact is, the content is everything.

Every single thing it is! Without it you are nothing!

No matter what type of event blog you are about to get it set up, content will always be the major player of making your event blog the good success.

Content type for the event blogging

Info! Informative information.

Just tell everything about the event in the big wide details.

Every aspect, every corner, and every bit of the event, you should cover it all with your content.

Let you content remain simple; not boring, no dullness should show but write in the conversative format to keep the readers’ eyeballs reading through lines to lines.

I will not stress the need of the high quality content because if the content is written all by you, and by deep down your heart, it is then always the high quality one.

But I would have to remind you of one thing… Go for the long content. They do perform well in many situations.

Create the images yourself too. Relevant and the best in quality.

I meant that do everything yourself.

Use everything.

Make it bold.


Headlines (H1, H2, H3, H4 as you deem appropriate.)

And everything.

Content frequency

It is the must. Set and follow the schedule. You need so many articles to be written and lined up.

Let’s say you write one article in a week, then really follow that schedule. The motive here is to keep your event blog fresh and updated with the new content. Keep the content coming. Keep your event blog fresh into the system of search engines.

How to do SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] For Event Blogging?

SEO search engine optimisation

Off Page SEO

Backlinks are still one of the most important factor in ranking on search engines and if you have to rank fast, you need to work on your backlinks. My personal suggestion is to acquire backlinks genuinely, and in the natural format. And the backlinks have to be relevant. No show off here. You need to hunt for the highly authoritative blogs, websites, forums, etc.

Blog Comments

Look for the relevant but high-quality blogs for the comments.

Just try to NOT put the link within the comment but use the website’s field just below Name and the Email Address.

This way the comment is not treated and detected as the spam.

Keep everything natural and do not let your comment be shown as it is made just for the sake of a mere backlink.

You are into the business now… So, no more unprofessional moves you can bear and afford.

Checkout my guide on blog commenting to start with it.


Just like the blogs you found for the comments, you need to find again the relevant and the higher-quality forum sites.

Look for them, go for the relevant forum categories, and leave the link naturally.

It would be best to first read out the forum rules and privacy to sniff through the rules made for the links used in the posts.

In the forums, you can also use Profile to leave your blog’s link there as well as utilise the signature for the same case.

Go slow and go natural I must say.

Social signals!

Soshal (or social) is into the ever-increasing demand in this time of the technology.

Share your website, the articles on the social networks and it will be very beneficial for up-ranking your event blog because Google loves the social signals and considers as the one good and the solid component for the fruitful SEO.

Share it everywhere; from FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit, and etc.

Web 2.0

Some people prefer making web 2.0, writing posts and linking your site through it. Add videos and images to build some authority. You can also build some backlinks for your web2.0 for more trust.

Popular web 2.0 sites to start are :,, etc.

Create Videos :

Not only creating videos will be a solid help in SEO, but if you do it correct, you can also generate some good amount of traffic to your site.

A pro-tip here will be, in case if you have money and have lack of time, you can outsource the majority of link building section. There are many gigs and services available on &, just choose wisely.

How to Do On-Page SEO for event Blogging?

If you are on this part then remember a thing, my friend.

You have successfully been go through the major steps of research, acquiring, set up, and the operations.

And you are NOW standing at the very crucial, and the so important step at the very moment which is called “SEO” a.k.a. the search engine optimisation.

Here at this stage, it is not for finding out the primary keyword for your event but to hunt down for the needed keywords for every content you are to begin writing for.

And to get your precious content written for your event blog to rank into the algorithm of search engines.

Basically, you need good on-page SEO requirements all fulfilled for every single content you get done with.

  • Title
  • Description
  • Content body
  • Categories
  • Tags


Craft the good and impacting titles. Just before working on the title, you need to first have to work it out to get a keyword ready for the content.

Make it then part of your title.

Now for the title and along with addition of the keyword, your title should be catchy (not deceiving though.)

Add the power words to make it powerful.

And this tool will eventually help you crafting the so powerful title for your next content.

Try this out: Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer from Advanced Marketing Institute.

I also recommend you to check my post on Best Blog Post Titles


Just like title, you need to add that keyword into the description (a must) but in the natural way.

Do not make it look like the forceful piece of the description but give the best impression with the effective and unique piece of description.

Content body

Do NOT over-do.

The keyword usage, depending upon the length, should be at the minimum level at all and do not just keep it stuffing anywhere and everywhere.

Again I say, do natural and look natural.


Select appropriate categories for your content.

It will definitely look good and organized, nope?


It is commonly said not useful anymore to use the tags but why just leave it at all?

What I meant, still use to make your content look organized actually.

Only focusing over the SEO and denying doing what does not matter now, will (and may) put up the bad impression on the readers. It will look as incomplete which definitely is not the good thing.

After all, we are to do the event blogging for the sake of reader and not merely for the search engines.

How to Make Money Through Event blogging? [Monetisation]

earn money with coupon site

Over to the money thing now! Monetize. We got to find the ways down here to use for the monetization purpose.

And let me get them for you…

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Own products

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing make money without investment or paying anything

High earning method it could become for you.

But all you need is the relevant products to go for the affiliate marketing.

Suppose you have the new year related event’s blog and with it, you can try out the gifts, cards, and many related products to target with your blog.

Try Amazon Associates, eBay, and other relevant affiliate programs/systems. Learn How to Start Affiliate marketing in case if you want to learn more on it and once you learn that part, my next guide on How to Make money with Affiliate Marketing will be a great help too.

For Amazon Associates, I have a very precise blog post on this very topic: How to Make Money With Amazon in 2024

Google AdSense

google adsense to make money

As you already know it requires the click, it can still do wonders if the traffic is getting received in the very high numbers.

Just put the ads. into header, footer, and between the content and try your luck out.

My article on how to make money with Google Adsense is loved by my audience, why don’t you check it out? and if your account is banned, you can still check Best Google Adsense Alternatives to work with.

Other ad networks

There are some of them that are notable after Google AdSense…

  • Chitika
  • InfoLinks
  • Propel Media
  • OutBrain
  • Taboola
  • BuySellAds

Own products

marketing your own product service

Well… If you have. I mean, If you really have your own products just and JUST related to your event which you are targeting.

If not, just leave it. Also, if it is not related to your chosen event, just drop this very idea.

Because you have to be felt and looked so relevant from up to down.

How to earn out of your event blog?

learn how to make money online by selling photos

This step out of the process is not about the ways as that part has already been discussed just seconds ago. But… it is to understand how to earn from your event blog.

So… it is actually earned through following the whole process from head to toe, from up to down, and from top to the bottom.

It is the whole process that has to be strictly followed.

Remain simple, do not push, and wait to get the fish caught up in your net.

Follow… The event bloggers


Not your competition but your fellow event bloggers. These are some of the finest event bloggers with good following. I have personally seen many people getting success after following them, so why don’t you?

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Event blogging :

Is event blogging dead?

No, not at all. If someone have said this to you, it probably means he/she doesn’t want you to be his competitor. People earn thousands of dollars through it, every month.

You have listed so many niches, which one to choose?

It totally depends, some people go with niches which has more money, some people go with those which has less competition and some people opt for the things which they are passionate about, so it’s somewhat between a personal and professional choice.

Let’s say i’m targeting an event in March, how quickly i need to start working on the website?

Although I have already mentioned it above, but its always a perfect idea to work 3-4 months before the event. Anything even before is much better.

Which hosting do you recommend for blogging?

I will recommend you to check my detailed article on list of economical wordpress hosting companies to select one. Just make sure to buy a dedicated server or vps or a reseller with good limitations so it can handle the load on the day of your event.

How much i can make money with event blogging?

There is no limit, you can make as much as you can handle. For some inspiration, I recommend you to visit

M Tanveer Nandla  website, where he discussed on how he drive 0.5 million visits. I also recommend you to visit Iftikhar Ahmed Event Case study where he mentioned how one of his site earned $1300 through event blogging.

What are the number of articles you recommend for event blogging in a site?

The more the better, It’s always a good idea to start with 15 to 20 articles. I also recommend silo structure for quicker results.

How to become a famous event blogger?

All you need is consistency, learning from your mistakes and going one step ahead from your competitors to become a famous blogger. I also recommend in participating in roundups, giving interviews and have contests on social media to gain more popularity.

Which is better, event blogging or normal blogging?

I will say go with both. It depends on mood. For a blogger like me, Normal blogging is the way to go. However if you have time and can work with events, then event blogging is the way to go because it can make you good income in less time. Btw, you can also target events on your normal blogs.

Best Practises for Event Blogging :

For a quick revision and for a good reminder, let’s check the best practises for event blogging.

  • Domain name should be easy.
  • Web hosting should be good and can handle good traffic.
  • Articles should be unique.
  • Use a good analytics software to track your web site visitors.
  • Do On Page & Off Page SEO.
  • Use good strategies to earn online without much investment.
  • Promote your blog everywhere including email list building, social media promotion and maybe creating videos on Youtube to earn online.
  • Once you learn the art, scale and start producing multiple sites and rank multiple sites.

Conclusion on How to Start Event Blogging in 2024

Now, I am all over to you.

I am super hopeful that this whole post for starting the event blog is beneficial to you in many ways.

And I would so love to read your reviews, feedback, and the thoughts about this topic.

More importantly, your precious comments are always helpful for me to find out about your likeness. 🙂

So, you are ready to start the event blogging? 🙂

Let’s do it!

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    Keep Posting such Articles

  16. Hi Ali,
    Thanks for sharing an informative post. I have a question. If I am going to start event blogging for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, how do I find the relevant deals before the event starts (let’s suppose the event is in November and I am starting my blog in July).
    Please help me out. I am really stuck on this point. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hello Farhan,

      Sorry for being late as i was travelling. You can search and focus on past year deals and their websites by doing various queries related to the event and niche you are targeting on google for the last year, you will find ample of data to start with.

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